"The Promise, Part 2" out in comic book stores today
"The Promise, Part 2" out in comic book stores today
Posted by SMBH on May 30th, 2012 @ 2:42 PM EST (654)

The Promise, Part 2
Today is the official release date for The Promise, Part 2, at least in comic book stores. If you've pre-ordered it on Amazon, you'll have to wait until June 12.

In this volume, the primary plot of "The Promise" trilogy takes a backseat (though it's not entirely absent), and character interactions come to the forefront instead, particularly those involving Sokka and Toph and how they deal with Toph's metalbending students. A few reviews have been written about Part 2 already, so you can read some of them in the meantime if you haven't gotten your comic yet -- though be warned, some reviews contain spoilers: Animation Insider (more of a preview than a review), ATLA Online, Comic Attack, Speak Geek To Me, Bamfas.

The Promise, Part 3 comes out on September 26 in comic book stores (October 9 if buying from Amazon and others).
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