Transcript for 211 - The Desert
The Desert
Written By: Tim Hedrick
Directed By: Lauren Macmullan
Storyboard By: Lauren Macmullan, Chris Graham, Kenji Ono, Dean Kelly
Animation By: DR Movie
Transcriber: Psycho Silver

Act I

(Camera pans an endless expanse of sand dunes and open sky. The wind blows loudly around them. As the view swings to the right, Momo, then Katara, then Sokka, Toph, and Aang come into view. Each looking in a different direction. Aang is clearly still angry, and Toph appears forlorn. Aang approaches Toph in an aggressive manner.)

Aang: (enraged) How could you let them take Appa Why didn't you stop them?!
Toph: I couldn't! The library was sinking! You guys were still inside and -(Toph swings her arms wide.)
Aang: You could have come to get us! I could have saved him!
Toph: I can hardly feel any vibrations out here. The sandbenders snuck upon me and there wasn't time for -
Aang: You just didn't care! You never liked Appa! You wanted him gone!

(Katara approaches the two in an attempt at peacemaking, and places an arm on Aang's left shoulder.)

Katara: Aang, stop it. You know Toph did all she could. She saved our lives.
Sokka: Who's going to save our lives now? We'll never make it out of here.

(Camera swings to Sokka, who turns towards the others and motions to the endless desert with an arm.)

Aang: That's all any of you guys care about: yourselves! You don't care whether Appa is okay or not! (Aang stalks off, sulking angrily.)
Katara: We're all concerned, but we can't afford to be fighting now.
Aang: I'm going after Appa.

(Aang flies off. Katara calls after him, running towards the spot from which he took off.)

Katara: Aang, wait!

(Cut to a view of the sky, with a view of the crater where the Library had been and Aang flying off.)

Katara: We'd better start walking. We're the only people who know about the solar eclipse. We have to get that information to Ba-Sing-Se.

(Camera, looking up towards the sun, returns to Katara, with Sokka visible to the right. The group wanders out into the desert.)

Sokka: You think if we dig out the giant owl, he'll give us a ride?

(Cut to Zuko and Iroh. Scene changes to a close up of a cactus growing in a clearly more lush environment. Camera swings to the right where we see Zuko and Iroh on their ostrich-horse riding through a small cleft in the valley. Iroh is clearly in discomfort.)

Zuko: Maybe we should make camp.
Iroh: (in a pained voice) No, please, don't stop for me!

(Iroh lets out several more pained groans. Zuko pulls the reigns of the Ostrich-Horse, stopping it. He and Iroh dismount. Iroh groans and takes a seat on a large flat rock. The Ostrich-Horse perks up, pricking its ears. Clearly, it detects something unusual. Zuko takes a defensive posture.)

Iroh: (annoyed) What now?

(Rough Rhinos streak through the foliage around them. Colonel Mongke's rhino stamps the ground forcefully, breaking the surface crust. Camera swings up to Cololonel Mongke pulling back on the rhino's reins. Zuko continues his defensive posture. Iroh brightens and places a hand on Zuko's shoulder.)

Iroh: Colonel Mongke! What a pleasant surprise!
Mongke: If you're surprised we're here then the Dragon of the West has lost a few steps.

(Mongke looks stern. He emphasizes his remarks by making sparks with his bracers. His men ready their weapons.)

Zuko: You know these guys?
Iroh: Sure. Colonel Mongke and the Rough Riders are legendary. Each one is a different kind of weapons specialist. They are also a very capable singing group.
Mongke: We're not here to give a concert. We're here to apprehend fugitives!
Iroh: Would you like some tea first? I'd love some. How about you, Kachi? I make you as a jasmine man. Am I right?
Mongke: Enough stalling! Round 'em up!

(The dark skinned, pony tailed fighter swings his ball and chain at Iroh. Iroh kicks the ball away. The ball, redirected, wraps its chain around the foot of another warrior's rhino. Iroh dodges the fire blasts by tumbling along the ground. He rises back up to swat the rump of the rhino that had been chained. The rhino runs off, yanking the dark-skinned warrior who had one end of the chain attached to his belt as well as its own rider. Iroh waves as he watches them go.

The archer shoots a lit arrow at Zuko's back. Zuko senses the arrow, turns, and breaks the arrow apart as it approaches him. Zuko then lets a fire blast loose, which burns a hole in the archer's bow, a hand's width above the archer's hand. The blast passes through the bow and breaks the string.

Mongke is seen letting loose fire blast after fire blast at Iroh. Iroh deflects each. Zuko runs up and jumps on the back of Mongke's rhino behind him. A brief duel ensues, with Mongke quickly being kicked off the rhino by Zuko.

Iroh runs up to the ostrich horse, jumps up on the saddle, and rides to Zuko. Zuko jumps from Mongke's rhino into the saddle as Iroh gallops by.

The armored warrior, riding in pursuit, throws a grenade at the fleeing ostrich horse. The grenade explodes ahead of the ostrich horse, but Iroh and Zuko are able to ride through the explosion.)

Iroh: It's nice to see old friends.
Zuko: Too bad you don't have any old friends that don't want to attack you.
Iroh: Hmm... Old friends that don't want to attack me...

(Cut to Katara, Sokka, and Toph. Katara is seen leading the rest of the crew, minus Aang and Appa, thought the desert. Occasional small plants dot the dunes. They are clearly hot, dry, and tired. Sokka tries using Momo and his wings as a hat. As he slows, Toph bumps into him, knocking Momo off Sokka's head.)

Sokka: (breathing hard) Can't you watch where you're -
Toph: No.
Sokka: Right. Sorry.

(Katara turns to encourage the others.)

Katara: Come on guys, we've got to stick together.
Sokka: If I sweat any more, I don't think sticking together will be a problem.

(Sokka tries to gently pull himself and Toph apart, but Toph cuts to the chase and knocks Sokka down, disconnecting them.)

Toph: Katara, can I have some water?
Katara: Okay, but we've got to try to conserve it.

(Katara bends water from her bag and suspends it between her and the others. She then directs it to each mouth except her own. Sokka swishes the water a bit, and then swallows with a face. He clearly is not impressed with the taste.)

Sokka: We're drinking your bending water? You used this on the swamp guy!
Toph: It does taste swampy.

(Cut to a shot of Momo smacking his lips before he lets out a displeased burp. Katara motions her sense of helplessness.)

Katara: I'm sorry, it's all we have.
Sokka: Not anymore! Look!

(Sokka makes a discovery, pointing to a large cactus a little off their path. He walks up to it, cuts a piece off with his knife, and drains the liquid content into his mouth. Momo does likewise.)

Katara: Sokka, wait! You shouldn't be eating strange plants! (Katara grabs Toph's wrist and runs over to Sokka and Momo.)
Sokka: There's water trapped inside these! (Sokka holds up some cactus for Katara, but she backs away, pushing Toph back as well.)
Katara: I don't know...
Sokka: Suit yourself. It's very thirst-quenching, though.

(The camera zooms in on Sokka's left eye. The pupil dilates rapidly. The camera backs away and we see Sokka's expression become blank. He shakes his head rapidly. The world then gets bizarre.)

Sokka: (In a strange, echoing voice) Drink cactus juice. It'll quench ya! Nothing's quenchier. (moves across the sand like an inch worm) It's the quenchiest!

(Katara takes the proffered cactus bowl and pours it to the ground.)

Katara: Okay, I think you've had enough.
Sokka: Who lit Toph on fire?

(Momo spins in a circle in the air and dive bombs to the ground.)

Toph: Can I get some of that cactus?
Katara: I don't think that's a good idea. Come on, we need to find Aang.
Sokka: How did we get out here in the middle of the ocean?
Katara: Uhhh...

(Cut to Aang, who flies across the desert on his glider and blows into the bison whistle. He glides down and lands on a dune.)

Aang: Appa! Appa! (Stares across the horizon but sees nothing)No... NO!

(Aang slams his staff into the sand, creating a large mushroom cloud of sand. Cut to a shot of the cloud from a distance as Katara, Sokka and Toph climb over a dune. Dust that was kicked up blows over them.)

Katara: What is that?
Toph: What? What is what?
Sokka: It's a giant mushroom! Maybe it's friendly!
Katara: Let's just keep moving. I hope Aang's okay...
Sokka: (in the echoing voice from before) Friendly mushroom!Mushy giant friend!

(Sokka waves his arms back and forth, and the music from the cactus juice scene begins playing.

Cut to the ice spring from the oasis seen in "The Library". The camera pans to the left, showing various people standing around the ice spring.)

Man: Yeah, a little barefoot blind girl and her friends passed through here a few days ago.
Master Yu: Did they give you any indication where they were headed?
Man: Maybe you could give me a little incentive?
Xin Fu: You suggesting I break your fingers?
Man: They went in the desert! Too bad there's almost no chance they survived.
Xin Fu: That's okay, since she's wanted dead or alive.
Master Yu: No she's not! I'm certain her father wants her alive.
Xin Fu: Hey, look... Fire Nation wanted posters!

(The camera changes to a view of several wanted posters on a bulletin board. The middle poster has an illustration of Zuko and Iroh.)

Master Yu: So -
Xin Fu: So, look who's here.

(Xin Fu turns his head to look at Zuko and Iroh as they walk towards a building.

Cut to Katara, Sokka, and Toph. It is now nearing sunset, and Katara, Sokka, Toph and Momo are still trekking across the desert. A shadow passes over head and Aang lands behind them, kicking up a small cloud of sand. Katara approaches him as he kneels.)

Katara: I'm sorry, Aang. I know it's hard for you right now, but we need to focus on getting out of here.
Aang: (hopelessly) What's the difference? We won't survive without Appa. We all know it.
Katara: Come on, Aang! We can do this if we work together. Right, Toph?
Toph: As far as I can feel, we're trapped in a giant bowl of sand pudding. I got nothin'.
Katara: Sokka? Any ideas how to find Ba-Sing-Se?

(Sokka and Momo are both lying on their backs and staring at the sky. Sokka smiles blissfully and points upward.)

Sokka: Why don't we ask the circle birds?

(Cut to a shot from below of several buzzard wasps circling above the group. Katara looks left and right at everyone. Aang is still sulking, and Toph staggers a bit.)

Katara: Ugh... We're getting out of this desert, and we're going to do it together! Aang, get up. Everybody hold hands. We can do this. We have to.

(Katara takes Aang's staff and leads him along. Aang holds on to Toph's hand, and Toph holds on to Sokka's hand. Sokka smiles and laughs as he pulls Momo along by the tail. Momo is trying to fly in the opposite direction. Shift to a shot from above as the group walks through the desert. A few buzzard wasps fly across the screen.

Cut to commercial break.)

Act II

(Fade in to a shot of the sun setting behind an old, withered tree. Stars have appeared in the sky. The camera pans right and shows Katara leading the group over the top of a large dune.)

Katara: I think we should stop for the night.

(Everyone behind Katara sighs and falls to the ground.)

Toph: Is there any more water?
Katara: This is the last of it. Everyone can have a little drink.

(Katara opens her water flask and bends out an orb of water. Momo leaps at the water and tries to drink it, causing it to fall to the sand below. Sokka panics and scrambles towards the wet spot in the sand.)

Sokka: Momo, no! You've killed us all!
Katara: No, he hasn't.

(Katara places her hand over the moist sand and bends the water out of it.)

Sokka: Oh, right. Bending.

(Katara bends the water back into the flask and gives it to Toph.)

Katara: Sokka, let me see the things you got from the library.

(Sokka reels back and clutches his bag full of scrolls.)

Sokka: (offended) What! I didn't steal anything! Who told you that?! (pointing an accusing finger at Momo) It was you! You ratted me out!
Katara: Sokka, I was there. (takes Sokka's bag)
Aang: It doesn't matter. None of those will tell us where Appa is.

(Katara pulls out one of the scrolls and unrolls it, revealing a star map.)

Katara: No, but we can find out which way Ba-Sing-Se is. We can use the stars to guide us. That way we can travel at night when it's cool and rest during the day. (She sighs.) Just try to get some sleep. We'll start again in a few hours.

(Cut to Zuko and Iroh. The camera fades to inside the bar at the ice springs. Zuko and Iroh are sitting at a table.)

Zuko: No one here is going to help us. These people just look like filthy wanderers.
Iroh: So do we. (pointing) Ah, this is interesting. I think I've found our friend.

(The camera cuts to a pan left shot of an old, bald man sitting at a Pai Sho table.)

Zuko: You brought us here to gamble on Pai Sho?
Iroh:: I don't think this is a gamble.

(Iroh and Zuko get up and walk over. The camera closes in on Xin Fu and Master Yu sitting on a bench and watching the two fugitives.)

Xin Fu: Let's take them now!
Master Yu: This place is full of desperate characters. If they find out we're collecting a bounty, we might have to fight them all just to keep our prize. Patience.

(Cut to a shot of Iroh and Zuko approaching the Pai Sho table.)

Iroh: May I have this game?
Pai Sho Player: The guest has the first move. (Iroh places the lotus tile in the middle of the board) I see you favor the white lotus gambit. Not many still cling to the ancient ways.
Iroh: Those who do can always find a friend.
Pai Sho Player: Then let us play.

(The old PaiSho player places another tile on the board. Iroh quickly places another tile as well. Zuko sits down and watches intently as the two men place tile after tile on the board in rapid succession. When they are done, the tiles form the shape of a lotus, with the lotus tile in the center.)

Pai Sho Player: Welcome, brother. The White Lotus opens wide to those who know her secrets.
Zuko: What are you old gasbags talking about?
Iroh: I always tried to tell you that Pai Sho is more than just a game.

(Iroh rolls a tile over his knuckles and clutches it. Cut to a shot of Xin Fu and Master Yu.)

Xin Fu: I'm not waiting all night for these geezers to finish yapping! It's over! You two fugitives are coming with me!
Pai Sho Player: I knew it! You two are wanted criminals with a giant bounty on your heads!
Zuko: I thought you said he would help!
Iroh: He is. Just watch.
Pai Sho Player: You think you're going to capture them and collect all that gold?
Man in bar: Gold?

(All of the men in the bar look up at the mention of the word 'gold.' Several of them pull out knives and approach the group around the Pai Sho table.)

Master Yu: Uh... Maybe we shouldn't.

(Two men jump in front of Xin Fu. The earthbender spins around and delivers a reverse roundhouse kick, bending a rock from the ground which knocks the two men away. Master Yu enters his stance and bends the earth underneath one of the assailants, causing him to sink into the ground up to his neck.

Cut to a shot of Xin Fu handling a group of sandbenders. He has one lifted in the air with one hand and holds back another sandbender with the other hand. Xin Fu promptly kicks any other sandbender that comes near. He twists his waist and throws the two sandbenders he's holding. One goes flying and smashes into the wall behind the bartender.

Cut to a shot of Zuko, Iroh and the Pai Sho player running out of the building. Cut back to Xin Fu and Master Yu in their stances. They have both knocked out nearly everyone in the bar, but have let their bounty escape. Xin Fu growls and punches both of his fists downward, causing a pillar of rock to shoot out from under one of the downed sandbenders. He yells as he flies through the window and hits a palm tree.

Cut to Aang's group. The camera pans left to the group sleeping on a dune. Momo is burying the dreaming Sokka under the sand and patting it down. Momo jump away as Katara approaches Sokka to wake him up.)

Katara: Come on, get up. We need to go.

(Sokka drowsily sits up. Toph sits up and smacks her lips.)

Toph: Yesterday my mouth tasted like mud. Now it just tastes like sand. I never thought I'd miss the taste of mud so much.

(Katara goes to wake Aang up, but he interrupts her before she can touch him.)

Aang: I'm awake. I couldn't sleep.
Katara: Well, we need to get moving if we want to get out of this sand pit.

(Aang and Katara spot something in the sky. Cut to a shot of a large, bison shaped object floating past the large, bright moon.)

Aang: (joyfully) Appa!
Sokka: Appa? But why would Princess Yue need him? She's the moon! She flies by herself!

(A closer look at what was thought to be Appa reveals it to be nothing more than cloud.)

Katara: (sadly) It's just a cloud. Wait! A cloud! (To Aang Here, fly up and bend the water from that cloud into my pouch.

(Aang gives Katara an angry look before snatching her water pouch and taking off on his glider. In two passes, Aang quickly collects the cloud moisture. He throws the pouch down to Katara and lands. Katara peeks into the pouch.)

Katara: Wow... there's hardly any in here.
Aang: (angrily) I'm sorry, okay! It's a desert cloud; I did all I could! What's anyone else doing! What are you doing?

(Aang points his staff at Katara. She looks back with shock.)

Katara: Trying to keep everyone together. Let's just get moving. We need to head in this direction.

(Katara begins reading the star map and continues to lead the group. After a few moments of walking, Toph suddenly trips and falls. She rubs her stubbed foot. Next to her is a wooden object sticking out of the sand.)

Toph: Ow! Crud! I am so sick of not feeling where I'm going! And what idiot buried a boat in the middle of the desert?!
Katara: A boat?
Toph: Believe me, I kicked it hard enough to feel plenty of vibrations.

(Sokka sighs as Aang steps forward and swings his staff in a wide, horizontal arc, kicking up sand. When it clears, a sand glider like the ones used by the sandbenders is seen.)

Katara: It's one of the gliders the sandbenders use! And look! It's got some kind of compass on it! I bet it can point us out of here! Aang, you can bend a breeze so we can sail it. We're going to make it!

(Everyone turns to see Sokka laughing and as he buries Momo in a pile of sand. He turns towards the others and gives two thumbs up as well as a large grin.

Cut to Zuko and Iroh.

Fade to a shot of a small village near the edge of the desert. Zuko, Iroh and the Pai Sho player from the ice springs enter one of the buildings. The Pai Sho player makes sure than no one is watching before shutting the door. Inside it becomes apparent that the building is a flower shop.)

Pai Sho Player: It is an honor to welcome such a high-ranking member of the Order of the White Lotus. Being a Grand Master, you must know so many secrets.
Zuko: Now that you played Pai Sho,are you going to do some flower arranging, or is this club going to offer some real help?
Iroh: You must forgive my nephew. He is not an initiate and has little appreciation for the cryptic arts.

(The Pai Sho player knocks on a door in the back. A small window in the middle slides open and a man peeks through.)

Doorman: Who knocks at the guarded gate?
Iroh: One who has eaten the fruit and tasted its mysteries.

(The door is opened and Iroh and the Pai Sho player enter. Zuko attempts to follow them, but the door is shut in his face. Iroh slides open the door's window.)

Iroh: I'm afraid it's members only. Wait out here.

(Zuko frowns and crosses his arms. He leans over to a nearby plant and sniffs it.)

Cut to Aang and company. Fade to a shot from above of the sand glider racing through the desert. Aang is driving it forwards by bending powerful gusts of air into the sail. Katara is standing on the upper platform and navigating using the compass and star map.)

Katara: The needle on this compass doesn't seem to be pointing north according to my charts.
Sokka: (dreamily) Take it easy little lady. I'm sure the sand folks who built this baby know how to get around here.

(Sokka is sitting behind Katara and holding Momo by the tail. Katara gasps when she sees a giant rock sticking out from the sand in the distance.)

Katara: (gasps) That's what the compass is pointing to! That giant rock! It must be the magnetic center of the desert.
Toph: (happily) A rock? Yes! Let's go!
Katara: Maybe we can find some water there!
Aang: (darkly) Maybe we can find some sandbenders.

(Fade to a shot of the sand glider at the foot of the rock. It is now dawn and the sun brightens part of the sky. The camera rotates up to a view of Aang and the group reaching the top of the rock.)

Toph: Ahhh... Finally! Solid ground!

(Toph falls flat on her back and moves her arms and legs back and forth, creating an earth angel in the rock surface. Cut to a shot from above. The camera zooms out and several strange, round caves can be seen. Shift to a shot from the inside of one of these caves as the group enters it. Covered all around the cave's surface is a yellow,
gooey substance that looks like honey.)

Sokka: (breathes deeply) I think my head is starting to clear out the cactus juice. And look!

(Sokka grabs some of the sticky substance and he and Momo eat it. He quickly spits it out and makes a disgusted gagging noise.)

Sokka: This tastes like rotten penguin meat! Awww I feel woozy.
Katara: (irritated) You've been hallucinating on cactus juice all day and then you just lick something you find stuck to the wall of a cave?!
Sokka: I have a natural curiosity.
Toph: I don't think this is a normal cave. This was carved by something.
Aang: Yeah... look at the shape.
Toph: There's something buzzing in here. Something that's coming for us!

(The camera cuts to a view of everyone running back out of the cave as a buzzing noise is heard. The camera zooms out to reveal a large domed structure which resembles a hive carved from the rock. Toph and Aang scream as buzzard wasps fly from the caves and attack. A buzzard wasp lunges at the camera.

Cut to commercial break.)


(Fade in to a shot of the giant rock. Change to a shot of the buzzard wasp hive at the top. Several of the creatures emerge from the cave and begin flying above and screeching. Aang swings his staff down at one that approaches and blows it back with a gust of air. A buzzard wasp lands near Toph. She senses it and bends a pillar of rock up from beneath it, sending it flying.

Another buzzard wasp flies between Toph and Sokka. Toph stomps the ground and pops a boulder into the air. She lifts it and smashes it down inches away from Sokka.)

Sokka: What are you doing?! That rock almost crushed me!
Toph: Sorry, I can't tell where they are in the air!

(A buzzard wasp flies past them.)

Sokka: I got this one.

(Cut to a shot of Sokka swinging his machete wildly back and forth.)

Katara: Sokka, there's nothing there.

(The camera zooms out to show Sokka looking back and forth, realizing he's been attacking the air.)

Sokka: I guess my head's not as clear as I thought.
Katara: We have to get out of here! I'm completely out of water to bend!

(The camera cuts to a shot of Momo crouching on the ground behind Aang and Katara. He is suddenly snatched by a buzzard wasp. Aang watches as the wasp flies towards the rising sun with the winged lemur.)

Aang: Momo! I'm not losing anyone else out here.

(Aang opens his glider and takes off after the buzzard wasp.)

Katara: Come on, we're going down.

(Cut to a shot of the giant rock's wall. Buzzard wasps are flying everywhere. The camera rotates down to a view of Sokka, Katara and Toph making their way down on a narrow ledge. Katara places her hands on Toph's shoulders and turns her to face the buzzard wasps.)

Katara:Toph, shoot a rock right there. Fire!

(Toph stomps down and pops a cluster of rocks into the air before shooting them forward with a double palm strike. The rocks make a direct hit with the buzzard wasp.)

Sokka: Yeah! You got it! She got it, right?
Katara: Yes. Now let's move.

(Shift to Aang chasing the buzzard wasp that has captured Momo. He flies underneath it and rolls over, bending a gust of wind with a strong kick that forces the buzzard wasp to let go of Momo. Momo begins to fall, but quickly gains control and flies next to Aang. Aang glares as the Buzzard wasp tries to fly away. He glides close to the ground and closes his glider. Still flying forward, Aang swings his staff down and shoot a powerful blade of air that splits the sand. The buzzard wasp, now just a black dot against the sun, is hit by the attack, cutting it in two. It falls from the air and hits the sand with a dull thud. Aang stares coldly and walks back to the giant rock. Momo follows, but is clearly frightened by Aang's merciless act.

Cut back to Katara, Sokka and Toph nearing the bottom. Katara turns to the camera.)

Katara: On your left!

(Toph smacks a rock and shoots it at another buzzard wasp, which shrieks on impact. The camera cuts and zooms out to a wide shot of buzzard wasps hovering around the foot of the rock and the sand glider. Suddenly, gigantic pillars of sand burst upwards, scaring of the swarm of wasps. They fly upward and back to their hive. Sokka, Katara, and Toph all shield their eyes. When they open them, several sandbenders are surrounding them. The camera pans over them and their gliders. Shift back to Katara, Sokka and Toph as Aang lands in front of them, ready to face the sandbenders.

The scene changes to a shot of the flower shop. Cut to Zuko inside, who appears to have fallen asleep while waiting. The door opens and Iroh steps out, causing Zuko to awaken and go into a defensive stance.)

Zuko: What's going on? Is the club meeting over?
Iroh: Everything is taken care of. We're heading to Ba-Sing-Se.
Zuko: Ba-Sing-Se? Why would we go to the Earth Kingdom capital?
Pai Sho Player: The city is filled with refugees. No one will notice two more.
Iroh: We can hide in plain sight there. And it's the safest place in the world from the Fire Nation. Even I couldn't break through to the city.

(The door opens and a man steps inside the flower shop.)

White Lotus Member: I have the passports for our guests, but there are two men out on the streets looking for them.

(Cut to a shot of Xin Fu and Master Yu standing outside from behind the small window in the door. Xin Fu holds up a wanted poster to a man walking by.)

Xin Fu: You seen these guys?

(The camera zooms out to show Iroh and Zuko looking through the window. They turn to each other and give each other questioning looks.

Cut to Aang and the gang. The leader of the sandbenders, a bald man with a beard confronts Aang, Katara, Sokka and Toph.)

Sha-Mo: What are you doing in our land with a sandbender sailer? From the looks of it, you stole it from the Hami tribe.
Katara: We found the sailer abandoned in the desert. We're traveling with the Avatar. Our bison was stolen and we have to get to Ba-Sing-Se.

(A younger sandbender next to the leader steps forward and raises his voice and clenches his fist.)

Sandbender #1: You dare accuse our people of theft while you ride in on a stolen sand sailer?

(Cut to a close up of Toph's eye narrowing when she hears the young sandbender's voice.)

Sha-Mo: Quiet, Gashuin. No one accused our people of anything. If what they say is true, we must give them hospitality.
Gashuin: Sorry, father.

(Toph's eye widens upon realization of who the young sandbender is.)

Toph: I recognize the son's voice. He's the one that stole Appa.
Katara: Are you sure?
Toph: I never forget a voice.

(Aang takes several steps towards the sandbenders and brandishes his staff threateningly.)

Aang: (angrily) You stole Appa! Where is he What did you do to him
Gashuin: They're lying! They're the thieves!

(Aang swings his staff down and obliterates a sand sailer with a blast of air.)

Aang: Where is my bison?!

(The scene changes to outside the flower shop Iroh and Zuko had stayed in. Out of the door steps a man pulling a small wood wagon with two large flower pots on it. After he leaves, Xin Fu and Master Yu approach the door. Cut to the interior of the flower shop as Xin Fu burst the door open. This causes a flower pot hanging overhead to fall and shatter. Xin Fu holds up the wanted poster to the florist tending the plants.)

Xin Fu: Hey you, where are these men? I got a tip that they're in your shop.
Florist: (calmly) As you can see, no one is here but us.
Master Yu: We know all about your secret back room. (to Xin Fu) Kick it down.
Florist: Hey! That room is for flowers only!

(Xin Fu runs at the door and slams his foot into it, knocking down the whole doorframe and the stone around it. Xin Fu and Master Yu discover the room to be empty, save for a circle of mats and a Pai Sho lotus tile in the middle. Master Yu picks up the lotus tile.)

Master Yu: Some unlucky soul has an incomplete Pai Sho set.
Xin Fu: (Growls angrily and knocks the tile out of Master Yu's hand) Let's go back to finding the girl.

(The scene changes to the man with the wagon pulling the two large pots over some sand dunes just outside the village. From under the flowers in the two pots, Zuko and Iroh poke their heads out and take a brief look around before sinking back into their hiding spots.

Cut to Aang and the others. The scene changes to Aang and the sandbenders.)

Aang: You tell me where he is now!

(The sandbenders watch in shock as Aang swings the end of his staff upward and destroys another sand sailer.)

Sha-Mo: (To Gashuin) What did you do?
Gashuin: I-It wasn't me!
Toph: You said to put a muzzle on him!
Aang: (enraged) You muzzled Appa?!

(Aang's eyes and arrow glow as he begins to enter the Avatar State. He twirls his staff around and demolishes one of the few remaining sand sailers.)

Gashuin: I'm sorry! I didn't know that it belonged to the Avatar!
Aang: (In an unearthly voice) Tell me where Appa is!
Gashuin: (frightened) I traded him! To some merchants! He's probably in Ba-Sing-Se by now! They were going to sell him there! Please! We'll escort you out of the desert! We'll help however we can!

(The air around Aang slowly begins to pick up and spin around Aang as he fully enters the Avatar State, pulling in sand and creating a small tornado.)

Sokka: Just get out of here! Run!

(Sokka grabs Toph by the shoulders and pulls her away from Aang. Toph, Sokka, Momo and the sandbenders all flee for their lives. Katara, however, stays and faces the danger. The sand tornado grows larger and spreads quickly as Aang slowly lifts from the ground. Katara makes her way through the fierce wind and grabs Aang's wrist. He looks down at her with anger and hate, but is only met with Katara's sad expression. Katara brings Aang back to the ground and hugs him by the shoulders. Sokka and Toph bring their hands down from shielding themselves as the wind becomes less violent. Tears are streaming from Aang's glowing eyes, and Katara is doing her best not to let go of him. The wind finally dies down. Aang leaves the Avatar State and lets his head rest against Katara. The screen fades to white.)

[End Credits]

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