Transcript for 010 - Avatar Escape Online Comic - Kyoshi
Avatar Escape - Kyoshi
Transcriber: SMBH

(We see Hai Bai, in a lush forest, sitting and eating a bamboo stick.)

Aang: (from off-camera) Hei Bai!!! (gets close to the bear and hugs him) Roku told me I'd find you here!

(Hei Bai licks Aang's head, and then roars.)

Aang: (they stop hugging) I'm happy to see you too. I don't suppose you've seen Avatar Kyoshi around, have you?

(Aang mounts Hei Bai and they run, looking for Kyoshi.)

Aang: (happy look on his face, points forwards) There she is!

(Aang dismounts Bei Bai and sees Kyoshi in front of him.)

Kyoshi: It's nice to see you, Aang. Sorry about that whole "wrongfully accused of murder" thing back in Chin Village.
Aang: That's okay.

(A text box appears on the screen that reads: "Fun Fact - Kyoshi lived for 230 years, making her the oldest Avatar in history.")

Kyoshi: After Chin the Conqueror died, I helped the world live in balance. I accomplished a lot of good, but I also made some mistakes...

(Flashback scenes start. We see an aerial view of Ba Sing Se.)

Kyoshi: (voice-over) One of my greatest challenges was dealing with a peasant uprising in Ba Sing Se.

(We see various Ba Sing Se civilians, dressed in green, in some kind of protest demonstration.)

Angry Peasant: Down with the Earth King!

(Aerial view of the Earth King's palace. A large multitude of people can be seen around the palace grounds.)

Kyoshi: (voice-over) The peasants felt that the Earth King's role was outdated and that he did not represent their interests. So they stormed the Upper Ring. The peasants destroyed priceless historical artifacts and buildings - anything that represented the "old government".

(A large group of peasants in front of the palace pull down a large statue using ropes, and it breaks as they bring it down.

Cut to a view of the Earth King's throne.)

Kyoshi: (voice-over) The Earth King summoned me to help him end the revolution.

(We see the face of the aging Earth King, and a text box appears that reads: "Fun Fact - The 46th Earth King is the current Earth King's great-great-great-great grandfather.")

Earth King: I don't care how you do it, but I want you to squash those unruly peasants!
Kyoshi: I won't do it.
Earth King: (standing up from the throne) How dare you defy your King! Guards, arrest Avatar Kyoshi!

(Kyoshi is surrounded by a handful of guards. She stomps her foot, the ground shakes and makes a crater, and she blows away the guards using her fans. She then goes to the Earth King.)

Kyoshi: (pointing her fan at the King, who looks scared) How dare YOU defy your Avatar! Are you ready to make a compromise?
Earth King: (with a defeated look on his face) Yes...
Kyoshi: I don't like this revolution either. But everyone in this Kingdom must have a voice if balance is to prevail over tyranny. So I propose this - you will listen to the peasants' grievances and I will protect your interests and Ba Sing Se's cultural heritage. Agreed?
Earth King: (with a determined look on his face) Agreed.

(We see Kyoshi and a few earthbenders who seem to be practicing punching moves.)

Kyoshi: (voice-over) I immediately set to work training an elite force of Earthbenders. (The earthbenders are seen climbing a stone wall) They would be silent, precise... (A stone-gloved hand grips the wall) ... and feared by all. (We see the earthbenders in rows, looking downwards, wearing conical hats that hide their eyes at the angle at which they have their heads, and a green uniform with an Earth Kingdom insignia on the front) They became known as the Dai Li.

(Flashbacks end.)

Aang: (wish a surprised look on his face) You trained the Dai Li? But they're the worst, most corrupt Earthbenders in the world!
Kyoshi: I thought I was doing the right thing by creating a group that protected cultural history. I had no idea what they would become. Aang, our actions always have an effect, sometimes positive, sometimes negative... and sometimes not for many lifetimes.

(Kyoshi helps Aang mount Hei Bai again.)

Kyoshi: Hurry! You must find the Waterbender Avatar who came before me.
Aang: But I don't even know his name!
Kyoshi: His name is Avatar Kuruk.

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