Transcript for 317 - The Ember Island Players
The Ember Island Players
Written By: Tim Hedrick, Josh Hamilton, John O' Bryan
Directed By: Giancarlo Volpe
Storyboard By: Michael Chang, Johane Matte, Juan Meza-Leon, Giancarlo Volpe, Jung Hye Young, Jae Myung Yu, Tomihiro Yamaguchi
Animation By: JM Animation Co, Ltd
Transcriber: Icy_Ashford

["Previously on Avatar" sequence, including clips from "The Beach" and "The Day of Black Sun, Part 1: The Invasion".]

Act I

(Episode opens up to a scenic view of Fire Lord Ozai's beach house with the rocks and hills around it on Ember Island. Cut to an overhead view of the courtyard as 2 figures are seen firebending towards a derelict fountain and taking a step back. Cut to an area at Aang's side, looking at him and Zuko. In sync, they take a step forward and throw their arms down, firebending at the same time. They stretch out their right leg in front of them, firebending again. They proceed to stretch it behind them and they push out their left arm out in a "Superman" pose as they firebend with that arm. They put their legs down and exhale audibly, putting their arms in a cooling down position and bowing to each other. Katara and Toph are seen spectating at the side in their Fire Nation disguises. Zuko cracks his fingers and stretches both arms above his head and walks off screen. Aang massages his shoulder.)

Katara: (Cut to a close up of the 2 girls. Toph is napping.) Doesn't it seem kinda weird that we're hiding (looks around the courtyard) from the Fire Lord in his own house?
Zuko: (Cut to Zuko sitting at the fountain, wiping his hair with a yellow towel) I told you, my Father hasn't come here since our family was actually happy. And that was a long time ago. This is the last place anyone would think to look for us.
Sokka: (Cut to an area behind the girls looking at the boys as Sokka and Suki walk into screen) You guys are not going to believe this. There's a play about us.
Suki: (Cut to a close up of the couple. Suki has donned a Fire Nation disguise similar to Azula's evening outfit in The Beach) We were just in town and we found this poster.

(Sokka unveils the poster at the camera. It's a parody of the Season 1 box set DVD cover and Zuko's scar is on the wrong side.)

Katara: (Cut to an area behind Sokka as he shows the poster to his sister) What? (He shows the poster to Aang) How is that possible?
Sokka: (He flips the poster back) Listen to this. (Cut to a frontal shot of Sokka with the back of the poster facing the camera) "The Boy in the Iceberg is a new production from acclaimed playwright Pu On Tim who scoured (Cut to the poster as camera pans up on the main characters with heavily exaggerated features. Sokka is pictured as a muscled man in his Season 2 outfit) the globe gathering information on the Avatar from the icy South Pole to the heart of Ba Sing Se. (Cut to an overhead shot of the scene) His sources including singing nomads, pirates, prisoners of war and a surprisingly knowledgeable merchant of cabbage."
Suki: (leans in to read the last line) "Brought to you by the critically acclaimed Ember Island Players."

(Sokka lets go of the scroll's bottom and it curls back.)

Zuko: Ugh. (Cut to a close up of Zuko with a disgusted look on his face) My Mother used to take us to see them. They butchered "Love Amongst The Dragons" every year.
Katara: (Cut to a close up side shot of Katara as she turns back to her brother) Sokka, do you really think it's a good idea for us to attend a play about ourselves?
Sokka: Come on, a day at the theatre? (Unrolls the scroll towards his sister) This is the kind of wacky time wasting nonsense I've been missing.

(He grins widely. Fade to a side view shot of the theatre at night. Cut to the curtains on the stage. Camera zooms out to show the Gaang walking into a private viewing box on the second floor facing the stage. Toph and Katara take their seats. Zuko walks in the opposite direction wearing a hooded cloak and sits beside Katara as Aang confidently tries to sit next to her. He is wearing a hat similar to Dock's in The Painted Lady to cover his bald, tattooed head. Aang stands up rubs his neck.)

Aang: Hey, uh... I wanted to sit (points at Zuko's spot) there. (he clenches his hands together)
Zuko: (lowers his hood) Just sit next to me, what's the big deal?
Aang: I was (Katara looks at the commotion and looks back to the stage) just... I wanted to... (sits next to Zuko) Okay.
Toph: (Cut to an undershot of the viewing box as Sokka and Suki sit in the row behind the 4 of them) Why are we sitting in the nose bleed section? My feet (the lights in the theatre dim down) can't see a thing from up here.
Katara: Don't worry, I'll tell your feet what's happening.

(Cut to the stage as the curtain is drawn up to reveal a prop of a canoe surrounded by moving set decorations of water. The backdrop is a crude painting of icebergs. The Katara and Sokka actors are rowing the canoe with their oars. Cut to Katara who is excited. A hand touches her shoulder and she looks up, smiling at her brother and the camera zooms out as Sokka points to her and back to himself rapidly. He makes sounds of astonishment. Cut to Katara's actress who is much more developed and bigger sized than the real Katara and her clothes are a little revealing. She has too much blusher on her cheeks.)

Actress Katara: (sighs) Sokka, my only brother. We constantly roam these icy South Pole seas and yet never do we find anything fulfilling.
Actor Sokka: (Camera pans to the right to show Sokka's actor who is buck-toothed and thinner than the actual Sokka. His "wolf-tail" is an overly large ponytail bun.) All I want is a full feeling in my stomach, I'm starving!

(Cut to the audience near the stage as they laugh heartily. Cut to a sideview of the Water Tribe siblings who look at each other in disbelief. Cut to an area in the audience in front of the stage, looking at the boat.)

Actress Katara: Is food the only thing on your mind?
Actor Sokka: Well, I'm trying to get it out of my mind and (Cut to a close up of actor Sokka as he points to his mouth) into my mouth. I'm starving.

(The audience laughs once again. Cut back to the Gaang's viewing box as Sokka complains to his sister.)

Sokka: This is pathetic. My (points his thumb to himself) jokes are way funnier than this. (throws out his arm towards the stage)
Toph: (Toph laughs and the siblings look at her) I think he's got you pegged.

(Cut back to the stage as actress Katara stands up while actor Sokka continues paddling.)

Actress Katara: Everyday, the World awaits a beacon to guide us, yet none appears. Still, we cannot give up hope. (she places her hand to her chest in a melodramatic way) For hope (she sniffles) is all we have (her voice begins to be choked with "tears") and we must never relinquish it. Even... (sniffling) even to our dying breath.

(She pretends to cry.)

Katara: (Cut back to the Gaang's viewing box as Katara is unamused) Well, (Suki and Sokka laugh) that's just silly. I don't sound like that.
Toph: (giggles and clutches her stomach) Oh man, this writer's a genius.

(Cut back to actress Katara who is still crying as white-blue light illuminates behind her. She looks up in a "dainty" way.)

Actress Katara: (Cut to a full view of the stage as the iceberg prop slowly moves to the centre of the stage. A cut out of Aang sways from side to side on a stick inside the iceberg.) It appears to be someone frozen in ice. Perhaps for a hundred years.
Actor Sokka: (Cut to a close up of the cut out.) But who? Who is the boy in the iceberg?

(Cut back to the viewing box as Aang grabs the railings in anticipation. Zuko looks bored.)

Actress Katara: (Cut to actress Katara who is already on top of the iceberg prop. Actor Sokka is still climbing up) Waterbend, hai-ya!

(She performs a chopping motion and the Aang cut out is pulled down. Cracks appear on the iceberg and it opens with the interior smoking. The actors look at each other in mock surprise. Cut to a close up of the smoke as a lady dressed as Aang jumps out, winks and poses. Like actress Katara, her make up is heavy. Cut to Aang who is repulsed. Cut back to a close up of the iceberg.)

Actress Katara: Who are you, frozen boy?
Actress >Aang: (giggles and balances tip toed on one leg) I'm the Avatar, silly. Here to spread (pirouettes on her balancing leg) joy and fun.
Aang: (in disbelief) Wait, is that a woman playing me?

(Cut back to the iceberg as a shaggy, white Chinese lion get-up from traditional Chinese lion dances pops out from the remnants of the iceberg and moves from side to side. It jumps off the iceberg. Cut to a full view of the stage as the Appa lion circles round the iceberg and makes a gruff animal noise. The 3 dancers controlling the lion costume have worn shaggy pants to show that Appa has 6 legs.)

Actress Katara: (gasp) An airbender. My heart is so full of hope that it's (drops to her knees) making me (grabs actress Aang's leg and cries) tearbend.

(Cut to a close up of actress Katara as she makes sobbing noises. Cut back to a full view of the 3 actors on the iceberg prop.)

Actor Sokka: My stomach is so empty that it's making me tearbend. (He drops to his knees and grabs actress Aang's other leg and sobs) I need meat. (Cut to a close up of actor Sokka)
Actress Aang: (She kneels down and places an arm around actor Sokka's shoulder and points to the ceiling above the audience) But wait. (Cut back to Aang who is visibly unamused and is slumped against the railing) Is that a platter of meaty dumplings?
Actor Sokka: (off screen) Ooo. (Cut back to the 3 actors as actor Sokka looks around) Where? Where?
Actress Aang: (giggles uncontrollably) Did I mention (crosses her legs) that I'm an incurable prankster?

(Cut back to the Gaang's viewing box as the audience laughs off screen.)

Aang: (irritated) I don't do that. That's not what I'm like! And... I'm not a woman!
Toph: (laughs out loud as the rest turn to look at her) Oh, they nailed you, Twinkle Toes.

(Aang slumps onto the railing again. Cut back to the stage as Zuko's ship enters with actor Zuko poised near the front of the ship, looking through a telescope.)

Actor Uncle: (Cut to actor Uncle who is portrayed a little more accurately) Prince Zuko, you must try this cake.

(He brings up a whole cake on a plate but one slice missing.)

Actor Zuko: (Camera pans to the right to show actor Zuko in Zuko's Fire Nation armor with a long ponytail. His scar is on the wrong side.) I don't have time to stuff my face. (His voice is rougher and deeper than Zuko's. He lowers the telescope and faces the audience) I must capture the Avatar to regain my honor!
Actor Uncle: (Cut to a full view of the ship prop) Well, while you do that, maybe I'll capture another slice.

(He proceeds to bring the plate of cake to his mouth and makes loud, masticating noises)

Actor Zuko: You sicken me. (He looks through the telescope again)
Zuko: (Cut back to Zuko with Katara looking very amused) They make me
totally stiff and humorless.
Katara: Actually, I think that actor's pretty spot on.
Zuko: (looks to Katara and stretches both arms out) How could you say that?
Actor Uncle: (Cut back to actor Zuko still looking through the telescope as actor Uncle appears behind him) Let's forget about the Avatar and get massages.
Actor Zuko: (turns back to actor Uncle, outraged) How could you say that?!

(Cut back to Katara wearing a satisfied grin on her face and she looks to an expressionless Zuko as he slouches in his seat.

Cut to the backdrop of the Southern Air Temple as the camera pans down to actress Aang looking around. A tail sticks out from a nearby bush prop. She spots the tail.)

Actress Aang: Hey look, (the tail slinks deeper into the bush) I think (she tip toes towards the bush and reaches in. Cut the Water Tribe actors as they look at each other, puzzled.) I found something. (Cut to actress Aang who steps away from the bush with a large puppet of Momo sitting on her shoulder) It's a flying rabbit monkey. I think (she walks closer to the camera) I'll name him, Momo. (giggles)
Puppet Momo: (Actress Aang attempts ventriloquism but fails since one side of her mouth is open) Hi, everybody. (the mouth of puppet Momo opens and closes as it moves towards the camera) I love you.

(The audience laughs off screen as the camera cuts back to Aang who sighs with disgust and places two fingers on his temple, moving the skin around. Cut to actress Suki peeking out from behind a fan. Camera zooms out to show her holding 2 fans in her hands as she raises them above her head. Her head gear and the area around her waist are exaggeratedly big.)

Actor Sokka: (He walks backwards into screen, sticking his rear end out as he does so) Does this dress make my butt look fat?

(He points to his bottom. Cut to an area behind Suki and Sokka as Suki struggles to contain her laughter and looks to Sokka who blushes.

Cut to a backdrop of Omashu as actor Bumi in a bodysuit pops into screen.)

Actor Bumi: Riddles and challenges must you face, (Camera zooms out to the stage to show actress Aang avoiding a swinging rock and actress Katara being surrounded by props of green genemite crystals) if you are ever to leave this place.

(Sokka runs on stage, being chased by someone wearing a Flopsie suit. Actor Bumi laughs hysterically. Cut to actress Katara who sighs melodramatically as she disappears behind the prop crystals as one part of the prop rises, hiding her completely. Cut to Katara who sticks her tongue out at the scene.

Cut to the stage with a pirate ship in the backdrop. The leading characters stand at the centre of the stage. Cut to the left side of the stage as 3 pirates armed with prop weapons appear on stage. Camera pans to the other side of the stage as another 3 pirates enter the stage. Camera pans back to the trio with actress Katara clutching an overly large scroll prop and actor Sokka holding a blunt boomerang prop.

All 3 of them squat down as the pirates ambush them. The 3 of them slide out from underneath a pirate's skirt as the 6 pirates fight and slowly move offstage.)

Actor Sokka: Why did you have to steal that waterbending scroll?

(Cut to the trio who tip toe away.)

Actress Katara: It just gave me so much hope!

(Cut to Katara who looks on, unamused as actress Katara sobs off screen. Cut to a stagehand hiding behind the backdrop as lightning flashes through the stage. He lifts up a metal sheet and wobbles it around to make the sound of thunder. Cut to a full view of the stage to show actress Aang being tied to a raised dragon platform with Fire Nation guards at the bottom.)

Actor Zuko: The Avatar is mine! (he looks to the side and points) Wait, who's coming?
Actor Blue Spirit: (Cut to the side of the stage as a spotlight shines on an actor wearing a large tiki Blue Spirit mask that covers his whole body) I am the Blue Spirit. The scourge (clashes his broadswords together) of the Fire Nation here to save the Avatar.

(Cut to a full view of the stage as actor Blue Spirit appears on screen and waves his swords about. The guards behind him fall to the ground, defeated. Actor Zuko runs behind the dragon platform. Actor Blue Spirit continues walking on and waves his swords about and the remaining guards drop down. Actor Zuko appears from the other side of the platform and throws a red streamer symbolizing firebending at the Blue Spirit's feet and the Blue Spirit jumps to avoid the streamer. The Blue Spirit thrusts out his sword as actor Zuko runs offstage.)

Actress Aang: My hero.

(She jumps off the platform and sits on top of the tiki mask and the Blue Spirit walks offstage. Cut to Zuko and Aang who look at each other with slight "sweatdrop" expressions. Cut to the stagehand turning a wheel. Cut to the backdrop of the Freedom Fighter's hide out as actress Katara and actor Jet with a rose in his mouth and a heavily exaggerated anime-like hair are lowered into screen by on a platform. Actress Katara mock sobs out loud.)

Actor Jet: Don't cry, baby. (He holds actress Katara close to him) Jet will wipe out that nasty town (points to the stage) for you.

(He tips actress Katara's chin up and the camera zooms out to show a stagehand clad in black pulling a large, blue sheet of cloth symbolizing water across the stage. The platform raises.)

Actress Katara: (sultrily) Oh Jet, you're so bad.

(Cut to Toph who giggles while Katara holds her head in embarrassment. Cut to a prop of Appa flying across the stage with the leading actors sitting in the saddle. Actress Aang sits on the saddle's side instead of prop Appa's head.)

Actress Aang: (enthusiastically) Look, (points down) it's The Great Divide. (Actress Katara looks down) The biggest
canyon in the Earth Kingdom.
Actor Sokka: (looks down and throws his arm to the side dismissively) Meh. Let's keep flying.

(Cut to the stagehand holding a sack of fake snow and ruffling it so that the fake snowflakes fall out consistently. Cut to a bridge with a wave symbol on stage. Actor Sokka and actress Yue are standing at the centre of the bridge.)

Actor Sokka: Don't go, Yue. You're (grasps her hands) the only woman whose ever taken my mind off of food. (Cut to a close up of the 2 as they kiss audibly. Actress Yue has an overly large and exaggerated white hair wig and she is wearing pink instead of white. Actor Sokka gags and sticks his tongue out.) Wait, did you have pickled fish for dinner?
Actress Yue: Goodbye, Sokka. (She rises slowly as their hands part.) I have important Moon duties to take care of. (Cut to a full view of the bridge to show actress Yue sitting on a crescent Moon prop as it slowly gets pulled up. The train of her skirt is quite long and trails a few feet below the Moon prop.) And yes, I did have pickled fish.

(Actor Sokka raises his arms up to the departing Yue. Cut back to Sokka and Suki. Sokka has tears in his eyes and his hands are on his chin.)

Suki: (giggles) You never (Sokka's mouth quivers animatedly) told me you made out with the Moon Spirit.
Sokka: (places a finger on Suki's lips) Shh. I'm trying to watch.

(He lets the tears flow freely as Suki crosses her arms, annoyed. Cut to cut outs of Fire Nation boats being dragged across the stage. A foot kicks the cut outs aside. Cut to a doll of Zhao in the hand of the Ocean Spirit. Camera zooms out to show actress Aang under a large Ocean Spirit costume.)

Actress Aang: (laughs) The Avatar is back to save the day! Yay!

(She jumps and crushes the cut out as she lands. She proceeds to kick another ship cut out offstage. She stomps around and destroys the remaining cut outs as she falls flat on her stomach due to the weight of the costume. The curtain is lowered.

Cut back to the Gaang's viewing box as Toph and the rest of the audience applaud and cheer. Katara stares bewildered at the closing scene. Aang groans and throws his entire body forward. Zuko brings the hood up on his head. Sokka brings his palm to his face, visibly displeased.

Cut to commercial break.)

Act II

(Scene returns to outside the theatre looking at the sea. Camera pans to the left to show the Gaang sitting on a flight of steps on a balcony. Sokka walks down the steps.)

Zuko: So far, this intermission is the best part of the play.
Sokka: (Cut to Sokka's legs walking down as Suki look on, amused) Apparently, the playwright thinks I'm an idiot (he sits down and reaches into a small bag of food) who tells bad jokes about meat all the time. (he takes out strip of meat)
Suki: Yeah, you tell bad jokes (Sokka bites off a part of the strip and chews) about plenty of other topics.
Sokka: (swallows) I know! (takes another bite angrily)
Aang: (off screen) At least this Sokka actor kinda looks like you. (Cut to Aang sitting at the bottom of the steps with Toph standing in front of him) That woman playing the Avatar doesn't resemble me at all.
Toph: I don't know, you are more in touch with your feminine side than most guys. (He stands up and makes an annoyed sound)
Katara: (off screen) Relax, Aang. (he turns around and camera cuts to Katara sitting at the top of the steps) They're not accurate portrayals. It's not like I'm (places hand on chest) a preachy crybaby who can't resist giving overemotional speeches about hope all the time. (Camera zooms out to show a full view of the stairs at everyone looks at her skeptically) What?
Aang: Yeah. (sits down) That's not you at all.
Toph: Listen, friends. It's obvious that the playwright did his research. I know it must hurt but what you're seeing up there on that stage is the truth.

(Cut back to the stage to show a backdrop of the Earth Kingdom. Camera pans down on the lead actors.)

Actress Katara: Well, here we are in the Earth Kingdom.
Actress Aang: I better (she opens a mini glider prop in her hand) have a look around to see if I can find an earthbending teacher. (A rope attached to her back pulls her up)
Toph: (excitedly) This is it! This must be where I (Zuko brings a parchment closer to his face while Katara looks on worriedly and Sokka appears bored) come in.

(Cut to actress Aang who flies one round above the audience and back to the stage)

Actress Aang: I flew all over town but I couldn't find a single earthbending master. (Actress Katara and actor Sokka act horrified and sad)
Toph: (clenches her fist in anticipation) Here it comes.
Actor Toph: (Cut to the stage as a rock prop gets lifted by a well built man wearing Toph's outfit who appears from a trap door under the prop) You can't find an earthbending master in the sky, you have to look underground.

(He throws the rock prop over the leading trio's heads. Cut back to the Gaang's viewing box as everyone breaks into laughter. Zuko drops his parchment in shock.)

Actress Aang: (points to actor Toph) Who are you?
Actor Toph: (spits off camera) My name is Toph because it sounds like tough. (He flexes his muscles) And that's just what I am. (Cut to Toph who turns her head to side, straining to hear the words.)
Toph: Wait a minute, (She uses her pinkie to clear her ear) I sound like... (shocked) a guy. A really buff guy. (She smiles)
Katara: (Camera pans to the right to show Katara who attempts to make fun of Toph) Well Toph, what you hear up there is the truth. It hurts, doesn't it?
Toph: (grins from ear to ear) Are you kidding me? (Katara appears annoyed at the revelation) I wouldn't have cast it any other way. At least it's not a flying bald lady.

(Camera pans further to the right to show Aang who is irritated at her comment. Cut back to the backdrop of the stage as camera pans down.)

Actress Aang: So, you're blind?

(She waves her hands in front of actor Toph's face.)

Actor Toph: (laughs) I can see you doing that. (points to actress Aang) I see everything (Cut to a full view of the stage) that you see except that I don't see like you do. I release (Cut to a frontal shot of actor Toph) a sonic wave from my mouth.

(He turns towards the leading trio and screams. Cut to actor Toph's face. Cut to the trio who lean back and their clothes flutter from the strong vibrations. Cut to the audience who cringe and cover their ears. Cut to the Gaang who are also cringing but Toph looks on happily. Cut back to the stage as actor Toph stops and turns back to the audience.)

Actor Toph: There. (The leading trio look on, impressed) I got a pretty good look at you.

(The audience applauds. Cut to the stagehand tilting a spotlight up. Cut to actor Uncle and actor Zuko standing on a bridge facing each other as the light casts huge shadows on the backdrop.)

Actor Uncle: Zuko, it's time we had a talk. (points to actor Zuko) About your hair. (Cut to a close up of actor Zuko with a long hair wig. Both of them are still wearing their Season 1 outfits.) It's gone too far.
Actor Zuko: Maybe it's best if we... (He turns his head away) split up.

(He turns and walks away. Cut to a full view of the bridge to show both of them walking away from each other. Cut to an area above the Gaang's viewing box looking at the stage. It's the scene from The Chase where the 6 of them corner Azula.)

Actor Zuko: Azula! My sister. What are you doing here?
Actress Azula: (Cut to a close up of actress Azula with pink torso armor instead of red and like the other female actresses, she has heavy eye makeup) You caught me. Wait. What's that? (points to the ceiling above the audience) I think it's your honor. (Camera zooms out to show a full view of the stage)
Actor Zuko: (All 6 actors turn towards the audience as actress Azula opens a door and escapes) Where?
Actress Katara: (They turn back to the empty corner) She escaped. But how?

(Cut to a stagehand sitting on a stool in the dark turning a contraption above him. The sheets around him move as he does so. Cut to alternating dark and light slanted lines moving across the screen. Camera zooms out to show the drill prop drilling through a prop wall supported by the black clad stagehands. Actress Azula stands on top of the drill while actress Aang stands on top of the wall.)

Actress Aang: If she continues drilling (the prop drill continues to penetrate in), this wall (Cut to actress Aang as the wall beneath her shakes and sways unsteadily) will come down for sure.

(A black clad hand brings up a rock prop from behind actress Aang and she takes it, throwing it towards actress Azula.)

Actress Azula: (Cut to actress Azula who swipes the rock prop away with her arm) Haha, yes! Continue drilling. (points towards the wall) The city (Camera zooms out to show the black clad stagehand fanning to create a smoky effect. The other stagehand continues to shake the wall) of Ba Sing Se can't hide no longer.

(Camera zooms out to show a full view of the stage once again. The drill continues penetrating the wall. Actress Aang continues to throw rocks provided by the stagehand. One of the rocks hits actress Azula but she blocks it. Cut to the audience who are either sleeping, yawning or just plain uninterested at the scene. Some of them struggle to stay awake. Cut to a backdrop of a prison door in Ba Sing Se with the green spooky glow.

Actor Jet comes into screen, slashing his hooksword arm prop as he does so. He is wearing a pair of crazy eye glasses as the tiny black beads representing his pupils swirl around to show that he has gone insane. Actor Jet twirls around on the spot, swinging his arms around.)

Actress Aang: (off screen) No, Jet! (Camera zooms out to show the actors appearing horrified and scared at the scene. Actor Jet is crouching like a primate and he has a slight pot belly.) What did they do to you?
Actor Jet: Must. (He swipes his hooksword arm towards actress Aang unsteadily) Serve. Earth King! (He turns and swipes Sokka who ducks) Must... Destroy!

(Cut to a stagehand on top looking down at the scene as he throws down a rock prop. Actor Jet makes various agonizing noises off screen. Cut to a full view of the stage as actor Jet swings around violently and grabs his head as if he is having a fit. The rock prop slowly floats into stage. Actor Jet crawls on his knees to ensure that he is underneath the rock prop as it lands. The prop falls on him, covering the upper part of his body but his legs pop out from under the rock. Actor Jet brings his legs into the prop. Cut to the Gaang's viewing box.)

Zuko: Did Jet just... die?
Sokka: You know, it was really unclear.

(Cut to actress Katara with a backdrop of the crystal catacombs of Ba Sing Se behind her.)

Actress Katara: I have to admit, Prince Zuko. I really find you attractive.

(Cut to a frontal shot of the stage to show actor Zuko sitting on a crystal prop with his legs crossed.)

Actor Zuko: You don't (actress Katara cringes at his harshness) have to make fun of me.
Actress Katara: But I mean it. (Sheproceeds to sit down beside actor Zuko) I had eyes for you (Cut to Katara and Zuko who look at each other awkwardly and they slide away from each other) since the day you first captured me. (Cut to Aang who frowns and looks serious)
Actor Zuko: (Cut to Aang's back view as he grabs the railings, looking at the stage) Wait. (actor Zuko stands up) I thought you were the Avatar's girl.

(Cut to a close up shot of Aang who nods. Cut to a slight overhead view of the 2 actors on stage.)

Actress Katara: (laughs) The Avatar? (stands up and walks towards actor Zuko) Why, he's like a little brother to me. (laughs some more) I certainly don't think (Cut to Aang who looks saddened and his eyes turns towards Katara) of him in a romantic way. Besides, (Cut back to the stage) how could he ever find out about this.

(The actors hold each others' hands in an embrace. Cut back to Aang who stands up in irritation.)

Sokka: (whispers) Oh, you're getting up? Can you get me some fire flakes? (He lays his arm across Suki's shoulder as she rests against him) Oh and (He releases his arm to whisper back as Suki appears irritated at the sudden gesture) fire gummies.

(He lays his arm on Suki's shoulder again as Suki looks up at him, rather annoyed. Cut to the stage with actor Zuko in the centre, actress Azula on the left with a Fire Nation banner behind her and actor Uncle on the right with an Earth Kingdom banner behind him. A spotlight shines on actor Zuko.)

Actress Azula: Well, my brother. What's it going to be? (Cut to a close up of actor Zuko has he makes several gestures of confusion and deep thought) Your nation or a life of treachery?
Actor Uncle: (Cut to actor Uncle who drinks from a bowl) Choose treachery, it's more fun.

(He does a thumbs-up. Cut to an overhead view of the stage as actor Zuko walks to actor Uncle. The spotlight follows him.)

Actress Azula: No way!

(Cut to an area behind actor Uncle as actor Zuko shoves him. Cut to a full view of the stage as actor Uncle drops his bowl of beverage and lands on his back like an upturned turtle. Actor Zuko walks towards actress Azula.)

Actor Zuko: I hate you, (points to actor Uncle) Uncle. (actor Uncle sits up) You smell and I hate you for all time.

(The "Fire siblings" walk offstage as the Earth Kingdom banner falls on top of actor Uncle. Cut to the Gaang's viewing box as Katara covers her mouth in shock. Zuko leans on the railing somberly.)

Katara: You didn't really say that, did you?
Zuko: (turns his head away) I might as well have.

(Cut back to the stage as actress Mai stands up from the smoke. Her outfit is mostly accurate but she has a passive smiley as her belt buckle and her hair buns are exaggeratedly large with a knife in each of them. She takes a knife from her hair and thrusts it out. A black clad stagehand carries it across the stage to hit the back of an actor Earth Kingdom soldier's shirt and he gets pulled back by a wire to show that the impact of the knife threw him backwards.

Camera zooms out to a full view of the stage to show a backdrop of the Earth King's throne room. The Earth King and Bosco's costume appears to be sewn together. The Earth King looks like a little boy sitting on Bosco's lap who is sitting on the throne. Cut to another actor Earth Kingdom soldier who gets into a fighting stance. Actress Ty Lee who is much bigger sized than the actual Ty Lee with heavy make up comes into screen and kisses the tips of her fingers. She proceeds to tap her fingers on the actor soldier's shoulder and the soldier freezes up, sticks his tongue out and falls down. Actress Mai joins actress Ty Lee in the centre of the stage in a finishing pose. Cut to the audience who applaud.

Cut back to actresses Mai and Ty Lee as the camera pans up to show actress Aang appearing from behind the throne and somersaulting to the centre of the stage.)

Actress Aang: Avatar State, yip yip.

(The lights on stage dim and her arrow glows in the dark. She closes her eyes and her eye shadow glow to show that the real Aang's tattoos and eyes glow in the Avatar State. A black clad stagehand secures a rope behind her and she gets lifted into the air. The sleeves of actress Mai's costume and the skirt of actress Ty Lee's glow in the dark as well. Camera pans out to show a full view of the stage. Actress Azula jumps out from the smoke on the floor into the air.)

Actress Azula: (Cut to a close up of actress Azula who whips out a blue streak of cloth. Various parts of her armor are glowing in the dark.) Not if my lightning can't help it!

(Cut to actress Aang who opens her eyes slightly to catch the blue cloth. The cloth wobbles and shakes as actress Aang pretends to go into spasms. Cut to a full view of the stage to show actress Azula shaking the clothing as she gets lowered to the stage. Actress Aang lets go of the cloth and the rope lowers her to the floor. Cut to the audience who look on, bewildered. Cut to a close up of actress Aang as her hunched body reaches the floor. Actresses Mai, Ty and Azula jump in front of actress Aang's body in a final pose.)

Actress Azula: The Avatar is no more!

(Cut to the Gaang's viewing box as the audience cheers off screen. Sokka appears offended, Toph leans against the railing, Katara crosses her arms and shakes her head and Zuko brings his hand to his face, not wanting to be reminded of that day.

Cut to commercial break.)


(Scene returns to an overhead shot inside the theatre. Various people are standing around making small talk.)

Suki: It seems like every time (Camera slowly zooms in on the Gaang on the second floor. Zuko is the only one seated on the floor.) there's a big battle you guys barely make it out alive. I mean, you guys lose a lot.
Sokka: (Cut to a close up of the couple as Suki smirks) You're one to talk, Suki. Didn't Azula take you captive? That's right, she did. (She frowns and acts serious)
Suki: Are you trying to get on my bad side?
Sokka: (matter-of-factly) I'm just saying.
Katara: (Cut to the end of the corridor looking at the group as Katara walks in) Does anyone know where Aang is?
Sokka: He left to get me fire gummies like, 10 minutes ago. (He leans against the wall and folds his arms impatiently) And I'm still waiting.
Katara: I'm going to check outside.

(She walks off screen. Cut to outside the theatre looking at the sea. Camera pans to the left to show Aang standing alone at the balcony. His back is illuminated as someone opens the door. The lights diminish as the door closes. Katara walks into screen and stops behind him.)

Katara: (Cut to a frontal shot of Aang with Katara behind him) Are you alright?
Aang: No, I'm not. (He throws his hat on the ground. Cut to the ground as the hat lands.) I hate this play.
Katara: (Cut to a back view shot of Katara as she walks forward) I know it's upsetting but it sounds like you're overreacting.
Aang: (He turns towards Katara and goes into an outburst) Overreacting? If I hadn't blocked my chakra, I'd probably be in the Avatar State (raises his arm to the sky) right now.

(He leans back onto the railing. Cut to a little boy cosplaying as Aang running out of a door.)

Little Boy: Wheeee.

(Camera slowly pans out as he runs past the camera. Suki and Sokka look at the boy.)

Sokka: Suki, what are the chances you can get me backstage I got some jokes I want to give to the actor >me.
Suki: (Cut to a close up of Suki's face as she employs a serious and no-nonsense attitude) I'm an elite warrior who's trained (her eyes dart to the side) for many years in the art of stealth. (She smiles widely) I think I can get you backstage.

(Both of them walk off screen.)

Toph: Jeez. Everyone's getting so upset about their characters. Even you seem more down than usual and that's saying something.
Zuko: You don't get it. (He looks up at Toph who leans against the wall smiling to herself) It's different for you. You get a muscley version of yourself taking down 10 bad guys at once and making sassy remarks.
Toph: Yeah, that's pretty great.
Zuko: (Cut to a close up of Zuko whose face is full of regret) But for me, it takes all the mistakes I've made in my life and shove them back in my face. (Cut to behind a pillar in front of them as the camera slowly pans to the right to show the 2 of them) My Uncle. He's always been on my side even when things were bad. He was there for me. He taught me so much and how do I repay him? (Cut to the side view of Zuko's unscarred side) With a knife in his back. It's my greatest regret (lowers his head, ashamed) and I may never get to redeem myself.
Toph: (Camera pans to the right slightly as Toph sits down) You have redeemed yourself to your Uncle. (Cut to a frontal shot of the two) You don't realize it but you already have.
Zuko: How do you know?
Toph: Because I once had a long conversation with the guy and all he would talk about was you. (Zuko lowers his hood and smiles)
Zuko: Really?
Toph: Yeah, and it was kind of annoying.
Zuko: Oh, sorry.
Toph: But it was also very sweet. (Cut to an area above Toph's head as the camera slowly zooms in on a smiling and happy Zuko) All your Uncle wanted was for you to find your own path and see the light. Now you're here with us. ( Cut back to a frontal shot of them again) He'd be proud. (Toph proceeds to give him a punch on the shoulder)
Zuko: Ow. (rubs his arm) What was that for?
Toph: (Cut to Toph who smiles) That's how I show affection.

(Cut to a side view of Zuko as the little boy exits from the same door again. He pauses in front of Zuko.)

Little Boy: Your Zuko costume is pretty good but your scar's (He points to the right side of his face as Zuko's jaw drops in shock) on the wrong side.

(He runs off screen as Zuko attempts to still his anger.)

Zuko: The scar (points to his face) is not on the wrong side!

(He brings up his hood again. Cut to an overhead shot of backstage as the actors rest and talk to each other. Camera pans down to the entrance of the backstage as Suki and Sokka appear at the doorway. Cut to a side view shot of the door as Suki and Sokka's heads peek out.)

Suki: (Sounds of footsteps come towards the doorway) He's coming this way.

(Cut to actor Sokka who is walking with his hand on his chin. Sokka swiftly pops into screen in front of him.)

Actor Sokka: Can I help you?
Sokka: (Cut to actor Sokka's point of view as Sokka smiles sweetly) Actually, I think I can help you. (points to actor Sokka) I'm a big Sokka fan but I don't think you're representing him quite as well as you could be. (Cut to a side view shot of the scene.)
Actor Sokka: Oh no... (brings his hand to his head) another fan (turns and walks away) with ideas. (Sokka swiftly steps in front of him, blocking his path)
Sokka: (He places both arms out in front of him) Just hear me out. Here's something (He rummages through his belt and pulls up several cue cards) I think the real Sokka would say. (He shuffles through the cards and picks one card out from the pile and clears his throat) "What does the cabbage merchant use to fix his cabbages?" (He smiles and thrusts his arms out in a 'Ta-Dah' motion) "A cabbage patch."

(Cut to a front shot of actor Sokka as Suki smacks her forehead behind him.)

Actor Sokka: (He laughs and Suki is surprised) That's actually pretty good. (Cut to a frontal shot of Sokka who smiles and offers the cue cards. Actor Sokka's hands come into screen and take the tiny slips of paper.) Let me see those. (Cut to an area behind Sokka looking at the 3 of them) Haha. Rocky relationship. Not bad.
Sokka: (Sokka ducks off screen and appears at actor Sokka's side, holding his shoulder) Also, don't be afraid to make up some phrases. (Both of them begin to walk off screen) Especially before an attack. Something like "Flying Kick-A-Pow!"
Actor Sokka: (Cut to an area behind Suki's legs looking at the 2 departing boys) Who are you, anyway?
Sokka: I'm just a guy who likes comedy.

(Cut to the full Moon with some clouds passing by.)

Aang: (off screen) Katara, (Cut to the back view of the two) did you really mean what you said in there? (He turns, crosses his arms and leans back against the railing)
Katara: (turns her head towards Aang) In where? What are you talking about?
Aang: (Cut to a close up of an irritated Aang) On stage. When you said (clenches his fist) I was just like a brother (throws his arms towards the theatre) to you and you didn't have feelings for me. (he place his hand on his chest)
Katara: (Cut to a close up back view of the two as Katara turns her body towards Aang) I didn't say that. An actor (She gestures her arms towards the theatre) said that. (She places her right hand against her left elbow)
Aang: But it's true, isn't it? (Cut to a close up of a depressed Aang) We kissed at the invasion and I thought we were going to be together but we're not.
Katara: (Cut to an area above Aang's head as an unsure Katara turns back to the ocean) Aang, (shakes her head) I don't know.
Aang: Why don't you know?
Katara: (seriously) Because we're in the middle of a war and (folds her arms and looks towards the theatre) we have other things to worry about. This isn't the right time.
Aang: (Cut to a close up of an impatient Aang) Well, when is the right time?
Katara: (Cut to a close up of Katara who is deep in thought) Aang, I'm sorry but right now, (she tugs at her hair and closes her eyes) I'm just a little confused.

(Cut back to Aang who looks to the side. Cut to a side view of Katara as Aang's head appears on screen and he pecks her lips. Katara opens her eyes and takes a step back, shocked.)

Katara: (annoyed) I just said that I was confused. (Cut to a confused Aang. Cut back to a visibly displeased Katara) I'm going inside.

(She walks off screen. Cut to an area outside the railing behind Aang as Katara runs off.)

Aang: (He turns his head towards the camera and raps his head several times) Argh! (He brings his head down to the railing) I'm such an idiot!

(Cut to an overhead view of the Gaang's viewing box as Aang enters the screen with his hat back on and sits in the same row as Sokka and Suki. He brings his knees up to his chest.)

Sokka: (Camera pans out to a whispering Sokka) Here's what you missed. (He counts the scenes with his fingers) We went to the Fire Nation and you got better and Katara was the Painted Lady (Cut to the back of Katara's head as the camera slowly zooms in) and I got a sword and I think Combustion Man died. (Cut back to Sokka and Aang) Ooo look, The Invasion's (Aang lowers his head down to his knees) about to start. Shh.

(Cut to the back view of the audience in front of the stage looking at the scene where the submarines surface during The Invasion. Actresses Katara and Aang are standing on top of the submarine prop.)

Actress Katara: I just want to let you know Aang, that I'll always love
you. (She places her hands across her heart. Cut to a close up of the 2 actresses as she takes a deep breath.) Like a brother.
Actress Aang: I wouldn't want it (She swings her arm across her body happily) any other way.

(They shake each other's hands and nod in a friendly gesture. Actress Aang unfolds her mini glider and the rope pulls her up. Actress Katara waves goodbye. Cut to a frontal shot of Katara and Zuko with Aang behind them. Aang blushes at the scene and pulls his hat down while Katara looks away sadly.

Cut to actress Katara and actors Sokka and Toph standing on the submarine looking around.)

Actor Sokka: Hey Toph, would you say you and Aang have a rocky relationship?

(Cut to Suki and Sokka as the audience laughs off screen. Sokka goes ballistic and laughs to himself, grabbing his head and then grabbing Suki by her shoulders. Camera pans to the right to show Aang who buries his head completely in his arms.)

Sokka: (Sokka lifts Aang's hat up) I told him to say that.

(He puts back the hat and Aang appears annoyed. Cut to the 3 actors on the submarine who appear bored except for actor Sokka.)

Actor Sokka: I hope everyone's ready for The Invasion. (thrusts his arms out in a stance) Slop-A-Pow!

(Actress Katara and actor Toph are surprised by the line and the audience laughs off screen. Cut back to Sokka and Suki as Sokka once again laughs to himself and thumps his lap in approval. Suki looks at her boyfriend weirdly but smiles since he is enjoying himself.

Cut to the back view of the audience in front of the stage as the curtain is drawn up. 2 black clad stagehands push the Fire Lord's throne to the centre of the stage and run offstage as actress Katara and actor Toph and Sokka run on stage. Actress Aang gets lowered in front of the throne set decoration by a rope and the spotlight shines on her.)

Actress Aang: We finally made it to the royal palace but no one's home.

(Actor Zuko walks onto stage.)

Actor Zuko: Actually, (another spotlight shines on him) I'm home and (Cut to a close up of actor Zuko still in his Season 1 outfit but his hair is spiky.) I want to join you.
Actor Sokka: (Cut to the "Gaang" with actor Sokka poised in an attacking position) I guess (he lowers his boomerang prop) we have no choice. Come on.

(He gestures actor Zuko to fall him. Cut to a full view of the stage as everyone runs offstage while actress Aang gets pulled up. Cut to a far shot of the Gaang's viewing box.)

Sokka: I guess that's it. (He stands up and stretches) The play's caught up to the present now.
Suki: Wait. (Cut to a close up of Suki as she tugs on Sokka's shirt and pulls him back down to his seat) The play's not over.
Sokka: But it is over. (He puts his hand on his chin in deep thought) Unless... (Camera zooms in on his face, his face lights up mysteriously and spooky music being to play) This is the future.

(Cut to the pitch black stage as an evil looking actor Ozai walks out from the shadows with the light illuminating his face. His crown is too big and his beard appears to be glued on, giving it a stiff appearance.)

Actor Ozai: With the energy harnessed (Cut to a full view of the stage with an orange lantern slowly being pulled across the stage above the throne) from that comet, no one will be able to stop the Fire Nation!
Actress Azula: (Actress Azula comes into screen and kneels before the throne prop) Father, Zuko and the Avatar are at the palace. They're (She points both arms offstage) trying to stop you. (She points towards actor Ozai)
Actor Ozai: (Cut to a close up of Actor Ozai as he points towards actress Azula) You take care of Zuko. (He places a hand on his chest melodramatically) I shall face the Avatar myself.

(Cut to a full view of the stage as actor Ozai raises his hands and he vanishes with a puff of smoke. Actress Azula stands up and moves to the centre of the stage as actor Zuko enters from the left side of the stage while actress Aang is lowered to the stage on the right.)

Actor Zuko: Aang, you fight the Fire Lord, I'll hold her off. (Actress Aang gets pulled up by the rope)
Actress Azula: (Cut to a close up of actress Azula) You are no longer my brother. (clenches her hands) You are an enemy.
Actor Zuko: (Cut to a close up of actor Zuko) No, (points towards actress Azula) I am the rightful heir to the throne!
Actress Azula: (Cut back to actress Azula who smirks slyly) We'll see.

(She whips out her blue streamer and sends it towards actor Zuko. Cut to a full view of the stage as actor Zuko takes out his own red streamer and dodges the blue one. He jumps over actress Azula's head, taking her spot while actress Azula runs towards actor Zuko's original spot. They throw their streamers towards each other. Cut to a close up of actor Zuko as he throws out his 2 red streamers. Cut to a close up side view of actress Azula as she ducks and cut to a full view of the stage as she jumps over actor Zuko, returning back to their original positions.

Cut to a close up frontal shot of actress Azula as she whips her streamers in arcs around her body and she stretches her palm out. Fake fire props made of paper pop up from the stage floor in front of her in increasing size towards actor Zuko. A huge fire prop comes up at actor Zuko's side, hiding him from the audience but his silhouette can still seen. Actor Zuko raises his arms in pain.)

Actor Zuko: (Cut to a close up of his silhouette as he drops to the floor) Honor!

(Cut to an area behind actress Azula's back to show actor Zuko being lowered through a trap door. She turns towards the audience and does a Fire Nation bow. Cut to the audience who cheer and applaud. Cut to a stunned Zuko. Camera zooms out to show the Gaang who are all shocked as they turn towards Zuko quizzically.

Cut to a full view of the stage as the fake fire props come out from the sides to the centre. Cut to a close up of the fire props as actress Aang walks on stage, looking around carefully. Actor Ozai is sitting in the dark behind her.)

Actor Ozai: (The spotlight shines on actor Ozai) So, (Actress Aang turns towards him) you have mastered all 4 elements
Actress Aang: (points her staff towards actor Ozai) Yeah and now, (points her free hand down) you're going down.
Actor Ozai: (Cut to a close up of a lethal looking actor Ozai) No, it is you who are going down. (Cut to an area behind actress Aang's legs looking at actor Ozai as he stands up) You see, you are too late. (Actress Aang acts shocked) The comet is already here and (Cut to a frightened Aang as he widens his eyes) I'm unstoppable.

(Cut to a frontal shot of actor Ozai as he whips his red streamers out. Cut to a view of the stage as he throws it towards actress Aang and she jumps away. The streamers hit the floor in a puff of smoke. Cut to a close up of actress Aang as a white-blue flag pop up from both ends of her staff and she twirls the staff in arcs around her body. Cut to actor Ozai who is twirling the streamers around his body in arcs as well. He throws the streamers out but actress Aang flies over him, twirling her staff along the way.

Cut to a close up of actress Aang's back as she lands and she turns towards actor Ozai. Cut to full view of the scene as both actors twirl their prop weapons and walk towards each other. Actor Ozai throws his streamer out while actress Aang ducks and attempts to swipe her staff as actor Ozai's legs. She jumps away from him and lands in a stance. Cut to actor Ozai who begins to shoot streamers from his sleeves. Cut to a side view of actress Aang and the rope pulls her up over actor Ozai as he continues to shoot more streamers but misses.

Cut to a frontal shot of actress Aang as she lands on the other side of the stage. Cut to a close up of actor Ozai as he thrusts his palms out. Cut to a full view of the stage to show a large blast of fake fire carried across the stage rapidly from behind actor Ozai, wrapping around actress Aang like a sushi roll as she drops her staff prop. A black clad stagehand can be seen running offstage from behind the fake fire.)

Actress Aang: (Cut to a close up of actress Aang who twirls and circles within the cloth) Nooo...

(She falls off screen as the rope detaches from her back. Cut to an overhead shot of actress Aang as she falls to the ground gracefully and the cloth spreads out around her. Cut to a close up of a smiling actor Ozai. Camera pans to the left to show actress Azula walking onto stage.)

Actress Azula: It is over, Father. (raises her arms victoriously) We've done it.
Actor Ozai: (punches his hand into the air melodramatically) Yes, we have done it! (Cut to a full view of the stage as it gets surrounded by large cloths of fake fire) The dreams of my Father, (the platform he is standing on rises as a cloth of fake fire is raised behind him) and my Father's Father have now been realized. (He throws his arms up and the Fire Nation banner unfurls behind him) The World (Cut to a close up of actor Ozai) is mine.

(Cut to the audience who proceed to give him a standing ovation. Cut to the Gaang who look on speechlessly. Cut to an area behind actor Ozai as he remains in his victory pose and the camera slowly pans up to show the entire audience. Fade to an area in the sea looking at the theatre as the Gaang walks along the shore.)

Zuko: That... wasn't a good play. (Cut to frontal shot of the group as they walk off screen in single file with Zuko in the lead. All of them have unhappy looks on their faces)
Aang: I'll say.
Katara: No kidding.
Suki: Horrible.
Toph: You said it.
Sokka: But the effects (waves his arms out matter-of-factly) were decent.

(He and Suki walk off screen. Fade to white.)

[End Credits]

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