Transcript for 309 - Nightmares and Daydreams
Nightmares and Daydreams
Written By: John O'Bryan
Directed By: Ethan Spaulding
Storyboard By: Oreste Canestrelli, Miyuki Hoshikawa. Dean Kelly, Sang Jin Kim, Ethan Spaulding, Tomihiro Yamaguchi
Animation By: Moi Animation
Transcribers: Avatar_Mom, The Quenchiest

["Previously on Avatar" includes clips from "The Awakening", "The Beach", "The Library", and "The Earth King".]

Act I

(After the preview, the camera pans upward over a field of sleeping Koala-Sheep. Appa, Aang, Sokka, Katara, Toph and Momo come into the scene through a large hedge. Cut to closer shot of Sokka and his friends.)

Sokka: (looking at a map) This is it, the official rendezvous point for the invasion force.

(Camera pans over mountains and fields of Koala-Sheep)

Toph: How did you pick this place?
Sokka: Before we split up, my dad and I found this island on a map. It's
uninhabited, and the harbor (cut to aerial shot of the cliff face) surrounded by cliffs seemed like the perfect secluded place.
Katara: (cut to close-up ground level shot of the gang preparing for bed) Nice choice Sokka. And we're here four days ahead of schedule.
Aang: (shocked) Wait, (shoots out of bed and high into the air) four days! (close up of Aang's horrified face) The invasion's in four days!
Sokka: (close shot of the inside of Sokka's mouth, which pan's out to reveal him yawning) Whatever. (nonchalant) That's like... four days from now. (lays back onto his mat) Let's just calm down, and ... (snore)

(Cut to Sokka sleeping in the fore ground. Katara and Aang are in the background)

Katara: Sokka's got the right idea Aang. We're here, we're ready... (lays down on her mat) the best thing we can do now is get plenty of rest.

(close-up shot of Aang.)

Aang: Uh.. (looks around frantically but everyone seems to be asleep) I guess.

(Aang curls up on the grass. The camera zooms in on his face and the scene fades to black)

(The scene fade back in with a close shot of a large ornate Fire Nation symbol, it pans backward quickly, revealing that it is a large, ornate and intimidating door. The door busts open, revealing a boy with large hair, a headband and a yellow/orange jump suit with his back to us. He enters the room with a series of dramatic gestures. It is revealed that it is actually Aang who is in this strange garb. Aang takes an intense jump on to a rock tower. Cut to wider shot of Aang standing on the rock tower surrounded by floating broken pillars.)

Aang: (continually making a series of comically fast and dramatic ninja-like moves during this speech) Your days of tyranny are over Fire Lord. I'm bringing you down!

(Cut to close shot of an elaborately dressed Fire Lord with Kabuki-like facial features. He is about to take a bite of a bundle of grapes, but stops and looks down at who ever is disturbing him. The camera pans out quickly to reveal he is actually a giant when compared to Aang and surrounded by a pit of fire.)

Fire Lord Ozai: Really, (bends his giant face close to Aang's) how do you plan on doing that (cut to Aang's horrified face) when you're not even wearing pants!

(Aang looks down to discover this is true and screams. He quickly covers himself with a fuzzy white water tribe shield pulled out of thin air. The camera pans out to a larger shot of Aang shaking with embarrassment. Suddenly, giant eyes begin to appear all around him. The eye's close and disappear back into the walls. Cut to shot of the giant Fire Lord laughing as Aang slowly backs out the door. The Fire Lord raises his arms to the ceiling, while surrounded by flames, laughing heartily.)

Aang: (cut to shot of Aang waking up startled) Uah! (Aang feels all around to make sure he is wearing pants, and then sighs with relief. Momo approaches him) It was just a dream Momo, I still have my pants. (cut to wide ground shot of Aang getting up) Well, I better keep training.

(Close shot of Aang with an extremely intense look on his face. The camera pans out to reveal he is kicking a bush. Wide shot of Momo looking on at Aang kicking the bush. Momo's ears go down in a gesture of displeasure and he curls up for sleep.)

(Cut to wide shot of an elaborate Fire Nation palace. Cut to shot of servants carrying a robe, which is placed around and buttoned onto Prince Zuko.)

1st Servant: (a servant steps forward with a bowl) Fresh fruit, Prince Zuko? (Zuko gestures him away)
2nd Servant: (eagerly) May I wash your feet, sir? (Zuko again gestures a decline)
1st Servant: Head massage? (Zuko looks away)
2nd Servant: (close shot of some neatly bundled and steaming towels) Hot towel?

(Zuko looks at this option a little longer, sighs and then picks up a towel, rubs his face and places it back on the plate of towels. The servant bows and smiles. Aerial shot of large elaborate gate opening as prince Zuko walks through. He is greeting by a large crowd of admirers and giggling females. Cut to shot of Zuko looking pleased. Cut to shot of a large, awkward looking girl. She gets overly excited by Zuko's entrance and must be restrained by the guards. Cut back to shot of Zuko, who is approached from behind by some servants carrying a beautiful and elaborate Palanquin.)

Palanquin Servant: Prince Zuko, is something wrong? You didn't take the palanquin.
Zuko: I'm just going to Mai's house, it's not far.
Palanquin Servant: It's not a Prince's place to walk anywhere, sir.

(Cut to close shot of a pensive Zuko, looking across the courtyard and then back at the Palanquin. He smirks and approaches the Palanquin. Cut to a wide shot of the Palanquin being carried a comically short distance to Mai's large residence. Cut to shot of Zuko sitting inside. He pulls back the curtain and smiles at Mai, who waves from a large ornate doorway.)

(Cut to shot of the top of a tree shaking. The camera pans down to reveal a shirtless Aang punching the tree. Cut to close shot of Aang looking extremely intense and concentrated on this task. Cut to a shot of the others slowly waking up from the sound of the punching. Katara, looking drowsy turns, toward Sokka. Sokka shrugs and Katara gets up. She approaches a very fierce looking Aang from behind.)

Katara: Hey, how long have you been up?
Aang: A couple hours. (Aang circles the tree, doing some fancy footwork and varying the type of punches) I got a lot more skills to refine if I'm going to fight Ozai.
Katara: (close shot of Aang, very out of breath) You know there is such a thing as over-training.

(Aang gives a final extremely hard punch, which reverberates through his body in a comedic fashion. He falls backward, stuck in his punching position. After a pause, the all the leaves fall from the tree at once. Cut to shot of Katara looking on in disbelieve. Sokka's and Toph's heads pop out from behind her. Cut to close sot of Aang, eyes wide, with gray bags under them. He holds up his hands in a defensive pose. Leaves fly from his body.)

Aang: You don't get it, do you? (Aang circles Katara, who looks half frightened half amused, as Aang does a variety of air punches and defensive maneuvers) My form is bad. I'm sloppy. And I still don't know any firebending, not even the basics.

(Aang's eye twitches. Cut to shot of Katara, moving Aang's hand away from her face with a worried smile. Cut to shot of Sokka relaxing on the grass looking at his map.)

Sokka: That's okay Aang. The eclipse will block all firebending anyway, you don't need to know any. (he looks toward Aang) Plus it's a stupid element.
Aang: Okay, (raises his arms and then begins a series of comic and sloppy attempts at chops, punches and kicks) well, I still have to work on everything else. I'd better spend the whole day training.

(Aang bows quickly toward everyone and then creates an air ball and rides away on it. Cut to Sokka looking worried and then hiding his face behind the map. Toph sits bored in the background, totally unaffected by everything that has gone on that morning.)

(Cut to night. Aang slinks back to camp in a zombie like fashion. He turns to the camera, gives a long yawn and falls back onto the ground.)

Aang: (wide shot of the group on the cliffside) Good night Katara. Good night Sokka. Good night Toph. Good night Appa. Good night Momo. Good night Appa and Momo.

(A large speech bubble emerges with a very angry chibi Toph inside.)

Toph: (yelling) Go to sleep already!

(Cut to Aang cringing, and then laying back relaxed. His eyes slowly close and the camera pans upward into darkness.)

(Cut to shot of Aang busting through the same large Fire Nation door from his previous dream. He is again dressed in odd clothing. This time he has chains, a high collared yellow vest, a headband, boots and spiky hair. He snaps, and dramatic fog enters through the doors. He runs through the room and jumps to the rock tower opposite the fire lord.)

Aang: (He points coolly) Your days of tyranny are over Fire Lord. I'm bringing you down... and this time I brought pants. (The camera pans down to reveal the chains are meant to lock on the pants)
Fire Lord Ozai: (Cut to very close shot of the Fire Lord) So it seems. (He stands up and a giant abacus falls from the ceiling) But are you prepared for your mathematics test?
Aang: (close shot of Aang in a panic) Math test?! Oh no! (he turns toward the camera) I forgot all about the math test! (Aang falls through the air yelling, and is crushed between the giant abacus beads. He wakes up startled, sweat dripping from his brow.) I've got to be ready!

(Aang gets up and walks away. Cut to shot of Aang circling some sleeping Koala-Sheep, practicing various defensive moves. Katara approaches.)

Katara: Aang, it's the middle of the night. You need to go back to sleep.
Aang: (ground level shot of Aang looking wild and still concentrated on the Koala-Sheep) But I forgot my pants and my math test.
Katara: (Katara sighs, and then breathes in deeply, she moves forward and grabs Aang's shoulders. Aang's very bloodshot eyes turn toward her) Aang, sleep. Please...for me.

(Shot of Aang looking confused and rubbing his eyes. Katara leads him back toward their camp. A Koala-Sheep bleats after them.

Cut to very wide aerial shot of the Fire Nation Palace and it's surroundings area. Cut to shot of Zuko and Mai lying down together on an ornate couch.)

Zuko: Tell me, if you can have anything you wanted right now, what would it be?
Mai: Hmm. A big fancy fruit tart, with rose petals on top.
Zuko: (cut to close up shot of Zuko and Mai) You know, being a prince and all, I might just be able to make that happen.
Mai: (giggles) That would be impressive.

(Shot of two fire nation servants in a curtained doorway. The back of the couch lies in the center of the scene. Zuko and Mai sit up come into view.)

Zuko: Do you think (the guards turn towards the couple and bow) you can find a fresh fruit tart for the lady, with rose petals on top.
Royal Servant: (shot of the two guards bowing) Excellent choice, sir.
Mai: (close shot of Zuko and Mai. The camera begins to pan out slowly) I guess there are some perks that come with being royalty. (they lie back down) Though, there is annoying stuff too, like that all-day war meeting coming up.
Zuko: (Zuko sits up completely, surprised, and turns toward Mai, who is also surprised) War meeting? What are you talking about?
Mai: Azula mentioned something, (Zuko turns away and looks down. Cut to close shot of Mai speaking to a disgruntled Zuko) I assumed you were going too.
Zuko: (closes his eyes and turns away) I guess I wasn't invited.

(Aerial shot of the rendezvous point where Aang and the others are staying. Cut to a close up shot of Aang asleep on the grass.)

Fire Lord Ozai: Wake up Aang. (Aang's eyes begin to open. Cut to an out of focus swaying shot of the Fire Lord standing over Aang Wake up sleepy-head. Rise and shine. You over-slept. (The Fire Lord bends in close, and then even closer) You missed the invasion.

(He laughs and then the shot pans out to reveal he is riding on a flying hippo pig. The creature breaths fire and flies skywards as the Fire Lord laughs menacingly. Cut to shot of Aang waking up in a panic. He turns to Sokka who is still sound asleep and shakes him vigorously.)

Aang: Sokka get up! I need to know what day it is! (Aang pulls on Sokka's eyelids and lips in a comedic fashion.)
Sokka: What?! (jumps up) Who's talking?! (Sokka thrusts forward with his sword, but hits a rock head-on before he can complete his swing. He falls back on to his sleeping mat, his body stiff, frozen in the swinging position)
Toph: (cut to Toph sitting up, Katara visible in the background) Relax, it's still two days before the invasion.
Aang: (cut to Aang hopping around the sleepy Sokka, tugging on various limbs) Sokka, you've got to get up and drill your rock climbing exercises.
Sokka: What?
Aang: (cut to close shot of Aang, looking unfocused and tired. He makes overly large comedic gestures during his speech and often looks confused) In one of my dreams, you were running from fire nation soldiers, trying to climb this cliff, but you (cut to close shot of Sokka looking disgruntled) were too slow and they got you. (Sokka springs up to stand before Aang)
Sokka: But that was just a dream, (points at Aang) I'm a great climber.

(Cut to shot of Aang and Sokka standing at the bottom of a cliff.)

Aang: (points upward) Then climb that cliff. Climb it fast!

(The camera pans upward to reveal the cliff is quite large and steep. The camera pans back down to show Sokka looking up at the cliff summit, looking back at Aang and then pointing to himself. Aang nods and Sokka slinks off toward the cliff. Cut to close shot of Sokka beginning to climb.)

Sokka: (annoyed) Stupid Avatar. Stupid cliff. Stupid dream! I can climb fast!

(Aang looks pleased and relieved at Sokka's climbing. Suddenly he turns around to Katara and Toph. Toph has just put her lips to a satchel of water.)

Aang: (Yells, causing Sokka to startle and slip down the cliff face) Don't drink that!

(Cut to shot of Toph and Katara sitting. Toph throws away the satchel and spits the water all over Katara, who is disgusted.)

Toph: (perturbed) Why, is it poisoned? (an annoyed Katara water bends the water off herself)

(Cut to Aang approaching the girls. His eyes are crossed.)

Aang: In my dream, we were right in the middle of the invasion, and you had to stop to use the bathroom. We died because of your tiny bladder. (Aang
mimics holding his bladder)
And you (addressing Katara) need to start wearing your hair up. (Aang gestures his hair and then starts pulling and stretching his forehead) In my dream, your hair got caught in a train, and...
Katara: (cut to Katara holding Aang's cheek) Aang, I know you're just trying to help. But you really need to get a grip. You're unraveling.

(The camera pans in on Aang who looks around unsettled. He looks extremely tired and has dark circles under his eyes. Aang lets out a sigh.)

Aang: You're right. I'm losing my mind.

(The camera pans over to Sokka, who is nearly to the top of the cliff. He suddenly slides down.)

Sokka: Ahhh!

Act II

(The scene opens with the sun beating down. Cut to a extreme close up of Aang's twitching eye.)

Aang: It's like every time I think about how stressed I am, (Cut to shot of Aang twittering his fingers in a nervous fashion) I just end up more stressed. (Cut to wide shot of Aang pacing back and forth. His friends sit in the background. They are absorbed in their own tasks and seem to be ignoring Aang's ravings) I'm like a big, growing snowball of nerves.
Sokka: (turning toward Aang) Of course you are. That's 'cause you've got to fight the Fire Lord, (extreme close shot of Aang's horrified face) the baddest man on the planet. And you better win, or we're all done for. (The camera pans left to reveal an angry Katara standing up and turning to Sokka)
Katara: Sokka, you're not helping!
Sokka: (standing up) What? It's true. That's the deal, he knows it. (Katara pushes Sokka to a sitting position angrily)

(Cut to close shot of Katara looking on at Aang worried. Cut to shot of Aang shaking and chattering with fear. Katara approaches him.)

Katara: You know what? I've got just the thing. (places her arms on Aang's shoulders, smiling) Get ready to be "de-stress-i-fied". (Cut to wide shot of the outside of a steaming crater. Cut to shot of Aang and Katara standing beside the steaming water inside the crater) These yoga stretches can really work wonders if you do them in extreme heat. Reach up. (Aang and Katara reach upward) Reach for the sun. (Aang and Katara sway from side to side) Feel your chi paths clearing. (They bend over and touch their heads to the ground) Now close your eyes. How are you feeling?
Aang: (cut to close up shot of Aang upside down. The camera spins and pans inward, in a dizzying motion) I feel...really warm.
Katara: Good, good. Go on.
Aang: Like there's the warm feeling all around me. This heat... like I'm in the Fire Lord's palace, and he's shooting a bunch of fire balls at me. And the whole world is being engulfed in flames. (flames shoot across the scene and spiral inward. There is a flash. Cut to Aang rolling out of the yoga position and on to his back. Katara looks up and the tired and out of breath Aang)
Katara: Maybe your stress is the kind you need to talk out.

(Cut to shot of clear blue skies and the green fields of the cliff face. Cut to closer shot of Aang laying his head on a Koala-Sheep. Sokka sits beside him dawning the 'Wang Fire' beard. His elbows are propped up on a Koala-Sheep. He looks pensive.)

Sokka: (speaking in a mocking, old man sounding, psychiatric tone) Why don't you get right down to business and tell me what's been bothering you.
Aang: (close aerial shot of Aang looking disgruntled) You know what's bothering me. I have to fight the Fire Lord in a few days.

(Cut to close shot of Sokka.)

Sokka: Mhm. (nods and gestures toward Aang) Tell me more about this, 'Fire Lord.' Why are you so afraid of him?
Aang: (The camera pans over a wider aerial shot of Aang, Sokka and the Koala-Sheep) You said it yourself. He's the baddest man on the planet. I'm supposed to defeat him and save the world.
Sokka: Hmm. (close shot of Sokka with his eyes closed and nodding deeply) Life does feel that way some times, doesn't it? (cut back to shot of Aang, now getting frustrated) Like we're all trying to save the world from evil.
Aang: Okay, but what can I do to feel better?
Sokka: Want to try screaming into this pillow?

(Close shot of Aang being presented with a fluffy Koala-Sheep. Aang screams into it and the Koala-Sheep bleats comically. Sokka scratches his head and then gives Aang the thumbs up sign and nods. Aang shakes his head indicating the negative.

Cut to an up close shot of some long black hair in a pool of water. An ornate gold comb brushes though the hair. The camera pans right to reveal that it is Azula's hair that's being combed. Cut to wide shot of the ornate palace room. Zuko approaches Azula.)

Azula: Hello Zu-zu. If you've come for a royal hair combing, I'm afraid you'll have to wait.

(Cut to close shot of Zuko standing over Azula.)

Zuko: So I guess there's a big war meeting coming up, huh. And apparently I'm not welcome there.
Azula: What do you mean? Of course you're welcome there.
Zuko: (close shot of Zuko, perturbed) Oh yeah? I guess that's why no one bothered to tell me about it.

(Cut to close shot of Azula and the two maids brushing her hair. Azula eyes Zuko.)

Azula: Oh Zuko, don't be so dramatic. I'm certain Dad wants you there. You probably weren't invited, because it's so obvious that you're supposed to be there.
Zuko: (close up on Zuko, questioning) Well, were you invited?
Azula: (close shot of Azula, looking smug) Of course. I'm the Princess.
Zuko: (annoyed) And I'm the Prince!
Azula: Exactly, so stop acting (gestures) like a paranoid child. (close up shot of Zuko looking annoyed) Just go to the meeting.
Zuko: Forget it, I'm not going.

(Zuko walks out of the room. Cut to a shot of Aang laying on a bed of pillar shaped rocks with his eyes closed. Toph stands next to him.)

Toph: Alright, what you need is a good old fashioned back poundin' to relieve your stress.
Aang: Pound away. (Toph begins to stomp her feet causing the pillars to pummel Aang) Ahh! Ow! Uh! Toph! (close shot of Aang in serious pain) I ... think ... this ... is ... bruising ... me! (Toph stops and Aang falls off the bed of rock pillars)
Toph: Sorry, I forgot you have baby skin. (close shot of Toph looking pensive) Well, there's one other thing we can try... (Toph stomps and a porcupine flies into her hand from a nearby bush. It uncurls and bears its needles. Toph gives a large grin) acupuncture!
Aang: (Aang looks at the porcupine, screams and runs away) Ahhhh!

(Cut to shot of Zuko looking out an open window. Mai approaches him from behind.)

Mai: Zuko, it's just a dumb meeting. Who cares?
Zuko: I don't.

(Close up shot of Mai talking to Zuko, while Zuko still looks out into the distance.)

Mai: Well good. You shouldn't. Why would you even want to go? (Cut to shot of Zuko and Mai standing in the window, the Fire Nation Palace before them. Mai puts her arm around Zuko) Just think about how things went to the last war meeting you went to.
Zuko: (sighs)I know.
Mai: (cut to shot of Mai, circling Zuko, attempting to distract him) You know what will make you feel better? Ordering some servants around! I might be hungry for a whole tray of fruit tarts! And maybe a little palanquin ride around town... Double time!

(Zuko looks away from Mai. Mai backs away from him, looking worried.

Cut to shot wide shot of Appa and the others at their camp. Cut to close shot of Aang sitting in a curled up position, looking sickly.)

Aang: Thanks for everything guys.
Katara: (Cut to shot of Katara and the others looking toward Aang with smiles) So do you feel less stressed? Ready for a good night sleep?
Aang: (close shot of Aang looking confused) Uhh...I kinda think I sorta might ... slightly feel a little better ... maybe.
Sokka: (cut to shot of Sokka) Then our work here is done.

(Sokka yawns, stretches and falls back onto his sleeping mat. The others do the same. Aang is the only one left awake and alone. Aang lays back and closes his eyes and the scene fades to black.)

(Cut to a red hued scene of Aang flying Appa through a huge storm. Some giant arms swing at him but he dodges them. It is revealed to be a giant Momo that is attacking them. Momo grabs Appa and Aang. Cut to shot of Aang breaking through cement in front of the Fire Nation Castle. Aang is transported to the front steps, through the door and down some hallways in a choppy dream-like horror sequence. Cut to close up shot of Aang's eye. A creepy image of Toph flashes in his pupil. Cut to shot of the creepy Toph, she floats close to him and her hair blows out of her face to reveal that she has no eyes! Cut to shot of Toph falling through the floor and Aang looking scared.

Cut to shot of Sokka running though a tunnel. Some gooey tentacles reach for him, he struggles but they swallow him up. Cut to a close up shot of a scared Katara. Fire flashes in her eyes. Fire surrounds her. Aang attempts to save her but is bound at his feet by ice. The ice crawls up his whole body leaving him frozen. Cut to shot of Aang frozen on an ice cliff. A large fire in the shape of the fire lord looms over him, cackling madly. It bites at Aang causing him to melt and he falls into a deep abyss and then into a pool of water.

The scene flips upside down and Aang swims upward only to discover he is trapped under ice. He pounds at the ice as Prince Zuko stands over him motionless. Sozin's comet flies by Zuko's head in the background. Cut to close shot of the comet. Cut to close shot of Aang holding his breath under the ice. Cut to close shot of the comet speeding downward. Cut to close shot of Momo. Momo holds his finger to his lips and whispers 'Shhh'. Cut to shot of Aang floating and overlooking a beautiful valley. Suddenly, the comet hits the valley, turning everything to black and gray. The scene fades to white and then comes back and the Valley is now nothing but fire and lava. )

(Cut to scene of Aang waking up and screaming. He continues to scream. Cut to shot of everyone waking up. Cut to shot of Appa jumping with fright, causing Momo to fall off his back. Katara, Toph and Sokka rush over.)

Katara: (worried) What happened Aang?
Aang: (Aang turns away from his friends and slumps over, bowing his head to the ground) It's the nightmares. They just get worse and worse.
Sokka: (cut to close shot of Sokka) Looks like it's time for... (he spins around and now dons the 'Wang Fire' beard) another therapy session.
Aang: (Aang looks up at him, disgusted and then turns around and speaks angrily) No, that won't help. Nothing helps. (close shot of Aang looking determined) There's only one thing I can do. I'm going to stay awake straight through to the invasion.

(Aang twitches, and the camera pans up to see Katara's shocked face and Sokka's beard fall off. Toph seems to find this amusing.)


(The scene opens with Katara stretching on a scenic cliff above the ocean. Aang stumbles into the scene in a zombie like trance and nearly stumbles.)

Aang: Invasion. All aboard for the invasion.
Katara: You don't look so good. (approaches Aang) You sure you can't just lie down for a little nap?
Aang: (cut to close up shot of Aang turning towards Katara) I told you, I can't go back to sleep.

(Cut to wide shot of the two of them, a scenic sunset on the ocean is in the background.)

Katara: Aang, staying up can't be good for you.
Aang: Actually staying up all night has given me some time to think. (Aang walks toward the ocean, Katara follows him) And I've realized some big things Katara.
Katara: (close up shot of Katara) What big things?
Aang: (looking out into the sunset) I see everything so clearly now... what really matters. Why I'm really doing this. I'm doing it to save the world, (turns toward Katara) but more than that. I'm doing it for the people I love. (close up shot of Aang stepping right up to Katara) I'm doing it for you Katara.
Katara: Aang, what are you saying?
Aang: I'm saying...I love you.

(Aang kisses Katara. Katara looks shocked, then smiles and kisses Aang back, throwing her arms around him. Cut to a wide shot of the two of them kissing in the sunset. Cut to close up shot of the kiss. They pull apart.)

Katara: What are we doing?
Aang: What our hearts (lifts arms into the air in a grand gesture) have been telling us to do for a long, long time. Baby, (swings Katara on to her back and goes in for another kiss) you're my forever girl.

(Close up shot of Aang with comically huge, puffy and drool strewn lips making a kiss face.)

Katara: Aang?
Aang: Huh?

(The scene pans out to reveal Aang is holding and kissing air. Katara is standing behind him looking at him strangely.)

Katara: I was just saying you should take a nap.
Aang: Oh, (straightens up and faces Katara) I guess I kinda drifted off into a day-dream.
Katara: What was your dream about?
Aang: (looks embarrassed) Uhh, living under water?
Katara: (looks skeptical, then smiles) Sounds neat.
Aang: (close up shot of Aang breathing a sigh of relief) Heh. Phew.

(Cut to an outside wide shot of Mai's House. Cut to close up shot of Prince Zuko. The camera pans out to reveal he is laying on the couch. Mai sits next to him pouring tea. A servant enters.)

Messenger: Prince Zuko, (bows to the ground) everyone's waiting for you.
Zuko: (Zuko and Mai approach him) What?
Messenger: The high admirals, high generals, the war ministers, and the princess have all arrived. (close up shot of the messenger raising his head to Zuko) You're the only person missing.
Zuko: (close up shot of Zuko and Mai. Mai is smiling) So, my dad wants me at the meeting?
Royal Messenger: The Fire Lord said he would not start until you arrived, sir. (bows his head again)

(Zuko smiles and looks towards Mai, still smiling. Cut to shot of Aang hiding in the bushes. He jumps out, does a somersault and hides against a rock. He pops out from behind the rock.)

Aang: Put 'em up, Fire Lord.

(Cut to shot of Sokka's noodle Ozai picture and a red target fastened to a tree. Aang shoots a kick of Air at it and misses, knocking Sokka to the ground.)

Sokka: Hey, I'm trying to build Appa some armor here so he doesn't have to go into the invasion naked. He's your bison ...
Aang: (close up shot of Aang, his arm reached out in front of him at some imaginary enemy) Ozai's defense is impeccable. I'll have to try a different approach. (Aang jumps up into the air with a yell and beings to shoot balls of air down at the noodle Ozai. All 4 shots miss.) You think you're untouchable, don't you Mr. Fire Lord.

(Aang approaches the noodle drawing but a strange voice speaks from behind him)

Voice: Boy, you are really starting to lose it kid.

(Aang turns around to see Momo sitting there on a rock.)

Aang: Momo, did you hear something.

(Aang turns back around, but the voice comes again.)

Momo: No, but I said something.
Aang: Uhh. (Aang bends in toward Momo looking very confused. Cut to close shot of Momo)
Momo: You my friend are just a few plumbs short of a fruit pie.

(Cut to close up shot of Aang looking at Momo in disbelief. He backs away and shakes his head vigorously. He covers his eyes and then peeks through them. Momo is speaking in his normal animal language again.)

Aang: That's more like it. (pets Momo) I'm so tired, that for a second there I imagined you were talking to me. (Momo cocks his head to one side as if he is confused) Oh, Momo... let me explain.

(Cut to shot of Aang attempting to speak Momo's animal language. Toph, Katara and Sokka stand in the background looking very confused and worried. Momo and Aang seem to be carrying on their own private conversation. Aang even laughs a few times.)

Katara: Aang (Aang and Momo look up in surprise. Cut to shot of Katara.) We're all starting to get a little worried about you.
Sokka: (camera pans right to Sokka) You've been awake too long.
Toph: (camera pans right to Toph) And you're acting downright weird.
Appa: (camera pans right to Appa, who is standing on his hind legs like a human and pointing his finger as if to give a lecture) You've got to take care of yourself. You can't go on like this.
Aang: Uhh. (bows his head, frustrated, and then lifts his finger to make a point. Cut to wide scene of Aang talking to everyone. Appa is still standing there like a human) I appreciate what you guys are saying. But the stress and the nightmares, they were too much. Staying awake is the best way for me to deal with it.
Momo: (Momo stands up and points his finger at Appa) Yeah, leave the kid alone.
Appa: (Appa points back down at Momo, looking Angry) Hey, who asked you?

(Wide shot of Aang and Momo snarling at one another)

Aang: Guys...come on.
Appa: (Close up shot of Appa looking angry) No! I'm sick of this guy always mouthing off, (Cut to shot of Momo who is very mad and telling me what to do.
Aang: Oh, you don't like i? Well let's go right now.

(Cut to close up shot of Aang running up to Sokka and grabbing on to his shirt collar.)

Aang: Sokka, what should we do?
Sokka: About what?
Aang: About that! (turns toward Appa and Momo)

(Cut to shot of Momo dressed in Samurai garb. Momo scratches his cheek. Cut to shot of Appa in full Samurai outfit. He looks intense and holds three swords. Appa draws his swords. Cut to close shot of Momo looking intense. Momo draws his swords. Cut to Appa rushing with swords out toward Momo. Cut to Momo screeching and rushing, with his sword out toward, Appa. They meet in the middle, there swords pressed together in a battle of strength. Cut to shot of a crowd of cheering Koala-Sheep.)

Koala Sheep: Appa! Appa! Appa!

(Cut to another crowd of cheering Koala-Sheep on the opposite side.)

Koala Sheep: Momo! Momo! Momo!

(Cut to shot of Momo peering behind him at Appa, both are ready for the next attack, swords drawn. Appa draws his many swords and suddenly turns into a giant tornado! He spins towards Momo. Momo is able to defend his attacks. Cut to shot of Aang walking up to the scene, looking confused and worried.)

Aang: Come on guys, (cut to shot of Momo and Appa fighting with a ring of Koala-Sheep cheering around them. Aang stands outside the ring trying to get everyone's attention) we're all on the same side!

(A multi-armed Guru Pathik floats into the scene on a cloud. He is playing a sitar-like instrument and singing merrily, while Appa and Momo continue their sword fight in the background. Aang stands before it all in disbelief.)

Guru Pathik: Chakras, chakras, everybody loves chakras! (Cut to close shot of the Guru. A golden light surrounds his head. He bends in towards the camera and licks his lips) Chakras, chakras... chakra sandwich tastes good, yum!

(Cut to shot of Appa and Momo in some very intense fighting. Cut to close up shot of the Koala-Sheep cheering them on.)

Koala Sheep: Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!

(Cut to close up shot of Aang's confused eyes. Cut to a wider shot of the forest. Suddenly some snake-like lines of rocks move on their own towards the field. Aang looks down at the rock snakes confused. One of them circles around him and then drifts away.)

Aang: Huh? Huh!

(Cut to shot of the crowd of Koala-Sheep cheering.)

Koala Sheep: Yay! Yay! Yay!

(Cut to shot of the tree Aang used earlier for target practice. It still has Sokka's noodle Ozai on the face. It also wears a red target apron. It has taken on human like limbs and shape and begins to dance around and throw some punches. Cut to wide shot of the entire scene. Appa and Momo still fight in the background. The rock snakes have risen up into slithering pillars. Aang is surrounded by a ring of rocks and a ring of cheering Koala-Sheep. Cut to close shot of Aang looking panicked.)

Aang: (yelling) I just need a jump in a cold waterfall.

(Aang screams and runs out of the scene into the forest.

Cut to shot of the Fire Nation Palace. Cut to shot of Zuko exiting the war meeting. A few Men and women are chatting outside in the background, Azula among them. Cut to shot of Mai leaning on a pillar. Zuko enters the scene and she follows him.)

Mai: So, how did it go?
Zuko: When I got to the meeting, everyone welcomed me. (cut to close up shot of Zuko) My father had saved me a seat. He wanted me next to him. (cut to wider shot of Zuko and Mai walking) I was literally at his right hand.
Mai: Zuko, that's wonderful. (grabs on to him) You must be happy?

(Zuko and Mai pause at the end of the hallway. The camera pans upward to a large ornate picture of Ozai, who is made to look incredibly powerful. Cut to shot of Zuko looking up at this picture and Mai looking concerned at him.)

Zuko: During the meeting, I was the perfect prince. (close up shot of Ozai's face in the picture) The son my father wanted. But I wasn't me. (close up shot of Zuko, he bows his head. Cut wide shot of them standing in the wide empty palace hallway.)

(Cut to shot of the rendezvous point at nighttime. Cut to shot of Aang walking, suddenly he is engulfed in a cloud of mist. In the middle of the mist is a large fluffy white pad. Aang approaches it. He comically pops around all sides of the pad, feeling and inspecting it's fluffiness. Cut to close shot of Aang, his cheek pressed to the fluffy pad. He looks at it very skeptically.)

Aang: Oh look, another hallucination. An imaginary bed, made out of clouds.

(The camera pans sideways to reveal Toph, Katara and Sokka standing there, observing Aang.)

Toph: Hey! It's real! We spent hours working on it.
Sokka: We made it for you. (the camera pans further right to reveal a herd of recently shaved and shivering Koala-Sheep.) A good night sleep will probably take the crazy away... we hope.

(Cut to shot of Aang crouched defensively on the fluffy white bed of Koala-Sheep wool. He hops off and approaches his friends.)

Aang: Look, you guys keep telling me I need to sleep, but I can't, the invasion's tomorrow.
Katara: (imploringly) Aang...
Aang: (determined) No Katara, there's still so much I haven't learned. I don't need sleep. What I need is practice. Quick, hit me. (raises his fists in a feeble attempt)
Katara: I'm not going to hit you.
Toph: (eager)You want me to do it?
Katara: Listen to me, (grabs Aang's shoulder) you've been training for this since the day we've met. I've seen your progress. You're smart, brave, and strong enough.
Aang: (close shot of Aang turning to Katara) You really think so?
Sokka: (cut to Toph and Sokka. Sokka's arms open) We all do. You can do this. You're ready.
Toph: You're the man, (points at Aang) Twinkle-toes.
Aang: Thanks guys. (close shot of Aang smiling. He yawns and Katara helps him onto the fluffy Koala-Sheep wool bed.) You know what? I think I am ready.

(The camera pans upward to black. Cut to shot of Aang breaking through the same dream door to the Fire Lord's palace. He is in yet another set of unusual yellow/orange clothing. This time he has long hair and a samurai sword. He flies into the room sword first. A giant Fire Lord stands in the fire pit as before, although this Fire Lords features are much more similar to Ozai's.)

Aang: (standing on the ledge below the Fire Lord) Your days of tyranny are over, Fire Lord.
Fire Lord Ozai: (cut to close shot of the Fire Lord) Really? You're going to take me out? You're not even wearing pants. (smiles menacingly)
Aang: (smiles slyly) No Fire Lord Ozai, (raises his sword) you're not wearing pants.
Fire Lord Ozai: (Ozai looks down and screams in surprise) No! (he covers himself with a fluffy fire nation shield) My royal parts are showing!

(Cut to shot of the floating Fire Nation dream castle. Cut to shot of Aang smiling in his bed of Koala-Sheep wool surrounded by mist. The scene fades to white.)

[End Credits]

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