Transcript for 020 - NYCC Season 3 Finale Trailer
NYCC 2008 Q&A Session
Panelists: Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko
Transcriber: SMBH

Question 1
Questioner: (inaudible)
Bryan: (repeating the question) Ok question is, that there's, you know, three books and they're named after the elements but there's four elements. There is no Air book, so... (audience: "aww") It's a trilogy, it was always designed to be a trilogy, you know. No that's cool, it's a good question.

Question 2
Bryan: You look familiar, I feel like I've seen you in a few events. Thank you for your support.
Questioner: I was the girl with the ASN shirt.
Bryan: Nice! What's the question.
Questioner: I wanted to know if we'll be seeing more of Mai in the next episode because she's one of my favorite characters.
Bryan: There's quite a bit of her in the...
Mike: Yeah, Mai comes back for a very...
Bryan: Not the NEXT episode but she comes back...
Mike: You'll see more of her.
Questioner: And also, just thank you so much, I mean there's so many people out in the audience...
Bryan: Over here, use the mike.
Questioner: ...who have become friends of mine and who we've shared so many memories together, we were all brought together by your show.
Bryan: Aw, thanks guys.
Questioner: Thank you so much.
Bryan:You guys are an amazing community (audience applause and cheers) really great.

Question 3
Questioner: One of the questions I know are big in the fandom is are we ever going to be told exactly any more details on Iroh's trip to the Spirit World? (audience cheer)
(Mike and Bryan look at each other)
Mike: No comment?
Bryan: (covering the microphone) No comment.
(they laugh; audience: "aww")
Bryan: Not in this...
Mike: For the time being...
Bryan: For the time being.
(more "aww" from the audience)
Bryan: Sorry... But then, you know what? A vague answer would just be that questions like that just show that the Avatar world is ripe for exploration and there's a lot more to be done with it. And you know, this story is ending, Mike and I hope, we have a lot of ideas, we hope to keep bringing new stuff to this world.
Mike: Yeah, we can't, we can't, there's a few questions we're gonna leave unanswered for this series. We gotta have something left to work with.
Bryan: Yeah, we're not done with the world, so stuff like that might get done.

Question 4
Bryan: Naruto! What's your question?
Questioner: Hi! I heard rumors that, um, that Koh was going to be returning, and also that in the return, Escape from the Spirit World, how we found out that, uh, the avatar, he was, his fiance was kidnapped. Um, are we gonna see more of Koh and like more of the waterbender avatar?
Mike: You might see a glimpse of Koh. And...
Bryan: And yes, to your second question.

Question 5
Questioner: I just wanted to know why Canada gets the episodes before we do?
(audience loud cheering and laughter)
Bryan: That's very interesting...
Mike: We'd like to know that as well.
Questioner: And also I wanted to know the thing about, I remember in the Firebending Master episode when they (loud audience groans and jeers) it was right there! I just wanted to know (Mike laughs) Dragonball-Z dance...
Bryan: No, I have no idea, I don't know anything about what Dragonball-Z is. I'm just joking. No offense to Dragonball-Z, I just don't know anything about it, I'm too old.

Question 6
Questioner: Hi, I wanna ask, will we ever find out, or can you tell us, about Iroh's wife? Like what was her name, did she die in childbirth or something?
Mike: We have no information (Bryan laughs) about Iroh's wife at this point.
Bryan: That file was lost, so... That's gonna be in the Iroh Spirit World Journey Story.

Question 7
Questioner: I wanted to say, one as an animator it's very impressive to see the work you guys do on the show.
Bryan: Thank you.
Questioner: And two, I was curious, how do you guys get to the pitch process? What are some of the things you've done previously in animation?
Bryan: We uh, Mike was assistant director and then a director on "King of the Hill", and then I came out to LA and we both worked on "Family Guy" together, and then "Mission Hill";, and then we went to "King of the Hill" together, and then Mike did an independent film that got into Sundance and I went to "Invader Zim" (audience cheers) and through working on "Invader Zim" I got to know the Head of Development, and uh, I actually didn't even know he was the Head of Development, he was just an executive on the show, and we got along really well, and then I was lucky enough that he kind of recruited me to pitch and I wanted to work with Mike, we'd worked together on-and-off for years, known each other from school, so um, you know it was just a great time when it was like they were looking for good people to work with and thought the ideas would follow, and luckily the first thing we pitched went.

Question 8
Bryan: (after moderator said there wasn't time for more questions) We're gonna take ONE more question. You looked so sad...
Questioner: I just want to say thank you so much, and also I heard some rumors about Ursa and Zuko, and Zuko going to find Ursa, and I just wanted to know if in the short amount of time we have left Zuko is going to attempt to find Ursa?
Bryan: Um, just, I'm just gonna say to just wait and watch, but thanks for your question.

[End of Session]

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