TV Screenshots for 108 - Avatar Roku (Winter Solstice, Part 2)

In order to talk to Avatar Roku, the group has only 18 hours to make it to a temple in the Fire Nation before the sun sets on the solstice. On their way, the group is tracked by Zuko... who is tracked by Commander Zhao. The group arrives at the temple with barely an hour to spare, but are faced with another problem: there are Fire Sages who will not let Aang enter. There is one Sage, Shyu, who is loyal to the Avatar instead of to the Fire Lord, and who helps the kids. They are about to make it in the temple when Zuko arrives. Aang manages to get in the temple while Katara and Sokka are captured. In the temple, Aang only has a few moments to talk to Roku. He learns about a comet that is coming which will give a huge boost to the power of the Fire Lord. Aang must face and defeat the Fire Lord before the comet arrives, or the world will be in real trouble. Meanwhile, Zhao and his fleet arrive and await the Avatar's exit. To Commander Zhao's surprise, Avatar Roku exits the temple and unleashes his powers upon the fleet. The kids get away as the winter solstice ends.

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