Transcript for 305 - The Beach
The Beach
Written By: Katie Mattila
Directed By: Joaquim Dos Santos
Storyboard By: Michael Dante DiMartino, Joaquim Dos Santos, Ian Graham, Oh Seung Hyun, Kenji Ono, Giancarlo Volpe, Tomihiro Yamaguchi
Animation By: Moi Animation
Transcribers: Avatar_Mom, The Quenchiest

["Previously on Avatar" sequence includes clips from "The Awakening" and "The Headband".]

Act I

(After the preview, the episode opens with the front of a ship and a calm sea. Suddenly, a giant Sea Lion bursts through the surface with a shrill cry. The shot pans out to reveal the Sea Lion is pulling a Fire Nation Ship. Ty Lee and Azula are visible on deck)

Ty Lee: I'm so excited to spend the weekend on Ember Island. (Cut to a close shot of Azula and Ty Lee standing on the deck, with Zuko and Mai sitting in the shade nearby) It's gonna be great to hang out on the beach and do nothing.

(Ty Lee rests her hands behind her head and closes her eyes with a satisfied smile. Cut to shot of Zuko and Mai sitting on cushions under a red canopy)

Zuko: Doing nothing is a waste of time. (Zuko stands up) We're being sent away on a forced vacation. (Zuko walks over to the balustrade, leans on it and stares out to sea) I feel like a child.

(Cut to close shot of Azula)

Azula: Lighten up. So dad wants to meet with his advisors alone... without anyone else around. Don't take it personally.

(Cut to shot of all four teens)

Ty Lee: (gestures at Azula) Doesn't your family have a house on Ember Island?
Azula: (turns toward Ty Lee) We used to come every summer when we were kids.
Ty Lee: (enthused) That must've been fun!

(Cut to close shot of Zuko looking out to sea. Mai sits looking at him in the background)

Zuko: That was a long time ago.

(Cut to shot of a coastline. The camera pans inland to reveal small docks and extravagant stilted Fire Nation beach bungalows. The camera rests on a small dock where two twin figures stand. The Fire Nation Boat enters the shot moving toward this dock. Cut to a quick close up shot of all four teens gazing out at the approaching Island. Cut to a shot of Li and Lo standing on the dock. Cut to a wide shot of the four teens standing on the boat with Li and Lo waiting in the foreground to greet them. Cut to close shot of Li and Lo.)

Li and Lo: Welcome to Ember Island, kids.

(The camera pans upward from Li and Lo's dock to a small shabby beach cottage. Cut to a shot of the four teens looking displeased and skeptical. Cut to the camera panning upward through an ornate tropical room. The camera rests on a green curtained doorway through which Li/Lo steps. Cut to close shot of Azula walking skeptically into the room followed by Ty lee. Cut to rear shot of the entire party entering the room. Cut to close shot of Zuko and Mai standing together, ornate trinkets in the foreground.)

Zuko: It smells like old lady in here.
Mai: (sarcastically, looking toward Zuko) Gee, I wonder why.

(Cut to shot of Ty Lee looking at a painting of two young twins, twins standing back to back in a symmetrical seductive pose. Li and Lo approach her.)

Ty Lee: Who are these two beautiful women?

(Cut to close shot of the painting in question, the camera quickly zooms out to include Li and Lo standing on either side of the painting)

Li and Lo: Can't you tell (The elderly twins strike the identical seductive pose from the painting.) It's Li/Lo and me.

(Cut to close shot of the elderly twins rear ends touching in the foreground, while the four teens stand looking on, confused and slightly disgusted, in the background. Zuko covers his mouth to prevent himself from getting sick. Cut to an above shot of a Maroon printed bead spread. Ty Lee lies back on to the bedspread.)

Ty Lee: (snuggling against the pillow) Ooh, I love this seashell bedspread!
Mai: (Cut to shot of Mai) Are you serious? It looks like the beach threw up all over it.

(Cut to wide shot of the entire room, Ty Lee is still snuggling her seashell bed spread in the foreground. The other three teens stand listening to Li and Lo.)

Li: We know you're upset that you were forced to come here this weekend. But Ember Island is a magical place. (Cut to close profile shot of Li.) Keep an open mind. (The camera slowly pans around her face to reveal her twin standing next to her.)
Lo: Give it a chance...
Li and Lo: ...and it can help you understand yourselves and each other. (Cut to shot of Li grabbing one of the smooth stones resting on table. Cut to wide shot from above. Li passes the smooth stone to her sister.) The beach has a special way of (Close shot of Lo rubbing the smooth stone) smoothing even the most ragged edges. (Cut to shot of teens. Ty Lee joins the group and Azula yawns. Cut back to shot of Lo and Li. In an identical series of motions, they clap and strip off their robes, revealing their elderly bodies in swimwear.) Time to hit the beach! (Cut to shot of Mai covering Zuko's eyes.)

(Cut to the camera panning upward over rocks, revealing a crater filled with water at the top.)

Toph: (voice over) Aang, I know swimming is fun and all, (wide shot of Toph, Katara, Sokka and Aang lounging around the water.) but do you really think you should be exposing yourself like that (Close shot of Toph.) Cover up!

Aang: (Cut to Aang floating through the water, Momo curled up on his chest) What? I'm wearing trunks.

(Cut to shot of Toph sitting on the rocks in the background, while Katara wades in the water in the foreground.)

Toph: I's your tattoos (raises arms in frustration) I'm worried about. What if someone sees you?
Katara: (turning toward Toph) There are walls all around us. It's completely safe.

(Cut to shot of Aang floating toward us, Momo suddenly perks up and Aang turns to notice something ahead and smiles. Cut to shot of rapids and a tunnel ahead of them. Aang floats into the shot and propels himself down the tunnel.)

Aang: (Shot of Aang speeding down through a water-slide like tunnel. Momo is firmly latched on Aangs head as they speed through the twists and turns.) Whoo, hey! (The camera pans over to reveal more of the rock water slide and Aang whizzing through it. Cut to close shot of Aang still riding the water slide tunnel and laughing. Cut to outside shot of a Fire Nation Officer 1 lounging on some rocks, fanning himself, while Fire Nation Officer 2 uses his sword handle to clean between his toes in the foreground.)

Fire Nation Officer 1: This has got to be the most boring job in the fire nation. (Cut to shot of Fire Nation Officer 2 smelling his sword handle.) Nothing ever happens. (Fire Nation Officer 2's face fills with shock. Simultaneously, in the background Aang is yelling and falling down a waterfall into a basin of water. Officer 2 turns to look toward the splash, and then ducks down.)

(Cut to wide shot of the scene. The two fire nation officers lie on their stomachs behinds some rocks near their posts, peeking toward the waterfall where Aang just landed. Cut to shot of the waterfall. The shot is a circle framed in black, as though someone is looking through a telescope. Aang pops out of the water, into view. Momo is still clinging to his head.)

Aang: (to Momo) Let's go again! (Momo looks hesitant. Aang air bends out of the water springing back up the rocks. The telescope-like camera follows his springing motion up the cliff till he disappears over the other side. Cut to shot of the two Fire Nation Officers huddled cheek-to-cheek, sharing one telescope and shaking with fear. They duck back down and face one another.)

Fire Nation Officer 1: The Avatar's alive! We better send a messenger hawk to the Fire Lord.

(Shot of Fire Nation Officer 1 opening a hawk's cage. The hawk wears a Fire Nation Symbol on his chest and steps down on to the Officer's arm. Cut to shot of the back of the hawk. The hawk has a Fire Nation message tube strapped to his back. Fire Nation Officer 1 places a sealed scroll of parchment into the Hawk's tube and closes the lid. Cut back to the front of the Hawk, the camera zooms out as the hawk flies at the camera and then out of the shot.)

Fire Nation Officer 2: A black ribbon message. (Cut to wide shot of the two Officers. Officer two stands up in excitement and the Hawk flies into the distance.) This is so exciting!

(Cut to a wide shot of a black crescent shaped coastline, surrounded by green flatland cliffs. The camera pans right. The beach is scattered with people and red and yellow beach tents. There are some smaller beach bungalows, as well as some larger, more magnificent properties interspersed around the cliff face. Cut to shot of a kid holding a skim board. He throws it on to the wash and rides toward the camera. Cut to shot of Azula, Ty Lee, Zuko and Mai walking along the beach, through crowds of beach-goers. Mai and Zuko share an umbrella. Cut to close shot of Mai and Zuko. Cut to shot of two young boys building an elaborate sand castle. Suddenly, a foot comes down and crushes their castle. Cut to shot of Azula looming triumphantly over the caste she has just crushed, Ty Lee stands next to her smiling.)

Young Boys: (Cut to wide shot of the group of teens and the two boys scampering away in fear) Ahh! (Azula kicks their sand pale after them)

(Shot of Ty Lee standing somewhat confused with a large pink beach bag over her shoulder. A gawky young fire nation teen boy springs into view.)

Fire Nation Teen Boy 1: (eager) Hey, you need some help unpacking?

Ty Lee: Sure, thanks.

(Ty Lee dumps her enormous bag into the teens awaiting arms, knocking him to the ground. Cut to shot of Teen Boy 1 crouched by the bag, unpacking. He quickly throws every item out one at a time, lastly pulling out Ty Lee's pink towel. Cut to wide shot of him smiling and laying the towel out with a flourish as Azula looks on in the foreground. He hastens to make her towel perfectly straight as Azula turns away in jealousy. Cut to shot of Ty Lee from above, squinting into the sun.)

Ty Lee:Could you scooch just a little bit more to the... (Cut to shot of Teen Boy 1 standing confused and then quickly moving to block out the sun for Ty Lee. Cut back to Ty lee.) Perfect. (She winks)

(Cut to shot of Mai and Zuko huddled together under an umbrella. A small child runs by laughing. Shot of Zuko looking to the side at a seashell, which he picks up. Shot of Zuko handing the shell to Mai)

Zuko: Here... (Bringing the shell toward her) This is for you.
Mai: Why would I want that?
Zuko: I saw it and I thought it was pretty. Don't girls like stuff like this?
Mai: (turns away from him) Maybe stupid girls.
Zuko: (throws the shell away in anger) Forget it!

(Cut to shot of shell landing next to a robust Fire Nation Teen boy. Cut to wide shot of Fire Nation Teen Boy 2 surveying the beach. The camera quickly zooms in on Ty Lee who is still be shaded by Fire Nation Teen Boy 1. Cut to close up slow motion shot of Ty Lee flipping her hair and laughing as sparkles twinkle around her. Cut back to shot of Fire Nation Teen 2 gawking stupidly and then blushing and smiling. Cut to shot of Fire Nation Teen Boy 1 patiently shading Ty Lee and smiling. Suddenly Fire Nation Teen 2 crouches in front of him and presents the Shell discarded by Zuko and Mai to Ty Lee.)

Ty Lee: (Close Shot of Ty Lee taking the Shell) Wow, thanks. This is so pretty.
Fire Nation Teen Boy 2: (Back to shot of Fire Nation Teen 2 crouched in front of Fire Nation Teen) Not as pretty as you are. (Fire Nation Teen 1 looks angry)
Fire Nation Teen Boy 1: (Fire Nation Teen 1 moves to the side to get a closer look at the shell) That shell's not so great!
Ty Lee: (Cut to close shot of Ty Lee with sun in her eyes) Ahem, shade... shade!

(Cut to shot of Mai still sitting under an umbrella, Zuko walks up holding two ice-cream cones and joins her under the umbrella.)

Zuko: (Close shot of the two of them) I thought since it's so hot... Here. (He hands her an ice cream cone, but the scoop of ice cream falls off the cone into Mai's lap)
Mai: (She looks down at the ice cream) Thanks. This is really refreshing.

(The camera points upward at the sky. A Fire Nation girl flies forward toward a ball and hits it with her hand. Cut to wide shot of Fire Nation teens playing volley ball in a circular court. The camera pans back to show Azula looking on in the foreground. Cut to close up shot of Azula's face, she smirks menacingly.)

Azula: (cut to wide shot of the beach, Azula stands looking at the game, Mai and Ty Lee sit under the umbrella behind her. In the background Ty Lee is being fanned and worshipped by three Fire Nation Teen Boys) Hey, beach bums, we're playing next. (The camera zooms in on Ty Lee) Ty Lee, get over here now!

(Ty Lee rolls off her towel into a handstand and walks over on her hands, smiling. Cut to shot of Zuko, standing up suddenly and throwing off his shirt. The wind blows his hair and a flock of birds fly by dramatically in the background. Cut to shot of four Fire Nation teen girls cooing, giggling and blushing over Zuko, as little pink hearts float upward behind them. Cut to a wide shot of the beach and the volleyball players. The camera pans left across the scene. Cut to an upward shot of Azula, Mai, Ty Lee and Zuko huddled together)

Azula: See that girl with the silly pigtails? (Azula and the others look up toward the volleyball players, cut to shot of a pig tailed Fire Nation Teen girl kicking the ball around) When she runs towards the ball, there's just the slightest hesitation of her left foot. I'm willing to bet a childhood
injury has weakened her. (Camera Zooms out to show Azula, Mai, Ty Lee and Zuko are now playing volleyball as a team on one side of the net, the pig tailed girl and her team are on the other side) Keep serving the ball to her left and we'll destroy her, (cut to close shot of Azula looking menacing) and the rest of her team. (Cut to shot of Azula and her team huddled together) Dismissed!

(The camera pans at ground level across the group of volley ball players. Cut to Azula who throws the ball up toward the sun and then launches it toward the other team, who miss it completely. Zuko slides for the ball and kicks it up into the air. Azula runs toward it, spins around and smacks it toward the pig-tailed girl. The pig-tailed girl dives but misses the ball completely. The ball flies over a crowd of Fire Nation teens and lands next to two Fire Nation Teen boys, Ruon Jian and Chan, who now notice the game. Cut to shot of Ty Lee
zooming through the air toward the ball. She kicks it and then lands like a tight ropewalker on the net. Cut to shot of the Ruon Jian and Chan looking amused. Cut to Shot of Mai running toward the ball and hitting it with her knee. Cut back to Ruon Jian and Chan looking even more amused and impressed. Cut to wide shot of the court. Azula runs up Zuko's back, propelling herself into the air, kicking the ball with all her power. The ball zooms toward the ground catching flame. Cut to wide shot of the beach and the volley ball court. The ball lands in a fiery explosion, setting fire to the net.)

Azula: (Cut to close shot of Azula through the volley ball net, which is on fire. She looks sinister. The camera zooms closer and closer) Yes, we defeated you for all time! You will never rise from the ashes of your shame and humiliation! (Cut to Azula standing with her team, she turns casually toward them) Well, that was fun.

(Azula and her team are joined by Chan and Ruon Jian. They approach Ty lee.)

Chan: I'm having a party tonight. (Camera turns toward Ruon Jian and Chan) You should come by.
Ty Lee: (turning toward them) Sure...I love parties!

(Camera cuts back to a close shot of Ruon Jian and Chan.)

Ruon Jian: (indicating Mai) Your friend can come, too.

(Cut to shot of Ty Lee smiling innocently. The camera pans out as Azula approaches them.)

Azula: What about me and my brother? (Crossing her arms in displeasure) Aren't you going to invite us? (cut to shot of Ruon Jian and Chan, who look at one another skeptically) You don't know who we are, do you?
Chan: Don't you know who we are? We're Chan and Ruon Jian. (Gives a cool smile)
Ruon Jian: Yeah.

(Cut back to shot of Azula and Ty Lee looking pleased as Zuko walks forward, fists clinched angrily. Azula puts her arm out to stop him. The camera cuts back to Chan and Ruon Jian.)

Chan: (with a raised eyebrow) But fine, you're invited. Just so you know though, some of the most important teenagers in the Fire Nation are gonna be at this party so...try and act normal.

(Cut to close shot of Azula smiling in an evil manner, as her friends stand behind her in the background.)

Azula: We'll do our best.

Act II

(The scene opens with a quick shot of the Li and Lo's small beach house and dock. It quickly cuts to Lo, Li, Zuko, Azula, Mai and Ty Lee all sitting around a hexagonal table on the balcony outside. They are eating an elaborate meal.)

Zuko: Why didn't you tell those guys who we were?
Azula: I guess I was intrigued. (Cut to shot of Azula sitting next to Ty Lee) I'm so used to people worshipping us.
Ty Lee: They should.
Azula: Yes, I know, and I love it! But for once, I just wanted to see how people would treat us if they didn't know who we were.
Li and Lo: (The camera pans slowly one of the twins faces) Like waves washing away the footprints on the sand, (Shot of Zuko and Mai eating and leaning against one another) Ember Island gives everyone a clean slate. (Cut to wide shot of the entire scene) Ember Island reveals the true you. (The twins both stand up and clap twice. They then raise one arm in excitement) To the party!

(Cut to shot of the Fire Nation messenger hawk flying over a river canyon. The camera cuts to show the front of the hawk as a large Raven Eagle moves in behind it. Cut to a close shot of the Raven Eagle's face. The pans out and follows the Raven eagle as it swoops down and ties a black ribbon around the messenger hawk. The camera cuts to a wide shot of the scene, as the hawk plummets toward the ground, and the Raven Eagle flies down after it. Cut to a ground shot of the messenger hawk struggling as the Raven Eagle removes the scroll tied to it's back and flies away.

Cut to a shot of the Raven Eagle landing on a metallic arm, the camera pans right to reveal the arm belongs to Combustion Man. He removes the scroll from the Raven eagles beak and holds it out in front of him, covering the shot with paper. An ember appears in the middle of the paper, slowly burning the paper from the middle, outward. Combustion Man's face looks menacingly out through the hole in the burning paper.

Cut to shot of a large stilted mansion on the Cliffside of Ember
Island. Cut to a shot of a hand tapping and ornate gold knocker on a large wooden door. The door opens to reveal Chan looking displeased.)

Chan: Um... You're a little early. No one's here yet.

(Cut to shot of Azula, Ty Lee, Mai and Zuko standing before Chan's doorway, waiting to be let in.)

Azula: I heard you telling someone you'd be partying from dusk till dawn. (looks out at the horizon) It's dusk so we're here.

(Cuts back to Chan in the doorway)

Chan: But that's just an expression.

(Cuts back to Azula)

Azula: We are the perfect party guests. We arrive right on time because we are very punctual. (Azula makes a chopping motion with her left hand, hitting her right hand as she says 'punctual')
Chan: (Cut back to Chan. He shrugs and gestures for them to come inside. Cut to shot of a large entryway, with a large table covered with food at the center.) All right, listen, My dad's an admiral. He has no idea I'm having this party, (cut to close shot of Chan) so don't mess anything up.

(Cut to shot of Azula looking menacing. The zooms out to show both Azula and Chan standing next to one another.)

Azula: That's a sharp outfit, Chan...careful, (close shot of Azula, looking intense and somewhat crazy) you could puncture the hull of an Empire-Class Fire Nation Battleship, leaving thousands to drown at sea... (Azula points at his outfit) because it's so sharp.

Chan: Um... (Chan points less enthusiastically at Azula) Thanks.

(Shot of Azula with an enthusiastic smile, which quickly turns to a frown as Chan walks away. Shot of Ruon Jian combing his hair in a mirror. He sees Azula and her company walking by in the background. He turns toward them.)

Ruon Jian: Hey, first ones here, huh?
Zuko: (cut to shot of Zuko and Mai walking side by side) Pft. He thinks he's so great. (to Mai) Well, what do you think of him? (they stop walking)
Mai: I don't have any opinion about him. I hardly know him.
Zuko: You like him, don't you?

(Mai sighs and walks away, as Zuko looks angrily in the direction of Ruon Jian. The camera zooms in on Ruon Jian)

(Cut to shot panning upward, over a scene of food and Fire Nation Teens talking. Cut to close shot of Fire Nation teen boy 2 talking to Fire Nation teen boy 3)

Fire Nation Teen 2: So how do you know Ty Lee?
Fire Nation Teen 3: I met her at the beach today. She was pretty impressed by a sand pagoda that I made for her.
Fire Nation Teen 1: (bursts into the shot) Well, I met her first.

(Cut to above shot of Ty Lee being cornered by a gaggle of Fire Nation Teen boys, eager to impress her)

Ty Lee: Look, it doesn't matter who I met first 'cause I like you all.

(Cut to shot of Ty Lee's point of view, as the boys lean in even closer to her)

Fire Nation Teen 2: But which one of us do you like?
All: Yeah. Tell us.

(Cuts back to Ty Lee, who looks confused and gestures for everyone to back-off)

Ty Lee: I don't know, I don't know.

(Ty Lee does a series of punches as kicks. Cut to ground shop of the huddle of boys, as they slowly fall toward the ground after being knocked out by Ty Lee. Ty Lee cartwheels through her newly cleared path. Cut to scene of Azula standing angrily in the corner as Ty Lee approaches her.)

Ty Lee: Oh, I'm glad you're here. Those boys won't leave me alone. I guess they all just like me too much.
Azula: Come on, Ty Lee, you can't be this ignorant.
Ty Lee: (Close shot of Ty Lee, confused) What are you talking about?
Azula: (Cut back to Azula, leaning coolly against a wooden beam) Those boys only like you because you make it so easy for them. You're not a challenge. You're a tease. It's not like they actually care who you are. (Cut to Ty Lee, bursting into tears. She covers her eyes. Cut to wider shot which includes Azula, who grabs Ty Lee's hands in a comforting gesture) Ok, ok, calm down. I didn't mean what I said. (Close shot of Azula) Look, maybe I just said it because I was a little... (whispers) jealous.

(Cut back to Ty Lee)

Ty Lee: (surprised) What? You were jealous of me? (gestures toward herself) Um, but, you're (gestures toward Azula) the most beautiful, smartest, perfect girl in the world.
Azula: (turns away from Ty Lee) Well, you're right about all
those things. (The camera pans across the room full of teen boys) But for some reason when I meet boys they act as if I'm going to do something horrible to them.
Ty Lee: (laughs) But you probably would do something horrible to them. (Azula turns back toward Ty Lee, looking a bit sad) I'm sure they're just intimidated by you. Ok, look, if you want a boy to like you just look at him (close shot of Ty Lee) and smile a lot and laugh at everything he says, even if it's not funny.

(Cut back to Azula)

Azula: (Looks down) Well, that sounds really shallow and stupid. (Looks up grinning) Let's try it.

(Cut to Azula and Ty Lee. Ty Lee leans against a wooden beam, posing coolly and pretending to be a boy)

Ty Lee: Ok. "Hey, there sweet sugar cakes. (points coolly toward Azula) How ya likin' this party?"
Azula: (laughs loud and unnaturally, drawing the attention of everyone at the party)

(Cut to close shot of a few teen boys looking bewildered. Cut to shot of Mai and Zuko sitting together on a bench. Mai's arms are crossed and she looks displeased.)

Mai: I'm bored.

(Fire Nation Teen Boy walks across the shot, holding a tropical drink.)

Zuko: I know.
Mai: I'm hungry.
Zuko: So what?
Mai: So, find me some food.
Zuko: Sure. (gets up and walks away)

(Shot of Chan talking to a Fire Nation teen girl. Azula approaches them)

Azula: Chan, I'm ready for a tour of the house.

(Chan hands his drink to the Fire Nation teen girl and gestures for Azula to follow him. Azula places her drink on the same Fire Nation teen girls head, The drink starts to steam in the Fire Nation girl's anger. Cut to Chan and Azula walking out on to a balcony.)

Chan: Is this your first time on Ember Island?
Azula: No, I used to come here years ago.
Chan: (The Camera pans over Azula and Chan leaning on the balcony) It's a great place if you like sand. (Azula forces and enthusiastic laugh) Yeah, it's like, (Chan, encouraged, stands up and gestures to the ocean) "Welcome to Sandy Land." (They both laugh. Chan, looking please, comes and stands right next to Azula))
Azula: Your arms look so strong.
Chan: Yeah, I know. (Flexes, and then kisses Azula. Cut to close shot of Chan.) You're pretty.

(Cut to close shot of Azula.)

Azula: Together, you and I will (camera rotates right as Azula quickly
stands and raises her arms toward the sky)
be the strongest couple in the
entire world. (The torch behind Azula turns blue and the balcony is filled with a menacing blue light) We will dominate the Earth! (Blue fire balls burst from Azula's hands)

(Cut to Chan who is in complete shock. A bird comically flies behind him and a large sweat drop appears on his forehead. He shakes himself out of it.)

Chan: Uh... I gotta go.

(He smiles awkwardly, and scoots out of the shot. Cut to Chan comically scooting his way around the balcony and back in to the party as Azula is left alone. Cut to Azula looking confused. Cut to Zuko preparing a plate of food. A shot from above shows him walking through the crowd of party guests. One of them accidentally knocks his plate to the ground with an over-zealous gesture. Cut to shot of food smashing to the ground)

Zuko: (Shot of Zuko yelling angrily at the boy who accidentally knocked the plate) Hey, watch it! That food was for my cranky girlfriend. (Points in the direction of Mai)

(Cut to shot of Ruon Jian leaning over Mai. Zuko rushes toward them angrily and pushes Ruon Jian away from her. Cut to shot of Ruon Jian straightening his hair.)

Ruon Jian: Whoa. What are you doing?
Zuko: (close-up shot of Zuko, angry) Stop talking to my girlfriend!
Ruon Jian: (Ruon Jian approaches Zuko) Relax, it's just a party. (Zuko pushes Ruon Jian hard, sending him flying across the room, breaking a giant vase.)
Mai: (Mai stands up and grabs Zuko's shoulder. He turns towards her.) Zuko, what is wrong with you?!
Zuko: What's wrong with me?!
Mai: (angrily) Your temper's out of control. You blow up over every little thing. You're so impatient and hot-headed and angry.
Zuko: Well, at least I feel opposed to you. You have no passion for anything. (raising his arms is the air) You're just a big "blah".
Mai: (turning away from him) It's over, Zuko. We're done.

(Cut to shot of Chan running over to the broken pieces of vase on the floor.)

Chan: Who broke my Nana's vase? (Ruon Jian points at Zuko. Chan runs over to Zuko and gestures for him to leave immediately.) That's it, you're out of here.
Zuko: (close- up shot of Zuko) I was just leaving.

(Cut to shot of Zuko walking away. Ruon Jian, Chan and Mai stand in a row behind him)

Ruon Jian: Have fun by yourself, loser boy.
Chan: (Chan looks at Ruon Jian and smiles) Nice.

(Cut to shot of Zuko walking out the door alone and slamming it shut behind him.)


(The scene opens with a wide shot of Zuko walking down the beach. Cut to a closer shot of Zuko's profile. His head is bent down. Cut to a shot of Zuko walking around some rocks and then looking upward. Cut to a shot of a large Fire Nation mansion nestled in the mountain face. Close up shot of Zuko as looks upward and then heads toward it. He stops and then looks out at the sea.

A flash and a golden scene appears, with a man and two small children running happily through a field. A flash and we are back to Zuko staring at the sea. He continues his assent.

Cut to a close up shot of Zuko walking. A flash and another golden scene appears. This time it is a close up shot of young Zuko looking happy. Someone has their arm around him. Another flash and Zuko is standing before the doorway to the mansion.

He starts toward the doorway. There is flash and again a golden scene of a man holding a baby in the air next to a small boy building a sandcastle by the sea. Everyone looks happy. Another flash and we see Zuko approaching the doors to the mansion. Cut to a close shot of Zuko pulling at the door, but it is locked. He kicks it open. In a wide shot the camera pans around dusty great room. Zuko walks up another set of stairs and stands before a family portrait. Cut to a close up shot of the family portrait of Fire Lord Ozai, Ursa, Azula and Zuko sitting together. Cut to a close shot of Zukos face and to a close shot of Ozai's face in the portrait. The camera pans down the painting to young Zuko, who sits at his father's side.

A flash and a golden scene of young zuko looking out at the sea, with his father's arm on his sholder. Another flash and a quick shot back to present day Zuko. Cut to the Portrait. The camera pans over it and rests on Ursa's face. Another flash and a golden scene of Ursa happily playing with a baby Zuko. Another flash and a shot of present day Zuko walks toward us. Cut to a shot of his hand picking up a circular piece of concrete with a babies hand stamped in it. Zuko puts his own adult hand on top of the small print. Cut to wide shot of Zuko standing alone in the great hall.

Cut to a wide shot of a crater filled with water. Cut to a closer shot of Appa, Aang, Toph, Sokka and Katara sleeping near the water. Cut to a close up shot of Combustion Man's metallic boots stomping nearby. Cut back to a close shot of Toph with Momo under her arm. Both of them are fast asleep. Toph's eyes suddenly open, waking up Momo. Cut to wide shot of Toph sitting up, her companions waking up behind her.)

Toph: Guys, you're all gonna think I'm crazy, but it feels like a metal man is coming.

(Cut to shot of Aang looking sleepy. Suddenly, a bright light shines in his eye, making him squint. He rubs his eye and looks toward the light source. Cut to a wide shot showing the light source is coming from Combustion Man, who stands at the top of the crater's cliff. Cut to a close up shot of combustion man's metal arm, which is causing moonlight to reflect toward Aang. Cut to an above shot of Combustion Man and the gang below. Cut to a close shot of Combustion Man's fore head tattoo. Next a wider shot of Combustion Man's whole face. He growls and breathes inward.

Cut to a shot of Aang, looking scared and running forward. Cut to a close shot of Combustion Man's stomach, sucking inward as he breathes in deeply. Cut to a close shot of a beam of some sort comes out of Combustion Man's forehead. A wide shot shows the beam headed straight toward Aang. It hits a nearby cliff and explodes.

Aang and the others are blown backward in the explosion. Toph steadies herself and in a wide shot is shown bending a large herd of rocks toward Combustion Man. Combustion Man shoots another beam destroying the rocks and creating an explosion right in front of Toph. Katara attempts to stop his next explosion with water bending, but her efforts are turned into a cloud of steam. Appa roars. Cut to shot of Combustion Man standing in the great steam cloud.

Cut to wide shot of the Mansion on Ember Island. Cut to shot of Azula, approaching the mansion. Zuko is sitting on the steps holding his childhood handprint.)

Azula: I thought I'd find you here.

(Cut to shot of Zuko's profile looking at his small handprint, Azula stands in the background)

Zuko: Those summers we spent here seem so long ago. So much has changed.
Azula: (she gestures down the steps) Come down to the beach with me. (she starts down the steps) Come on, this place is depressing.

(Zuko follows her and the camera pans down to the handprint, left alone on the porch. Cut to wide view of the camera panning down Ember Island Beach. Zuko and Azula are walking side by side toward Mai and Ty Lee. Close shot of Zuko looking toward Mai and then looking away. Close shot of Mai looking angry and a bit sad.)

Mai: Hey... (Interrupted)
Zuko: (close shot of Zuko) Where's your new boyfriend? (Mai turns away angrily. Zuko comes and sits next to her) Are you cold? (he puts his arm around her, but she slaps it away)
Ty Lee: I'm freezing.
Zuko: (close shot of Zuko smiling) I'll make a fire. (The camera pans upward toward the cliffside and then the mansion) There's plenty of stuff to burn in there.

(Cut to close-up shot of Combustion Man's forehead. He growls and the camera zooms out to a full body shot, as he shoots another beam from his forehead. Cut to a shot of the beam flying through a cloud of steam toward some rocks and exploding.

Cut to the Aang and his friends hiding behind a rock, crouched and covering their heads for the explosion. They sit back up.

Sokka: This is crazy! How can we beat a guy who blows things up with his mind?
Aang: (Aang crawls forward) We can. Jump on Appa. I'll try to
distract him.

(Aang runs into the cloud of steam and disappears. The camera pans upward and Aang emerges from the top of the cloud and springs up the cliff face. Another beam explodes next to Aang. Cut to a shot of Aang jumping down the other side of the cliff, the orange cloud from the explosion still behind him. Aang slides down the back of the cliff into a field full of rock pillars.

Cut to a shot of Combustion Man running. Cut back to Aang running through the pillars. He chooses one and hides behind it. Combustion Man slides down the back of the cliff face toward Aang. Cut to a shot of Aang breathing hard, his back to a pillar. The camera pans right as he peeks around the pillar and sees Combustion Man. Combustion Man sees him and stops. He shoots a beam toward Aang. Cut to an above shot. Aang's pillar explodes. He runs toward another one but it also explodes. Cut to another shot of the field of pillars. Aang bounces from pillar to pillar, stopping behind one. He earth bends the pillar toward Combustion Man, but it explodes before hitting him. Another beam is directed toward Aang. In slow motion he bends a wall of air around the explosion and is sent flying backward. Cut to a shot of Aang flying through the night sky. He turns and punches through an on-coming pillar of rocks.

Cut to a wide shot of Combustion man running though the field of pillars. He stops where Aang should have landed and looks around. Cut to a close shot of Combustion Man's forehead. Combustion Man walks by a pillar of rocks. The camera zooms in to reveal Aang is hiding inside the wall of rocks, with only his eyes visible. Combustion Man stops and takes another look at Aang pillar. Aang burtst through covered in rock armor. Cut to wide shot of an explosion and Aang is sent flying into the air. As he falls back downward toward the earth, Appa flies into the shot and picks up Aang. Cut to shot of everyone on Appas back. Katara holds Aang tightly.)

Aang: (out of breath) I'm ok. (Momo jumps on to Aang's back)
Toph: Well, that was random.
Katara: I don't think so. I get the feeling he knows who we are. (looks at Aang)

(Cut to close shot of a fire. Zuko's family portrait is thrown into the flames. The camera closes in on young Zukos picture as it burns to ashes. Cut to shot of Zuko standing over the fire as Ty lee sits nearby.)

Ty Lee: What are you doing?
Zuko: What does it look like I'm doing?

(Cut to above shot of Zuko's legs next to the fire and the burning family portrait. The camera pans upward.)

Ty Lee: But it's a painting of your family.
Zuko: You think I care?
Ty Lee: (voice over) I think you do.
Zuko: You don't know me, so why don't you just mind your own business! (He turns away from her)
Ty Lee: (Close shot of Ty Lee, who looks down and speaks softly) I know you.

(Cut back to shot of Zuko and Ty Lee by the fire)

Zuko: No, you don't. (he waves his arm angrily) You're stuck in your little Ty Lee world, where everything's great all the time.

(Cut to shot of Mai sitting on a rock near the fire. Zuko looks toward her)

Mai: Zuko, leave her alone.
Zuko: (mocking) 'I'm so pretty, look at me. I can walk on my hands, whoo!' (Zuko does a hand stand. Cut to shot of Ty Lee looking sad. Cut back to Zuko who is upside down. He lets himself fall to the sand) Circus freak!

(Cut to shot of Ty Lee beginning to cry and Azula sits in the background)

Azula: (laughs)
Ty Lee: Yes, I'm a circus freak. Go ahead and laugh all you want. (gestures toward Azula, who looks away) You wanna know why I joined the circus?
Azula: Here we go.

(Cut to an above shot of the four teens around the fire)

Ty Lee: Do you have any idea what my home life was like, growing up with six sisters (cut to shot of Ty Lee) who look exactly like me? (she stands up) It was like, I didn't even have my own name. (she falls to the ground crying) I joined the circus because I was scared of spending the rest of my life as part of a matched set. At least, I'm different now. (close shot of teary-eyed Ty Lee) Circus freak is a compliment!
Mai: (sarcastically) Guess that explains why you need 10 boyfriends, too.

(Cut to shot of Ty Lee looking angrily toward Mai and putting her hands on her hips)

Ty Lee: I'm sorry, what?
Mai: Attention issues. You couldn't get enough attention when you were a kid, so (looking downward) you're trying to make up for it now.

(Cut to shot of Ty Lee, who moves closer and closer to Mai with each accusation)

Ty Lee: Well, what's your excuse, Mai? You were an only child for 15 years, but even with all that attention, your aura is this dingy, pasty, gray...

(Cut to shot of Mai and Ty Lee)

Mai: I don't believe in auras.

(The camera pans right, towards Zuko. Zuko stands up)

Zuko: Yeah, you don't believe in anything.

(Cut to close shot of Mai who looks depressed)

Mai: Oh, well, I'm sorry I can't be as high-strung and crazy as the rest of you.

(Cut to over-head shot of the four teens. Zuko walks closer to the fire and Mai.)

Zuko: I'm sorry, too. I wish you would be high-strung and crazy for once, (Close shot of Mai looking away and Zuko standing over her) instead of keeping all your feelings bottled up inside. She just called your aura dingy. Are you gonna take that?
Mai: (Cut to wide shot of the four of them. Mai lays back carelessly on the rock she is sitting on) What do you want from me? You want a teary confession about how hard my childhood was? Well, it wasn't. (close shot of Mai) I was a rich only child who got anything I wanted. As long as I behaved...(cut to shot of the clouds above) and sat still...and didn't speak unless spoken to. (cut to shot of Zuko listening) My mother said I had to keep out of trouble. (Cut to wide shot of the four of them around
the fire)
We had my Dad's political career to think about.
Azula: Well, that's it, then. (close-up shot on Azula) You had a controlling mother who had certain expectations, and if you strayed from them you were shut down. That's why you're afraid to care about anything, and why you can't express yourself.
Mai: (close shot of Mai) You want me to express myself? (she stands and yells) Leave me alone!

(The camera pans right, over the four teens. Cut to shot of Mai's face angry in the foreground and Zuko in the background)

Zuko: I like it when you express yourself. (he reaches for her, but she backs away)
Mai: (yelling)Don't touch me. I'm still mad at you.
Zuko: My life hasn't been that easy, either, Mai. (Mai interrupts him)
Mai: Whatever- that doesn't excuse the way you've been acting.
Ty Lee: Calm down, you guys. (cut to Ty Lee and Azula sitting behind her) This much negative energy is bad for your skin. You'll totally break out.
Zuko: (angrily) Bad skin? (Ty Lee cringes. Cut to shot of Zuko looking toward her) Normal teenagers worry about bad skin. I don't have that luxury. My father decided to teach me a permanent lesson on my face. (Zuko points toward his scar)

(Cut to shot of Azula, Zuko and Ty Lee)

Ty Lee: Sorry, Zuko, I...

(Zuko walks away from them and the camera follows him)

Zuko: For so long, I thought that if my dad accepted me, I'd be happy. I'm back home, now my dad talks to me. Huh, he even thinks I'm a hero. (cut to Azula, who smiles at these words) Everything should be perfect, right (cut to over-head wide shot of the four teens sitting around the fire) I should be happy now, but I'm not. I'm angrier than ever and I don't know why.
Azula: There's a simple question you need to answer then. (she
leans forward)
Who are you angry at?
Zuko: No one, (he looks down) I'm just angry.
Mai: Yeah, who are you angry at, Zuko?
Zuko: Everyone... (he covers his ears in frustration) I don't know.
Azula: Is it Dad?
Zuko: No, no!
Ty Lee: Your uncle?
Azula: Me?

(Cut back to shot of Zuko who shakes his head in frustration)

Zuko: No, no... No, no.
Mai: Then who? Who are you angry at?

(The camera quickly pans right, stopping on Azula)

Azula: (sternly) Answer the question, Zuko.
Ty lee: (pleading) Talk to us.

(Cut to shot of Zuko looking confused and frightened)

Mai: Come on, answer the question.
Azula: Come on, answer it.

(Cut to wide shot of group. For a moment there is silence)

Zuko: (yells suddenly) I'm angry at myself!

(Zuko throws his arms down and the campfire bursts into a column of flame. The girls cover their eyes to protect themselves from the fire. Cut to a close shot of Zuko as wind and embers fly through his blowing hair. The fire burns out and the scene grows dark. Cut to a wide shot of the group)

Azula: Why?

(Cut to shot of Zuko looking out at the sea with Azula sitting behind him)

Zuko: Because I'm confused. Because I'm not sure I know the difference between right and wrong anymore.
Azula: You're pathetic.

(Cut to shot of Zuko. His back is turned toward us as he looks out to sea. Mai approaches him and puts her arm around him.)

Mai: I know one thing I care about... (Cut to shot of Mai smiling at Zuko) I care about you. (Mai and Zuko kiss. Azula claps, causing them to separate and turn toward Azula. The camera pans left to include her.)
Azula: (still clapping slowly) Well, those were wonderful performances, everyone.
Zuko: I guess you wouldn't understand, (pulls Mai to him) would you, Azula (sarcastically) Because you're just so perfect.

Azula: Well, yes, I guess you're right. I don't have sob stories like all of you. I could sit here and complain how our mom liked Zuko more than me, but I don't really care. (Cut to shot of the burning embers left from the fire) My own mother...(cut to shot of the embers reflected in Azula's eyes) thought I was a monster. (cut to Mai and Zuko. Then to Ty Lee, who looks on concerned. Cut back to a wide shot of the whole group, Azula sitting in the center of the shot) She was right, of course, but it still hurt.

Ty Lee: What Lo and Li said came true. The beach did help us learn about ourselves. (Cut to close shot of Ty Lee. She picks up a smooth stone) I feel all smoothed. I'll always remember this.

(Cut back to wide shot of the group.)

Azula: You know what would make this trip
really memorable?

(Close shot of Azula looking devious.

Cut to shot of Chan opening the door of his house. The party is still going on behind him. He looks very confused. Cut to Azula and her companions waiting to be let in.)

Azula: We've got some bad news, Chan.

(The camera zooms in on Zuko's face as he turns toward Chan.)

Zuko: Party's over.

(Cut to an antique vase smashing on the floor. Cut to Zuko kicking a table full of food in half as party-goers run away screaming. Close shot of Chan full of fear. Cut to Mai who throws a knife down a wall cutting five tapestries in half. Cut back to Chan who is still in shock and looks up suddenly. The camera pans upwards to where Ty Lee is crouched in the rafters. She swings down and pulls down two chandeliers which come crashing to the floor. Cut to shot of Chan sobbing with Azula standing behind him. Her arms crossed and she looks pleased. Cut to a final blurred shot of Azula, Ty Lee, Mai and Zuko linked arm in arm very pleased with themselves. A wall of flame right behind them.)

[End Credits]

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