Transcript for 104 - The Warriors of Kyoshi
The Warriors of Kyoshi
Written By: Nick Malis
Directed By: Giancarlo Volpe
Storyboard By: Giancarlo Volpe, Chris Graham, Kenji Ono
Animation By: JM Animation Co, Ltd
Transcriber: Savitri

Act I

(Scene opens with a shot of the star filled evening sky. The camera pans down to Prince Zuko's ship gliding through the ocean. Scene cuts to a slow pan of his quarters aboard the ship. Zuko is seen sitting in the lotus position in front of an altar. Four white candles are burning in front of him. The camera continues to pan as the light from the candles increases and decreases with Zuko's rhythmic breathing. Cut to a frontal shot of Zuko with eyes closed in meditation. His face is calm and concentrated. The camera cuts to a side view of Zuko's head on the left half of the screen with the door to his quarters on the right side. The door opens and General Iroh enters the room.)

Zuko: (in a dangerously silky voice) The only reason you should be interrupting me is if you have news about the Avatar.
Iroh: (enters cautiously carrying a map) Well, there is news, Prince Zuko, but you might not like it. Don't get too upset.
Zuko: (calmly) Uncle, you taught me that keeping a level head is a sign of a great leader. Now whatever you have to say, I'm sure that I can take it.
Iroh: Okay, then... we have no idea where he is.
Zuko: (enraged) WHAT?!

(The four candles flare to the ceiling with Zuko's wrath. He stands quickly and turns around to face his uncle, his anger evident on his face. Iroh turns away from the flames and raises his right arm to protect his face. As the flames subside, he pulls a fan out of his robes.)

Iroh: (fanning himself) You really should open a window in here.
Zuko: (snatching the map from Iroh's hand) Give me the map!

(Zuko opens the rolled scroll and begins to study it. Iroh continues to fan himself.)

Iroh: There have been multiple sightings of the Avatar, but he is impossible to track down.
Zuko: How am I gonna find him, Uncle?

(He looks down at the map marked with circled Xs and dotted lines connecting the reported Avatar sightings. The lines zigzag all over the landmass drawings.)

Zuko: He is clearly a master of evasive maneuvering.

(Scene ends with a fade from the map in Zuko's hands to the map in Sokka's hands. Scene cuts to a close up of Sokka reading the map. He is sitting atop Appa with an exasperated expression on his face.)

Sokka: You have no idea where you're going, do you?

(Scene cuts to a wider angle of Sokka, Katara, and Aang riding Appa through the air.)

Aang: (turning his head back to answer Sokka) Weeelll, I know it's near water...

(Scene cuts to a distant view of Appa flying over an endless stretch of water.)

Sokka: (flatly) I guess we're getting close then.

(Scene cuts to Katara mending a garment. Aang has his head turned back, watching her. Momo, who is also watching Katara, is sitting on Aang's left shoulder.)

Aang: Momo, marbles please.

(Momo scrambles into Aang's shirt making noises. He returns with a marble and hands it to Aang.)

Aang: (smiling eagerly and cupping the marble in his two hands) Hey Katara! Check out this airbending trick!

(Aang suspends the marble between his two hands and makes it whirl around and around in mid-air. He is grinning happily at Katara, wanting her attention. Katara is preoccupied, though, and does not look up from her sewing.)

Katara: (absentmindedly) That's great, Aang.
Aang: (crushed that she did not notice) You didn't even look.
Katara: (stops her sewing and looks at him) That's great!
Aang: But I'm not doing it now.

(Scene cuts to a shot of just Sokka and Katara. Sokka is lolling at the back of Appa's saddle with his arms crossed casually behind his head.)

Sokka: (waves his arm dismissively in Aang and Katara's direction) Stop bugging her, airhead. You need to give girls space when they do their sewing.

(Scene cuts to a close up of Katara's face. She stops her needle in midair and turns her head towards Sokka. Her face is a mixture of annoyance and anger.)

Katara: What does me being a girl have to do with sewing?

(Scene cuts back to Sokka)

Sokka: Simple: girls are better at fixing pants than guys, and guys are better at hunting and fighting and stuff like that. It's just the natural order of things.
Katara: (with exaggerated happiness) All done with your pants! And look what a great job I did!

(Katara glowers at Sokka and throws his pants at him. They hit him in the head.)

Sokka: Wait! I was just kidding! I can't wear these! (He sticks his arm through the big hole in the seat of his pants.) Katara, PLEASE!

(Scene cuts to a frontal shot of all three on Appa's back.)

Aang: Don't worry, Sokka. Where we're going, you won't need any pants!

(He gives a pull on the reings and Appa and swoops down in the sky, glowering . The scene shifts to an aerial view of a crescent-shaped island. Scene cuts to Appa, Aang, Katara, and Sokka on a beach. Snow-capped mountains are visible in the background.

Sokka: We just made a pit stop yesterday. Shouldn't we get a little more flying done before we camp out?
Katara: He's right. At this rate we won't get to the North Pole until spring.
Aang: (shading his face and looking out over the water) But Appa's tired already, aren't you boy? I said, aren't you boy?

(Aang nudges Appa conspiratorially with his elbow. Appa yawns on cue, but is obviously not actually tired. Aang sticks his thumb in the big bison's direction.)

Sokka: Yeah, that was real convincing. Still, hard to argue with a ten ton magical monster.
Aang: (gasps excitedly and points out towards the water) LOOK! (A giant koi fish jumps out of the water.) That's why we're here... (Aang strips down to his underwear.)... elephant koi. And I'm going to ride it. Katara, you've gotta watch me! (Aang dives into the water. A second later he leaps out again with a shocked expression on his face.) COLD!

(Scene cuts to Katara and Sokka looking at each other wryly. Sokka makes the univeral "he's crazy" signal by twirling his finger next to his head. Cut to Aang swimming out into the bay. Aang dives under the water and catches hold of an elephant koi. The giant fish leaps out of the water with Aang riding on its back, his hands grasping the dorsal fin. The koi dives back into the water, carrying Aang with it.

(Scene cuts to Katara watching Aang. She has an excited and interested look on her face, clearly enjoying his current antics. Sokka, Katara, and Momo stand on shore and watch Aang. Scene cuts to a close up of Aang on the back of the elephant koi. Laughing, he waves to Katara. Cut to Katara on shore waving to Aang.)

Katara: (waving) Woo!
Aang: Yeeaaaah! Woohoo! (Aang is laughing, ecstatic as he rides the giant koi fish. A couple of other fish follow behind, leaping in and out of the water.

(All the giant koi fish dive underwater and the camera follows them. Cut to Katara and Sokka on the shore. Momo is jumping up and down, watching Aang intently.)

Katara: He looks pretty good out there.
Sokka: Are you kidding? The fish is doing all the work.
Katara: (Katara turns to see look at something happening off screen.) No, Appa! Don't eat that! (Katara hurries off screen as Sokka continues to watch Aang.)

(Scene cuts to a close up of Aang riding the elephant koi. He grins broadly at Katara, who runs towards the trees. Aang is disappointed that she is no longer watching him.)

Aang: Aww, man...

(Scene cuts to a long view of the bay. Three elephant koi are visible swimming on the surface of the water. Two of the koi, including the one Aang is riding, veer off to the right. A shadow under the water is visible approaching the remaining elephant koi. Scene cuts to a close up of Sokka on shore.)

Sokka: (yells) There's something in the water!

(Scene cuts to the last koi fish trying to leap out of the water, but being pulled under. Cut to a close up of Aang still riding his koi fish. Something is approaching him from behind. Cut back to the shore. Momo, distressed, is jumping up and down. Katara, hearing the commotion, runs up beside Sokka back on the beach.)

Katara: What's wrong?
Sokka: Aang's in trouble. (yells) Aang!
Katara: (screams) Get out of there!

(Scene cuts to Aang on the fish. He is watching Katara, Sokka and Momo on the shore. They are waving their arms and yelling to him.)

Sokka: Come back here! AANG!
Katara: AANG!

(Scene cuts to Aang waving back at Sokka and Katara, misinterpreting their frantic gestures. The koi fish he is riding bucks and sends Aang headlong into the bay. He comes up a second after going under and spurts water out of his mouth. He is breathing heavily and gasping for air as an enormous serrated fin rises ominously from the water behind him. Cut to a wide shot of a very tiny Aang against the fin's back drop. Cut to a close up of Aang's back as he turns around slowly to see what's following close behind him. His eyes widen and he screams in panic.)

Aang: Aaahhh!

(Aang leaps to the surface of the water and begins to run towards shore. The enormous fin turns and begins to chase him. Cut to a wide shot of the chase as the fin gains on Aang. He reaches the shore, running head first and full force into Sokka. Aang knocks Sokka off his feet and they both crash back towards the tree line. The fin turns and slowly heads back out to sea. Katara runs back to where Aang and Sokka are. Aang is putting his clothes back on while Sokka sits lumped up against the tree they skidded into.)

Katara: What was that thing?
Aang: I don't know.
Sokka: (getting up and wiping his hands together) Well, let's not stick around and find out. Time to hit the road.

(Scene cuts to an aerial view. Four green clad warriors fall on Aang, Sokka, Katara, and Momo from the trees. The first warrior grabs Sokka under his arms from behind. The second warrior pulls Katara's hood over her head. The third warrior grabs Aang by his shirt. The fourth warrior traps Momo in a small sack. Cut to Momo, Aang, Katara, and Sokka, all bound and blindfolded being thrown to the ground at the feet of their captors. Four sets of green-robed legs are visible in a circle around them.)

Momo: (hits the ground) Oof!
Aang: (thrown to the ground) Ugh!
Katara: (thrown to the ground) Uhh...
Sokka: (thrown to the ground) Oof... Or we could stay a while...

(Scene cuts to a snow covered mountain path, lined on both sides by the wintry forest. The camera pans up towards the mountain peak. Scene cuts to the back of the village leader, Oyagi. He has long gray hair, with a high poofy ponytail on top of his head. The camera pans to the left to show Aang, Sokka, and Katara, still blindfolded, bound to a large pole in a fenced clearing. Momo, still in a sack, is at Aang's feet.)

Oyagi: You three have some explaining to do.
Suki: And if you don't answer all our questions, we're throwing you back in the water with the unagi.
Sokka: (close-up of his angry face) Show yourselves, cowards!

(Cut to black. Scene changes as Sokka's, Aang's and Katara's blindfolds are removed to reveal five young girls dressed in green. Their faces are painted white with red around their eyes, and they carry fans in their waistbands. Scene cuts to a wide shot of Aang, Sokka, Katara, and Momo tied to the pole on the left of the screen. The green clad girls and Oyagi are on the right.)

Sokka: (straining at his bonds) Who are you? Where are the men who ambushed us?
Suki: (stepping toward Sokka and shaking her fist at him) There were no men. We ambushed you. Now tell us, who are you and what are you doing here?
Sokka: (in laughing disbelief) Wait a second, there's no way that a bunch of girls took us down.

(Scene cuts to a close up of Sokka and Suki. She grabs him by the collar and shakes him.)

Suki: (threateningly) A bunch of girls, huh? The unagi's gonna eat well tonight.
Katara: (quickly) No, don't hurt him! He didn't mean it. My brother is just an idiot sometimes.
Aang: (apologetically) It's my fault. I'm sorry we came here. I wanted to ride the elephant koi.

(Scene cuts to a wide shot of Oyagi flanked by four of the female warriors. The houses of the village can be seen in the background.)

Oyagi: (pointing at Aang accusingly) How do we know you're not Fire Nation spies? Kyoshi stayed out of the war so far. And we intend to keep it that way!

(Scene cuts to a close up of Aang. His face is a mixture of surprise and interest.)

Aang: This island is named for Kyoshi? I know Kyoshi!
Oyagi: Ha! How could you possibly know her? Avatar Kyoshi was born here four hundred years ago. She's been dead for centuries.

(The camera pans up the pole Aang, Sokka, and Katara are tied to as he speaks, which turns out to be the base Avatar Kyoshi's statue. She is dressed in the same green garments as the female warriors who captured Aang, Sokka, and Katara. Her face is painted white and there are two open fans in her hands. Scene cuts back to a close up of Aang. He looks down toward the ground and then back at Oyagi.)

Aang: I know her because I'm the Avatar.

(Scene cuts to Suki, the warriors, and Oyagi. His face shows shock and disbelief.)

Suki: (shaking her fist at Aang) That's impossible! The last Avatar was an airbender who disappeared a hundred years ago.

(Scene cuts back to the trio tied to the base of the statue. Aang grins widely.)

Aang: That's me!

(Scene cuts back Oyagi and Suki.)

Oyagi: Throw the imposter to the unagi!

(Oyagi walks off screen. The female warriors assume a fighting stance. Each warrior has two open fans in her hands. The four warriors move menacingly toward the helpless trio. Scene cuts to a close up of Katara's face.)

Katara: (tersely) Aang... do some airbending...

(Scene cuts to a wide shot of the pole and approaching warriors. Aang breaks his bonds and shoots himself into the air. He backflips over the top of Kyoshi's statue. The camera follows him as he floats gracefully to the ground amidst the 'oohs' and 'aahs' of the gathered crowd, which now includes other members of the village. POV is from behind Aang. Suki and her warriors gaze in shock and amazement at Aang.)

Oyagi: It's true... you are the Avatar!

(Scene cuts to Aang with a serious look on his face. In the background to his left Sokka and Katara are still tied to the statue base. Aang, realizing that he now has an audience, pulls the marble out from under his shirt.)

Aang: Now... check this out!

(Grinning like a fool, he does the same trick he had tried to impress Katara with earlier in the episode.)

(Scene cuts to the villagers cheering and jumping for joy. The villager toward the front right screams like a girl and gets so excited that he begins to foam at the mouth. He faints and falls forward toward the camera.)

(The scene cuts to a small girl running eagerly across a pier to a fisherman who is lifting his catch out of the water in a conical basket.)

Little Girl: Did you hear the news? The Avatar's on Kyoshi!

Fisherman: (drops his basket of fish in shock and surprise.) HUH? (He quickly picks his basket up again.)

(Here the information grapevine montage begins. Scene cuts to a small street in the village. The fisherman from the previous scene hands his basket of fish to a merchant. You see his lips move as he reports the news that the Avatar is on Kyoshi. The scene cuts to the merchant in front of his shop. The shop is along the water. The merchant is selling a fish to a man. You can see his lips moving as he reports the news that the Avatar is on Kyoshi to his customer, who from his clothes appears to be Fire Nation. The scene fades to the interior of Zuko's quarters. The customer who purchased the fish from the merchant turns out to be Zuko's cook. He is serving the cooked fish to Zuko and Iroh. He kneels down to place the dish on the table. Scene switches to a close up of Zuko's face.)

Zuko: (standing up and speaking angrily) The Avatar's on Kyoshi Island? (Zuko walks out of the room while speaking to Iroh.) Uncle, ready the rhinos. He's not getting away from me this time.

(Switch to a wide view of Iroh sitting at the dinner table with the steaming hot plate of fish in front of him. Zuko walks off screen. Iroh turns towards him and, pointing at the fish, begins to speak.)

Iroh: Are you going to finish that?

(Zuko walks angrily back on camera to the dinner table and grabs the fish off of the table.)

Zuko: I was going to save it for later! (He storms off screen with his meal.)

(Iroh crosses his arms in annoyance and pouts at not getting to eat the fish. Scene fades to black for commercial.)

Act II

(Scene opens with a close up of the face of Avatar Kyoshi's statue. The camera pans out to show two villagers attending to the statue. One is painting a fresh coat of color on her face and the other is scrubbing the dirt from the back. The camera pans down the statue and to the village. It is morning and there are only a few villagers on the main street. Everything is peaceful and quiet in the sunlight.)

(Scene cuts to Appa. He is lying on his side munching on fresh hay. Two villagers are caring for him. One villager scrubs his fur and another is buffing Appa's horns. Appa grunts happily and is clearly enjoying all the attention. The camera pans up to the windows of the house behind Appa. Scene cuts to Momo, Aang, and Katara seated in front of a long wooden table. The table is covered with eighteen different plates of food. A villager enters and places another plate on the table and exits. Aang throws his arms up in the air happily.)

Aang: All right! Dessert for breakfast! (stuffing his face and talking with his mouth full) These people sure know how to treat an Avatar!

(Camera view switches to a frontal shot of Aang and Katara eating breakfast. They are seated in front of a large window, which is propped open to show the mountain in the background. Also in view are the two villagers actively refurbishing the statue of Avatar Kyoshi.)

Aang: Mmm... Katara you've got to try these! (Aang offers Katara a sweet)
Katara: Well, maybe just a bite... (She takes the candy from Aang as Momo seizes the opportunity and snatches another from his other hand.)
Aang: (looking off screen) Sokka, what's your problem? EAT!

(Scene cuts to a very disgruntled Sokka sitting hunched and glowering in the corner of the room.)

Sokka: Not hungry.

(Camera view switches to a close up of Aang's face as he peers around Katara's head. He is shocked.)

Aang: But you're always hungry!

(Cut to a long shot of the room. Aang and Katara at the breakfast table are in the forefront. Sokka is in the back of the shot.)

Katara: He's just upset because a bunch of girls kicked his butt yesterday.
Sokka: They snuck up on me!
Katara: (smugly) Right. And then they kicked your butt.
Sokka: (getting up angrily) Sneak attacks don't count! (pacing around the room, gesticulating wildly to the air) Tie me up with ropes! I'll show them a thing or two. I'm not scared of any girls. (He has paced around to the breakfast table and is ferociously grabbing sweets off it. He begins to lower his voice and talk to himself.) Who do they think they are anyway? (Sokka grunts and shoves a sweet into his mouth. He walks off camera and out of the room.) Mmm... this is tasty.

(Camera switches back to the same frontal shot of Aang and Katara at the table.)

Aang: What's he so angry about? It's great here. They're giving us the royal treatment.
Katara: Hey, don't get too comfortable. It's risky for us to stay in one place for very long.
Aang: I'm sure we'll be fine. Besides, did you see how happy I'm making this town? (Aang turns around to look out the window at the two villagers working on Avatar Kyoshi's statue.) They're even cleaning up that statue in my honor!
Katara: Well, it's nice to see you excited about being the Avatar. I just hope it doesn't all go to your head.
Aang: Come on, you know me better than that. I'm just a simple monk.

(Aang stands up and goes to the window. He looks down in surprise and confusion as the scene cuts to the courtyard from Aang's perspective. The courtyard is full of little girls from the village, screaming and cheering at him. Scene cuts back to Aang and Katara at the window. Aang's face breaks out in a large smile and he blushes. Katara, standing slightly behind him, crosses her arms, sticks her tongue out and makes a long, exasperated raspberry.)

(Scene cuts to a bright red bridge over a small stream. The quiet of the scene is interrupted as Aang runs back and forth over the bridge while being hotly pursued by the pack of young village girls. The group ends up splitting and coming at him from both sides of the bridge as he stands in the middle of it. Aang jumps high in the air and off camera as the groups merge together beneath him, waiting for him to come back down. The camera moves upward to reveal what's taking him so long: he has his arms wrapped around a spinning ball of air. It dissipates and he falls into the arms of the crowd below.)

(After this "Meet the Beatles" type shenanigans, the scene cuts to Aang standing next to Koko, one of the young girls from the village. An artist puts up his paintbrush next to them as a reference for painting the scene. He lifts his paper to begin his ink painting, covering the spot where Aang and Koko are standing.)

Artist: (to himself while he paints) Painting the Avatar... that's easy enough...

(He drops his parchment for another look and now there are two girls standing with Aang.)

Artist: Oh... there's another one... I'll make an adjustment here, and...

(When he drops his painting now, there are four girls standing around Aang.)

Artist: There's more... what...

(Now when he views the scene it appears that every girl in the village has joined the group. The Camera gives a close up of the artist's face. He has a look of utter disbelief and irritation. Cut back to the group as they all crowd in close to Aang and laugh while he has something of a horrified expression on his face. After surveying the scene for a few seconds, the artist gets up from his stool and walks away. The girls collapse on top of Aang into a laughing pile.)

(Scene cuts to a frontal shot of Aang doing push ups in front of six of the girls. Momo is sitting on his back. The girls are staring down at him in rapt admiration. Aang begins to do one handed push ups. Then, he puts both hands behind his back and uses his breath to push himself up off the ground. The camera switches to a side view of Aang and the girls while he is still doing airbending push ups with his breath. Katara walks past them carrying a basket, rolling her eyes.)

(Scene cuts to small house nestled in evergreen trees. Sokka approaches the house muttering to himself about "girls." He walks up to the door and looks inside. The fan warriors are drilling. Camera switches to a close up of Sokka's face from around the doorway. He grins, puts up his hands, and enters the dojo.)

Sokka: (in a bit of an arrogant manner) Sorry ladies! Didn't mean to interrupt your dance lesson. (He stretches his arms and waist.) I was just looking for somewhere to get a little workout? (He bends over and grabs his knees with his hands.)
Suki: Well, you're in the right place.

(There's a long shot of the dojo to show the entire area and all the people inside it. Sokka continues to stretch in front of the female warriors.)

Suki: (sincerely) Sorry about yesterday. I didn't know that you were friends with the Avatar.
Sokka: (flippantly) It's all right. I mean, normally I'd hold a grudge, but seeing as you guys are a bunch of girls, I'll make an exception. (He rotates his shoulders.)
Suki: (with sarcasm) I should hope so. A big strong man like you? We wouldn't stand a chance.
Sokka: True. But don't feel bad. After all, I'm the best warrior in my village.
Suki: (leaning towards Sokka and smiling) Wow! Best warrior, huh? In your whole village? Maybe you'd be kind enough to give us a little demonstration.
Sokka: Oh... well... I mean... I...
Suki: (turning to her warriors) Come on, girls! Wouldn't you like him to show us some moves?

(The camera show the group of warriors, giggling and nodding affirmatively at Suki's suggestion. The scene switches back to Sokka and Suki. Sokka turns and walks towards her.)

Sokka: Well, if that's what you want, I'd be happy to. All right, you stand over there. (He grasps her shoulders and pushes her back a little, but Suki doesn't move. He doesn't seem to notice or care.) This may be a little tough, but try to block me.

(Sokka throws a punch. Suki blocks it with a deft thrust of her fan to his shoulder. Her stance is disinterested and confident against Sokka's arrogance.)

Sokka: (rubbing his shoulder) Heh heh... good. Of course, I was going easy on you.
Suki: Of course.
Sokka: Let's see if you can handle this!

(Sokka lunges at Suki. She catches him under his leg and tosses backward toward the door. He lands on his butt.)

Sokka: (angrily) That does it!

(Sokka gets up and lunges again at Suki. She grabs him by the arm, spins him around in circles, ties his arm to his foot with his own belt, and throws him to the floor.)

Suki: (standing over Sokka laughing) Anything else you want to teach us?

(Sokka's face flushes in humiliation as all the warriors laugh at him.)

(Scene opens with a long shot of the village. The statue of Avatar Kyoshi is in the foreground. The camera zooms in on Aang and the cluster of girls at its base as they stare up at it.)

Aang: There she is, girls. Me in a past life.
Girls: Ooohhh...
Koko: You were pretty!
Aang: Excuse me for a second, ladies.

(Scene cuts to Katara in the market place filling a basket with vegetables. Aang approaches her and taps her on the shoulder.)

Katara: (turning around) Oh, good! Can you help me carry this back to the room? It's a little heavy.
Aang: Actually, I can't right now.
Katara: (irritated) What do you mean you can't?
Aang: I promised the girls that I'd give them a ride on Appa. Why don't
you come with us? It'll be fun!
Katara: (continuing to pick up vegetables) Watching you show off for a bunch of girls does not sound like fun.
Aang: Well, neither does carrying your basket.
Katara: It's not my basket. These supplies are for our trip. I told you, we have to leave Kyoshi soon.
Aang: I don't want to leave Kyoshi yet. I can't put my finger on it, but there's something I really like about this place.

(Camera pans from a close up of Aang to the group of girls who have been following him around all day. They giggle.)

Koko: (stomping her foot in annoyance and putting her hands on her hips) What's taking you so long, Aangy?

Katara: (flatly) Aangy...
Aang: (calling back) Just a second, Koko!
Katara: 'Simple monk,' huh? I thought you promised me that this Avatar stuff wouldn't go to your head.
Aang: It didn't. You know what I think? You just don't want to come because you're jealous.
Katara: Jealous? Of what?
Aang: Jealous that we're having so much fun without you.
Katara: (ferociously putting vegetables into her basket) That's ridiculous.
Aang: It is a little ridiculous, but I understand.

(Katara looks angrily at Aang as they stand framed by the vegetable stand. She groans loudly, picks up the basket, and walks away from him. Aang watches her go as the giggling girls drag him off camera in the other direction.)

(Scene opens with Sokka kicking a stone outside of the fan warrior's dojo. He walks cautiously to the door. Suki and her warriors are training again, but stop when they see Sokka walk in.)

Sokka: (hesitantly) Uh... hey, Suki.
Suki: (mockingly) Hoping for another dance lesson?
Sokka: No... I... well, let me explain.
Suki: Spit it out! What do you want?
Sokka: (kneeling in humility) I would be honored if you would teach me.
Suki: Even if I'm a girl?
Sokka: (quietly) I'm sorry if I insulted you earlier. I was wrong.
Suki: We normally don't teach outsiders, let alone boys.
Sokka: Please make an exception. I won't let you down.
Suki: All right. But you have to follow all of our traditions.
Sokka: (quickly) Of course!
Suki: And I mean ALL of them.

(Scene cuts to Sokka in the full green dress and white face paint of the fan warriors.)

Sokka: Do I really have to wear this? It feels a little... girly.
Suki: It's a warrior's uniform. You should be proud. (Camera pans down Sokka's body) The silk threads symbolizes the brave blood that flows through our veins. The gold insignia represents the honor of the warrior's heart.
Sokka: (standing proudly) Bravery and honor.

(Aang walks by the door to the dojo. He turns and ducks his head in smiling mischievously.)

Aang: (giggling and racing off) Hey Sokka! Nice dress!

(Scene ends with Sokka and Suki standing in front of the doorway. Sokka's momentary pride is visibly crushed by Aang's barb. Suki is smiling at him and enjoying his discomfort.)

(Scene opens with Katara practicing her waterbending in their room. A plume of water rises and falls from a small bowl in front of her. Aang enters the room and stands cockily in the doorway.)

Aang: Katara, remember how the unagi almost got me yesterday?
Katara: (without looking up from her bowl) Yeah.
Aang: Well, I'm gonna go ride it now. It's gonna be REAL dangerous.
Katara: (still not looking up from her bowl) Good for you.
Aang: (surprised) You're not going to stop me?
Katara: (still not looking up) Nope. Have fun.
Aang: (crossing his arms peevishly) I will.
Katara: Great.
Aang: I know it's great.
Katara: I'm glad you know.
Aang: I'm glad you're glad.
Katara: Good!
Aang: Fine!

(Aang turns to storm angrily out of the room. He pauses at the door and turns his head back to look at Katara. She is still intent on her waterbending and does not look up at him. His face falls and he walks out the door. Just as he is off camera, Katara lets the water fall back into the bowl, crosses her arms, and looks at the door through which Aang has just exited.)

(Scene cuts back to the dojo. Suki and Sokka are circling each other with fans unfurled.)

Suki: You're not going to master it in one day. Even I'm not that good.
Sokka: (slightly losing his balance) I think I'm starting to get it.

(Sokka continues to practice the moves, and at the end of the set he accidentally throws his fan out the door and into a tree. Suki looks out the door at the lost fan as snow falls from the branches above to bury it.)

Suki: (turning and walking towards Sokka) It's not about strength. Our technique is about using your opponents' force against them. Loosen up. Think of the fan as an extension of your arm. (Suki assumes the battle stance. The camera changes to an intense close up of Sokka's determined face.) Wait for an opening and then...

(Suki lunges at Sokka and he parries the thrust, knocking her off her feet. She shows her surprise and embarrassment as she looks up from her spot on the floor.)

Sokka: (crossing his arms in a "so there" manner) Hmm...
Suki: (getting to her feet, flustered) I fell on purpose to make you feel better!
Sokka: (laughing and pointing his finger at her) I got you! Admit I got you!
Suki: (laughing as she grabs Sokka's outstretched hand and bends it back painfully) Okay, it was a lucky shot. Let's see if you can do it again.

(Suki lets Sokka's hand go and they assume battle positions. They begin to circle each other. Scene cuts to Aang in the middle of the bay looking towards shore at his fan club. On closer inspection, all of the girls sitting on shore appear to be very bored.)

Koko: (impatiently) What's taking so long?
Aang: I'm sure it will be here any second! (He looks down at the water.) What about this? (Aang suspends and spins the marble between his two hands.)
Little Girl: Not that again. Boring.
Koko: Where's the unagi? It's getting late.

(The girls begin to get up and leave. Camera view changes to a close up of Aang alone in the water as he shouts and waves to the girls.)

Aang: Where're you going? Don't leave!
Koko: Sorry, Aang! Maybe next time.

(As the last of the girls leaves, Katara walks onto the beach.)

Aang: (excitedly waving) Katara! You came!
Katara: I wanted to make sure you were safe. You really had me worried.
Aang: Back there you acted like you didn't care.
Katara: I'm sorry.

Aang: Me too. I did let all that attention go to my head. I was being a jerk.

Katara: (affectionately) Well, get out of the water before you catch a cold, you big jerk!

Aang: (grinning widely as he begins to swim toward shore) On my way!

(As Aang swims towards land, the unagi comes up behind him and catches him in its wake. As the unagi rises from the water, Aang is kneeling on a portion of its tail. Cut to commercial break.)


(The unagi raises its head and spews a powerful jet of water directly at Aang. He leaps up and grabs hold of one of the unagi's whiskers. The unagi shakes its head back and forth in an attempt to dislodge Aang. POV changes to a shot from inside the unagi's mouth as Aang swings back and forth in front of the sharp fangs. Saliva drips from the unagi's teeth and it wets its lips with its tongue.)

Katara: (calling from the shore) Hang on, Aang!

(The unagi continues to shake its head and Aang is thrown into the water. He is unconscious as he comes to the surface. Both the unagi and Katara rush towards him. Katara reaches Aang first and takes him into her arms just as the unagi raises itself from the water. She pushes the water forcefully in front of her and propels both herself and Aang away from the unagi. The unagi dives into the water and the force of its dive sends Aang and Katara flying into a small cavern. Angrily, the unagi shoots water from its mouth and eventually sinks back into the bay. Katara peers over the side of the opening and sees Prince Zuko's ship approaching the island.)

Katara: Zuko!

(Zuko's ship lands. The prow is let down and Zuko rides out of the hull on the back of a war rhinoceros. He is accompanied by many men also on on rhino mounts.

Zuko: I want the Avatar alive.

(Katara hides Aang in the cave as Zuko and his army march towards Kyoshi. Aang is still unconscious.)

Katara: Wake up, Aang!

(Katara moves her hands up Aang's chest and draws the water out of his lungs. Aang coughs and sputters.)

Aang: (weakly) Katara... don't ride the unagi. Not fun.

(Scene cuts to the warrior's dojo. Suki and Sokka are sparring. He parries a thrust and they both smile.)

Suki: Not bad.

(Oyagi runs to the door of the dojo, breathless.)

Oyagi: Firebenders have landed on our shores! Girls, come quickly!
Sokka: Hey, I'm not a... oh, whatever!

(Scene cuts to Zuko entering the town. The streets are deserted. The camera pans from the far end of town to a close up of Zuko's face.)

Zuko: Come out, Avatar! You can't hide from me forever! (to his men) Find him.

(Zuko's army begins to search the town for Aang. The camera follows the three war rhinos as they proceed down the main street of the village. Scene cuts to a close up of an unfurling fan. Scene cuts again to a long distance shot of the firebenders continuing down the street.)

(A green form rushes silently past the camera. The fan warriors attack Zuko's army. Suki heads directly for Zuko. As she is about to land on him, he turns his rhinoceros and she is swatted out of the air by its tail. As she hits the ground, Zuko aims a fire blast at her. Sokka steps in between Suki and the fire ball, deflecting it. Zuko, taken by surprise, falls off his rhinoceros.)

Sokka: I guess training's over.

(Suki, Sokka, and another warrior cautiously approach the prone Zuko. Zuko spins around on his hands shooting fire bolts out of his feet at the approaching warriors. He knocks them all to the ground and pulls himself to his feet. Zuko leaps to the middle of the street.)

Zuko: Nice try, Avatar! But these little girls can't save you.
Aang: Hey! Over here!
Zuko: Finally!

(Zuko and Aang face each other, "High Noon" style. Zuko lets loose three consecutive fire balls from his hands. Aang dodges them and, using his staff as a helicopter, flies toward Zuko. Zuko shoots another blast of fire, which knocks Aang's staff out of his hands. Aang leaps away and picks up two discarded fans. Zuko runs full force at Aang. Aang uses the fans to throw an enormous gust of air at Zuko. The air knocks Zuko through the wall of a building. Aang drops the fans and picks up his staff. He throws it into the air and flies over the now burning town. He looks behind him to see the statue of Avatar Kyoshi engulfed in flames. He lands next to Katara, who is helping a small child inside.)

Katara: Get inside.
Aang: (upset) Look what I brought to this place.
Katara: It's not your fault.
Aang: Yes, it is. These people got their town destroyed trying to protect me.
Katara: Then let's get out of here. Zuko will leave Kyoshi to follow us. I know it feels wrong to run, but I think it's the only way.
Aang: (hanging his head) I'll call Appa.

(Scene cuts to a fan warrior battling a firebender. She throws her fan directly at his face mask and knocks him unconscious. Scene cuts again to Sokka and Suki crouching behind a house.)

Suki: There's no time to say goodbye.
Sokka: What about, "I'm sorry"?
Suki: For what?
Sokka: I treated you like a girl when I should have treated you like a warrior.
Suki: (leaning towards Sokka) I am a warrior. (She kisses him on the cheek.) But I'm a girl, too. (Sokka touches his hand to his cheek, his eyes wide with surprise, and blushes.) Now get out of here! We'll hold them off.

(Sokka runs up Appa's tail. Katara, Aang, and Momo are waiting for him.)

Aang: Appa, yip yip!

(Appa grunts and flies out of the town. Zuko sees them leaving.)

Zuko: (to his men) Back to the ship! Don't lose sight of them!

(Camera view changes to Appa flying away from the burning town. Katara and Sokka are sitting in the saddle on Appa's back. Aang is sitting behind Appa's head with the reins in his hands. His head is hanging down; he is clearly upset. Katara leans forward to speak to him.)

Katara: I know it's hard, but you did the right thing. Zuko would have destroyed the whole place if we had stayed. They're going to be okay, Aang.

(Without a word, Aang suddenly dives off of Appa's head into the bay, a determined expression on his face.)

Katara: (as he dives off) What are you doing?!

(Katara and Sokka watch in horror as Aang disappears under the water. A close up of the water's surface shows concentric rings Aang's dive has created. Several seconds go by before the unagi bursts out of the water, Aang riding on it. He has hold of both whiskers and forces the unagi's head towards the burning town of Kyoshi. Aang pulls back on the whiskers and the unagi spews water over the town. The stream continues long enough to put out the fires Zuko and his army had begun. A closer shot of the town shows it is now only smoldering. Camera switches to a shot of Zuko and his now very wet army and then a close up of a very unhappy Zuko.)

(Scene cuts to Aang on the back of the unagi. He sees that Kyoshi is out of danger and lets go of the unagi's whiskers. The unagi rears its head and Aang jumps into the air just as Appa swoops down. Appa catches Aang in his front paws and flies off. Scene cuts to Oyagi looking at the departing travelers through a window.)

Oyagi: (gratefully) Thank you, Avatar.

(Scene cuts to Aang climbing into Appa's saddle. Katara, Sokka, and Momo are sitting, waiting for him.)

Aang: (clearly expecting a lecture from Katara) I know, I know. That was stupid and dangerous.
Katara: Yes, it was.

(Katara hugs Aang. Aang's face lights up with joy and surprise. Scene changes to the fin of the unagi swimming in the bay. The sun is setting. All is calm and quiet. Fade to black.)

[End Credits]

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