Transcript for 011 - Avatar Escape Online Comic - Kuruk
Avatar Escape - Kuruk
Transcriber: SMBH

(Aang is riding Hei Bai, near Koh's lair, and we see a faceless monkey in the foreground.)

Aang: We're in the Realm of Koh, Hei Bai. We better be careful.

(A man in Water Tribe clothing with a bear headpiece and a spear jumps out in front of them. Aang screams, Hei Bai is started and Aang falls into the mud.)

Aang: Koh took your face and replaced it with a bear's face!

(We see the bear headpiece, and then the man lifts up his head and shows his face.)

Kuruk: Relax kid. I'm not going to hurt you. (He helps Aang get up) I'm Avatar Kuruk. Nice to finally meet you. (Close up on Kuruk's face) Now tell me, have you seen a beautiful woman with long, brown hair around here?
Aang: (He looks confused and interested) No, who is she?
Kuruk: She's my wife. (He closes his eyes and looks down, as if remembering a painful memory) When I was a young Avatar...

(Flashback scenes appear as Kuruk tells Aang his story.)

Kuruk: (voice-over) I traveled the world, challenging other benders to tests of strength...

(Young Kuruk and an Earthbender are seen with giant boulders hovering above them; Kuruk's boulder is bigger.)

Young Kuruk: (somewhere within the Fire Nation) I challenge you to an Agni Kai! (points finger at an innocent-looking man)
Fire Nation Civilian: Uh, I was just going to the store...
Kuruk: (voice-over) I loved impressing people with my bending prowess. Especially girls.

(Aerial view of the Eastern Air Temple; Young Kuruk is seen bending air into a small tornado while young female Airbenders watch in awe.)

Young Kuruk: Bet you girls have never seen a lotus tornado before!
Airbender Girls: It's beautiful! I love you, Avatar Kuruk!
Kuruk: (voice-over) I was arrogant, proud and boastful. (Young Kuruk is seen using an ice board to surf a big wave) I never thought about settling down until I met the love of my life. (Night view of a water temple with a full moon in the background) We met during the new moon celebration, when the sister tribes would come together as one. (Young Kuruk is seen among some other Water Tribe men) It was love at first sight. (We see a Water Tribe woman with long brown hair) Her name was Ummi. She was from the Southern Tribe. And she was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen.

(Ummi and Young Kuruk are sitting facing each other on an ice shelf, with the ocean behind them and the full moon glowing in the sky.)

Kuruk: (voice-over) With Ummi in my life, I decided to change my irresponsible ways and settle down.

(We see Young Kuruk holding a betrothal necklace in his hand, offering it to Ummi, who appears surprised.)

Ummi: A betrothal necklace?
Young Kuruk: Ummi, will you marry me?
Ummi: (happily) Yes!

(They kiss with the moonlight behind them, then scene change to an aerial view of the Northern Water Tribe Spirit Oasis.)

Kuruk: (voice-over) We were to be married in the Spirit Oasis. But on the day of our wedding, tragedy struck.

(Ummi, wearing a fur hat and flowers in her hair is walking towards the Oasis, and suddenly she gets pulled downwards into the water.)

Young Kuruk: Ummi! No!

(He dives into the water.)

Kuruk: (voice-over) Ummi fell into the spirit pond, as if some unseen force pulled her in.
Young Kuruk: (while standing in the middle of the spirit pond, with Tui and La circling at his feet) She's gone...
Kuruk: (voice-over) She didn't drown. She disappeared into the Spirit World... Koh took her to punish me for my past mistakes.

(Flashbacks end and we see Kuruk talking to Aang, who has a look of shock on his face.)

Kuruk: Every year, on the anniversary of our wedding, I traveled to the spirit world, hoping to save my wife from Koh... But I failed.

Aang: (looking down) I'm sorry. I know how that feels. (suddenly he opens his eyes widely) Wait! I've seen her!

(Brief flashback to Ummi's face on Koh, from "The Siege of the North, Part 2".)

Aang: Koh still has her! When I was in Koh's lair, he showed me Ummi's face!

(Camera goes towards Kuruk, who tightens his grip on the spear and looks angry and determined.)

Kuruk: Thank you, Aang. My search is not over yet. I will keep hunting Koh until Ummi and I are reunited. (Kuruk leaves) Hurry! (to Aang) Avatar Yangchen is waiting for you!

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