Transcript for 310 - The Day of Black Sun, Part 1: The Invasion
The Day of Black Sun, Part 1: The Invasion
Written By: Michael Dante DiMartino
Directed By: Giancarlo Volpe
Storyboard By: Michael Chang, Michael Dante DiMartino, Juan Meza-Leon, Yu Jae Myoung, Bobby Rubio, Giancarlo Volpe
Animation By: JM Animation Co, Ltd
Transcriber: Icy_Ashford

["Previously on Avatar" sequence, including clips from "The Awakening", "Sokka's Master", "Nightmares and Daydreams" and "The Avatar and The Firelord".]

Act I

(The episode opens up to a crescent-shaped port on the island previously seen on >Nightmares and Daydreams. Cut to a shot of 3 maps overlapping one another, 2 of them are maps of the Fire Nation while the other is a map of the World. Cut to a shot of Sokka in his Water Tribe gear studying the maps with intense concentration and wiping perspiration off his forehead. A hand wearing wrist guards holding a cup appears on screen in front of Sokka and proceeds to place the cup into his hands. Camera zooms out to reveal Katara being the owner of the hand and she's donned Water Tribe gear as well. Appa is seen sleeping in the background while Toph is resting on a nearby rock in her Season 2 outfit with Momo resting at her feet. Aang jumps out and lands beside her.)

Aang: (Momo scurries to his shoulder) Top of the morning, Momo!
Katara: Sounds like you slept well.
Aang: Like a baby mooselion. I'm ready (in an attacking position) to face the Fire Lord.
Toph: So what's your strategy for taking him down? Going to get your glow on (her fingers flutter in front of her eyes) and hit him (punches the air repeatedly) with a little Avatar State action?

(Cut to a close-up shot of Aang looking down dejectedly)

Aang: I can't. When Azula shot me with lightning, my 7th chakra was locked, cutting off my connection to all the cosmic energy in the Universe.
Toph: You know what I just? heard Blah blah spiritual mumbo jumbo blah blah something about Space.

(Camera pans out to reveal something foggy near the horizon)

Katara: Oh no. Sokka, do you think the fog will delay the invasion?
Sokka: No, that is the invasion.

(Cut to the camera revealing 5 Water Tribe ships appearing out of the fog. Cut to Hakoda peering through a telescope with Bato standing beside him. Both are wearing Water Tribe warrior armor.

Cut to a shot of Aang and Toph at the port, earthbending some docks. Camera pans out to reveal an aerial view of the ships docking. Cut to Katara and Sokka running towards their father with Katara proceeding to embrace him. )

Katara: You made it Dad!
Sokka: Were you able to locate everyone I told you to find?
Hakoda: I did. But I'm a little worried, Sokka. (Looks behind at Due and Tho who are descending from the ship) Some of these men aren't exactly the warrior type.
Due: (Excited and full of energy) Whooo-wheee. This place ain't
nothing like a swamp. (Points to a rock) What'd you reckon that is, Tho? Some sort of exploding Fire Nation exploding trap that would eat ya?
Tho: It's just a rock, Due.
Due: Well, I'll be.
Hakoda: (skeptical) Is it just me, or are those fellas a little loose in the leaf head?
Bato: I just wish they would wear pants.

(Cut to Hue scratching his abdomen)

Hue: Pants are an illusion and so is death.

(Cut back to Hakoda, Bato, Katara who have confused and worried looks on their faces. Only Sokka is smiling widely. Camera fades out and reveals Katara, Aang, Toph and some swampbenders standing at the docks.)

Haru: (off screen) Hi, Katara. (Cut to a shot revealing Haru's face. He has grown some facial hair.)
Katara: Haru, (runs and embraces him) it's so good to see you.
Aang: (walking towards Haru
and giving an introduction)
Toph, this is Haru. When we met him, his town was controlled by the Fire Nation. So we had to hide his earthbending.
Haru: Katara inspired me and my Father (Tyro comes into screen. Katara is seen blushing.) to take back our village.
Tyro: (places a hand on their shoulders) You helped us find our courage, Katara. Now we're here to help you.

(Cut to Toph who looks surprised)

Toph: No way. (Gets into a defensive stance) Is that... (A pair of huge hands appear on screen and carries Toph up. Camera pans out to reveal The Hippo.)
Hippo: (embracing Toph) Hippo happy to see Blind Bandit!
Toph: (angrily) You guys here for a re-match?
Boulder: (Cut to a shot of Boulder standing behind Hippo) Negatory. The Boulder and The Hippo no longer fight (making "no" gesture with his hands) for others' entertainment. Now, we fight for our Kingdom! (raises both arms up in enthusiasm.)
Toph: Sweet. (smiles)

(Camera pans out to reveal Sokka watching the whole scene a short distance away. He turns his head towards his Father. Suddenly, a boat explodes behind Sokka and Hakoda, shocking them both as they proceed to run towards it. Cut to a shot of The Mechanist appearing from the lower deck, his face covered with orange goo, coughing. Cut to a shot of Teo wheeling his wheelchair down the gangplank. His father, The Duke and Pipsqueak trail behind him.)

Sokka: Was that a new invention?

The Mechanist: Yes. (Teo is seen licking the orange goo off his hands) But unfortunately, the incendiary capabilities of peanut sauce proved to be a failure.
Sokka: You're making peanut sauce bombs?

(Cut to The Duke piggybacking on Pipsqueak's back. Their faces are covered with peanut sauce.)

Pipsqueak: They're destructive.
The Duke: (continues) And Delicious! (Both proceed to lick sauce off their faces. Momo jumps on Pipsqueak and tries to lick his face to the amusement of both boys who laugh.)
Sokka: Were you able to complete work on the plans I sent you?
The Mechanist: Yes, I was and I think the Fire Nation would be quite surprised.
Teo: Aang, (takes a pole-like object from his wheelchair) my Dad & I made this for you.

(Cut to a shot of Aang's hand taking the object.. Cut to a shot of blue "wings" popping out from the sides.)

Aang: (Camera zooms out to reveal Aang admiring his new glider) A new glider! This is amazing.
TheMechanist: And as a special feature, I added a snack compartment. (Places his head under the handle and pulls it. Peanuts tumble out of the compartment into his mouth.)
Aang: Oh well, I'm sure that will come in handy.

(Cut to a shot of the Fire Nation prison seen in The Headband. Cut to a shot of someone filing his nails.)

Warden Poon: (voice over) I bet you're tired to be in that cell, old man. (Camera zooms out to reveal Warden Poon sitting on the floor doing his grooming.) Well, too bad. (Cut to a shot of Iroh in his cell) You're never stepping outside these walls again. (A guard enters the room with a tray of food.)
Ming: Breakfast.
Warden Poon: (Stands up) Careful, Ming. Don't get too close. His stench will knock you right out. (He cackles and exits the room. Cut to a shot of Ming looking at him, annoyed.)
Ming: I snuck in some white jade tea. I know you like rare teas.
Iroh: Thank you, Ming. (takes the cup of tea) Ever since I was put in here, you have been very kind to me. (Ming tilts her head and smiles embarrassedly.)

(Cut to a shot of a group of Water Tribe warriors and Earth Kingdom soldiers having their meal. Cut to a shot of Sokka with scrolls in his hand and gulping nervously.)

Hakoda: Don't worry, you'll do great.

(Sokka takes a deep breath and walks to the platform.)

Sokka: Good morning, everyone!

(He trips and starts to pick up his fallen scrolls hurriedly.)

Sokka: Uhm... So, as you know today we're invading the Fire Nation. I mean I know you know that. (laughs nervously) Because otherwise why else would you be here Anyway... (Clumsily drops more scrolls. He picks them
up and places it on a board.)
The Fire Lord's palace is here. (Points to the map) Uh no, uh wait, (flips to another map) uh wait (flips again), uh wait (flips for the final time). It's here (points to the correct map. Cut to a shot of Due, scratching his head and looking rather confused) and uh there's an eclipse today and Aang's going to fight the Fire Lord (he starts to panic) and the firebenders won't have any fire to use so that's good for us and uhm... (Cut to Teo and The Mechanist who look bored.) I'm sorry, let me start at the beginning.

(Sokka looks down and tries to compose himself.)

Sokka: (rapidly) Katara and I discovered Aang frozen in an iceberg. Now I didn't like Aang at first but I grew to love him over time. Then we went over to the Southern Air Temple where Aang used to live and then
we met Suki, who is a Kyoshi warrior. (Cut to a Water Tribe warrior yawning) She made me dress like a woman and then she kissed me

Katara: (quietly to Aang) Wow, he says beginning, he means beginning, beginning.
Sokka: ...and then Aang's friend was a crazy old man and then Katara got Haru arrested and then now he's grown a mustache (Camera pans out to reveal Hakoda approaching Sokka) and if you look in the front row you can see him...
Hakoda: Thank you, Sokka. (places a reassuring hand on Sokka's shoulder) It's okay, why don't you take a break? (Sokka looks rather disappointed and obliges.) Let me just clarify a few points for everyone. Today is the Day of Black Sun (Cut to a group of Earth Kingdom soldiers, Haru and Tyro starts to take interest in what he says) and I want to thank you all for your self sacrifice and your courage. (Camera slowly pans pass a group of Water Tribe warriors who are attentively listening to their leader.) They're two steps to the invasion. A naval stage and then a land stage. To gain sea access to the Fire Nation capital, (Cut to the gang who are paying attention though Sokka looks rather downcast) we have to get pass our first major obstacle here. (points to the centre of the map) The Great Gates of Azulon. Next, (flips to another map) we hit the land and we hit hard (throws his fist against the map to emphasize his point). We must fight past their battlements and secure the plaza tower (his finger points to tower on the map). Once we do that, (his fingers move up the map to a structure on the map) it's up to the royal palace. At that point, the eclipse will begin.

Boulder: (raises a hand to ask a question) Excuse me, The Boulder is confused. Isn't the point to invade during the eclipse? When the firebenders are powerless?
Hakoda: The eclipse only last 8 minutes. Not enough time for the whole invasion and the royal palace is heavily guarded by firebenders. So that's where we'll need the eclipse advantage the most. When this is finished, the Avatar would have defeated the Fire Lord. We would have control of the Fire Nation capital (Cut to a shot of Haru and Tyro with serious looks on their faces) and this war will be over!

(Everyone cheers. Cut to The Duke and Pipsqueak who are cheering wildly. Cut to the gang who join in the shouts. Sokka is still looking downcast.

Cut to Katara waterbending water from the river into her pouch. Cut to Toph putting on a wrist guard. Cut to Hakoda putting on his head gear which resembles a wolf's head. Cut to a shot Appa's armored foot stamping the ground. Cut to the camera trailing down a golden arrow which glints in the sunlight. Cut to Appa's eye. Camera zooms out to reveal Appa in his custom made armor. Appa growls. Cut to Aang shaving his head by the river and he's wearing a toga which resembles his air nomad robes. He shaves off the remaining of his hair to reveal his tattooed arrow. He stands up on cue to the dramatic music in the background, glider in hand, ready to enter battle. A koala sheep appears beside Aang and bleets while Aang pats its head.

Cut to an overhead shot of Zuko's bedroom as he stands near his bed. Cut to a shot of his hand as he removes the pin that fastens his crown in place with one hand and the crown with the other. His hair falls back to its original place. He places both objects into his belt. Zuko proceeds to remove the shoulder padding from his armor and sets it on his bed. Cut to a shot of calligraphy brushes, an ink plate and a piece of paper with 2 wooden paperweights on it. Zuko smoothens the paper with one of the wooden blocks. Cut to a shot of him staring at the paper. Cut to a close-up shot of a brush being dipped in ink. Camera slowly zooms out to reveal Zuko has begun writing and focuses on his shoulder plate armor that is on the bed.

Cut back to the port. Camera slowly moves to a hand holding a Water Tribe headgear. Cut to Sokka who is looking at it despondently. Aang flies into screen with his glider and lands beside Sokka.)

Aang: We've been looking everywhere for you. The boats are ready to leave.
Sokka: (still disappointed with himself) I messed up, Aang.
Aang: What?
Sokka: The invasion plan was my moment of truth. And I completely flopped it. I just fell apart.
Aang: Sokka, (walks up to him and places a hand on his shoulder) that speech wasn't your moment of truth. That was just public speaking and nobody's really good at that.
Sokka: My Dad is. He explained the plan perfectly and inspired everyone. Like a real leader should.
Aang: Look, your moment of truth isn't going to be in front of some map. It's going to be out there, (points to the vast ocean in front of them) on the battlefield.
Sokka: You seem so confident about everything. How do you know we're going to win?
Aang: Because I already failed the world once at Ba Sing Se. I won't let myself fail again.

(Cut to the 5 ships heading out into sea.)

Bato: (voiceover) There they are. (Cut to Bato's point of view through the telescope which reveals a statue of Fire Lord Azulon surrounded by fog) The Great Gates of Azulon.
Katara: (voiceover) I don't see any gates.

(Bato scans to the right and spots a dragon statue with a net outside its mouth. Cut to Katara and the swampbenders trying to peer through the dense fog.)

Hakoda: Katara, you and the swamp benders whip up a fog cover.
Tho: We'll sneak by that statues just like we sneaked by that fire navy blockade.

(Cut to Katara and the swampbenders jumping into position, spreading their hands apart at the same time. Cut to a shot of the boats being rapidly covered in fog. Cut to a statue of Azulon, nets can be seen coming out from the statue's sleeves)

Hakoda: Keep it up, we're almost through.

(An alarm sounds. Smoke emits from the dragon statue's snout and the net rises above the fog. The alarm stops. Someone firebends from the dragon's mouth, engulfing the net in flames. The net continues to rise out from the water and fire slowly spreads through it. Camera zooms out to show Azulon's statue with a net of fire on both sides of the statue's arms. Cut to Sokka in disbelief. Cut to commercial.)

Act II

(Scene: A statue of Azulon with nets of fire on both side of its arms. Cut to the boats stopping directly in front of the net. Cut to Aang, Katara, Hakoda and Bato who are all in shock. Their heads turn as the sound of Fire Nation jet skis pierces the silence. A handful of jet skis are seen rushing towards the boats.)

Hakoda: (ushers the invasion force) Everyone below deck. (The Gaang and a few Earth Kingdom soldiers are seen rushing to the deck below) Let's hope your invention works.

(Hakoda looks at his son confidently and both proceed to join the others below.

Cut to a shot from behind the net as the flames are still raging. The jet skis are seen stopping beside each boat.

Switch to a shot of climbing hooks being shot into a boat and Fire Nation guards land aboard in a crouching position. They proceed to search the entire ship.

Cut to 3 Fire Nation guards wielding broadswords kicking a door open, revealing an empty Water Tribe bedroom.

Cut to a fire blast blowing a door to pieces as 2 Fire Nation guards enter in an offensive position. They maintain their guard as they look around the empty room. Footsteps are heard as another guard enters to report the situation.)

Male Fire Nation Guard: No one's on board, Sir.
Female Fire Nation Guard: (lowers arms) Where'd they go?

(Cut to a shot of 5 submarines slipping by the gates undetected. Appa is seen swimming with air bubble over his head.)

Hakoda: (Cut to a shot of Sokka, Hakoda, Bato and Pipsqueak standing behind The Mechanist who is sitting in front of a control panel.) You really outdone yourself this time, son.
Toph: (Cut to Toph who is holding her head down.) Yeah. Congratulations, Sokka. (Lifts her head up. There's a look of discomfort on her face.) You managed to invent a worst way of travel than flying.

(Toph starts to gag.)

The Duke: (Takes off his helmet and offers it to Toph) Helmet?

(Toph accepts and vomits into it.)

Sokka: Well, I just came up with the idea but The Mechanist did all the work.
The Mechanist: But don't sell yourself short, my boy. It was your idea (Cut to Katara and Hue waterbending with a pulling motion) to use waterbending to make the subs sink and float. Brilliant, though your original designs were a bit difficult to decipher. (Unrolls a scroll with a picture of a whale with people inside drawn in cartoon style.) Unfortunately, there is one problem I couldn't fix. (rolls scroll and turns behind.) The subs have a limited air supply. (Cut to a shot of the invasion team swimming underwater) Before we land on the beaches, we'll need to resurface.

(Cut to a shot of Ming entering Iroh's jail cell, carrying a tray of food.)

Ming: Lunchtime, General Iroh. (whispering) And this time, I brought you an extra bowl of rice.
Iroh: Thank you, Ming. Your little gestures of kindness had made my days in prison bearable. (looks concerned) I think you should take the rest of the day off.
Ming: What? (looking confused)
Iroh: You don't look well. (grabs the bars) Maybe you should go home and rest.
Ming: No, I feel fine.
Iroh: Trust me. (Cut to a close-up of Iroh looking rather serious) It is better that you are not here this afternoon. (Ming nods and complies as she reluctantly leaves the room.)

(Cut to a shot of the submarines above the water. Cut to a shot of The Duke scooping water in his helmet, sloshing it around for a while before dumping the contents back into the sea. Cut to The Boulder and The Hippo doing some stretching and warming up exercises. Aang jumps into screen and lands on the submarine as the rest of the gang walk towards him.)

Aang: So, this is it huh?
Sokka: Are you ready for the Fire Nation to know the Avatar's alive?
Aang: I'm ready. (Sokka grasps his arm, wishing him luck. The gang and Momo gather around for a group hug.)
Toph: (Cut to a close-up of Toph smiling.) I hope you kick some serious Fire Lord butt, twinkle toes.
Hakoda: Everyone listen up. (The gang disbands and looks up at Hakoda who is addressing the entire invasion force from the submarine's entrance.) The next time we resurface, it'll be on the beaches. So stay alert and fight smart. Now break time's over, back in the subs. (Toph and Sokka are seen walking back while Aang and Katara remain behind. Both stare at each other and look away.)


Katara: Aang, I.
Aang: Katara, I.
Aang: You go first.
Katara: We've been through so many things together and I've seen you grow up so much. You're not that little goofy kid (Cut to a shot of Aang blushing.) I found in the iceberg anymore. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm really proud of you.
Aang: Everything is going to be different after today, isn't it?
Katara: Yes, it is.
Aang: (uncertain) What if... what if I don't come back?
Katara: Aang, don't say that. Of course you'll... (Aang cuts off the conversation with a kiss, much to the surprise of Katara. They part and Katara blushes as she looks away sadly. Aang opens his glider and flies off as Katara watches him go.)

Sokka: (Cut to Katara looking into the sky and still blushing. The entrance to the submarine opens.) Katara, what are you doing? It's time to submerge.

Katara: (snaps out of her dazed mood) What? Right, I'm on it.

(She waterbends herself to Appa and proceeds to bend an air bubble around his head. Appa growls and the entire invasion force begins to submerge.

Cut to a shot inside Mai's house, with the Fire Nation palace in view outside the window. Zuko walks into screen with a cloak. Cut to a picture of Mai and Zuko as Zuko stares at it for a moment before looking away.)

Zuko: I'm sorry, Mai. (He walks towards Mai's bed and places a scroll on the pillow as the camera slowly zooms out.)

(Cut to a shadow of Aang and his glider sailing through the air on a grassy plain. Cut to a shot of Aang looking at his growling stomach before maneuvering the handle to release peanuts into his mouth.)

Aang: What did you know? It did come in handy. (Cut back to the shadow of him flying. Aang adds more speed and flies towards the Fire Nation capital.)

(Cut to a periscope rising above the water surface. Cut to the view inside the periscope as it spots the gate to the Fire Nation capital.)

Hakoda: Everyone in position. Earthbenders, into your tanks. (Toph and the Earth Kingdom soldiers descend a ladder to their positions.) This is going to be a rough ride.

(Cut to a shot of the submarines approaching the gate as an alarm similar to the one heard at the Great Gates of Azulon sounds. Harpoons shoot out from various battlements into the water as the submarines try to dodge them. Harpoons continuously fill the water and Appa narrowly avoids being impaled by one. Cut to a shot of Due waterbending the submarine as a harpoon pierces through the submarine, filling the ship with water. He freezes the water and loses his balance as the harpoon reels the submarine in. Cut to a shot of the submarine slowly being pulled out of the water. Katara and Appa sees the situation from underwater and begins to ascend. Appa growls as he leaves the water and Katara proceeds to cut the harpoon with waterbending, allowing the submarine to land safely back into the water as it continues on like nothing has ever happened. The submarines are seen heading towards some holes in a wall. Cut to Hakoda looking through the periscope.)

Hakoda: Ready the torpedo.

(A torpedo encased in ice is seen loaded by 2 engineers. They lock and seal the canon.)

Hakoda: Launch!

(Hue does a waterbending move and torpedos shoot out from the bottom of all the submarines, destroying the gratings on the wall. Cut to a shot above water as columns of water spray upwards upon impact. Cut to a shot of the submarines entering the holes in the wall. Cut to a silhouette of 2 remaining submarines joining the other 3 in front. Camera pans to reveal that they're near the
shore. Cut to the Earth Kingdom soldiers and Water Tribe warriors waiting in their tanks. Sokka sighs during the wait. Cut to the submarines resurfacing and heading towards the shore while numerous projectiles are hurled at the submarines. The submarines land on shore and their base retracts, revealing a team of caterpillar tanks. Cut to a shot of the tanks advancing towards the capital as projectiles continue to be thrown at the submarines. The soldiers and warriors emit battle cries and rush out to attack. Cut to commercial break.)


(Scene: The invasion force is making its way to the capital city, projectiles are being thrown at them. Cut to Earth Kingdom soldiers moving their feet in a pushing motion to move the tanks. Cut to Sokka leading a team of Water Tribe warriors. All of them are carrying weapons and shields. Cut to a scene inside a battlement as it launches a projectile but misses the group. Cut to a truck loaded with rocks making its way through the battlefield, releasing 3 rocks which Toph, The Boulder and The Hippo use to earthbend towards a battlement, destroying it in the process.

Appa lands and Katara dismounts. Cut to a group of Fire Nation tanks making its way into the battlefield, firebending at their enemies at the same time. Cut to a shot of the tanks still advancing towards the capital as projectiles continue to be thrown at the submarines. Cut to Teo inside a caterpillar tank with a serious expression on his face. 2 Earth Kingdom soldiers are seen behind him in a "ready" position. Cut to a caterpillar tank crawling up a battlement as the firebenders inside try to destroy the tank with firebending to no avail. The tank proceeds(punches the air repeatedly) to crush the roof of the battlement. Another caterpillar tank is seen crushing a Fire Nation tank and moving on when the job is done.

More reinforcements are sent in and they're seen surrounding the invasion force. Cut to swampbenders stopping in their tracks as they spot incoming enemy tanks. They bend water from barrels on a truck to shield themselves from enemy fire. They proceed to waterbend the sides of the Fire Nation tank and it spins uncontrollably, causing it to crash into the sides of another Fire Nation tank.(=)

Tho: (Bending water in a circular motion.) We're a man down. Where in tarnation is Hue?

(Tho and Due unleash their attack and a Fire Nation tank hurtles into the water. A shadow is seen moving underwater and it turns out to be the swamp monster from The Swamp. It blocks a fire blast with one hand and begins to elongate its arms to grab a tank. Fire Nation soldiers are seen leaving the tanks at the last minute. Another tank firebends at the swamp monster and Fire Nation soldiers escape the tank before it gets crushed by the swamp monster's arm. Cut to a female firebender bending fire from the mouth of a tank. She and her companion escape as the swamp monster throws the tank aside.)

Due: (Due and Tho trace the path of the tank being thrown into a battlement. The battlement explodes into flames upon impact) Hey Hue, (waving) where you been?
Hue: (a hole appears in the middle of the swamp monster's body, revealing Hue's face) Communing with nature. Takes a while to collect these
lux seaweed. (He spots an incoming attack and quickly covers his face as a fire blast narrowly tries to injure him.)

(Cut to a group of Fire Nation soldiers on komodo rhinos, they begin to catapult small projectiles of fire towards Sokka and a group of Water Tribe warriors. The projectiles explode harmlessly behind the group as they continue to press forward. Cut to the komodo rhinos charging towards the group. A komodo rhino disbands from the herd and heads towards Sokka as he jumps on a komodo rhino's horn and slices a Fire Nation's soldier's spear neatly in half. Sokka kicks the soldier off the komodo rhino as he gains control of it.)

Sokka: Dad, look out!

(Cut to Hakoda blocking a fire blast with his shield. A Fire Nation soldier charges towards him with his spear as Hakoda blocks the attack with his shield. The Fire Nation soldier executes a move which relieves Hakoda of his shield. Hakoda maneuvers his own spear and relieves the Fire Nation soldier of his weapon, leaving Hakoda with 2 spears. He uses his weapons to knock down another firebending soldier. He then throws one of his spears towards 2 soldiers, knocking them down and jumps onto Sokka's komodo rhino.

Cut to a projectile destroying the truck loaded with rocks seen earlier. The driver is seen comically driving the destroyed truck. Cut to the swamp monster destroying 2 Fire Nation tanks in one swipe. A fire blast comes into screen and the swamp monster loses an arm. Cut to a group of invasion force soldiers beside a caterpillar tank. They retreat when the tank gets knocked over by an enemy projectile.)

Hakoda: (Looking at the above situation.) Sokka, we've got to take out those battlements. It's our only chance.
Sokka: (Looks up at a battlement and narrows his eyebrows) I've got an idea.

(Cut to a shot of Sokka hanging off Appa's horn as it flies through the air with Katara on Appa's head and Hakoda in the saddle. Sokka unleashes his sword from its hilt and cuts off a projectile from a battlement. Hakoda throws 2 small grenades into another battlement. Cut to Fire Nation soldiers opening the door to escape as the battlement explodes a split second later. They groan from the impact. Cut to a shot of Katara breaking a barrel via waterbending and throwing the water inside a battlement, freezing a female soldier inside as she gives a yelp of surprise. Cut to Appa landing between 2 battlements.)

Hakoda: (All 3 dismount) You two take out that battlement. I've got this one. Watch each other's backs. (He heads towards his battlement while the siblings head towards the other.)

(Cut to a Sokka's sword cutting through a metal door with Katara freezing the guards inside with waterbending. Sokka climbs the ladder destroys the projectile. The battlement is seen exploding as the siblings leave. They pause and see their father entering the battlement through the roof with his club. Sounds of swords clashing is heard and Hakoda is heard grunting in pain as an explosion is seen coming through the window.

Cut to Katara and Sokka looking shocked. Cut to Hakoda opening the door, holding his side and moaning. He staggers a few steps before collapsing.)

Katara: Dad?
Sokka: Dad!

(They run toward him and check his condition.

Cut to a portrait of Lady Ursa. Camera zooms out to reveal Zuko kneeling in front of her picture.)

Zuko: I know I made some bad choices. But today, I'm going to set things right. (He grabs his broadswords and backpack before looking at his Mother's portrait for one last time. He throws on his cloak and walks away.)

(Cut to Appa landing back on the ground. Hakoda grunts as he is being laid on the ground by Sokka. Katara bends water from her pouch and moves her hands across Hakoda's wound, healing it in the process.)

Katara: How does that feel, Dad?

Hakoda: A... a little better. (sits up) I need... to get back... to the troops. (moans in agony.)
Katara: You're hurt. Badly. You can't fight anymore.
Hakoda: Everyone's counting on me (winces from the pain) to lead this mission, Katara. I won't let them down. (tries to get up before falling back to the ground in pain.)
Sokka: Can't you heal him any faster?
Katara: I'm doing everything I can. (Cut to Sokka looking away before closing his eyes to make a decision.)
Sokka: I'll do it.
Katara: No offense Sokka but you're not exactly Mr. Healing Hands.
Sokka: No. (stands up) I'll lead the invasion force.
Katara: Don't be crazy, Sokka.
Sokka: Maybe I am a little crazy but the eclipse is about to start and we need to be up that volcano (looks at the volcano) by the time it does.
Hakoda: (lying on the ground) You can do this. I'm proud of you, son.
Katara: I still think you're crazy but I'm proud of you too.

(Looks at Sokka with an encouraging smile. He puts on his head gear and mounts Appa.)

Sokka: Yip yip.

(Appa grunts and soars.

Cut to a scene of damaged Fire Nation vehicles. Most of the Fire Nation tanks are encased in ice. The caterpillar tanks are seen leaving the mess behind and heading towards the volcano. More projectiles are hurled towards the caterpillar tanks. Appa lands and uses his head to knock back a Fire Nation tank.)

Sokka: (raising his voice) Listen up everyone, (Cut to Teo looking at Sokka inside the tank) I want the tanks in wedge formation! (his arms open upin a V-shape) Warriors and benders in the middle. (Toph and the Earth Kingdom soldiers are seen moving into action.) We're taking that tower (points at it) and headed for the royal palace!

(Cut to the caterpillar tanks moving into said formation. Sokka is right in front with Appa.)

Sokka: (grabs his sword and points toward the enemy) Charge!

(Appa ascends. Cut to an aerial view of the Fire Nation Capital. Cut to Aang opening his glider as he flies into the city. He nears a roof and closes his glider. He peeks out from a roof and looks at the empty streets.)

Aang: That's strange.

(He leaps off the roof.

Cut to Aang running towards the palace doors. Cut to the insides of the door, the corridor is in darkness. The door opens, filling the corridor with light as Aang gets into a defensive position.)

Aang: The Avatar is back!

(He looks around, surprised that no one is there to receive him.)

Aang: Hello? (looks around and walks slowly towards the inner palace doors) Anyone home?

(Cut to a lone Fire Nation soldier trying to fight the advancing caterpillar tanks. He slowly retreats as they climb up the stairs towards the capital. Cut to 2 Fire Nation soldiers doing their best to firebend at a caterpillar tank. They retreat when no damage is done. Cut to an overhead shot as a mini-truck and 2 caterpillar tanks press forward.

Cut to Sokka jumping off the mini-truck. The camera slowly trails behind as the truck loaded with barrels of explosives collides into a wall, exploding upon impact. Camera zooms out to view that the defense wall is covered in smoke. The smoke clears and the invasion force are seen charging into the capital. Fire Nation guards and tanks retreat while 3 of the Fire Nation soldiers at the front send 3 continuous blasts towards the group. The shields of the invasion force block the fire blasts.)

Tyro: (The invasion force is seen making their way in.) The Fire Nation is falling back!

(Appa lands behind Bato)

Bato: Sokka, we're on our way to victory.

(Sokka looks at the volcano.

Cut to Aang airbending a Fire Nation drapery out of the way and getting into a defensive stance as he enters a room. His face is filled with disbelief. Camera pans out to reveal an empty and dark throne room. Camera zooms in onto the empty throne. Cut to Aang's shocked face.)

Aang: No... (drops glider and kneels on the floor in shock.) No, no, (shakes head) NO! Fire Lord Ozai, (raises voice in anger) where are you?! (His voice reverberates slightly throughout the empty throne room. Camera zooms out to show the empty throne room again. Fade to white.)

[End Credits]

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