Transcript for 008 - School Time Shipping
School Time Shipping
Written By: Michael Dante DiMartino
Directed By: Oh Seung Hyun
Transcriber: Tananda

Scene I

(The scene opens with a body of water trembling. The serpent from "The Serpent's Pass" emerges from the water and shrieks, diving at the screen and causing a giant wave. The water from the wave becomes water in a fish tank, with a baby serpent in it. There is a large eye staring at him from outside the fish tank. The serpent starts to eat fish pellets, and swims in the way of a baby Unagi from the episode Warriors of Kyoshi. Everything from this point on will be in chibi form.)

Unagi: Hey, that's mine!

(The camera view switches to Aang leaning over the fish tank. He stands up straight at dashes to his seat at the front of the class with Sokka. The classroom is in disarray with no teacher at the front desk. All the students are past minor roles from separate episodes. Zuko and Jet sit at one table, both moping. Pipsqueak and The Duke play 'monkey-in-the-middle' with Meng, Haru is impressing Coco by effortlessly creating and destroying a cubed rock, and Katara is innocently practicing her calligraphy.

Azula, Mai and Ty Lee slide up behind Katara. Close up on Azula as storm clouds start forming around her. Her lips start twitching before spreading into an evil smile. Mai and Ty Lee comically slide in from the bottom of the frame staring up at her curiously. Lighting starts to omit from Azula's fingertips. There's a crack of light around Katara and when it's over, Katara has a just-struck-by-lighting look, complete with scratch marks, band-aids and bushy hair. Azula, Mai and Ty Lee laugh at the effect as Katara turns around growling with her fists raised.

Switch to Aang, who is sitting at a table making an origami crane out of pink paper. Sokka attempts to look over his shoulder from the right side of the screen just in time to get smacked in the face by Aang as he swings his arms back to airbend the launched crane. He uses his airbending to make the crane fly by an extremely impressed Meng before a stream of fire shoots it down. Pan out to see the stream of fire taking up the entire front of the classroom. The students all sit down in a hurry. After the fire blast, Avatar Roku slides into the teacher's desk.)

Roku: I have an important announcement to make, class. Next Friday, the most important event in your young lives will take place: the Golden Dragon Dance.

(Pan out to a view of the entire class from the back of the room. Roku disappears with a small burst of fire. Close up of Sokka and Aang.)

Sokka: The Golden Dragon Dance!? But, who am I gonna ask!? Suki or Princess Yue?

(He looks first to Suki and a heart with wings appears next to her. He then looks to Yue and the same effect happens, but Suki slides into the picture with fans raised threateningly.)

Suki: I saw him first!
Yue: (eyes glowing angrily) Don't make me use my moon powers on you!

(Pan out to a gigantic moon behind the one desk. The two girls tackle a petrified Sokka the sounds of cats fighting playing behind them. Aang is starting dreamily at Katara off screen.)

Aang: I know who I'm gonna ask.

(Change of screen to a profile of Aang's face looking at Katara writing. Zuko and Haru slink up to her from either side, Jet swinging to her from over head. All three are carrying flowers. Back to Sokka being pinned down by the two fighting ladies still, Aang's eyes are two broken hearts.)

Sokka: Looks like you've got some competition there, lover boy.

(Haru, Jet and Zuko surround a very happy Katara. Pan out of the picture to Aang's angry face, the image a mere dream cloud above his head. He goes into the Avatar State, breaking and flying out of the top of the school building, which is seen from a bird-eyes view. He flies towards the screen yelling and the scene ends with a glowing heart inside of his mouth.)

Scene II

(Katara is running on the school track field in a white gym outfit with a blue 'K' on it. Aang runs up beside her in the same suit with an orange 'A' on his shirt.)

Aang: Hey Katara! So I was wondering if- (A rock jars out of the ground and hits Aang from behind, flinging him out of the picture.) Waah!

(Haru runs to where Aang was standing moments ago, also in uniform with a green 'H'. He stares at Katara in a slight daze and makes a small, high-pitched sound. Jet swings in over Haru and kicks him in the head, which causes Haru to fall to the ground and out of frame.)

Jet: Hey there! I like your hair loopies.

(A burst of fire erupts from behind Jet, throwing him out of the frame.)

Zuko: Don't listen to that jerk!

Scene III

(Switch of scenes, Wan Shi Tong is showing Katara a book in the library. He leaves her to look at it with Aang spying on her from behind a bookshelf. He writes a quick note and folds it into a paper airplane, there is a heart across the wings. It lands on Katara's book and there's a close up as she begins to read it. Pan out to the sound of laughter, Katara looks over and sees Bumi sitting next to her. She mistakenly things he's the one who threw the note.)

Katara: Ew.

(Katara crumbles the note and throws it at Bumi then leaves the screen. Aang slaps his forehead; a pink imprint of his hand is left.)

Scene IV

(A new scene begins with a close up on the window blinds being opened to omit sunlight. Iroh is sitting at a teacher's desk with Aang lying in a typical therapeutic lounge chair.)

Iroh: Lady trouble?
Aang: Every time I try to ask Katara to the dance something goes wrong. (We see Iroh's notes: a game of tic-tac-toe, a smiley face and a cup of tea.) Maybe we're just not meant to be together.
Iroh: As your guidance counselor, I can tell you that words of love are difficult to express. They are like the clouds, always changing and shifting.
Aang: That's it! I know how I'll ask Katara to the dance!

(He races out of the classroom and down the hallway, leaving a very forlorn Iroh.)

Scene V

(Open with a view of all the animals in the school stable, including a primping Jun relaxing with her shirshu. Katara is sitting on top of Appa with Momo next to her. Jet walks up to her.)

Jet: (creating a heart with his swords on the last statement) You, me, the dance?
Zuko: (sitting on top of a rhino, creating a gigantic heart of fire with a single finger) My heart burns for you!

(Close up of Katara with a mesmerized expression on her face and Momo. She makes an 'Ooo!' sound. There is a loud noise from behind her and a cloud of smoke as Haru emerges from the ground with an even larger Venus De Milo-esque stone statue of Katara. He stands on the left shoulder of the statue boastfully. We see Katara's impressed face, Jet and Zuko crying behind her.)

Katara: Haru, it's beautiful! But... you're too sensitive for me.

(Haru smacks his forehead in disappointment.)

Ty Lee: (flirtatiously from the other shoulder of the statue) I like sensitive guys.

(Haru grins and chops of statue Katara's head, replacing it with Ty Lee's face. Ty Lee jumps Haru and they fall off the screen to kissing sound effects. Statue Ty Lee looks over to them and blushes. The screen lands on a disgusted Katara, Momo sitting next to her pointing at the sky and making noises.)

Katara: What is it Momo?

(Pan up to the sky, where Aang is flying on top of Teo's glider bending the clouds into traditional Chinese figures. He then translates it into English in the clouds. It reads "Katara will you go to the dance with me? From Aang." Haru, Jet, Zuko and a crying Momo crowd around Katara to read it, then disperse as Aang lands in front of her on a heart shaped air ball.)

Katara: Aang, that's so sweet! I'd love to go to the dance with you!
Aang: You would!?
Katara: Yes, but I already decided to go with someone else.

(Jet, Haru and Zuko who had been crying behind them before this point turn around with a gleeful expression on all of their faces. Aang gets an expression of disbelief on his face and turns to dust. He is blown away with the wind. Close up of Haru, Jet, and Zuko waiting for Katara to tell them whom she was taking. The Blue Spirit then walks past them to his regular theme song, causing Haru and Jet to cry as Zuko flips out.)

Zuko: NOOOO!
Katara: (holding the Blue Spirit's hand) What can I say? I like the quiet, mysterious type.
Zuko: I did not see that coming.

(He lowers his head, showing Katara and the Blue Spirit skipping off into the sunset. The segment ends with a freeze frame of the Blue Spirit jumping in the air and clicking his heels together.)

[End Credits]

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