Transcript for 315 - The Boiling Rock, Part 2
The Boiling Rock, Part 2
Written By: Josh Hamilton
Directed By: Ethan Spaulding
Storyboard By: Oreste Canestrelli, Michael Dante Dimartino, Miyuki Hoshikawa, Dean Kelly, Ethan Spaulding, Sang Jin Kim, Bryan Konietzko, Tomihiro Yamaguchi
Animation By: Moi Animation
Transcriber: Icy_Ashford

["Previously on Avatar" sequence, including clips from "The Boiling Rock, Part 1".]

Act I

(The episode opens up to an overhead shot of the Boiling Rock. Cut to an area in the boiling water looking at the pentagonal perimeter. Cut to the Warden walking.)

Guard: Line them up for the Warden!

(Cut to an area behind the Warden, giving an overhead view of the scene. Guards surround the perimeter and the prisoners file in one by one into a straight line. Cut to the end of the line as the last few prisoners walk in. Hakoda's hair braid falls into screen. Camera zooms out to show Hakoda's face. Cut to Sokka running to the scene and pulling up his visor.)

Sokka: Dad. (He rushes from the stairs and nudges some guards aside) Excuse me, coming through. The Warden wants me over there (points) sorry.

(Cut to show Sokka standing behind a line of guards taller than him who are near the prisoners. The warden walks towards the prisoners.)

Warden: Welcome to The Boiling Rock. I'm sure (Cut to a side view of the warden as he walks down the line) you've all heard the horrible rumors about our little island. Well I just want to tell you that they don't have to be true. As long as you (stops in front of Hakoda who is looking down) do everything I say. Look me (closes in on Hakoda's face) in the eye when I'm talking to you.
Hakoda: (His eyes looks to the side) No.
Warden: (Cut to an area behind Hakoda) Oh, you'd rather look at my shoes? Then take a look!

(He uses his foot and pulls down Hakoda's handcuff to the floor. Cut to the side view to show Hakoda in a kneeling position. Cut to Sokka who gapes in surprise. Cut to an area below Hakoda's angry face as the warden's boot remains on his handcuff.)

Warden: I know exactly who you are, Hakoda of the Water Tribe. So strong willed. But don't worry, (Cut to the warden's face as it zooms out slowly) we'll get rid of that in time. Now look me in the eye.

(Cut to show Hakoda lifting his head up with hate.)

Warden: See? Isn't that better. You will (looks to the other prisoners) all do as I say or pay the price. (starts to walk off) You will all...

(Hakoda tilts his handcuffs as the warden's boot get caught in them and he loses his balance. Cut to show Sokka snickering as the guards in front of him rush to the warden's aid.

2 guards run to the warden as he and Hakoda stand up on their own)

Guard: Are you okay, Sir?
Warden: (lashes out) I'm fine! Get these prisoners out of my sight!

(Cut to the area where Sokka's standing at as he sees the prisoners being directed down a flight of stairs. He turns and walks off screen. Cut back to the prisoners housing area. Cut to an overhead view of a cell with Hakoda sitting on a mattress. The door opens. Cut to Hakoda's head as he looks up. The light on his face diminishes as the door closes. Cut to a side view of the scene.)

Sokka: Thank goodness you're okay. (walks towards his Father)
Hakoda: (stands up on the mattress rapidly with his fist out in an attacking position) If you take one step closer you'll (Cut to an area behind Sokka's shoulder to show Hakoda looking very serious) see just how okay I am.
Sokka: (lifts his visor) Dad, it's me. (points to self)
Hakoda: (lowers his arm and tears up) Sokka, my son.

(Sokka removes his helmet and drops it on the floor as they hug. They part after a few seconds.)

Hakoda: You know Sokka, you should be more careful with that guard outfit on. I almost punched you in the gut.
Sokka: Yeah, (rubs his neck) I ran into that problem earlier.

(Cut to someone walking down a corridor. Cut to a metal door as it slides open to reveal Chit Sang with his arms strapped to a chair. Cut to an overhead shot of the cell as the warden walks in.)

Warden: Are you comfortable Chit Sang?
Chit Sang: (Cut to Chit Sang as the warden walks around him) If you're trying to get me to talk, forget it. I'm not a squealer.
Warden: (Cut to back of the warden's head as he turns it slightly to look at his prisoner) Chit Sang, I only asked you if you were comfortable.
Chit Sang: Well, yeah. (smiles) Actually, I am pretty comfortable.

(The warden proceeds to kick the back of the chair as it falls off screen and Chit Sang groans. Cut to Chit Sang's head on the floor as the warden's boot appear into screen.)

Warden: Are you still comfortable?
Chit Sang: (his eyes look up) No.
Warden: I know you and your cronies are not smart enough to come up with that little escape plan. (Cut to Chit Sang's point of view as he looks at the
So you're gonna tell me. Who is?

(The warden walks off. Cut back to Chit Sang's head as 2 pairs of boots appear on screen. Cut to the doorway to show the 2 guards lifting Chit Sang's chair back into position. One of the guard proceeds to close the door. Camera
slowly zooms out. Cut to an area in the yard looking at the gondola tower. Cut
to Sokka's eyes looking through the opening of Hakoda's cell door

Sokka: So where's Bato? (Cut back to inside the cell) Where's everyone else from the invasion?
Hakoda: (Cut to Hakoda sitting on the floor, looking at his son) The others are being held at a prison near the Fire Nation palace. They singled me out as their leader and sent me here. (Sokka walks into screen and sits beside his Dad) But before I left I met some young women who said they knew you. The Yoshinama Fighters?
Sokka: You mean the Kyoshi Warriors?
Hakoda: That's right.
Sokka: Their leader Suki is here and she's gonna escape with us.
Hakoda: Good, (lays a hand on his son's shoulder) we'll need all the help we can get.
Sokka: And you know Prince Zuko?
Hakoda: The son of the Firelord? I don't know him, but I knew of him.
Sokka: Well, he's here too.
Hakoda: (crosses his arms and starts to think) Sounds like a major problem.
Sokka: Actually, he's on our side now. (Cut to Hakoda who looks at Sokka sceptically) I know, I had the same reaction. After all he has done, it was hard to trust him. But he's really proven himself and I never would have found you without his help. (Camera zooms out on the pair as Hakoda nods his head)
Hakoda: So, do you have a plan?
Sokka: We had one (looks away) but some of the other prisoners got involved and ruined it. (sets his head on his knees) I don't know if
there's another way off this island.
Hakoda: Sokka, (pats his son's back) there's no prison in the World that can hold two Water Tribe geniuses.
Sokka: Then we'd better find two.

(Hakoda laughs. Cut to Sokka who laughs as well. Cut to the ground level of the prisoners housing area. Sokka enters the screen and looks around. Cut to Sokka walking towards the first door from a flight of stairs. He leans against the door and raises his visor.)

Sokka: Zuko, are you there?
Zuko: (Zuko's eyes appear at the door's opening) I'm here.
Sokka: I just got done talking to my Dad. We came up with an escape plan together.
Male Guard: (off screen) What (Sokka startles) are
you doing here?

(Sokka lowers his visor and turns to the stairs. Camera pans to the right to show a male and female guard staring down at him.)

Sokka: (Cut to an area behind the 2 guards) I was just (pointing to the door) telling this dirty lowlife what I think of him!
Male Guard: (Cut to the 2 guards who look serious) Well, you'll have to do that later, he's coming with us.
Sokka: (looks to Zuko's cell door and back) Why?
Female Guard: (arms akimbo) Because we have orders straight from the Warden. That's why.
Sokka: (Cut back to Sokka who smiles) Could I just get ten more seconds to rough him up a bit? (punches his right fist into his left palm)
Female Guard: (crosses her arms and leans against the railing) Fine, ten seconds.

(The male guard crosses his arms as well. Cut to the 2 guards' backs as Sokka enters the cell.)

Sokka: (off screen) Take that! And this!
Male >Guard: (the female guard shakes her head) Newbie.

(Cut to Sokka's fists punching a rolled up mattress as Zuko pretends to grunt in pain whenever Sokka strikes. Camera zooms out to show Zuko holding the mattress in place while Sokka hits it.)

Sokka: (whispers as he punches) We have a new plan but it's gonna need a big distraction.

(Cut to Zuko's face) Be in the yard in one hour. (The door begins to open as Zuko is caught off guard. Camera zooms out on the guys who are unsure of what to do. As the door the opens, Sokka lunges at Zuko's head as Zuko drops the mattress and attempts to choke Zuko.)

Male Guard: (Cut to an area deep in the room to show the 2 guards entering) Alright, that's enough.

(He pushes Sokka off and gives him a warning finger. They lead Zuko out of his cell. Cut to an overhead shot of Zuko being led away. 2 spectating guards on a railing look down at the scene.)

Zuko: What are you doing? Where are you taking me?

(Cut to the inside of another cell as it opens. The guards shove Zuko in. Cut to a chair in the room as Zuko lands on it. He looks back at the guards.)

Zuko: I didn't do anything wrong.
Mai: (off screen) Come on (Zuko looks to the source of the voice) Zuko. (Cut to show Mai with her head down at the corner of the room) We all know (looks up and walks into the light) that's a lie.
Zuko: (Cut back to Zuko's surprised face) Mai.

(Cut to a side view of Zuko on the floor staring up at Mai as she looks on with his arms crossed.

Cut back to the ground level of the prisoners housing area. Cut to the inside of the cell, looking at the door. It opens to reveal the warden upside down. )

Warden: How is he? (Cut to the 2 guards who are holding Chit Sang's chair upside down. Chit Sang is red in the face as blood rushes to his head due to gravity.)
Guard: I think he's ready to talk.

(The 2 guards throw the chair back into its original position. Cut to Chit Sang who is panting and perspiring profusely. His face slowly fades back to its normal shade. The warden approaches him from behind.)

Warden: (bends his head to Chit Sang's shoulder) Have you had enough time to think about what I asked?
Chit Sang: Yes.
Warden: And?
Chit Sang: You're right. There was another person involved in the escape plan.
Warden: (places a hand on Chit Sang's shoulder) Who?
Chit Sang: It's a guy who's disguised like a prison guard, only he's not a prison guard. He's the mastermind. He came up with the plan.

(The warden pats Chit Sang's head and walks away. Camera slowly zooms in on Chit Sang's face. Cut to commercial break.)

Act II

(Scene returns to Zuko sitting down in a chair with his head down. Mai leans against the wall silently.)

Zuko: How did you know I was here?
Mai: (Cut to Mai who looks angry) Because I know you so well.
Zuko: (he looks up to her) But... how?
Mai: (Cut to Mai who looks to the side) The Warden's my Uncle you idiot. (Cut to Zuko who brings his hand to his forehead and groans) The
truth is, (Mai's glove hand comes into screen and she unrolls a letter) I guess I don't know you. All I get is a letter. (Cut to a side view of the scene to show Mai with her hands outstretched at the side) You could have at
least looked me in the eye when you ripped out my heart.
Zuko: (Cut to Zuko who looks at her apologetically) I didn't mean to...
Mai: (interrupts) You didn't mean to? (she walks behind Zuko to read out the contents of the letter) Dear Mai, I'm sorry that you have to find out this way, but I'm leaving.
Zuko: (harshly) Stop! (looks back at Mai) This isn't about you. This is about the Fire Nation.
Mai: Thanks Zuko. That makes me feel all better. (she throws the letter at his head. Zuko grabs his head and rubs the spot she threw the letter at.)
Zuko: (Cut to a side view of the couple) Mai, I never wanted to hurt you. (gets up from his chair and faces Mai) But I have to do this to save my country.
Mai: Save it? You're betraying your country.
Zuko: (Cut back to Zuko) That's not how I see it.

(Cut to Mai who folds her arms and turns to the side sulkily.

Cut to an overhead view of Suki's cell as she practices a series of turns and punches. She ends up with one leg in the air. Cut to her point of view as the door to her cell opens. She lowers her leg to reveal a smiling Sokka.)

Suki: Sokka, (he looks at the opening of Suki's door) what's going on?
Sokka: I don't have much time. (Cut to the outside of the opening looking into the room) If I'm seen with you (Sokka looks out of the
) the guards might think something's up. (he lowers his visor before pushing back up again) I just talked to my Dad.

(Cut back to a side shot of the couple inside of the room.)

Suki: That's great.
Sokka: Yeah and we're escaping today. On the gondola.
Suki: (confused) What?
Sokka: My dad and I came up with a plan together. We're gonna commandeer the gondola and (places both hands on Suki's shoulders) we're gonna take a hostage with us so they won't cut the lines.
Suki: (lowers Sokka's arms) We'll never make it onto the gondola. There's too many guards.
Sokka: My dad already thought of that. He said we'll need a distraction. That's why we're gonna start a prison riot.
Suki: (Cut back to Suki who looks skeptical) Okay. Let's say by some miracle this all works and we make it on the gondola. The Warden will still just cut the lines, even if we have a captive.
Sokka: Not if the Warden is the captive. (A sound from outside the cell stops their conversation. Sokka peers at the opening.) I have to go. (Suki rushes into screen and hugs him) I'll find you before we start the riot.

(Cut to an overhead shot of the room as he hugs back. Cut to the outside of Suki's cell as the door opens and Sokka sneaks out, closing the door along the way.)

Male Guard: (off screen) Hey you! (Sokka freezes as 2 guards walk into screen) The Warden wants to see you. (points to Sokka)
Sokka: (turns back) Why?
Male Guard: I don't know. I didn't ask.
Sokka: Maybe I could schedule another time with him? How's tomorrow? (he walks off)
Male Guard: He wants to see you, (Sokka comes back on screen as 2 other guards hold his hands behind his back and leads him away) now.

(Cut to an overhead shot outside with a line of guards standing in front of the Warden.)

Warden: Put him in the line up.

(Cut to show the line of guards without their helmets. Camera pans to the right to show Sokka being shoved into the line up. He loses his balance and brushes on another guard as he pushes him back to position. Sokka's eyes are widen in shock and fear. He attempts to hide behind the other guard but the guard nudges him away.)

Warden: One of you is an imposter who thought (Cut to the warden)
he could fool me. But now that person (Chit Sang is lead to the front of the line up) is going to be in a lot of trouble. Who is it?

(Cut to Chit Sang's eyes as they open. Cut to Sokka who is shaking nervously on the spot. Cut back to Chit Sang's eyes as he blinks and narrows his eyebrows. Cut to Sokka who closes his eyes.)

Chit Sang: (off screen) That's him, (Sokka opens his eyes and is surprised) Warden. (Camera pans to the left to show Chit Sang pointing at the bully guard) He's the imposter.
Bully Guard: (Cut to the bully guard who is outraged) What? (Cut to the warden who smiles. Cut back to the bully guard who grabs Chit Sang by his shirt) I am not. He's lying! (Chit Sang raises both hands nonchalantly as the bully guard is dragged off screen) He's a liar!

(The rest of the guards look on as Chit Sang smiles since he gets even with the bully guard. Camera pans to the right to show Sokka looking on and sighing with relief. Cut to an opening in a dark room with sunlight streaming into it. Camera pans down to show the bully guard strapped to a chair in prisoner garb.)

Bully Guard: I'm telling you, it wasn't me.
Warden: Save your breath. I know you've been working together. (The warden comes close to the guard's face) You threw Chit Sang in the very cooler they used to escape. It was all part of your plan.
Bully Guard: That was just a coincidence.
Guard: (the door opens and a voice sounds off screen) Sir, there's someone to see you.
Warden: (turns his head to the door) Who told you to interrupt me! (his eyes widen and camera cuts to an area in the room facing the door. Azula is standing at the doorway. The guards bow down in respect)
Azula: I did. (Ty Lee can be seen behind her)
Warden: (Cut to Azula with her arms akimbo, amused) Princess Azula. Uh, it is an honor (Azula and Ty Lee walk into the room) to welcome you to the Fire Nation's most exemplary prison. I didn't realize (stands up) you were coming.
Azula: (walks in some more) Who is this?
Warden: (Cut to the guard who looks at the warden and then looks away) He's a guard who was involved in a recent and feeble escape attempt.
Bully Guard: It wasn't me. (Cut to an area behind the guard's head)
Warden: Quiet you. (points to the guard)
Azula: You're wasting your time. (turns and walks to the door) That's not one of them.
Warden: (stunned) How do you know?
Azula: (Cut to Azula) Because I'm a people person.

(She walks out and closes the door behind her. Cut to shot overlooking the whole prisoner housing area. Camera zooms out to show a guard in a control room, looking at the scene.)

Sokka: (He enters the screen) Hey, I just got orders. Let the prisoners out into the yard.
Guard: (crosses arms) But we're in the middle of lockdown.
Sokka: Oh, okay. (he waves his hand dismissively and walks off) I'll just go tell the Warden you said that. I'm sure (the guard raises his visor) he'll be glad to hear about you undermining his authority. (Sokka comically enters back into screen, raising his visor) What's your name again? (The guard perspires nervously as Sokka disappears off screen)
Guard: (throws his arm out) Wait. Don't tell the Warden, I... I'm just a little confused.
Sokka: (Cut to an overhead shot of the room) Hey, I'm confused too. (turns< back to the guard) But the Warden's in a bad mood and irrational. So if you ask me, (puts an arm on the guard's shoulder and turns him towards the controls) it's best not to question it and just do what he
Guard: Yeah, you're right. (Cut to his hands pulling down the various levers as a bell rings off) We're letting them out.

(The door of each cell opens up floor by floor. The prisoners immediately leave their cells. Cut to Suki who is kneeling in her cell. She looks to the door as it opens. Prisoners rush past her door. She stands up. Cut to an overhead view of another door to reveal Hakoda. Cut to an overhead shot of the yard as the prisoners stream into it. Cut to reveal Suki, Sokka and Hakoda meeting up.)

Sokka: This is it. We have to start a riot.
Suki: Okay, but how do we do that?

(Cut to Hakoda who looks to the side. Cut to the back of a group of prisoners. Cut back to Hakoda who smirks slyly.)

Hakoda: I'll show you.

(Hakoda walks off screen. Cut to an overhead shot of the group of prisoners as Hakoda runs in and shoves the back of a big, burly prisoner.)

Prisoner: Hey, why did you do that for? That hurt my feelings.
Hakoda: (Cut to a side view of the "confrontation") Aren't you mad at me?
Prisoner: Uhh, well normally I would be, but I've been working to control my anger. (Cut back to Sokka who looks on with disbelief)
Sokka: This isn't working.

(A hand lands on Sokka's shoulder.)

Chit Sang: Hey you. (Camera pans to show Chit Sang) You're lucky I didn't rat you out. But my generosity comes with a price. I know you're planning another escape attempt and I want in.
Sokka: Actually, we're trying to escape right now. But we need a riot. (points to Chit Sang) You wouldn't happen to know how to start one would you?
Chit Sang: A prison riot? (pushes Sokka's arm to the side) Please. (Walks off screen.Cut to show Chit Sang grabbing another prisoner by his shirt as the prisoner shrieks. Cut to the back view of Chit Sang as he carries the prisoner over his head. ) Hey! (He hoists the prisoner up and down) Riot! (the yard breaks into chaos as flames are bended all over the place)

Hakoda: (Cut back to Hakoda with Sokka staring dumb founded in the background.) Impressive.

(Sokka and Suki look at each other. Camera zooms out to show the prisoner Hakoda shoved earlier.)

Prisoner: Forget about controlling my anger. Let's riot!

(A prisoner jumps into screen to knock him down. Cut the floor of the yard as chaos and dust ensues everywhere. Cut to a prisoner sitting on another prisoner's shoulders, attempting to choke him. Cut to the bottom of a tower as various guards look down at the scene.)

Warden: Who let these prisoners into the yard? This is supposed to be a lockdown!

(The guard who in charge of the control room raises his visor and blushes in embarrassment as he sneaks away. Cut back to Zuko and Mai in the room. Camera pans to a guard standing at the doorway.)

Guard: Ma'am, there's a riot going on. I'm here to protect you.
Mai: (Cut to the back of Mai's head as she turns around) I don't need any protection.
Zuko: (Zuko laughs slightly) Hah, believe me. She doesn't.
Guard: (Cut to the guard walking into the room) I'm sorry but I'm under direct orders (Cut to Zuko who looks serious) from your Uncle to make sure nothing happens.

(Zuko takes the chance and firebends at the guard's feet and rushes out of the room. The guard attempts to shield Mai from the fire.)

Mai: Get off of me!

(She throws the guard to the side and runs to the door. Cut to a back view of Mai running towards the exit as Zuko slides the door shut. Cut to the outside of the door as Zuko meddles with the lock. Cut to Mai's eyes staring at Zuko through the opening. Cut to Zuko's eyes and he stares back. He closes his eyes and rushes off as Mai continues to look at him through the opening.

Cut to Chit Sang, Sokka, Hakoda and Suki standing at the bottom of another tower, trying to stay out of the chaos. Zuko comes into screen and throws a guard who attempts to subdue him over his shoulder. He runs in front of Sokka.)

Sokka: Zuko, good. We're all here. Now all we need to do (points to the top of another tower) is grab the Warden and get to the gondolas.
Zuko: And how do we do that?
Sokka: (looks back at Zuko) I'm not sure.
Zuko: Argh, I thought you thought this through.
Sokka: (in hysterics) I thought you told me it's okay not to think
everything through!
Zuko: (Cut side view shot of the argument. Zuko has his fists clenched.) Maybe not everything. But this is kind of important. (Zuko grabs his head. While Sokka puts his finger on his chin in thought.)
Chit Sang: Hey, uhh, fellas. I think your girlfriend's taking care of it.

(Cut to Sokka who peers from behind Chit Sang's elbow in surprise. Cut to a
guard and a prisoner scuffling as Suki runs into screen and jumps on their heads. Camera pans across the sea of prisoners' heads to show Suki running rapidly on their heads. Cut to another prisoner who is surprised to feel something on his head. Cut to Suki's back view to show her nearing the tower. She leaps onto the tower and scales the wall rapidly. She pushes herself from the wall as she back flips to land her feet on some pipes below the platform.

Suki flips herself from below the platform to a railing as a guard comes by and starts to firebend. She flips off the railing, narrowly missing the flames and gives the guard a series of punches that knocks him unconscious. Cut to 2 guards running out from a corridor. One of the guards aims a firebending kick towards Suki but she dodges and uses her arm to trip his other leg, sending him to the ground with a loud thud. Cut to the other guard who firebends but Suki dodges and jumps to the railing behind him. She quickly jumps onto the wall. The guard stares at her, dumbfounded.

Cut to an overhead shot of Suki who scales the wall with fierce determination. Cut to the warden who looks down with shock. Cut to an area behind the warden as Suki flips herself over the railing and landing down on the platform. The guard near the warden gets into a stance and before he does so, Suki slides on the ground and trips him over.

The warden attempts to move but Suki gets up and holds his arm in a deadlock grip. Her other hand is positioned dangerously in front of the warden's face should he attempt to fight back. She stares at him.)

Warden: You wouldn't dare.

(Suki turns the warden around and brings his hands together as she ties rapidly them with a red string. Cut to a front shot of the warden as Suki remains behind, pulling down the warden's headband and turning it around so the tie is on his mouth.)

Suki: Sorry Warden, (she tightens the tie and lets go) you're my prisoner now.

(She slams him against the wall. Cut to the other end of the platform to show that the rest of the guys have caught up with her.)

Suki: We've got the Warden, now let's get out of here.

(She looks at them. Cut to the guys who are trying to catch their breath.)

Hakoda: (holds his stomach) That's some girl.
Sokka: (looks at Suki) Tell me about it.

(Cut to commercial break.)


(Scene returns to an overhead shot of the gondola tower. Prisoners can still be seen rioting below. The group is shown running up a staircase towards the gondola. Cut to the back view of Suki and Sokka running.)

Suki: (turns back to Sokka) We're almost there.

(The >rest of the group runs into screen. The warden is carried on Chit Sang's shoulder. Cut to the guards at the gondola as they proceed to firebend at the group. Cut back to the group as Zuko shoves Sokka aside and intercepts the flame, dissipating it immediately. Cut to the guards as more join in to help. Cut back to Zuko.)

Zuko: Back off, we've got the Warden.

(He moves aside and the camera pans across the group. Cut to the warden who looks up from Chit Sang's shoulder and mumbles under the tie. The guards loosen their stances.)

Zuko: Let's go.

(The group slowly and warily walk past the guards with their arms outstretched should the guards attack them. Cut to the gondola area as Zuko stops at the end of the platform while the rest run towards the gondola. Cut to the inside of the gondola as the door slides aside to reveal Suki.)

Suki: Everyone in.

(Sokka boards the gondola first. Cut to an overhead view of the gondola as the rest run in. Cut back to Zuko who still remains at the platform and he runs to the lever, pushing it down. Cut to the ropes of the gondola as it loosens and uncoils. Cut back inside the gondola as it slowly moves off, leaving Zuko behind. Cut back to Zuko who kicks the lever several times. He turns his head and the camera pans to reveal the guards running towards him. With one final kick, he successfully breaks the lever and runs towards the gondola.

Camera cuts to an area below the gondola tower's railings. Zuko flies over the railings with fire balls sailing over his head. Cut to a side view shot of the gondola as Zuko is seen coming up to it. Cut to Sokka reaching out his arm as he catches Zuko. He struggles under the weight. Zuko manages to grab hold to the sides of the gondola as Sokka holds his arms for support as Zuko climbs in.)

Sokka: (Cut back to inside the gondola) What are you doing?
Zuko: I'm making it so they can't stop us.
Sokka: Way to think ahead.
Suki: We're on our way.

(Cut to Hakoda who is looking back at the gondola tower.)

Hakoda: Wait. Who's that?

(Sokka and Zuko turn their heads. Cut to Azula, Ty Lee and some guards back at the gondola tower as they look at the fleeing gondola.)

Zuko: (off screen) That's a problem. (the guards proceed to bow in respect) It's my sister and her friend.

(Cut back to inside of the gondola as Zuko and Hakoda look back to the tower. Cut back to a side view shot of Azula's face looking at the gondola. She turns her head to the side. Cut to the back of a nearby guard as Azula's arm comes into screen and grabs the handcuffs clipped on the guard's waist.

Cut to the lines of the gondola as Ty Lee cartwheels onto them. Azula is seen running ahead below the lines. Ty Lee proceeds to run on the line. Cut to the line as Ty Lee's shoe runs on it. Cut to an overhead shot of Ty Lee as she rapidly runs across the line. Cut to a side view shot of the scene as the guards look on. Azula is seen readying herself.

Cut to Azula fists as she firebends a huge jet of blue fire. Cut to an over head shot of Azula as she propels herself from the ground into the air. Cut to the line as the handcuff locks around it. Cut to the side view of Azula as she places on arm and a leg behind her and firebends another huge jet of fire. The force slides her across the line. Cut to an overhead shot of Ty Lee running on the upper line as Azula comes into screen on the lower line. Cut back to Suki and Zuko inside the gondola.)

Suki: This is a rematch I've been waiting for.
Zuko: Me too.

(He proceeds to climb up to the gondola's roof. Cut to an overhead shot of the 2 girls as they're seen nearing the gondola. Cut back to the roof of the gondola as Suki, Sokka and Zuko prepare themselves. Sokka unsheathes his sword. Cut to the side view of the gondola as the 3 look at the 2 girls. Cut to a close up of Ty Lee's face as the cartwheels off the line, onto the roof, facing Suki. Cut to the other side of the gondola facing the guys' backs as Azula lands onto screen in a crouch.

Cut to Azula who stands up with an evil grin on her face. Cut to an overhead shot of the stand off. Cut back to Azula who gets into a stance with her arms outstretched in front of her. Cut to Zuko's shoe as Azula firebends with her feet towards his. Cut to Sokka and Zuko as Zuko jumps and firebends the flames away.

Cut to the side view of Suki and Ty Lee. Cut to Ty Lee's determined face. Cut to Suki who makes the first move. Ty Lee attempts to chi block Suki but Suki blocks all her shots deftly. Suki attempts to punch Ty Lee but Ty Lee brings up her arm and intercepts the punch. They struggle briefly with neither one gaining the upper hand. Suki punches again but Ty Lee flips off screen.

Cut to Ty Lee's hands. Cut to the side view of the scene as Ty Lee flips into the gondola. Cut back inside the gondola as Ty Lee enters through the opening and swiftly exits by another opening back up onto the roof. Cut back to Suki as Ty Lee appears back behind her. Ty Lee attempts to chi block Suki again but Suki dodges off screen at the last moment. Ty Lee continues to fight. A jet of blue fire comes into screen.

Cut to an overhead shot of Suki being cornered near the gondola's metal extension which links to the cable. Camera slowly pans to the guys as Suki and Ty Lee grunt off screen. Azula is seen firebending. Cut to Zuko who pushes Azula's flame apart with his bare hands, dissipating it. Sokka proceeds to swing his sword.

Cut to Azula who dodges it and as the sword finishes its arc, she stands up again. She firebends towards Sokka. Cut to a side view of Sokka backing off as Zuko takes over, breaking the flame apart with his hands and firebending towards his sister. Cut to an area behind Zuko as he is shown firebending at her feet. Azula jumps and turns before landing back down with a grin. Her eyes suddenly widen and blink. Cut to Sokka's sword as it glints in the sunlight. Cut to Azula who moves back. Cut to an undershot of the scene as Azula is pushed near the edge of the roof.

Cut to Sokka who moves back and Zuko taking the lead by firebending at his sister's feet. Azula jumps and lands in a push up position. Cut to the back view of Azula as she is shown balancing only on her hands. Cut to a front shot of Azula as she moves her legs across her body and firebends at the guys. Cut back to the guys as the move aside.

Cut to the side view of the gondola as the fire travels towards Suki and Ty Lee as they also part to let the flame pass by. Ty Lee is seen cartwheeling. Cut to the inside of the gondola as Chit Sang looks up at the scene. The warden is seen fidgeting. Cut to the warden's hands as he tries to loosen the string.

Cut to a guard's point of view looking through a telescope at the warden inside the gondola.)

Guard #1: (off screen) There's the Warden. I see him!

(Cut to the guard looking at through the telescope. The other guards turn towards him.Cut back to the warden's hands as he successfully breaks the string.
Cut to Chit Sang looking out of the gondola. The warden appears beside him and pulls down the tie covering his mouth

Warden: Cut the line!

(Chit Sang covers the warden's mouth and holds him back.)

Guard #2: (Cut to the back view of the guard with the telescope as 2 other guards run into screen) He wants us to cut the line.
Guard #3: (Cut back to the guard with the telescope with the 2 guards standing behind him) But if we cut the line, there's no way he'll survive.
Guard #1: (brings down the telescope) He knows that.

(Cut to a metal object being brought near the wheel that contains the line as it sparks under friction. Camera zooms up to show a guard struggling to hold the metal object in place. Cut to 2 guards behind him who are holding a huge hacksaw.

Cut back to the gondola's roof as Azula fires a shot towards her brother but Zuko once again, breaks the fire apart and sends another shot towards his sister. Cut to Azula who jumps and firebends back as she lands. Cut to Zuko as he breaks the fire apart again. Cut to Suki and Ty Lee who are still fighting. They lose their balance as the gondola stops suddenly.

Cut to the side view of the gondola as it sways to and fro precariously. Cut back to the guard manning the metal object near the wheel. The wheel stops turning. Cut to Sokka who is sliding off the roof. Cut to Zuko moving towards Sokka. Cut to Sokka's hand as it slides across the roof. Zuko's hand comes into screen and grabs Sokka's arm. Camera zooms out to show Sokka on the edge of the roof and the gondola sways some more. Once the gondola stops moving, Zuko pulls Sokka up.

Cut to an overhead shot of the gondola's roof as it tilts slightly. Ty Lee is seen climbing up the metal extension while Azula is seen regaining her balance. Cut to Ty Lee jumping to the top of the metal extension, looking back at the tower.)

Ty Lee: They're about to cut the line!

(Cut to Ty Lee's back looking down at Azula as Azula turns her head back to the tower. Cut back to the tower as 2 guards proceed to saw the line. Camera zooms out to Azula who turns back. Camera cuts to Azula's back as she, Ty Lee and Suki look at another gondola coming in. Camera zooms in on the other gondola.)

Azula: (Cut back to Azula's face) Then it's time to leave. (She smiles and propels herself from the roof with her firebending. Cut to Azula sailing through the air, looking down at the roof.) Goodbye Zuko.

(Cut to Zuko who is holding onto Sokka, looking up at his sister. Cut to Azula who stops bending as she back flips and lands on the other gondola's roof. Cut to Ty Lee who also flips onto the roof. Cut to Suki, Sokka and Zuko looking at the other gondola as it sails back to the tower.

Cut to Ty Lee and Azula who look back as the gondola continues moving. Cut back to inside the gondola as Zuko flips back into it.)

Zuko: They're cutting the line. The gondola's about to go!
Hakoda: I hope this thing floats.

(Camera pans from the gondola down to the water. Cut back to the guards who are still sawing. Cut to a close up of the blade as the lines break. Stilettos fly into screen as the guards holding the saw are thrown off screen. Cut to docking area as the stiletto pins the guard's wristguard to the structure. He looks at another guard who comes into screen with the same fate.)

Guard: What are you doing?!
Mai: (Cut to Mai) Saving the jerk who dumped me.

(Cut to the guards who move towards Mai. Cut to Mai's hand as she releases a stiletto into it while a guard proceeds to firebend at her. Cut to a front shot of Mai as she throws the stilettos and dodges the flames. Cut back to the guards as some of them gets pinned by her weapons. The guards who remain untouched continue to firebend at Mai. Cut to Mai who slides across the floor, narrowly missing the flames.

She slides across the 2 wheels as she stands up and releases more stilettos into her hands. The guards who run towards her get pinned by down by her weapons. Cut to a close up of a female guard as she widens her eyes. Cut to a side view of the guard as Mai uses her as a shield and throws more stilettos at the guards behind her. Cut back to Mai who releases another stiletto and brings the female guard to the floor and pins her wrist guard to the floor.

Cut to an overhead shot of the wheel as Mai kicks away the metal object that is preventing the lines from being loosened. The wheel turns and the gondola continues to move. Cut back to inside the gondola looking back at the tower.)

Sokka: (Cut to a front shot of Sokka who looks out of the opening) Who is that?

(The others join in to look back at the tower. Cut back to Mai who continues to fend off the guards by herself. Cut to a close up of Mai as she turns her head back to the gondola.)

Zuko: (Cut to a shocked Zuko) It's Mai.
Azula: (Cut to a furious Azula) What is she doing?!

(Cut to the backs of Azula and Ty Lee as Ty Lee shrugs and makes a "I don't know" noise.

Cut to the gondola as it reaches the outer part of the crater. Cut to the inside of the entrance tower as the door opens and Suki rushes out followed by Sokka, Zuko, Hakoda and Chit Sang. Hakoda turns towards Chit Sang and points to the inside of the gondola. Chit Sang proceeds to throw the warden back in.)

Hakoda: (Cut to the back of Hakoda's head looking at the warden lying on the floor) Sorry Warden, your record is officially broken.

(Hakoda walks off screen while the warden continues to struggle on the floor. Cut to a front shot of the group as they run up a rocky incline.)

Suki: Well, we made it out. Now what?
Sokka: (Sokka stops and looks back at Zuko who pauses in his tracks, thinking) Zuko, what are you doing?
Zuko: My sister was on that island.
Sokka: Yeah and she's probably right behind us. So let's not stop.
Zuko: What I mean is she must have come here somehow. (He runs to the edge of the rocks and looks down) There. (Cut to an area looking up at the edge of the cliff) That's our way out of here.

(Camera pans down to reveal a Fire Nation zeppelin docked at the shore.

Cut back to the gondola tower as Mai is brought in front of Azula by the guards. Cut to Azula who looks on angrily. Cut to a front shot of Mai as she lowers her head so that her fringe covers her eyes.)

Azula: (off screen) Leave us alone.

(The guards let go of Mai's shoulder and does a Fire Nation bow. Mai lifts her head up.)

Azula: (Cut back to Azula) I never expected this from you.

(Cut back to a side view of Mai. Cut to Ty Lee who is clasping her hands, staring at Mai and back at Azula with a frightened look. Cut back to Azula.)

Azula: The thing I don't understand is why (lifts her head up) Why would you do it? You know the consequences.

(Azula lowers her head down and glares at Mai. Cut back to a side view of the scene. Cut back to Mai.)

Mai: I guess you just don't know people as well as you think you do. You miscalculated. (Cut back to Azula) I love Zuko more than I fear you. (Azula's face scrunches up in fury.)
Azula: (outburst) No, you miscalculated! You should have feared me more!

(Cut to Azula she gets into a stance. Cut to Mai who brings up her stiletto. Her weapon glints under the sunlight. Cut back to Azula who begins to strike but Ty Lee comes into screen, jabbing her back with a series of punches. Cut to Mai who looks stunned. Cut to Azula who gasps and falls to the ground to reveal Ty Lee who looks on. Ty Lee runs to Mai.)

Ty Lee: Come on, (pulls Mai's arm) let's get out of here!

(She tries to drag Mai away but guards surround them)

Azula: (Camera pans to Azula on the floor as she glares at them furiously) You're both fools.

(Boots come into screen as the guards help her up. Cut back to Mai and Ty Lee who are captured by the guards.)

Guard: What shall we do with them, princess?
Azula: (Azula's head comes into screen) Put them somewhere (Camera slowly zooms in on Mai and Ty Lee who have unreadable expressions on their faces) I'll never have to see their faces again. (Cut back to Azula) And let them rot.

(Scene cuts to the night sky. Camera pans down to the Western Air Temple. Azula's zeppelin can be seen docked near the temple's structures. Cut to a close up under shot of the zeppelin. Cut to a side view of Aang, Katara and Toph who stand in front of the zeppelin as Zuko and Sokka walk out.)

Katara: What are you doing in this thing? What happened to the war balloon?
Zuko: (Cut to Zuko) It kind of got destroyed.
Aang: (Cut back to the welcoming party) Sounds like a crazy fishing trip.
Toph: Did you at least get some good meat?
Sokka: (Cut to a close up of Sokka) I did. (closes his eyes) The best meat of all. (opens his eyes) The meat of friendship and fatherhood.

(Cut to the entrance of the zeppelin as Suki and Hakoda disembark. Chit Sang appears shortly behind them)

Chit Sang: (waves) I'm new. What's up everybody?
Katara: (Cut to Katara who tears up) Dad. (she runs towards her Father)
Hakoda: (Cut back to Hakoda) Hi, Katara.

(Camera zooms out to show Katara embracing her Dad.)

Katara: (Cut to Sokka's back as he looks on. Katara lets go) How are you here? What is going on? (looks at her brother) Where did you go?
Sokka: (Cut to Sokka) We... kind of went to a Fire Nation prison.

(Zuko nods. Katara's gloved hand comes into screen and grabs Sokka by his arm. Zuko smiles. Cut to the siblings embracing their Dad.)

Toph: (Cut to an overhead view of the scene as the camera slowly zooms out) Seriously, you guys didn't find any meat?

(Fade to white.)

[End Credits]

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