Transcript for 210 - The Library
The Library
Written By: John O'Bryan
Directed By: Giancarlo Volpe
Storyboard By: Giancarlo Volpe, Ian Graham, Bobby Rubio, Oreste Canestrelli
Animation By: JM Animation Co, Ltd
Transcriber: Psycho Silver

["Previously on Avatar" sequence, including clips from "The Blind Bandit", "The Chase", "The Siege of the North, Part 2", "Bitter Work", and "Avatar Roku (Winter Solstice, Part 2)".]

Act I

(After the preview, the episode opens with a pan down shot from behind Aang, who is sitting on the ground cross legged in a prairie. The landscape is mostly barren save for small shoots of grass which bend in the breeze. A range of mountains can be seen in the distance. The ground in front of Aang is littered with holes.)

Sokka: (voice over) What's out here?

(Cut to a shot of the group from the front of Appa, Sokka, Toph, Katara and Momo standing behind Aang. Aang is holding a thin wooden flute in both hands.)

Toph: (kneels and places her palm on the ground) A lot actually. There's hundreds of little-

(Aang turns around and silences Toph.)

Aang: Shhh! I know you can see underground, but don't ruin the surprise. Just watch.

(Cut to a close up of Aang as he places the flute to his lips and plays a note. The view cuts back to the front as a prairie dog emerges from a hole on Aang's right and sings the same note.)

Aang: (watching as the prairie dog descends back into the hole) Heheheha, yeah!

(Aang plays another note, and another prairie dog emerges from a hole close to the camera and sings the same note, just as the previous prairie dog had done. Aang smiles and raises his hands and the flute above his head.)

Aang: I'm putting an orchestra together.

(Cut to a close up of Sokka, looking disinterested.)

Sokka: Orchestra, huh? Well la dee da.

(Sokka gestures from side to side with his hands as he says the last few words. Cut to a shot of three holes in the ground. One after the other, a prairie dog emerges from a hole and each sings a note in descending order. They all descend back down their burrows as Momo leaps down the hole to the left. A moment later, his head emerges from the middle hole.

Cut to a wide shot showing the group and several more burrows. Aang plays more notes, and each time a different prairie dog emerges from one of the burrows and matches it. Katara laughs as she watches Momo chase after each prairie dog. Cut to a shot of Aang as he is playing a note. Sokka runs up to Aang and plugs his finger into the other end of the flute, muffling the sound and causing Aang's cheeks to swell with air.)

Sokka: This is great and all, but don't we have more important things to worry about? We should be making plans.

(Sokka unplugs his finger and stands up straight, gesturing to his sides with open palms. Cut to a shot of Toph and Katara.)

Toph: We did make plans. We're all picking mini-vacations.
Sokka: There's no time for vacations.
Aang: (Looking up at Sokka) I'm learning the elements as fast as I can. (Cut to a close up of Aang.) I practice hard everyday with Toph and Katara. I've been training my arrows off.

(Cut back to the group shot. Katara walks forward a few steps.)

Katara: Yeah. What's wrong with having a little fun in our downtime?
Sokka: (crossing his arms) Even if you do master all of the elements, then what? It's not like we have a map of the fire nation. Should we just head west until we reach the Fire Lord's house? (mimics the action of knocking on a door, accompanied by the sound effect) Knock, knock! Hello, Fire Lord? Anybody home? (Humorous background music plays as Sokka says this. He leans towards Aang, closing his fists and dropping them to his sides) I don't think so. We need some intelligence if we're gonna win this war.

(Aang plays one more note on his flute, and a prairie dog pops out of a hole directly underneath Sokka and sings, surprising him. Katara giggles at Sokka as Momo peeks down the hole. Aang drops the flute and bends a small gust of air to get up on his feet.)

Katara: Alright, we'll finish our vacations, and then we'll look for Sokka's intelligence.

(Cut to a shot of Aang and Katara. A sound effect plays as Aang chuckles at Katara's joke, while Katara places her hands on her hips and smirks. Cut to a close up of a map being opened by Aang. On it can be seen what appears to be a town with an iceberg in the middle. To the left of it is a mountain range.)

Aang: (voice over) Your turn, Katara. (cut to a shot from the side of Aang holding the map open and Katara looking at it) Where would you like to go on your mini-vacation?

(Katara leans towards the map and studies it, placing her hand on her chin.)

Katara: (placing her finger on the map) How about the Misty Palms Oasis? That sounds refreshing.
Aang: Oh yeah, I've been there. It's a pristine natural ice spring, and I usually don't use the word pristine. It's one of nature's wonders.

(The close up of the map's illustration fades to a wide shot of the actual Misty Palms Oasis, accompanied by the sound of the background music slowing down and changing. Appa stands outside of the oasis walls. To the left are three sand gliders. Inside the walls are several small houses made of dry mud. There are no palm trees, and the ice spring in the middle is barely visible. Cut to a shot of Aang, Katara, Sokka and Toph outside the gates.)

Aang: Must have changed ownership since I was here.

(The Avatar laughs nervously and proceeds through the gates with the rest of the group.

Cut to a shot from behind as the group walks through the gates. An old sign hanging overhead falls to the ground with a loud crash and shatters into several pieces, causing the group to turn around in surprise. Fade to a pan right shot as the group walks past the evaporating ice spring. It is only a few feet high, and a dog with black fur is licking it for water. Cut to a shot of the outside of one of the mud houses. It has a large doorway covered by a green cloth. Loitering outside the doorway are men wearing light brown clothing and wrapped in rags. They glance at Aang, Toph, Katara and Sokka as they head inside the building.

Before Sokka can enter, the man closest to him hocks phlegm and spits it at the ground. Cut to a shot of Sokka's feet as he steps back to avoid the spit wad as it lands. Cut to a shot of Sokka as he looks down in disgust. He glares at the man, frowning and balling up his fists. Cut to a close up of the man. He is wearing a white visor with thin, rectangular slits across his eyes. He then gives Sokka a toothless smirk.

Cut to a shot outside the doorway of Sokka, the man, and Katara. The man is leaning against the wall and Sokka is still glaring at him. Katara quickly turns around and pulls him away and into the doorway, in order to prevent a fight from breaking out. Cut to a shot from inside the building as the group enters and stares at their surroundings.

Cut to a pan left shot of the interior. It appears to be a restaurant, illuminated by dim lamps hanging from poles. To the left are two patrons sitting at a wooden table. One of them takes a swig from a cup he's holding. At a table in the middle is a man wearing a tall orange hat who has fallen asleep, resting his head on the table's surface. His shoulders rise and fall as he snores. To the left is a bar, decorated with various overhanging fruit. Sitting at a stool is another sleeping man wearing dull green clothing and a white headband.

The bartender is bald and has a short brown beard. He is wearing a green tunic, a white apron and brown armbands around his biceps. There are two thin swords hanging across his back by leather straps, forming an X. Speaking to the bartender is a man wearing loose white clothing and a circular white hat. Hanging from his back are a backpack and a sleeping bag. From his waist hangs a large leather pouch.)

Professor Zei: One mango, please.

(The bartender nods. Cut to a shot of the bartender from the front. To his left are stacks of bowls and to his right is a double handled pitcher with a long, narrow neck. The bartender pulls both swords from their sheaths. He swings at one of the bowls, cutting it from the stack, then picks it up with both swords and places it on a cutting board in the middle. He then cuts down four fruits that are hanging overhead, two large yellow ones and two smaller red ones. The bartender then proceeds to rapidly dice the fruit into several smaller pieces with both swords and dumps them and some water into a bowl to complete the drink.

Cut to a close up of the cutting board as the bartender places the bowl drink in the middle. He drops a bamboo straw and a small, green umbrella into the bowl as the finishing touch. The man in white takes the drink and drops an Earth Kingdom coin on the board which the bartender takes. Cut to a shot of the group standing inside the doorway. Aang and Katara are smiling at the bartender's skill while Sokka stares thoughtfully with his hand placed against his chin.)

Sokka: I don't see anything wrong with having one of those fruity beverages while we plan our strategy.

(The others turn to Sokka as he speaks. Sokka grins and walks towards the bar, shoving Aang and Toph in the process. Cut to a shot of the bar as Sokka runs towards it, followed by Aang and Katara.)

Sokka: (signaling to the bartender) Excuse me!

(The man in white takes his drink and turns around, but then bumps into Aang, causing him to spill it onto Aang. Cut to a pan up shot of Aang, Katara and Sokka. Katara gasps as she witnesses the accident, Sokka stares at the man in white, and Aang looks down at his wet clothes.)

Aang: (looking up at the man) No worries, I clean up easy.

(Cut to the shot of the bar. Aang places his knuckles together in front of his chest and bends a gust of air around his body, drying his clothes and causing everyone else's clothes to be blown back. The man in white grabs the brim of his hat to keep it from being blown away and gasps at Aang with amazement. Cut to a close up of the man.)

Professor Zei: (in awe) You're a living relic!

(Cut to a shot of Aang, with Katara and Sokka standing behind him. The man's back is facing the camera. Toph walks in from behind.)

Aang: Thanks. I try.

(Cut back to the close up of the man. He places a hand to his chin.)

Professor Zei: An Air Nomad, right in front of me. (Cut to a shot from side of the group at the bar. Sokka is handing Katara a drink and turns back to the bartender. The man places his right fist into his left hand and gives a slight bow to Aang, who bows as well) Professor Zei, head of anthropology at Ba Sing Se University. (grabs Aang's hand and examines it) Tell me, which of the Air temples do you hail from?
Aang: The southern temple.
Professor Zei: (begins measuring Aang's skull with a pair of calipers and speaking excitedly) Oh, splendid! Now tell me, what was the primary agricultural product of your people?
Aang: (nervously) Uh, are fruit pies an agricultural product?
Professor Zei: (placing a hand on Aang's shoulder) Oh, truly fascinating. That is one for the journal.

(Cut to a shot of the group. Katara, Sokka and Toph are all holding drinks and standing behind Aang and Zei. Zei pulls a pen and note pad from his back pack and begins writing in it.)

Sokka: So professor, you're obviously a well traveled guy. Do you have a more current map? Ours seems to be a little dated.
Professor Zei: Certainly.

(Cut to a close up shot of a table. Sokka unrolls a map onto it. Cut to a shot of the group standing around the table. Toph is laying across two chairs, her legs crossed and sipping her fruit drink. Aang is now holding a drink of his own. Sokka takes a moment to examine the map.)

Sokka: What, no Fire Nation? (straitening his back) Doesn't anybody have a good map of that place?

(Katara places a hand on the map. Cut to a pan right close up of the map. On it can be seen a large desert with several paths drawn on to it.)

Katara: (voice over) You've made a lot of trips into the desert.
Professor Zei: (voice over) All in vain, I'm afraid. (Cut to a shot of Zei and Katara) I've found lost civilizations all over the Earth Kingdom, (raises his fist slightly) but I haven't managed to find the crown jewel... Wan Shi Tong's Library.

(Cut to a shot of Toph laying down. Her feet are closest to the camera, showing her dirt stained soles.)

Toph: You spent years walking through the desert to find some guy's library?
Professor Zei: This library is more valuable than gold, little lady. (raises his palms in a gesture) It is said to contain a vast collection of knowledge, and knowledge... is priceless.
Toph: (sarcastically) Mm, sounds like good times.
Professor Zei: Oh, it is. According to legend, it was built by the great knowledge spirit, Wan Shi Tong, with the help of his foxy knowledge seekers.
Sokka: Oh, so this spirit has attractive assistants, huh?
Katara: (giving Sokka's head a small shove) I think he means they look like actual foxes, Sokka.
Professor Zei: (voice over) You're both right. Handsome little creatures. (reaches into his pouch and pulls out and unrolls a large parchment) Wan Shi Tong and his knowledge seekers collected books from all over the world, and put them on display for mankind to read, so that we might better ourselves.

(Cut to a close up of the table as Zei places the parchment down. On it is an architectural drawing of a building with many domes and spires. Shift to a shot of Sokka, Katara and Zei from the table's level.)

Sokka: If this place has books from all over the world, do you think they've got info on the Fire Nation? A map maybe?

(Aang enters the screen from the left, sipping his drink through the bamboo straw.)

Professor Zei: I wouldn't know, but if such a thing exists, it's in Wan Shi Tong's Library.

(Cut to a close up of Sokka. He puts a hand to his chin and thinks for a second.)

Sokka: Then it's settled. (cut to the shot of the group around the table. Toph is sipping her drink.) Aang, I do believe it's my turn. I'd like to spend my vacation (cut to a shot of Sokka as he points his finger into the air. The background changes to a rushing one) AT THE LIBRARY!

(Zoom back out to the group shot. Sokka still has his finger raised in the air.)

Toph: (waving her hand to gain the others attention) Uh, hey? What about me? When do I get to pick?
Sokka: (crossing his arms) You gotta work here a little longer before you qualify for vacation time.

(Toph slams her bowl on the table before crossing her arms and pouting. Cut to a shot of Zei.)

Professor Zei: Of course there's the matter of finding it. I've made several trips into the Si Wong Desert, and almost died each time. (in a depressed voice) I'm afraid that desert's impossible to cross.

(Cut to a shot of Sokka and Aang, who are exchanging glances.)

Sokka: Professor, would you like to see our sky bison?
Professor Zei: (amazed) A sky bison? You actually have one?

(Cut to a shot of Appa and several of the men in rags standing outside the oasis walls. Appa growls at the men and scoots away. Zei runs in from off-screen.)

Professor Zei: (commandingly) Sandbenders! Shoo! Away from the bison!

(Cut to a shot of the sandbenders as they walk away, then to a shot of two of the sandbenders onboard one of the sand gliders. One of them bends a whirlwind of sand underneath the sail, causing the glider to be driven forward, revealing Aang and his group behind them. Aang watches the sandbenders' retreating forms, with Sokka, Katara and Zei standing behind him. Shift to a wide shot from above of the two of the sand gliders racing off in the distance.

Cut to a pan down shot of the sun from below. Appa flies overhead and towards the desert horizon. Cut to a pan right shot of Toph, Katara and Sokka sitting in Appa's saddle. Sokka has taken his shirt off and tied it onto his head to protect himself from the sun. Sokka takes a spyglass and turns to the side. Cut to a shot from the front of Aang, Zei, and Momo sitting on Appa's head. Sokka is looking out in the distance with the spyglass. Zei climbs forward. Cut to a shot of Appa from below. Zei sticks his head out so he can speak to the flying bison.)

Professor Zei: Tell me, sky bison. Are you the last of your breed?

(Appa responds by giving a low roar.)

Professor Zei: (excitedly) Oh, delightful! I only wish I spoke his tongue. (Cut to a shot of Zei as he runs his fingers through Appa's fur.) Oh, the stories this beast could tell. (Momo comes to sit next to Zei and begins chattering. Zei turns to Momo and places a finger to his lips.) Shush, chatty monkey.

(Cut to a shot of Aang examining the drawing of the library.)

Aang: Wow, shouldn't be too hard to find a place like this out here.

(Cut to a shot of the drawing as it gently flutters in Aang's hands. Several scenes go by in rapid succession, making it clear that some time has passed as they search for the Library.)

Toph: (frustrated) Aw, does this place even exist?
Professor Zei: (smiling and holding his finger up) Some say it doesn't.
Toph: Shouldn't you have mentioned that before?

(Toph falls onto her side and groans, putting her dirty feet over the saddle's edge. Fade to a shot from above of Appa flying. He gives a low roar. Cut to a shot of Zei in the saddle writing down notes. The camera pans to the left to show Toph who suddenly sits up and points out into the desert.)

Toph: (in excitement) There it is!

(The camera zooms out to show Katara and Sokka looking in the direction Toph is pointing. Cut to a shot of empty sand dunes that pass by. Katara, Sokka, Aang and Momo turn towards Toph and glare at her for tricking them. Cut back to the shot of Toph.)

Toph: That's what it will sound like when one of you spots it.

(Toph turns to the others and gives them a blank grin, waving her hand in front of her eyes to remind them of the fact that she is blind. She quickly goes back to clutching the saddle. Cut to a shot from the side of Appa flying over the desert, then to a shot from the front of Sokka, Katara, Aang and Momo. Sokka is searching for the library through his spyglass and Katara is using her hand as a visor. Aang appears fatigued, and Momo has fallen asleep on top of the airbender's head.)

Katara: It shouldn't be this hard to spot a giant ornate building from the air.

(Cut to a close up of Sokka as he looks through his spy glass. Cut to Sokka's perspective as he peers through the device. He quickly spots a spire sticking out from the sand. Cut back to the shot of Sokka, Katara and Aang. Sokka points down at the spire.)

Sokka: Down there. What's that?

(Aang perks up, causing Momo to be awakened. He and Katara both look in the direction Sokka is pointing. Cut to a shot from above of Appa descending down to the spire. Fade to a pan left shot from above. The top of the spire is closest to the camera. On the ground are Aang and his group looking up at it. Appa is sitting behind them.)

Katara: (disappointedly) Forget it. It's obviously not what we're looking for. The building in this drawing is enormous.

(They all turn their heads as something glimmers atop one of the sand dunes in the distance. Cut to a shot of a large gray fox as it climbs over the top of the dune. In its mouth is a scroll. It pauses and turns to look at the humans, the scroll in its mouth glints in the sunlight. The fox continues and walks off-screen)

Sokka: What kind of animal is that?

(Cut to a pan right shot as the fox gallops towards the spire's base. Instead of stopping, the fox begins running up the spire at a ninety degree angle. The camera follows it up as it does so. Cut to a shot from the inside of the top of the spire. The camera is looking out at the group through one of the windows.)

Professor Zei: I think that was one of the knowledge seekers.

(The fox jumps through the window. Cut to a shot of Zei.)

Professor Zei: Oh, we must be close to the library!

(Cut to a shot of Aang, Sokka and Katara all looking at the drawing.)

Sokka: No, this is the library. (points up at the spire) Look!

(Cut to a shot of Sokka's finger pointing to the top. He brings his finger down and points at the drawing. The drawing of the library drops below the camera, showing the base of the spire.)

Sokka: (voice over) It's completely buried.

(Cut to a zoom out shot of the spire from far away, and then cut to commercial.)

Act II

(The show continues with a fade into a tilt up the shot of the spire from a distance.)

Professor Zei: (voice over, shouting) The library is buried!

(Cut to a shot of the group standing in front of the spire. Zei runs forward before falling to his hands and knees.)

Professor Zei: (depressed) My life's ambition is now full of sand.

(Cut to a shot of Zei. Smiling, he lifts his head and reveals a small shovel in hand.)

Professor Zei: Well, time to start excavating.

(He attempts to unearth the library using the tiny shovel. Cut to a close up of the spire's surface as Toph places her palm against it.)

Toph: (voice over) Actually, (cut to a pan left shot of Top, with Aang, Katara, Sokka and Momo standing in the background) that won't be necessary. The inside seems to be completely intact, and it's huge.
Sokka: That fox thingy went in through a window. I say we climb up there and give it a look.

(Cut to the shot of Toph and the others. Toph has her arms crossed.)

Toph: I say you guys go ahead without me.
Katara: You got something against libraries?
Toph: I've held books before, and I gotta tell you, they don't exactly do it for me.

(Cut to a shot of Katara. She gives a nervous laugh and scratches the back of her head.)

Katara: Oh, right. Sorry.
Toph: Let me know if they have something you can listen to.

(Cut to a shot of one of the windows at the top of the spire. Sokka's boomerang, with a rope tied to it, is thrown through the window. Cut to a shot of Sokka, Zei and Katara. Sokka begins climbing the rope as Katara and Zei watch. The camera pans left to show Toph, Aang and Appa.)

Aang: (petting Appa) Don't worry buddy. I'm not making you go underground ever again. You can stay out here with Toph.

(Aangs walks off screen. Cut to Toph who crosses her arms and both she and Appa look away from each other. They then look back at each other, Appa giving a soft grunt. Both stare at each other a moment.)

Toph: What's up?

(Cut to a shot from the inside of the spire as Zei, Aang, Sokka and Katara descend the rope. A floor can be seen at the bottom. Cut to a closer shot of the four, passing the camera as they climb down. Momo glides down after them. Cut to a shot from below as the group descends into a large room.)

Professor Zei: (in awe) Oh, it's breath taking. The spirits spared no expense designing this place.

(Cut to a shot from the side of Zei, Aang and Sokka. The large room is supported by many pillars and archways. The visage of an owl is carved into the arcs.)

Professor Zei: Look at those beautiful buttresses!

(Cut to a shot from above of Sokka, Aang and Zei hanging from the rope. Sokka and Aang both chuckle at the word 'buttresses.')

Professor Zei: What's funny?
Aang: Nothing. We just like architecture.
Professor Zei: (smiles) As do I.

(Cut to a shot of the group reaching the bottom. The land on a wide, cross shaped bridge that connects to each side of the room. Past the archways are long rows of bookshelves. The area is dimly lit by green lamps hanging from the walls. Cut to a shot of Zei as he pushes his hat back and gazes at the top of the room.)

Professor Zei: (amazed) My word!

(Cut to a shot of a large owl mosaic set across the top of an arc. Sokka, Katara and Aang walk in from off screen. Momo is sitting on Aang's shoulder.)

Professor Zei: The exquisite mosaic handiwork of this tile-rendered avian symbol... (Cut to a shot of the group as they all stare at Zei in confusion.) Eh, nice...owl.

(The group turns at the sound of feathers rustling. Katara and Sokka run off screen. Cut to a shot from behind the archways as Katara and Sokka hide behind a large pillar to the right. Aang takes Zei's hand and pulls him behind the pillar on the left. Cut to a shot of an enormous black owl with a white face walking through an archway and onto the bridge. Cut to a shot of Aang peeking at the owl from behind the pillar where he sees the owl examining the rope. It begins to turn its head to the left. Cut to a close up of the owl as it turns its head around three hundred and sixty degrees, revealing two white spots on the back of its head that resemble eyes.)

Owl: I know you're back there.

(Cut to a shot of Aang and Zei standing behind the pillar. Zei smiles and walks out onto the bridge. Cut to a shot of Zei coming towards the giant owl.)

Professor Zei: (excitedly) Hello! I'm Professor Zei, head of anthropology at Ba Sing Se University.

(Cut to a shot of Zei bowing to the owl who towers above him.)

Owl: You should leave the way you came, (the owl turns his head to the left) unless you want to become a stuffed head of anthropology.

(The camera quickly pans to the left to show three stuffed animal heads hanging from a pillar, then to a shot of Zei as he rubs his neck and groans nervously. Cut to a shot of the archway as Katara, Sokka and Aang walk onto the bridge.)

Sokka: Are you the spirit who brought this library to the physical world?
Owl: Indeed, I am Wan Shi Tong, he who knows 10,000 things. And you are obviously humans, which by the way are no longer permitted in my study.
Aang: What do you have against humans?
Wan Shi Tong: Hmm, humans only bother learning things to get the edge on other humans, (fade to the clip from The Siege of the North Part II of Zhao's flashback of the library) like that firebender who came to this place a few years ago, looking to destroy his enemy.

(Cut to a close shot of Wan Shi Tong from the side.)

Wan Shi Tong: So, (quickly brings his face close to Sokka's, startling him) who are you trying to destroy?

(Cut to a close up of Sokka's reflection in Wan Shi Tong's large black eye.)

Sokka: (smiling nervously and waving his hand in protest) What? Oh, no, no, no destroying, we're not into that.
Wan Shi Tong: (voice over) Then why have you come here?
Sokka: (trying to think of an answer) Um, knowledge, for, knowledge's sake.
Wan Shi Tong: If you're going to lie to an all-knowing spirit being, you should at least put some effort into it.
Sokka: I'm not lying. I'm here with the Avatar, (points behind with his thumbs and pulls Aang in front of him) and he's the bridge between our worlds, he'll vouch for me. (pats Aang on the shoulder before nudging him in the back.)
Aang: Ow. (cut to a close up of Aang) Uh, yeah, I'll vouch. We will not abuse the knowledge in your library, good spirit. (cut to a shot from the side of everyone standing on the bridge) You have my word.

(Everyone bows to Wan Shi Tong.)

Wan Shi Tong: Hmm, very well. I'll let you peruse my vast collection, on one condition. (cut to a shot of Aang and his group as they frown at the last few words. Cut to a pan left shot from above.) To prove your worth as scholars, you have to contribute some worthwhile knowledge.

(Aang takes a step back as Zei steps forward. Cut to a shot of Zei as he kneels and presents a thick tome.)

Professor Zei: Please accept this tome as a donation to your library.
Wan Shi Tong: First edition, very nice.

(Cut to the shot of Zei as Wan Shi Tong passes his wing over the tome, causing it to vanish from Zei's hands. Zei steps back and Katara steps forward. The camera pans up to show her holding open a waterbending scroll.)

Katara: I have an authentic waterbending scroll.
Wan Shi Tong: Oh... these illustrations are quite stylish.

(Cut to the shot of Katara as Wan Shi Tong takes the scroll. Katara bows her head to the spirit. Cut to a shot of Aang with his finger to his chin, thinking of what to give Wan Shi Tong.)

Aang: Uh, oh, I know! (pulls a scroll from his shirt collar and presents it, revealing it to be a Fire Nation wanted poster of the Avatar. The sound of a trumpet plays to give dramatic effect.) Ha!

(Cut to a shot of Wan Shi Tong examining the poster.)

Wan Shi Tong: I suppose that counts.

(Cut to a shot from the side of Wan Shi Tong taking Aang's offering. Sokka walks up to the knowledge spirit.)

Sokka: Oh, great spirit, (cut to a shot of Sokka holding a piece a string between his fingers. The others, standing behind him, look puzzled.) check this out! (quickly ties the string into a butterfly shaped knot and holds it out, accompanied by the sound of chimes) Ta da!

(Cut to a shot of Wan Shi Tong as he stares in silence. Cut back to the shot of Sokka holding the knot.)

Sokka: It's a special knot! That counts as knowledge.
Wan Shi Tong: (after a brief pause) You're not very bright, are you?

(Cut to the shot of Sokka, who frowns and groans at the spirit's comment. The knot is quickly snatched by Wan Shi Tong's wing. Cut to the shot from the side of everyone on the bridge.)

Wan Shi Tong: Enjoy the library.

(Wan Shi Tong turns and jumps off the bridge, extending his wings. Cut to a pan down shot as he soars down to the library's lowers levels. Cut to a shot of the group as they watch him fly down before turning to leave. Cut to a shot of Sokka as he stares after Wan Shi Tong with contempt.)

Sokka: Bright enough to fool you.

(Fade to a pan up shot from above of Toph and Appa sitting in the spire's shadow. Cut to a shot of Toph and Appa.)

Toph: So, you like flyin'?

(Appa responds by grunting and scratching his ear.)

Toph: Of course, I'm more comfortable on the ground, where I can see. Well, I don't see the way you do. I feel the vibration in the ground with my feet, (cut to a closer shot of Toph as she picks up a handful of sand and lets it sift through her fingers) but this sand is so loose and shifty, it makes everything look fuzzy.

(Cut to a wider shot of the two. Appa sits up and yawns loudly.)

Toph: Not that there's anything wrong with fuzzy.

(Cut to a pan down shot of a large hall of bookshelves that stretch up to the tall ceiling. Between the shelves is a large statue of a bird resembling a phoenix. Aang, Katara, Sokka, Zei, and the large fox are standing to the left next to a bookshelf. Cut to a shot of Aang and Momo sitting down and the fox placing a book onto a shelf. Aang is holding a book, and his staff is leaning against the bookshelf. The camera pans right to show Sokka, Katara, and Zei sitting between two tall stacks of book. Cut to a shot of Aang as he flips a page in the book and smiles. Cut to a shot of the page Aang is looking at. On it is an illustration of a giant turtle with the face of a lion looming over a man wearing a long robe. Behind it are two other lion-faced turtles. Cut to a shot of the group. Aang holds the book up to the others.)

Aang: Hey, look at these weird lion turtle things.

(Cut to a shot of Sokka pulling a book from the shelf. Katara is leaning against the shelf and reading a book in the background. Sokka glances at Aang's book.)

Sokka: Eh, I've seen weirder.

(Katara walks towards the camera.)

Katara: Aang, did you know in a past life, you were left handed?

(Cut to a shot of Momo, Aang and Katara. Aang smiles and scratches the back of his head.)

Aang: I always knew I was special.

(Cut to a shot of Zei grabbing several more books from the shelves, stacking them in his hands. Sokka walks past him and sees a scroll sticking out from one of the shelves. He pulls it out, unrolls it and examines the scroll before slipping it into his bag. Cut to a shot of a short pedestal displaying a piece of paper covered in glass. Sokka walks towards it from off screen. Cut to a close up of the paper beneath the glass. Its edges have been burned and there is something written on it. Sokka's face is reflected off the glass as he reads the writing, placing a hand to his chin.)

Sokka: (reading) The darkest day in Fire Nation history. It's got a date at the top, but it doesn't say anything else.

(Sokka takes out his machete and uses it to lift the glass up. Cut to a shot of the corner of the glass sheet as Sokka slips the burned paper out from under it. He rolls up the paper and walks over to the side. Aang, Momo, Katara and Zei walk in from behind a bookshelf.)

Aang: Sokka, where are you going?

(Cut to a shot of Sokka as he turns around and holds the paper up.)

Sokka: I want to know what happened to the Fire Nation on their darkest day. This could be promising. (Cut to a shot of the group running through the library.) The information on the Fire Nation should be right up here.

(Cut to a shot of the group walking towards an ornate at the end of a hall. Above the doorway is a large red tapestry with the symbol of fire on it. Sokka, Katara, and Aang as they walk through the doorway. Momo is sitting on Katara's shoulder. Cut to a pan up shot from above of the interior of the room. It is filled with the burned debris of books and bookshelves. Zei takes a few steps forward and Momo jumps off Katara's shoulder.)

Aang: Firebender.
Katara: They destroyed everything having to do with the Fire Nation.
Sokka: (frustrated) That's so unfair! (places his hands against his head) Just when I think I'm one step ahead of the Fire Nation, it turns out they beat us here a long time ago.

(Sokka falls to his knees. Cut to a pan right shot of Sokka as he picks his head up. As the camera moves, the fox can be seen standing on its hind legs behind him.)

Sokka: I need to know what happened on the darkest day.

(The fox whimpers and Sokka turns his head around to see it. The camera focuses on the fox. Cut to a close up of Sokka.)

Sokka: Hello, little weird fox guy.

(Cut to a shot of the fox. It whimpers again and turns around, pointing its nose down the hall. Cut to a pan left shot of the entire group. Zei is pointing at the fox.)

Professor Zei: Seems it's trying to assist you.
Sokka: Um, sure, I'll guess I'll follow you.

(Sokka, Aang and Katara follow the fox. The fox runs up to a wall with a sun symbol on it before turning and running off screen to the right. The rest of the group walks forward from off screen, staring at the large symbol. Cut to a shot of the fox crawling though a hole located in the wall. The center of the symbol slowly rolls to the side, creating an opening. Cut to a close up of the opening as the center rolls to the side, revealing the fox sitting behind it. It makes a small whimper when it sees them. The kids enter.

The room is dome shaped and on the walls are painted mountains, clouds and the sky. The whole area is dark, illuminated only by light from outside the door. Cut to a shot of the center of the room as the group walks towards a large stone pedestal standing there. The fox pushes a lever next to the pedestal. Cut to a shot of the area as the false sky fills with stars, all revolving. Sokka, Katara, Aang and Momo as they all look up with wonder, the light of the stars passing over them. Cut to a shot of a moon symbol attached to a mechanical device as it moves across the sky.)

Professor Zei: This room is a true marvel. A mechanical wonder! (places his hands on his head and smiles) It's a planetarium that shows the heavens moving.
Sokka: Uh, this is beautiful, but, how is it helpful?

(Cut to a shot of Aang, Katara, Sokka, Momo and the fox standing around the pedestal. It has a slightly domed top, and circling it are different symbols. There is a yin-yang in the center. The outmost symbols depict animals. Zei walks on screen from the left and begins examining the pedestals.)

Katara: Maybe these dials represent dates and times. (points to the dials) Sokka, try entering that date from the parchment you took.
Sokka: Shh! Katara! (places his hand in front of his mouth and begins whispering, eyeing the fox warily) Not in front of the fox, he's with the owl.

(Cut to a shot of the fox. It lowers its head and puts its ears back, whimpering dejectedly. Cut to a shot of Sokka as he slightly raises the burned parchment out from his bag, examines it and adjusts the dials. He pushes the lever forward the machine begins to operate. The camera pans up to show the sun symbol moving.)

Aang: Wow, I gotta hand it to you Sokka. You picked the best mini-vacation, for sure.

(Cut to a pan right shot of the group as the sky changes back to day. The room suddenly becomes dimmer. Cut to a wide shot of the area. The moon symbol is in the sky.)

Katara: Hey wait, what happened to the sun?
Aang: Great, you must have broken it.
Sokka: It's not broken.

(Cut to a close up of the moon symbol. The edge of the sun symbol can be seen peeking from behind it.)

Sokka: (voice over) The sun is behind the moon, it's a solar eclipse! It's literally the darkest day in Fire Nation history. Now I get it! (grabs Aang by the shoulders and turns him) Something awful happened on that day, I don't know what, but I do know why.

(Cut to a shot of the group. Zei is writing in his notebook and Katara watches as Sokka shakes Aang.)

Sokka: Firebenders loose their bending during a solar eclipse! (pushes Aang and lets go of him, causing the Avatar some discomfort) Sorry.
Katara: That makes sense. (Cut to a close shot of Sokka and Aang as Katara walks in from the right.) I mean, think of what the lunar eclipse at the North Pole did to the waterbenders. This is huge.

(The sound of the fox whimpering is heard. Cut to a shot of the fox at Sokka's feet as it whimpers and raises both its front paws, as a dog would when it begs for a treat. Cut to a shot of Sokka smiling as he looks at the fox.)

Sokka: Fine, you earned it.

(Cut back to the shot of the fox as Sokka pulls a treat from his bag and throws it to him. The fox catches it in his mouth and runs off. Cut to a shot of Sokka, Aang and Katara from below.)

Sokka: We've got to get this information to the Earth King at Ba Sing Se. We'll wait for the next eclipse, (cut to a close up of Sokka) then we'll invade the Fire Nation when they're totally helpless. The Fire Lord is goin' down!

(Sokka raises his fist in triumph and grins. The smile is quickly replaced by a frown as a dark shadow loom over Sokka. Cut to a shot of the group as Wan Shi Tong approaches them. Sokka turns around to see the knowledge spirit.)

Wan Shi Tong: Mortals are so predictable. (cut to a close up of Wan Shi Tong) And such terrible liars.

(Cut to a shot of the group as they stand in Wan Shi Tong's shadow, staring with fright. Sokka gulps then cut to a commercial.)


(The show returns to a fade in to a shot from the outside of Wan Shi Tong standing the planetarium's doorway.)

Wan Shi Tong: You betrayed my trust. (cut to a shout from the inside of the group facing Wan Shi Tong) From the beginning you intended to misuse this knowledge for evil purposes.
Sokka: You don't understand. (raises fist) If anyone's evil, it's the Fire Nation. You saw what they did to your library. They're destructive and dangerous. We need this information.
Wan Shi Tong: You think you're the first person to believe their war was justified? (leans towards the group) Countless others before you have come here, seeking weapons or weaknesses or battle strategies.
Aang: (pleading) We had no choice. Please, we're just desperate to protect the people we love.

(Cut to a close up of Wan Shi Tong.)

Wan Shi Tong: And now I'm going to protect what I love.

(Quickly zoom out to a shot of Wan Shi Tong beating his wings, causing a strong gust throughout the planetarium. Cut to a shot of the group bracing themselves against the wind.)

Aang: What are you doing?

(Cut to a shot of Wan Shi Tong beating his wings.)

Wan Shi Tong: I'm taking my knowledge back. No one will ever abuse it again.

(Cut to a shot of the group looking towards the ceiling. Sand is seeping through the walls.)

Katara: He's sinking the building! We've gotta get out of here!

(Cut to a shot from behind Wan Shi Tong. His neck grows several feet longer and feathers resembling horns appear on his head. Aang and the group watch in terror as the spirit transforms.)

Wan Shi Tong: I'm afraid I can't allow that. (cut to a close up of Wan Shi Tong) You already know too much.

(The spirit lifts his head high into the air before screeching and lunging forward.

Cut to a shot of the group jumping out of the way. Wan Shi Tong hits the floor, causing it to crack. Wan Shi Tong chases after the group as they flee the planetarium, shouting with fright. Cut to a shot of Sokka, Katara, Zei, Aang and Momo as they run out of the planetarium, then to a tilt up shot of Appa and Toph sitting next to the spire. Cut to a closer shot of the two as Appa lifts his head up and gives a loud roar. The spire behind them slowly begins to sink and a low rumble can be heard. Cut to a shot of Toph sitting against one of Appa's legs. The screen begins to shake.)

Toph: I already told you, I don't want to snuggle.

(Toph grunts as Appa stands up and walks off screen, causing her to fall back. Toph picks herself off the ground. Cut to a shot of Toph standing in front of the sinking spire. Cut to a shot of Toph from the front with Appa standing behind her.)

Toph: The library's sinking. The library's sinking!

(Toph runs up to the spire before jabbing her hands into its surface. The camera tilts up to show cracks spreading. Cut to a shot of Toph grunting as she attempts to hold the library up, her feet sinking into the sand. After much effort, the spire slows down and stops sinking.

The camera tilts down and fades to a shot from above of Aang and the group running down one of the long hallways. Streams of sand are pouring from the ceiling and forming small pools on the floor. Shift to a shot of them passing under an arch and running towards the camera. Wan Shi Tong bursts through the arch, destroying it, and continues to chase them.

Cut to a shot of Aang, Katara, Sokka, Zei and Momo running down another hallway. Cut to a shot of Wan Shi Tong flying swiftly over the floor, causing bits of rubble to go flying in his wake. Cut to a shot of Katara, Momo, Sokka and Aang running across a bridge and past the camera. Zei stops and turns around, yelping and gasping for breath. He is still holding a large stack of books.)

Professor Zei: (frightened and exasperated) Great knowledge spirit, I beg you. Do not destroy your vast collection of priceless tomes.

(Zei stands on the bridge as Wan Shi Tong quickly approaches. Aang looks back as he runs across the bridge. He hops and twists in the air, bending a vacuum between his hands. Cut to a shot of Zei being pulled back by the vacuum just before Wan Shi Tong attacks the spot where he stood. Zei yells as he is pulled back, causing him to drop all of his books. Cut to a shot of Zei sliding across the floor. The camera pans to the right as Sokka and Katara catch him.

Wan Shi Tong flying across the bridge in pursuit. Cut to a shot of Aang as he hops forward, twists in the air, and swings his staff in an upward arc as he lands, bending a strong gust of air. Cut to a shot of Wan Shi Tong as the gust collides with him, causing the spirit to be knocked over the side of the bridge. The spirit falls down to the lower levels of the library. Cut to a shot of Katara, Sokka, Momo and Zei standing to the right. Aang runs on screen from the left.)

Aang: We've gotta get back to the surface.

(Aang turns a corner and runs down a hallway away from the camera. Katara, Momo and Zei follow after him, but Sokka stays behind. Cut to a shot of Sokka looking hesitant. He turns his head and looks back at the bridge.)

Katara: (voice over) Sokka, let's go!
Sokka: But we still don't know when the next eclipse is gonna happen.
Katara: Don't be stupid, we'll find out later.

(Cut to a shot of Sokka standing across from Katara, Aang, Zei and Momo.)

Sokka: No, we won't. (gestures to the side) If we leave this place we'll never get the information. (raises fist) Aang, come with me to the planetarium, I need cover.

(Aang runs over to join Sokka. Cut to the shot of Katara, Zei and Momo.)

Sokka: (voice over) Katara, take Momo and get out of here.
Katara: But-

(Katara is cut off by a large crash from the left, causing her and Zei to flinch. Cut to a shot of Wan Shi Tong emerging from the dust between Katara and Sokka.)

Sokka: Go!

(Katara, Momo and Zei run off screen as Wan Shi Tong screeches and chases after them.)

Katara: (voice over) Hurry, Sokka!

(Sokka and Aang turn away from the camera and run towards the bridge. Cut to a shot of Katara and Zei as they run down the hallway. Zei runs off to the right between two bookshelves. Wan Shi Tong enters from off screen. Cut to a shot of Zei and he falls to the ground with a grunt and covers his head. Wan Shi Tong runs past the screen, not noticing him. Zei opens his eyes and makes sure it's safe. He looks to his right and pulls a large book from the shelf. Humorous background music plays as he does this and grins widely.

Cut to a shot of Katara running and panting. Momo is clinging to her head and looking back. Katara turns her head to see what is behind her. Cut to a shot of Wan Shi Tong as he swoops down and screeches, his face closing in on the camera.

Switch to a shot of Toph holding up the library and Appa standing behind her. Cut to a close up of Toph as she strains to keeps the building from sinking. Cut to a shot of Appa as he turns his head around. The camera pans to the left to show a dust storm approaching. Cut to a shot of Toph turning her head around.)

Toph: What is it now?

(Cut to a shot of three sand gliders driving through the desert. Cut to a pan left shot of the face of a sandbender, his face covered by wrappings and his eyes covered by a visor. Cut to a pan left shot of a glider as a sandbender bends a shock wave of sand. The sand shockwave quickly closing in on the camera. Cut to a shot of Appa as the sand hits him, swirling around him, then to a close up of Toph.)

Toph: Who's there?

(Cut to a shot of the sand gliders circling Appa. A sandbender jumps off of a glider, bending a whirlwind of sand as he lands.

Switch to a tilt down shot of Sokka and Aang running across a bridge. The walls are crumbling and more sand is pouring in. Cut to a shot of the doorway of the planetarium as Sokka and Aang run inside.)

Aang: Why are we doing this?
Sokka: Because if this calendar can tell us about eclipses in the past, then maybe it can project when the next one will be. (removes his bag from his shoulder and turns the dial)
Aang: You can't possibly check every single date.
Sokka: I don't have to. (turns the dial) We just have to check every date before Sozin's comet arrives, because after that... Well, try not to think about that.

(Cut to a close up of the dial as the date on it changes. Several shots in rapid succession show Aang and Sokka trying different dates on the machine.)

Aang: Come on, eclipse!

(Cut to a pan up shot of the sun symbol as it moves. The moon symbol comes in from the left and stops over the sun symbol, creating the desire eclipse.)

Sokka: (voice over) That's it, the solar eclipse! (cut to a wide shot of the planetarium as it darkens) It's just a few months away.

(Cut to a shot of Sokka and Aang. Aang grins as Sokka writes down the date of the eclipse.)

Sokka: Got it. (puts the date into his bag) Now, let's get to Ba Sing Se.

(They exit the planetarium.

Cut to a pan left shot of the sandbenders surrounding Appa. Using a series of ropes with bags of sand tied to the ends for added weight, the sandbenders systematically pin Appa down. Appa resists, but begins to weaken. Cut to a shot of Toph still holding the library. She turns her head around.)

Toph: Don't make me put this down.

(Toph lets go of the spire and turns around to attack, extending her right hand and bending a wave of sand at the sandbenders. The spire begins sinking again. The sand wave passes by them, missing by a few feet. Toph turns back around and thrusts her hands back into the spire. Behind her can be seen Appa and the sandbenders. The camera quickly pans right to shot of Appa brought down and being dragged away. Cut to a shot of the sand gliders pulling the flying bison over the sand and away from Toph. Appa gives a frightened groan. Cut to a close up of Toph.)

Toph: No, stop sinking!

(Cut to a shot of Toph letting go of the spire. The camera zooms out to show her bending waves of sand in random directions, first to the right, then left, then right again. Cut to a shot of Toph turning back around and thrusting her palms back into the surface of the spire.)

Toph: No! (sadly) I'm sorry Appa.

(Toph squeezes her eyes shut. The camera pans right to show Appa being dragged away into a cloud of dust.

Fade to a close up of Katara and Momo running through the library. Panting, she turns her head to look behind her. Cut to a shot of Wan Shi Tong drawing closer, opening his beak and screeching. Katara runs toward a bookshelf before turning right and running down the main hallway. Wan Shi Tong quickly follows after.

The camera pans as he runs down the hallway after Katara. Cut to a shot of Katara leaning against the side of a bookshelf, frightened, panting and clutching Momo. She looks to her right. The camera pans left to show Wan Shi Tong sticking his neck between the bookshelves. Cut to a close up of Wan Shi Tong turning his head towards the camera. Cut to Wan Shi Tong's p.o.v. where he quickly spies Momo's tail sticking out from the edge of the bookshelf.)

Wan Shi Tong: At least I'll have one specimen to add to my collection.

(Wan Shi Tong lunged after Katara and Momo, who yell with fright. Katara gets up and runs between the bookshelves. Wan Shi Tong pecks the ground where Katara sat and chases after. Cut to a shot of Katara running down the hallway and turning right at a corner. Wan Shi Tong follows.

Cut to a shot of the bridge where the rope is dangling. Katara skids along the ground and runs onto the bridge. Wan Shi Tong flies past the camera before turning and walking on to the bridge. Cut to a shot of Katara and Wan Shi Tong standing on the bridge. Katara stops running and turns to face the knowledge spirit. Cut to a shot of Katara in a waterbending stance, her arm poised over her water flask. The rope is only a few feet behind her. Wan Shi Tong's shadow passes over her as he closes in.)

Wan Shi Tong: (voice over) Your waterbending won't do you much good here. I've studied Northern Water Style, Southern Water Style, even Foggy Swamp Style.

(He raises his head and wings and prepares to attack.

Pan up to a shot of the hole in the ceiling where the rope is dangling. Light from the outside is pouring down. Aang flies across the screen on his glider, with Sokka holding on. Sokka lets go of the glider and falls down towards the camera, raising a large book above his head. Cut to a pan down shot of Sokka falling towards Wan Shi Tong. With a mighty cry, he brings the book down and smashes it against Wan Shi Tong's head. Sokka jumps off of Wan Shi Tong's head and off the screen. Katara quickly jumps out of the way as Wan Shi Tong wavers and falls forward. Cut to a shot of Sokka holding the book. Momo is hovering in the air to the right and Katara is smiling at her brother from the left. Many of Wan Shi Tong's feathers are floating around the area.)

Sokka: That's called Sokka style. (swings his fist to the side as he says this) Learn it!

(Cut to a shot from the side of Sokka, Katara and Momo, and the defeated spirit laying unconscious on the bridge. More streams of sand are pouring from above. Sokka climbs on top of Wan Shi Tong and begins climbing the rope. Katara follows after him. Aang glides past them. Cut to a close shot of Sokka climbing the rope. He stops and looks back down.)

Sokka: Wait! (cut to a shot from behind Zei, who is sitting between two bookshelves. Sokka, Katara and Momo can be seen climbing the rope in front of him) Professor, let's go!

(Sokka gestures for Zei to follow. Cut to a shot of Zei sitting between the bookshelves. He is surrounded by several dozen stacks of books on the floor. The sand is building up and beginning to some of the stacks. Zei is reading a scroll. The camera slowly zooms in.)

Professor Zei: I'm not leaving. I can't. (drops the parchment to his lap and raises his right fist) I've spent too long trying to find this place. (places his hand on his chest and looks up) There's not another collection of knowledge like this on Earth. (cut to a close up of Zei with his eyes closed. He opens his eyes and speaks wistfully) I could spend an eternity in here.

(Cut to a shot of Sokka and Katara looking at the professor. Katara looks up at Sokka.)

Katara: Just go!

(The rope begins swaying back and forth. Momo lets go of Katara and flies around them. Cut to a shot of Wan Shi Tong shrieking swinging the rope back and forth with his beak, trying to throw Sokka and Katara off it. Cut to a shot of Aang gliding down, then to Katara and Sokka both losing their grip and falling down. Aang swoops down and Katara grabs the tail of the glider. Sokka wraps his arms around Katara's waist. They fly past the screen, Momo following after.

Cut to a shot of Wan Shi Tong from behind whipping the rope around. Aang, Katara, Sokka and Momo can be seen flying off screen. Wan Shi Tong flaps his wings and flies after them. Cut to a shot of Aang from above as he carries his friends up the inside of the spire. Wan Shi Tong is seen flying behind them. The spirit begins to gain on Aang, Katara, Sokka and Momo. He tries to grab Sokka with his beak, but misses when Sokka pulls his feet up.

Outside, Toph is still holding the spire. The camera pans up and right to show Aang, Katara, Sokka and Momo escaping the library through the spire's window. Cut to a shot of Aang gracefully landing on the ground by bending the air. Katara and Sokka both land on the sand head first. The rope and Sokka's boomerang land next to Sokka. Aang looks left and right.

Cut to a shot of Toph's hands pressed against the spire. Her fingers are dug into it, and several cracks have formed. Toph grunts and pulls her fingers out. The spire immediately sinks quickly into the ground. Cut to a shot of Toph falling backward and the spire sinking. The sinking causes a dust cloud to form which envelops Toph. Toph shields herself.

Shift to a zoom out shot from above. Where the spire once stood is now a large crater. Cut to a shot of Aang kneeling on the ground. Behind him stands Sokka, holding a rolled up parchment, and Katara with Momo on her shoulder.)

Sokka: We got it. There's a solar eclipse coming. (Katara and Sokka jump at and hug each other. Momo jumps off of Katara's shoulder) The Fire Nation's in trouble, now!

(Aang stands up and walk towards the camera. He looks left and right before looking towards the screen. Cut to a shot from above of Aang and Toph. Toph is sitting on the ground with her head between her hands. Aang walks towards her.)

Aang: Where's Appa?

(Cut to a shot of Toph with her eyes closed. Aang, Sokka, Katara and Momo are standing behind her. She groans and shakes her head sadly. Cut to a close up of Aang from behind. The camera pans around him to show his face. His mouth hangs open, and watering eyes are wide with horror. Aang gasps as a tear rolls down his left cheek. Cut to a wide shot of the group standing beside the crater. The camera pans up to the sky. The bright sun shines into the camera, fade to white.)

[End Credits]

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