Transcript for 219 - The Guru
The Guru
Written By: Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko
Directed By: Giancarlo Volpe
Storyboard By: Michael Dante DiMartino, Miyuki Hoshikawa, Ian Graham, Chris Graham, Kenji Ono, Dean Kelly, Oreste Canestrelli, Tomihiro Yamaguchi, Michael Chang, Joaquim Dos Santos
Animation By: DR Movie
Transcribers: Avatar_Mom, Isidorios

["Previously on Avatar" sequence includes clips from "Appa's Lost Days", "The Avatar State", and "The Earth King".]

Act I

(The scene opens upon a beautiful multi-story residential complex in the inner ring. The camera pans up the splendid structure to the third floor, then inside where we see Iroh cooking at a stove. Their pleasant apartment is a vast improvement over the tenement in the lower ring. Zuko, still groggy from sleep, enters the scene from another room.)

Zuko: What's that smell? (Iroh is seen stirring a thick white paste in a steaming pot.)
Iroh: (doubtfully) It's jook. I'm sure you wouldn't like it. (Zuko bows over the pot, inhaling, as Iroh steps back.)
Zuko: (pleasantly) Actually, it smells delicious. I'd love a bowl, Uncle. (The banished Prince picks up and holds out a bowl.)
Iroh: (suspicious) Now that your fever is gone, you seem different somehow. (Iroh ladles some jook into the proffered bowl.)
Zuko: (optimistically) It's a new day. We've got a new apartment, new furniture, and today's the grand opening of your new tea shop. Things are looking up Uncle.

(Zuko moves to the table and kneels as he speaks, sipping from the bowl and looking out an open window. Iroh's concerned look melts into a pleased smile at his nephew's new attitude.

Cut to show Appa soaring in for a landing on a seaside cliff. In the distance four large, blue-sailed Northern Water Tribe ships can be seen in Chameleon Bay. Near the docked vessels sits an encampment of blue tents. Aang is shown seated on Appa's neck.)

Aang: (enthusiastically) You haven't seen your Dad in over two years. You must be so excited.
Sokka: (visibly nauseous) I know I should be, but I just feel sick to my stomach.

(Sokka clutches his gurgling belly.)

Aang: (reassuringly) Don't be nervous, he's going to be so happy to see you. (places arm on Sokka's shoulder, causing him to smile slightly)
Sokka: So what about you? Are you nervous to meet this Guru?
Aang:(confidently) Not at all. I'm ready to master the Avatar State. I'll do whatever it takes. (Sokka drops off of Appa's back, looks up at Aang) See you in a week. Yip Yip!

(With that, Appa launches off the cliff into the air. Sokka turns and looks out over the camp below, and lets out a resigned sigh before heading off for it. We see Sokka nervously walking into the encampment. Water Tribe warriors who were engaged in various activities turn to regard Sokka with a pleasant, surprised look. Sokka is intercepted in the middle of the camp by a tall warrior. The regard each other for a moment, then clasp arms in greeting, broad smiles on their faces. The other men gather around them, laughing with delight.)

Water Tribe Warrior: Sokka, good to see you.

(Another of the tribesmen pushes on the top of Sokka's head in a friendly fashion, scrunching him down like a small boy. Sokka straightens to show his height with a grin. The tribesman compares their stature with his hand, and is amazed that Sokka is nearly as tall as he is. The smiling men stand aside to reveal the tent at the head of the encampment, which bears the symbol of the Northern Water Tribe. Sokka strides toward the command tent, his eyes filled with emotion. He parts the flaps of the tent to reveal a group of senior tribesmen sitting around a chart of the world. At the end of the tent his father Hakoda sits, pondering the map. As the flaps close behind him, Sokka's tentative expression changes to a small smile. A warrior bearing burn scars on his arm and chest kneels next to Hakoda, returning Sokka's smile. Hakoda is preoccupied with the map, frowning in concentration until the warrior nudges him with an elbow. He finally looks up, shocked then elated to see his son.)

Hakoda: Sokka.
Sokka: (voice thick with emotion) Hi Dad.

(Hakoda rises and crosses the tent, and father and son embrace. Sokka rests his head on his father's shoulder with a blissful look of happiness.

Cut to the grandiose throne room of the Earth King. The King is seated on his golden throne. His bear Bosco rests his chin on one of the throne's arms. Azula, Ty Lee and Mai are kneeling at the foot of the dais, still disguised as the Kyoshi warriors.)

Earth King: Look Bosco, the Kyoshi Warriors are here to protect us. Aren't you excited?

(tugs playfully on Bosco's cheeks, who yawns)

Earth King: (turning serious) It's been a difficult week for me. My most trusted advisor, Long Feng, and his Dai Li agents tried to take control of Ba Sing Se from me.
Azula: (smoothly) It's terrible when you can't trust the people who are closest to you.
Earth King: (stroking Bosco's head) But there is good news. As we speak, the Council of Five is meeting to plan an invasion of The Fire Nation this summer. On the day of a solar eclipse.

(Azula's eyes widen slightly at these last words.)

Azula: (feigning enthusiasm) Really? Now that sounds like a fascinating and brilliant plan.

(The three girls exchange glances.

Cut to the military headquarters of Ba Sing Se. On the top floor, an enormous open chamber serves as the war room. The center of the ornate room is dominated by a map of the known world, perhaps sixty feet to a side. Katara kneels at the raised frame of the map, Momo perched on her shoulder. The Council of Five are seated at a long table overlooking it.)

General How: General Fong's base will serve as the launching point of the attack. (a closer view reveals colored stone markers representing military units) In exactly two months, the Army and Navy will invade the Fire Nation on The Day of Black Sun.

(As he says this, he earthbends three earth unit markers across the sea to the fire nation capitol, where a red marker stands. Momo suddenly pounces on the fire nation maker, scattering the other pieces.)

Katara: (amused) Or we could send in Momo to do some damage.

(Momo continues to hop around the map, scattering more pieces)

Katara:(laughing) Cause the... (continues to laugh, then notices the grim expressions of the Council)...sorry.

(With a gesture, General How snaps the pieces upright. A startled Momo shrieks and races off the map, to perch on Katara's shoulder once more.)

General How: All we need is the Earth King's seal in order to execute the plan. (places a scroll on a section of the map frame, which he bends across the map to Katara)
Katara: (respectfully) I'll get these scrolls to him right away. Thank you, General How.

(She picks up the scroll, rises and bows slightly, and turns to depart.

Cut to Appa, flying towards us from the direction of the setting sun, past mist shrouded mountain peaks. From his seat on Appa, Aang looks about in wonder, and perhaps nostalgia. Ahead we see the three mountain spires of the Eastern Air Temple, linked by bridges. Aang peers ahead as Appa soars closer to the temple, and we see the Guru Pathik seated in the lotus position upon a round dias. Momo settles in for a landing at its base. Sitting on Appa's large shaggy head, Aang looks up towards the Guru.)

Aang: (uncertainly) Um, hello? (hops down, starts up stairs) You're Guru Pathik, right? The person who attached the note to Appa's horn?
Guru Pathik: Indeed. I was a spiritual brother of your people, and a personal friend of Monk Gyatso.
Aang:(sits facing the Guru) In your note, you said you could teach me to gain control of the Avatar State. How?
Guru Pathik: (serenely) You must gain balance within yourself before you can bring balance to the world. And the first step to gaining balance begins with this. (holds up a wooden cup with a yellow liquid in it) Drink up!

(Aang tentatively takes a swallow of the thick yellow stuff, and reacts with disgust, spitting it out to his left.)

Aang: (appalled) Ugh! It tastes like onion and banana juice!
Guru Pathik: That's because it is. (Pathik empties another bowl, and holds it over his head like a ridiculous hat) Yum yum!

(Aang gapes at him in stunned disbelief.

Cut to a road in the rocky, forested lands of the Earth Kingdom. An ostrich-horse drawn wagon comes to a fork in the road, and continues on the main left branch. Xin Fu is driving the wagon, Master Yu riding beside him. They have a large metal box chained and loaded in the back.)

Master Yu: (insistently) I believe we need to go right! (points that direction)
Xin Fu: (stops the wagon) What are you talking about? The Bei Fong Estate's this way.
Master Yu: I'm quite certain you're mistaken. (both turn to the sound of loud banging from the box)
Toph: (urgently shouting) Hey! Can you two old ladies quit your bickering for a second? I gotta go to the bathroom! (she is seen standing inside the dark box)
Master Yu: (hesitantly) Oh. Okay, but make it quick.

(Yu takes out key and prepares to head to the back.)

Xin Fu: (grabbing Yu's arm) What's wrong with you!
Master Yu: Oh very sneaky Toph! Nice try, but you can't trick me. (tosses key in his palm, resumes seat)
Toph: (furious) Let me out of here, so I can kick both your butts! (bangs on walls)
Xin Fu: (angrily) Quit your banging. (strikes the side of box) You might think you're the greatest earthbender in the world, but even you can't bend metal.

(Xin Fu cracks the reins, starting the wagon off again. Inside the metal box, Toph looks worried. She lays her palm against one of the metal seams of her prison.

Cut to a small building in the upper ring, at night. Inside, a smiling Ty Lee is looking in a mirror. She is wiping the last traces of her Kyoshi makeup from her face. Mai is seated next to nearby, still working on her own face. Azula paces the floor behind them.)

Azula: We have been presented with an extraordinary opportunity, girls.
Ty Lee: (teasingly) Mai finally gets to wear makeup that's not totally depressing?
Mai: (deadpan) Ha. Ha. (she has large, dark splotches of makeup beneath her eyes)
Azula: (walking to a window) I'm talking about conquering the whole Earth Kingdom. (the two girls turn with shocked looks)
Azula:(staring out the window) For a hundred years the fire nation has hammered away at Ba Sing Se from the outside. But now we are on the inside, and we can take it by ourselves.
Ty Lee: (admiringly) Gosh, you're so confident. I really admire that about you.
Azula: From the inside we're in the perfect position to organize a coup and overthrow the Earth King. The key is the Dai Li. Whoever controls the Dai Li, controls Ba Sing Se.

(She turns and smiles wickedly at her friends.

We now see the star-filled skies above the Eastern Air Temple. The camera pans down into a deep rocky crevasse. Aang and Guru Pathik stand at a steam that winds through the rocks at the base of the gulch.)

Guru Pathik: In order to master the Avatar State, you must open all of the chakras. Aang, tell me everything you know about chakras.
Aang: (rubbing an eye) What are chakras?
Guru Pathik: (disappointed) Oh, I see. I guess we'll start with the basics (he urns to a murky pool where the creek water has gathered.) The water flows through this creek much like the energy flows through your body. (stirs the pool with a stick) As you see there are several pools where the water swirls around before flowing on. These pools are like our charkas.
Aang: So chakras are pools of spiraling energy in our bodies?
Guru Pathik: (pleased) Exactly! If nothing else were around, this creek would flow pure and clear. However, life is messy, and things tend to fall in the creek, and then what happens?
Aang: The creek can't flow?
Guru Pathik: (nods) Yes. But if we open the paths between the pools... (clears some moss clogging the water with his stick. The water pours quickly into the next pool, and soon all of them are running clean and clear.)
Aang: (eagerly) The energy flows!

(Pathik looks to Aang with a satisfied smile.

The scene changes to a dark misty cavern beneath the air temple. Deep inside, Aang and Guru Pathik sit in the lotus position, facing one another.)

Guru Pathik: There are seven chakras that go up the body. Each pool of energy has a purpose, and can be blocked by a specific kind of emotional muck. Be warned...opening the chakras is an intense experience, and once you begin the process, you cannot stop until all seven are open. Are you ready?
Aang: (pauses momentarily) I'll do whatever it takes.
Guru Pathik: First we will open the Earth chakra, located at the base of the spine. It deals with survival and is blocked by fear.

(We see inside Aang's mind, which shows a red-lit image of the Blue Spirit mask, then the Blue Spirit himself, holding swords to Aang's throat.)

Guru Pathik: (in voice-over) What are you most afraid of? Let your fears become clear to you.

(Further scenes show Katara being swallowed into the ground, Aang raging in the avatar state, Sozin's comet, Aang and the Ocean spirit smashing the fleet and Ozai. Grimacing with concentration, Aang opens his eyes to find himself surrounded by flames, the menacing form of Ozai looming behind them.)

Aang: (recoiling in terror) Ahhhhh!

(Fade to black for commercial break.)

Act II

(Opens to the same scene, with Aang cringing in fear from Ozai. He cries out in terror, and closes his eyes once more.)

Guru Pathik: (voice-over) Aang, your vision is not real. You are concerned for your survival, but you must surrender those fears. (we see both of them inside the cave, Aang recoiling from his visions) Let your fears flow down the creek.

(Aang slowly straightens and relaxes. In his mind, he calmly sits within the ring of flame, facing Ozai. The flames swirl and coalesce around the Fire Lord, then both vanish. Now only Aang and Pathik remain in the cavern.)

Guru Pathik:You have opened your Earth chakra. (a sweating Aang wipes his face in relief, then smiles)

(Cut to a rushing waterfall. Behind the massive curtain of surging water, Aang and Guru Pathik sit once again.)

Guru Pathik: Next is the...
Aang: Water chakra?
Guru Pathik: (enthusiastically) Brilliant! Maybe one day you will be a Guru too. This chakra deals with pleasure, and is blocked by guilt. Now, look at all the guilt which burdens you so. What do you blame yourself for?

(Once more, we peer into Aang's thoughts. We see him leaving a note before fleeing the Northern Air Temple, a century ago.)

Aang:(voice-over) I ran away.

(Aang is shown in the avatar state, riding a tornado of wind. In a rage, he lashes out at the soldiers in the Earth Kingdom fortress. Then we see Aang sitting once more behind the waterfall, eyes closed in concentration.)

Aang: (sadly) I hurt all of those people.
Guru Pathik: Accept the reality that these things happened, but do not let them cloud and poison your energy. If you are to be a positive influence on the world, you need to forgive yourself.

(Eyes closed, Aang draws a deep breath, then exhales.

Cut to an aerial view of Chameleon Bay. As Hakoda speaks in voice-over, we see the Northern Water Tribe busily working inside their camp. They are assembling spherical devices, and loading them onto their ships.)

Hakoda: This bay leads directly to the outskirts of Ba Sing Se. We've been using these tangle mines to stop the fire nation ships from getting through.
Bato: Your father invented tangle mines himself. (pours liquid into the cap of the spherical mine)
Sokka: Destructive, buoyant, and (takes a smell of the cap, recoils in disgust) terrible smelling.
Hakoda: Very perceptive. The mines are filled with skunk-fish and seaweed. (affixes the plug onto the cap, and trims the sealant from the edges) When a ship detonates the mine, the seaweed tangles up the propeller, and the foul smell forces people to abandon the ship. I call it the stink-n-sink.
Sokka: (laughing hysterically) Ha ha! Good one Dad!
Bato: (rolling his eyes) You are definitely your father's son.
Water Tribe Soldier:(urgently) Hakoda, our scouts have spotted four fire nation ships. (the other tribesmen gather round)
Hakoda: Bato, get these mines loaded up. The rest of you men, prepare for battle! (the warriors rush off, as Sokka sits and watches them leave)
Sokka: (uncertain) Uh, what should I do, Dad?
Hakoda: Aren't you listening? I said the rest of you men get ready for battle.

(Sokka is shocked for a moment, then rises, grins and runs off to join the others. As he rushes off, his father watches him with a proud smile.

Cut to an impressive tea-shop in the upper ring of Ba Sing Se. Short stairs lead up to it past a bubbling fountain. Inside the opulent building, Iroh and Zuko stand side by side, overseeing the operation.)

Iroh: Who thought when we came to this city as refugees, that I'd end up owning my own tea shop. Follow your passion Zuko, and life will reward you.
Zuko: (cheerfully) Congratulations Uncle.
Iroh: (smiling) I'm very thankful.
Zuko: (confidently) You deserve it. The Jasmine Dragon will be the best tea shop in the city.
Iroh: No, I'm thankful because you decided to share this special day with me. (puts a hand on Zuko's arm) It means more than you know. (Zuko gives him a warm hug, to his surprise)
Zuko: (enthusiastically) Now let's make these people some tea.
Iroh: (eagerly) Yes! Let's make some tea!

(Cut to the fog shrouded peaks near the Easter Air Temple. The mists are lit by a golden light as the sun rises above the mountains. We see Aang and the Guru sitting side by side on a narrow ledge above the mists.)

Guru Pathik: Third is the Fire chakra, located in the stomach.
Aang: (holding his stomach) My Fire chakra would like to eat something other than onion-banana juice.
Guru Pathik: (chuckling) He he. Good one. (serious) Moving on. This chakra deals with will power and is blocked by shame. What are you ashamed of? What are your biggest disappointments in yourself?

(Inside Aang's mind, we see him playing with firebending. His flames erupt outward, accidentally burning Katara. In the real world, his closed eyes wince at the memory.)

Aang: (softly) I'm never going to fire bend again. I can't.
Guru Pathik: You will never find balance if you deny this part of your life. You are the Avatar, and therefore, you are a firebender.

(Aang draws and releases a deep breath.)

Guru Pathik:Hmm, that chakra opened less like a flowing creek, and more like a burping bison.
Aang: (belching loudly) Urrp! Tastes like onion and bananas, but strangely something else. Pickles?

(Guru Pathik shrugs.

Cut to the tall stairs of the Earth Palace. A pair of Dai Li silently slide down the back of the two closest pillars. Mai sits at the top of the stairs in Kyoshi disguise. Nearby, Ty Lee is doing toe-touches in similar garb.)

Mai: (morosely) I'm tired of wearing this girly disguise. I don't know how anyone can fight in this.
Ty Lee: Maybe that's why it was so easy to beat the Kyoshi Warriors and take their clothes. (The hidden Dai Li listen intently)
Mai: How much longer do we have to serve the Earth King? If I have to clean up one more pile of bear poop, I'm gonna throw up.
Ty Lee: (stretching) Princess Azula promised we would go back to the Fire Nation as soon as we captured the Avatar. We just have to be patient.
Mai: (anxious) Shush up! Do you want the whole palace to know we're Fire Nation? (stands to face Ty Lee)
Ty Lee: Sorry.

(The Dai Li retreat back up the pillars. As they depart, Azula enters the scene, also in disguise. She walks up to the two of them.)

Azula: Good work girls. (glances up toward the roof) I am sure the Dai Li will deliver the message.

(Cut to a partially destroyed shrine high in the eastern mountains. Guru Pathik and Aang sit facing each other on the floor of the broken building.)

Guru Pathik: The fourth chakra is located in the heart. It deals with love, and is blocked by grief. (A smiling Aang glances at the statue of an Air Nun, and grows somber) Lay all your grief out in front of you.

(Aang places his fingers over his heart, and closes his eyes in concentration. In his mindscape, he sits surrounded by a thick fog. An emerald light casts everything in a bright shade of green. Opening his eyes to this vision, Aang sees Gyatso rise from the mist, to sit across from him. He is joined by one Air Nomad after another. Eventually a vast field of them sit arrayed behind Monk Gyatso. Aang smiles at them, and one by one they are enveloped in a whirling cloud. As they disappear, Ang is pulled backwards from the cloud an invisible force. Guru Pathik's voice is heard.)

Guru Pathik: (voice-over) You have indeed felt a great loss. But love is a form of energy, and it swirls all around us. (The air nomads can now be seen floating above the cloud, as Aang reaches out to them. The cloud envelops him and lifts him up.) The Air Nomads love for you has not left this world. It is still inside of your heart, and is reborn in the form of new love.

(The cloud takes the form of Katara's face, which is replaced by a vision of her smiling face. In the real world, tears stream from Aang's closed eyes. We return fully to the real world as he wipes away the tears.)

Guru Pathik:Let the pain flow away. Very good.
Aang: (voice thick with emotion) Can I have some onion banana juice please?

(Cut to the serene face of a massive stone statue. It portrays an Air Nomad nun, sitting cross legged. As the camera pans down, we see Aang and the Guru sitting at the foot of the statue, dwarfed by its enormous mass.)

Guru Pathik: The fifth in the chain is the Sound chakra, located in the throat. It deals with truth, and is blocked by lies. The ones we tell ourselves.

(Aang sits in meditation. In his mind, we see Katara and Sokka sitting in Appa's saddle.)

Katara: Why didn't you tell us you were the Avatar? (The scene shifts back to the sitting Aang)
Aang: Because I never wanted to be.
Guru Pathik: You cannot lie about your own nature. You must accept that you are the Avatar.

(Aang draws and releases a deep breath, once more closing his eyes. In his mind, he is standing on a high peak, looking out over the land. As the wind blows his clothing, he gazes down with steely determination. We return to the real world, as Aang opens his eyes with a smile.)

Guru Pathik: Very good Aang. You have opened the chakra of Truth.

(In the next scene, Aang and Pathik sit on a narrow rising stair high in the mountains, overlooking the misty peaks below. The sun has risen higher in the sky, and casts a golden glow over everything.)

Guru Pathik: The sixth pool of energy is the Light chakra, located in the center of the forehead. It deals with insight and is blocked by illusion. The greatest illusion of this world is the illusion of separation. Things you think are separate and different are actually one and the same.
Aang: Like the four nations.

(We see a map of the world, with the various nations represented in different colors. The map shines brightly, and all the lands are the same color. They shine once more, and return to their separate colors, as Pathik continues to speak.)

Guru Pathik: Yes. We are all one people, but we live as if divided.
Aang: We're all connected. (opens his eyes) Everything is connected.
Guru Pathik: That's right. Even the separation of the four elements is an illusion.

(The camera pans down the mountainside, then the scene changes. We see the wagon carrying the imprisoned Toph traveling along a forest road.)

Guru Pathik: If you open your mind, you will see that all the elements are one. Four parts of the same whole. Even metal is just a part of Earth, that has been purified and refined.

(As Pathik speaks, we see Toph standing inside her metal prison. In a calm stance, she is repeatedly striking the metal walls, sending out ripples of vibrations. Striking ahead, the vibrations reveal shimmering impurities within the walls. Toph smiles and breathes deeply. She stomps her foot and strikes the wall with her hands once more.)

Toph: (straining) Come on metal.... budge.

(From outside, we see her next blow put a large dent in the wall. Inside Toph seems amazed at her achievement.)

Toph: Whoo! Toph, you rule! (does a double fisted strike at the wall)

(Cut to the Jasmine Dragon Tea House, as guests stream inside its open doors. Katara and Momo walk onto the tea shop lot.)

Katara: What do you say Momo? A cup of tea before we get back to the king? (steps inside the entrance) Table for two please.
Zuko: Uncle, I need two jasmine, one green and one lychee!

(Katara looks toward the sound of a familiar voice, and sees Zuko in a fancy waiters uniform, speaking to Iroh, who is working behind a counter.)

Iroh: (smiling) I'm brewing as fast as I can!

(Katara stands in shock as she recognizes them both. She turns and flees as fast as she can down the front steps of the tea shop, and races off-screen. Fade to black.)


(Scene opens atop the tallest spire of the Easter Air Temple. The skies have darkened over the misty mountains far below this lofty, flat-topped tower. Aang and Guru Pathik are once more seated across from each other, atop the tower. The sky above them is filled with bright stars.)

Aang: This is the last chakra isn't it?
Guru Pathik: Yes. Once you open this chakra, you will be able go in and out of the Avatar State at will. And when you are in the Avatar State, you will have complete control and awareness of all your actions.
Aang: (confident) Let's do this.
Guru Pathik: The Thought chakra is located at the crown of the head. It deals with pure cosmic energy and is blocked by earthly attachment. Meditate on what attaches you to this world.

(In Aang's mind, we see Katara practicing graceful waterbending moves, then leaning against a tree in an alluring pose. As Pathik begins to speak again, she is sitting face to face with Aang. Their lips move closer, mimicking the scene from the Cave of Two Lovers.)

Guru Pathik: Now, let all of those attachments go. Let them flow down the river. Forgotten.

(At these final words, Aang is abruptly drawn from his vision.)

Aang: (startled) What? Why would I let go of Katara? I...I..I love her.
Guru Pathik: (reasonably) Learn to let her go, or you cannot let the pure cosmic energy flow in from the universe.
Aang: (crossly) Why would I choose cosmic energy over Katara? How could it be a bad thing that I feel an attachment to her? Three chakras ago, that was a good thing.
Guru Pathik: (firmly) You must learn to let go.

(Aang lowers his eyes, with a look of uncertainty clearly written on his face.

The scene cuts to Katara, as she races down the long halls of the Earth King's palace, message-scroll in hand. Breathless, she pulls to a stop before the Earth King's throne, where the three "Kyoshi warriors" wait kneeling.)

Katara: Thank goodness you are here, Suki. Something terrible is going on. The Fire Nation has infiltrated the city. I just saw Prince Zuko and his Uncle! (Azula's eyes snap open at this news, and she smiles) We have to tell the Earth King right away!
Azula: (rising to her feet) Oh, don't worry. I'll be sure to let him know.

(Katara stands dumbstruck as she realizes who "Suki" really is, and Momo leaps away with a frightened squeak. Ty Lee rushes forward with a series of acrobatic flips, striking at Katara's shoulder as she flips behind her. Katara, in the midst of bending water from her reserve, falls paralyzed to the throne room floor. She lies helpless in the pool of water, as the three of them gather around her.)

Azula: So, Zuzu's in the city too. I think it's time for a family reunion.

(Momo, observing all this from a tall pillar, leaps away. The scene then shifts to the Air Temple tower, framed against the starlit sky.)

Aang: I'm sorry, but I can't let go of Katara.
Guru Pathik: (calmly) Aang, to master the Avatar State, you must open all the chakras. Surrender yourself.
Aang: (reluctantly) Okay, I'll try.

(Aang focuses his concentration. Inside his mind, we see mountains beneath a starry sky. The heavens begin to spin with great speed, the stars blurring streaks that disappear behind the mountains. An image of Katara appears, and drifts back toward the horizon to finally vanish with a twinkle of light. The heavens cease to whirl.)

Guru Pathik: (voice-over) Now, think of your attachments and let them go.

(An image of Katara appears, and drifts back toward the horizon to finally vanish with a twinkle of light. The sky ceases to spin.)

Guru Pathik:(voice-over) Let the pure cosmic energy flow.

(Looking up into the stars, we see an aurora of light. Aang is seen floating in space above the planet, and the aurora solidifies into a radiant bridge beneath his feet. Turning from the world below, Aang sees a massive entity standing above snaking path. It is a spectral figure of Aang himself, the tattoos and eyes shining with the light of the Avatar State. Aang sets off carefully towards it, mouth open in awe. As he nears the feet of the hovering apparition, his own tattoos begin to shine with light. The towering, spectral Aang descends, a sphere of light shimmering between its fingers. The Avatar is enclosed within this shell, but suddenly he is distracted by a cry of distress. Aang sees a vision of Katara chained to a wall, demanding to be freed. He leaps from the hands of the apparition, and the sphere of light vanishes. Behind him, the great entity fades from sight, as he rushes back down the path. It too begins to fade rapidly, until it drops him to plunge screaming toward the world. Aang suddenly starts from his meditative trance.)

Aang: (rising in alarm) Katara is in danger! I have to go.

(Aang turns and races away, sliding down the roof the tower)

Guru Pathik: (calling after him) No Aang! By choosing attachment, you have locked the chakra! (Aang draws to a stop) If you leave now you won't be able to go into the Avatar State at all!

(Aang pauses for a moment at the edge of the roof, then leaps down. Guru Pathik closes his eyes with a mournful expression. Aang is show riding Appa away from the temple at great speed.

The next scene shows wagon bearing the imprisoned Toph rolling through the dark forest. A loud clang rings out from the metal box, and Xin Fu draws the wagon to a halt. Both he and Master Yu disembark from the wagon and head to the rear. They find that the back of the prison has been torn open, and lies empty.)

Master Yu: It's another one of her tricks!
Xin Fu: (incensed) There's a giant hole in the box. How's that a trick?
Toph: It's not! It's the real deal!

(Both of the men turn to see Toph standing in the road behind them. With a swift earthbending move, she sandwiches them between two slabs of rock. With a backwards movement, she propels them both into the prison. Leaping toward them, Toph grabs the edges of the bent metal box and bends them together again. She leaps atop the box and raises her arm high.)

Toph:(triumphantly) I am the greatest earthbender in the world! Don't you two dunderheads ever forget it!

(She stomps angrily on the metal box, then leaps down to the road. The ground beneath her plunges downward in a wide circle, then surges her up atop a swell of earth. With the running motion of her feet, Toph rides this swell back up the road at tremendous speed, leaving a cloud of dust behind. The shot changes to show the metal prison, now resealed. Xin Fu is shown inside, with Master Yu tightly pressed in behind him.)

Xin Fu: (dolefully) I'm going to be stuck in here forever with you, aren't I?
Master Yu: (pathetically) I have to go to the bathroom.

(Xin Fu strikes his head against the metal wall in despair.

Nighttime at Chameleon Bay. Sokka sheathes his machete, and picks up his war club. His father approaches, as the warriors finish loading the ships.)

Hakoda: Ready to go knock some Fire Nation heads?
Sokka: (earnestly) You don't know how much this means to me dad. I'll make you proud, and I'll finally prove to you what a great warrior I am.
Hakoda: (reassuringly) Sokka, you don't have to prove anything to me. (places a hand on his shoulder) I'm already proud of you, and I've always known you were a great warrior.
Sokka: Really?
Hakoda: Why do you think I trusted you to look after our tribe when I left?

(Sokka and Hakoda head off to the ships. They are climbing the ramp to embark when they hear Appa's rumbling grunt, and turn. Appa sets down at the foot of the ramp, and Aang turns to Sokka with a worried expression.)

Sokka: (apprehensively) This can't be good news.

(Appa soars away from Chameleon Bay, Aang and Sokka atop him. Looking back, Sokka watches his father's ships head out of the bay toward open waters. From the deck of his flagship, Hakoda looks back and smiles toward his son.

Scene changes to the steel holding cells of Ba Sing Se. Azula is being escorted by a pair of Dai Li Agents, who hold her arms. She is brought into the cell holding Long Feng.)

Azula: (outraged) What is this about? Your agents show up in the middle of the night and drag me down here? You will not treat a Kyoshi Warrior this way! (struggles against her captors)
Long Feng: (in a sinister voice) But you are not a Kyoshi Warrior, are you? (rises from his bench) Princess Azula of the Fire Nation!
Azula: (stops struggling) What do you want?
Long Feng: I want to make a deal. It's time that I regain control of Ba Sing Se. And you have something I need.
Azula: Oh?
Long Feng: The Earth King's trust.
Azula: (warily) Why should I help you?
Long Feng: Because I can get you the Avatar.
Azula: I'm listening. (both smile wickedly)

(Inside the Jasmine Dragon, Zuko is sweeping up for the evening. As Iroh clears a table, a man enters and walks up to him.)

Messenger: A message from the royal palace.

(He bows and hands a scroll to Iroh, who reads it with a look of worry. His eyes widen with astonishment.)

Iroh: (overcome) I...I can't believe it.
Zuko: (walking over) What is it Uncle?
Iroh: (elated) Great news! We've been invited to serve tea to the Earth King!

(Iroh runs off excitedly towards the rear of the tea house. Zuko watches him go with a smile, then resumes sweeping, as the camera draws back out the entrance.

The door closes to Long Feng's cell, leaving him in shadow. Azula is led away by the Dai Li, head low. As she approaches closer, her eyes open, and she smiles cruelly. Fade to white.)

[End Credits]

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