Reviews for 105 - The King of Omashu
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Qi Chin graded C+

Reviewed on: September 13, 2007
This is still a play-around episode. It is rigged with small jokes, and the plot isn't really developed. What is does accomplish is further introduction of the world, mainly the city of Omashu, as well as some nice character development for Aang.

The gang travels to Omashu just so that Aang can ride the city's delivery system. In the resulting calamity they are brought before the King, who turns out to be a complete loony. I have to admit that the Kangaroo Island joke made me laugh.

The rest of the episode is a bit quirky and nearly as insane as King Bumi. Aang's first two challenges prove to be pretty generic, even though his ways of solving them involved, as intended, minor twists. The duel included some nice choreography again (Aang sailing backwards over a flying boulder), and we finally get to see lots of earthbending in action. And it's awesome earthbending as well.

The end of this episode includes a sweet reunion between Aang and very possibly the only surviving peer from his time, as well as a clear description of the Avatar's ultimate goal: Defeat Fire Lord Ozai. Finally we know what Aang has to do, so he can quit playing around and get down to business. And start a real plot.

The complete absence of Zuko and Iroh makes this episode a bit empty, as it just sort of rushes past. But I like the Omashu theme music, as well as finally seeing the last missing bending discipline: earthbending (the others have all been shown before).

All in all it's a funny episode with the (probable) introduction of a minor character from Aang's past. It lacks the depth that the previous episodes provided, and it puts a lot of focus on nice visuals. The story itself was somewhat predictable, but since it's not truly an overused cliche, it's alright. And hopefully there's going to be a start to the real plot.

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