Spoilers for "The Promise"
Spoilers for "The Promise"
Posted by SMBH on November 15th, 2011 @ 12:55 AM EST (586)

"The Promise - Part 1" has been available for pre-order on Amazon.com for a while, and now you can see a few preview pages when you use the Look Inside feature!

ASNer MoonlitShadow has compiled all the images released so far, and you can see them at this link. As a bit of a preview, you can see a couple of rather ominous panels on the right.

If there's one thing that can be said about the comics, based on the pages we have seen so far, is that "The Promise" promises to be quite epic!

Update: Additionally, Gene Luen Yang (the writer of "The Promise") has posted a video with some cool behind-the-scenes info and images of the comics, including pencil sketches of the cover images of the next two comics and pictures of the main characters' redesigns.

Firelord Zuko's first redesign
On the left you can see the first possible redesign of Firelord Zuko, though it was decided in the end to not use that look for him in "The Promise". In his final redesign, he will be sporting shorter hair than that, similar to his hairstyle in Season 3.

Make sure to stop by Gene's website to see the awesome behind-the-scenes video!
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