Transcript for 009 - Avatar Escape Online Comic - Roku
Avatar Escape - Roku
Transcriber: SMBH


(We see the world map. The camera spins and zooms into it. We see the Ba Sing Se monorail station, and the imagery of Aang being zapped by Azula, from the episode "The Crossroads of Destiny." Aang sits atop a rock formation, grasping his head with his hands, one at each side of his head. Everything in the area is toned in purple/blue, including Aang.)

Aang: What happened? (confused) Where am I?
Yue: (from off-screen) You are in the Spirit World...
Aang: (looks up, happily) Princess Yue!

(Yue is seen floating in the air, looking like she did when she became the moon in "The Siege of the North, Part 2", with the moonlight behind her.)

Yue: Aang, your Avatar Spirit has been injured. If you don't act fast, you will lose your connection to your past lives... (the camera focuses on Aang's saddened face) ...and the Avatar cycle will end. You must find your previous four past lives and reconnect with them.
Aang: How do i do that?
Yue: You will find them here, in the Spirit World. But be careful... Koh will try to steal your face.

(Aang recoils back in terror, then inhales and exhales, and his face turns expressionless.)

Yue: Be careful about what spirits you talk to. Some will help you, but others work for Koh, and they will trick you. (She starts to fade into the moon) Good luck, Aang.

Chapter 1: Avatar Roku

(Aang is in what seems to be the inside of a volcano, or a fiery forest. Fire geysers shoot up flames in various places at various times)

Aang: Roku, where are you? (He walks and then is startled by a fire geyser that shoots up right in front of him) AAAHH!

(Roku appears behind the fire.)

Roku: Hello Aang. (He bows his head.)
Aang: I'm sorry, Roku. I tried to master the Avatar State... but I failed.
Roku: Mastering the Avatar State takes much spiritual discipline and patience. I learned this the hard way.

(Aerial view of Crescent Island. We see Fang flying towards it.)

Aang: Where are we going?
Roku: To the Fire Sage's temple. One-hundred-fifty-four years ago...

(We see the temple on top of a mountain in the island. Fang flies towards the temple. Once inside the temple, we see Aang and Roku in their Spirit World forms, watching a Fire Sage and a younger version of Roku. They are sitting in lotus position, meditating.)

Fire Sage Kaja: Concentrate on your breath... Clear your mind of all thoughts... Enter the Avatar State...

(We see a two-panel view of the two men. On the top panel, we see the Fire Sage, facing to the left. On the bottom panel, we see Young Roku, facing to the right. A text box appears that reads: "Fun Fact - Fire Sage Kaja is Fire Sage Shyu's Grandfather."

Close-up on Young Roku, concentrating as he hears the words "Inhale... and exhale...")

Roku: (In his thoughts) I think my leg is falling asleep... clearing mind... I hope we're not eating komodo chicken for lunch again... ARRGGH, CONCENTRATE!

(He is sweating and clamping his jaw. The camera zooms out, as Young Roku stands up.)

Roku: I can't do it!!! I've been in retreat for five months and I'm no closer to mastering the Avatar State than when I arrived!
Roku: (voice-over) But I was impatient, so I decided to use the winter solstice sun to help me...

(We see the Fire Temple, and the sun in the background. Inside the temple, Roku sits in front of golden flames, and a ray of sunlight is reaching inside the temple, almost directly at Roku.)

Aang: (voice-over) What are you doing?
Roku: (voice-over) I'm trying to enter the Avatar State using the spiritual energy from the Sun.

(A red crystal is seen in the window of the temple, which focuses the sunlight. Slowly, the ray of sunlight moves towards Young Roku's face. When the sunlight hits his eyes, they start glowing)

Aang: (voice-over) You did it, Roku! You mastered the Avatar State!
Roku: (voice-over) Well, not exactly...
Fire Sage Kaja: (walks in and is startled) Roku, what did you do?!

(Beams of light shoot out of the temple, which blows into pieces as one single beam of light is pointed upwards into the sky. We see Young Roku rising from the ground, encased in a sphere of air, his eyes glowing.)

Roku: (voice-over) I was stuck in the Avatar State. I could see my body, but I couldn't control it. (A volcano erupts) Luckily, Fire Sage Kaja was wiser than I, and he knew how to break the Avatar State's hold on me.

(Kaja holds up a red crystal and focuses sunlight on Young Roku's face. His eyes stop glowing, and he falls down to the ground.)

Roku: What happened? (*cough cough*)

(He's kneeling on the ground, holding himself up with his arms. Kaja stands besides him.)

Fire Sage Kaja: Looks like we have a lot more training to do... after you rebuild the temple.

(Young Roku looks up to see the temple, and he seems embarrassed.)

Roku: (voice-over) I see my own impatience in you, Aang. Do not be too hard on yourself. You *will* master the Avatar State, as I finally did.

(Spirit World Roku flies away in Fang, leaving Aang behind.)

Roku: (to Aang) Look for Avatar Kyoshi in the place where Hei Bai sleeps!
Aang: ...what?

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