Transcript for 319 - Sozin's Comet, Part 2: The Old Masters
Sozin's Comet, Part 2: The Old Masters
Written By: Aaron Ehasz
Directed By: Giancarlo Volpe
Storyboard By: Michael Chang, Johane Matte, Juan Meza-Leon, Jae Myung Yu, Seung Hyun Oh, Giancarlo Volpe, Tomihiro Yamaguchi
Animation By: Moi Animation
Transcriber: Icy_Ashford

Act I

(Episode opens up to the outside of the Earth Kingdom tavern at night. Cut to inside the tavern as the group look at June kicking an empty seat into a comfortable position before sitting down and taking a sip from her cup.)

Sokka: Hey, I remember her. She helped you attack us!
Zuko: Yup, back in the good old days. (Zuko walks off screen. Cut to a wide shot of the table as the group walks towards June.)
June: Oh great, (refilling her cup) it's Prince Pouty. Where's your creepy grandpa?
Zuko: He's my Uncle, and he's not here.
June: (looking at Zuko and Katara and smirking) I see you worked things out with your girlfriend.

(Both Zuko and Katara blush with sweat drop expressions on their faces and protest simultaneously.)

Katara: I'm not his girlfriend!
Zuko: She's not my girlfriend!
June: Okay, okay, (puts a hand out) sheesh. I was only teasing. So what you want?
Zuko: I need your help finding the Avatar.
June: Hmph. Doesn't sound too fun. (She takes another drink from her cup while Zuko gets riled up)
Zuko: (He steps closer to June in a slight outburst) Does the end of the World (June pauses and stares at Zuko) sound like more fun?

(Cut to outside the tavern where Appa and June's shirshu are growling aggressively at each other. Appa then licks the shirshu's face and both of them quiet down. The shirshu turns towards the camera. Cut to June and the group walking towards them.)

June: (lifting up a piece of meat and cajoling) Nyla... (She throws the meat off screen. Cut to Nyla who catches the meat in a gulp. June comes into screen and affectionately strokes her shirshu) Who's my little snuffly wuffly. (Nyla suddenly shoots out her tongue and June steps back) Whoa! (She gently presses down on Nyla's nose to close her mouth) Careful there. Okay, (gesturing to the group) whose got something with the Avatar's scent on it. (Cut to Katara reaching into Appa's saddle)
Katara: I have Aang's staff.

(Cut to June who offers the staff in front of Nyla's snout as she sniffs it. Cut to a side shot of the group as Nyla proceeds to sniff and walk around them while the group follows her movements. Cut to an overhead shot of the group as Nyla continues circling around them and sniffing out Aang's scent. Nyla makes one last round before walking back in front of June and lowering herself on the ground and rubbing her snout with her paws.)

Zuko: (Crossing his arms as Katara and Toph look on puzzled behind him) Well, what does that mean?
June: It means your friend's gone.
Toph: We know he's gone, that's why we're trying to find him.
June: (Cut to the back of June's head as she stands up) No, I mean he's gone gone. (She turns back to the group suddenly) He doesn't exist.

(Cut to the group as they first look puzzled and then worried.

Cut to the forested area in the middle of the water seen in the previous episode. Cut to a squirrel creature trying to crack open a nut on a branch as Momo suddenly jumps in and causes it to drop its nut in fright. Momo then chases the creature around the thick, fat branch. Camera pans to the right to show Aang walking below the branch and looking around.)

Aang: Where are we, Momo? (Cut to Aang's point of view as he looks up at the Sun shining through the canopy. A family of dragonflies fly by. Camera pans down to a fallen log.) Maybe I'm in the Spirit World (Cut to Aang walking under the log still looking up at the canopy) But wait, (Momo crawls onto the log behind him) you can see me. We can both (Cut to a close up of Momo as it stares at Aang curiously) be in the Spirit World. (Aang waves his arms around and airbends a huge gust of air) Nope, (he looks at his hands) my bending works. (Momo jumps on Aang's shoulder and curls its tail around his neck) Maybe if we climb (Camera pans up a slope) to the top of the island we could figure out where we are.

(Cut back to an exasperated Sokka)

Sokka: What do you mean Aang doesn't exist? (Camera zooms out to a full shot of the group and June with her shirshu) Do you mean he's... you know, dead?
June: (Cut to a close up of June patting her shirshu) Nope, we could find him if he were dead. Ah, (gestures her hand out) it's a real head scratcher. (turns back towards her shirshu) See ya. (Cut to a side view of the scene of the group looking at June mount Nyla)
Toph: Helpful, real helpful.
Zuko: Wait, (Zuko walks to the front of the group and faces them) I have another idea. (Cut to a close up of Zuko) There's only one other person in this World who can help us face the Fire Lord. (He lifts his arm out and faces June) I'll be right back with a smell sample.

(Cut to Zuko's finger as he lifts up Iroh's sandal that he dropped for Zuko to find in Season 1. There are some flies buzzing around it. Camera zooms out to show Katara, Suki and Sokka pinching their noses and flinching from the stench.)

Sokka: You saved your Uncle's sweaty sandal?
Toph: I think it's kind of sweet. (Cut to June as she directs Nyla off screen. Cut to a side view of Zuko lifting the sandal out in front of Nyla's noise.)
June: Let's do this. (She pulls on Nyla's reins and camera zooms out to show Nyla running into the forest)
Zuko: Hey, wait up!

(The group proceeds to mount Appa as it lifts its tail up. Cut to an area behind Appa's tail as it slams the tail to the ground and takes off into the air. Cut to Nyla running up a rocky slope with Appa trying to catch up behind. Cut to the next day at some terraced flatland as Nyla rapidly runs down the terraces. Appa flies into screen shortly after. Cut to a frontal shot of Nyla with what looks like the Freedom Fighters hideout in the background. Cut to a side view of the partially destroyed outer wall of Ba Sing Se at night as Appa nears it. Cut to a close up of the rubble as Nyla runs into screen. Camera pans up at the opening in the wall as Appa flies into screen. Cut to an overhead view of the 2 animals as they pause in front of the opening.)

Zuko: We're going to Ba Sing Se?
June: (Cut to a close up sideview of the 2 creatures as Nyla scratches the rubble) Your Uncle's somewhere beyond the wall. (Nyla stops scratching the rubble and turns away) Nyla's getting twitchy so he can't be too far. Good luck.

(June pulls her reins and Nyla runs off screen. Cut to Zuko as he looks at the departing shirshu. He turns back to the camera with a slight annoyed expression on his face.)

Zuko: It's been a long day. (Cut to an overhead view of Appa) Let's camp and start our search again at dawn.

(Cut to some trees. Camera pans down to show Aang walking near a flower motif on the ground. Cut to a frontal shot of Aang as he walks towards the motif transfixed. Cut to an overhead view of the motif to show that it's a hexagonal shape.)

Aang: It's a hexagon. (Cut to a close up of Aang's feet as Momo jumps onto the ground and surveys it) It doesn't (Aang bends down and touches the ground) seem raises his arms in exasperation and walks away like normal rock. (He stands up and does an earthbending movement but nothing happens) It's not made of earth. This is so strange. (He sits down with his hands on his head in despair) I wish I had some help right now. I wish I had Roku. I do have Roku.

(Aang proceeds to sit up straight and inhales audibly. Cut to a close up of Aang deep in concentration. Cut to a side view of Aang as Momo scurries away. The light dims and a blue cloud of smoke comes out of Aang, moving across him and forms a human-like shape. The smoke takes shape into Avatar Roku sitting cross-legged and a blue aura-like mist surrounds him.)

Avatar Roku: You're right, Aang. (Cut to a close up of Roku) All the past Avatars, all their experience and wisdom, (he smiles) is available to you (Cut to Aang) if you look deep inside yourself.
Aang: (looking around) So where am I, Roku? What is this place?
Avatar Roku: (Cut to a puzzled Roku looking at the trees) I... don't know, Aang. (He looks back at Aang) But (Camera zooms in on the worried airbender) I see that you are lost in more ways than one right now.
Aang: I am. (He puts on a serious face) I need to figure out what to do once I face the Fire Lord.

(Cut to Zuko and Katara sleeping on Appa's side with their backs facing each other. Camera pans to the right to show Suki and Sokka sleeping on Appa's tail. Sokka snores audibly. Cut to Toph snoring in her earth tent as she suddenly wakes up and touches the ground. Cut to an overhead shot of her tent as it gets earthbended away. Camera pans out to show Appa as a ring of fire circles the group. Cut to an overhead shot of the circle. Camera pans across the backs of the group's heads. They turn their heads towards 4 people appearing at the top of the rubble in white and blue uniforms.

Camera zooms in on the group to show Piandao. Camera pans to the left to show Jeong Jeong, Pakku and then Bumi.)

Bumi: Well, look who's (throws his arms out from under his robe) here.

(Bumi snorts and laughs. Cut back to the group as Sokka and Katara who originally appeared worried smile with relief and they turn to look at each other. Suki, Toph and Zuko look at the siblings, puzzled. Cut to commercial break.)

Act II

(Scene returns to an area in the sea looking at the forested area at night. Cut back to Aang talking to Roku at the hexagon.)

Aang: Everyone expects me to take the Fire Lord's life but I just don't know if I can do that.
Avatar Roku: (Camera slowly zooms in on Roku who closes his eyes) In my life, I tried to be disciplined and show restraint. But it backfired when (Cut to Sozin attacking Roku in The Avatar and the Fire Lord) Fire Lord Sozin took advantage of my restraint and mercy. If I had been more decisive (Cut to an aged Sozin looking at his fleet of soldiers and airships) and acted sooner, I could have stopped Sozin (Fade to 3 burning air temples seen in The Avatar and the Fire Lord) and stop the war (Fade to a close up of Sozin's face) before it started. (Cut back to the hexagon) I offer you this wisdom, Aang. (He raises a finger) You must be decisive.

(Cut to an area behind Roku's head as he dissipates to reveal a confused Aang. Camera slowly zooms in on Aang and he drops his head in deep thought.

Cut back to the outer wall of Ba Sing Se.)

Toph: What's going on? (Cut to an area behind the 4 men looking at the Gaang) We're surrounded by old people.
Katara: Not just any (She walks towards the masters) old people. These (Cut to a sideview shot of the 4 men) are great masters and friends of ours. (Camera pans down to Pakku as Katara stops in front of him and bows) Pakku.
Pakku: (Bowing in return) It is respectful to bow to an old master but how about a hug (opens his arms) for your new grandfather? (Cut to a close up of shocked Katara with an equally dumbfounded Sokka behind her. Katara's expression changes into happiness)
Katara: That's so exciting. (She opens her arms and embraces Pakku) You and Gran Gran must be so happy to have found each other again.
Pakku: I made her a (He touches an area below his collar bone) new betrothal necklace and everything. (Sokka comically enters the screen and hugs Pakku by the neck)
Sokka: Welcome to the family Great Gramp.
Pakku: You can still just call me (He pushes Sokka off him) Pakku.
Sokka: (Cut to Sokka who smiles goofily) How about Grand Pakku?
Pakku: (Cut to a serious Pakku) No. (Camera pans out to show a disappointed Sokka)
Katara: And this was (Camera pans up to show Jeong Jeong as Katara introduces Zuko to him) Aang's first firebending teacher. (Zuko walks towards him and Jeong Jeong bows)
Jeong Jeong: Jeong Jeong. (Cut to a side view shot of Sokka bowing to Piandao with Bumi looking on)
Sokka: Master Piandao.
Piandao: (Bowing in return) Hello, Sokka.
Suki: So wait, how do you all know each other?
Bumi: (Cut to a side view of the 4 masters) All old people know (Piandao looks towards Bumi and smiles) each other don't you know that? (Bumi snorts and laughs)
Piandao: We're all part of the same ancient secret society. A group that transcends the divisions of the 4 nations.
Zuko: (Cut to a smiling Zuko) The Order of the White Lotus.

(Cut to a frontal shot of Jeong Jeong and Piandao as Bumi comically slides into screen with a finger up in the air.)

Bumi: That's the one. (Bumi comically exits the screen)
Jeong Jeong: The White Lotus has always been about philosophy, and beauty and truth. (Cut to an overhead shot of the scene) About a month ago, a call went out that we were needed for something important.
Pakku: (Cut to an area behind Zuko's shoulder looking at Pakku and Katara) It came from a Grand Lotus, your Uncle, (Cut to a close up of a smiling Zuko) Iroh of the Fire Nation. (Camera pans out to show Toph behind him)
Toph: Well that's who we're looking for.
Piandao: (Cut back to a frontal shot of Jeong Jeong and Piandao again) Then we'll take you to him.
Bumi: (Bumi pushes apart their shoulders) Wait, someone's (looking around warily) missing from your group. Someone (He walks closer to the camera) very important. Where's (He presses his face near the camera) Momo? (Cut to a side view of Bumi pressing his face against Sokka's who leans back from the weight)
Sokka: He's gone. And so is Aang. (Camera zooms out to show the rest and Bumi takes a step back)
Bumi: Oh well, so long as they have each other I'm sure (He pats Sokka's shoulder as he still remains in a leaning position) we have nothing (Sokka flails his arms around to regain his balance) to worry about. Let's go.

(Bumi slams his hand against the ground and earthbends a tall column of earth and propels himself over the gap in the outer wall, laughing maniacally at the same time.

Cut back to an area in the sea looking at the forest area. Cut to a tree branch with Momo's ears popping out from both sides. Momo peeks out from behind the branch and flies off screen. Cut to a frontal shot of Aang in the lotus position as Momo lands behind him.)

Aang: Avatar Kyoshi, I need your wisdom.

(Momo appears frightened from behind Aang and scurries away. Cut to a close up of Aang. Cut to a sid view of Aang as a blue wisp of smoke comes out from him. Camera follows the trail of the smoke and it "solidifies" into Avatar Kyoshi. )

Avatar Kyoshi: In my day, (flashback to Chin confronting Kyoshi from the memory shown in Avatar Day) Chin the Conqueror threatened to throw the World out of balance. (More memories of Kyoshi creating Kyoshi Island is shown) I stopped him and the World entered a great era of peace.
Aang: (voice over) But you didn't really kill Chin, (A memory of Chin falling to his death is shown) technically he fell to his own doom because (Cut back to present day Aang) he was too stubborn to get out of the way.
Avatar Kyoshi: (Cut to a close up side view of a serious Kyoshi) Personally I don't really see the difference but I assure you, I would have done whatever it took to stop Chin. (Switch to Aang's point of view looking at Kyoshi) I offer you this wisdom, Aang. (She begins to slowly shrink into white puff of smoke) Only justice will bring peace. (The smoke finally dissipates. Cut to an annoyed Aang who leans back and thinks.)
Aang: I knew I shouldn't have asked Kyoshi.

(Cut to Appa and the rest of the group walking down a rocky path inside Ba Sing Se.)

Sokka: So Bumi, (Cut to an overhead shot of Bumi, Sokka, Zuko and Suki walking) how did you end up escaping your imprisonment in Omashu?
Bumi: Escape? I didn't escape, everybody else escaped. (He throws his arms into the air) There I was, (Cut to a close up frontal shot of Bumi) back in Omashu, waiting for just the right (flashback to a view looking at Omashu from the outside with the Fire Nation banner still hanging at the entrance of the city) moment. I didn't know (Cut to a close up frontal shot of Bumi's head peeking out of the porthole in the coffin seen in Return to Omashu) what or when but I knew I'd know it when I knew it. (Bumi lifts his head up and camera pans down to show him looking at the eclipsed Sun above Ozai's statue) An eclipse. That would do it.

(He takes a deep breath and struggles. Cut to a roof in the city as the structure begins to crack and break. Some of the bricks and roof tiles start to fly upwards. Cut to a far view of Bumi's coffin as the bricks and tiles fly towards it. Cut to an overhead frontal shot of the coffin as the debris breaks open the door of the coffin on contact.

Cut to an area below the coffin as the door drops into screen followed shortly by Bumi who lands in a crouch. He stands up and 5 Fire Nation soldiers run into screen and position themselves in a stance opposite Bumi.)

Fire Nation soldier:What do you (Camera zooms in on the soldier) think you're doing?

(The soldier thrusts a fist out but nothing happens. He looks at his hand curiously and he and the rest of his group thrust their fists out but nothing happens. The soldiers appear stunned. Cut to Bumi who first appears puzzled but then he smiles with realization.)

Bumi: Taking back my city. You've got no (His moves one arm across his body) fire power and it's payback time.

(He rushes off screen. Cut to Bumi riding a small wave of earth and by passing the line of soldiers. He propels himself off the edge and lands down in the city as he raises his arm up. A tall column of earth is bended behind him. Cut to a Fire Nation building built into the city via metal pipings. The column of earth pierces through the pipes. Cut to Bumi as he lowers his hands in a diagonal position. Cut to a far side view of the scene as the building is slowly moved away by the column of earth.

Cut to a group of soldiers running away as camera pans up to Omashu's mail slides to show a Fire Nation building with smoke still coming out from the chimney behind the slides slowly sliding down and hitting another similar building. Cut to Bumi who runs into screen and earthbends more Fire Nation houses away. Cut to a full view of Omashu to show smoke slowly sliding down the cone shaped structure like an avalanche. Cut to the entrance of Omashu as the soldiers flee from the city.

Cut back to Bumi inside the city as he looks up at the statue of Ozai perched right at the top of the Omashu. Cut to a frontal shot of Bumi with 8 soldiers charging in with weapons behind him. He earthbends 8 columns of earth from the ground which knocks the soldiers off their feet. He then sends the columns flying into the air.

Cut to a close up of the face of Ozai's statue as 2 columns pierce both his eyes. 2 more columns fly into screen and pierce the nostrils and the remaining chunks line across his mouth like a smile. Cut to the base of the statue as it gets lifted from the ground. Cut to Bumi who is holding his breath and struggling with the weight of the statue as he attempts to bend it. Cut to a shot of the statue being tipped over the edge and sliding down the city. Cut to a full side view of the bridge leading to the city as the remaining soldiers evacuate. Ozai's statue slides into screen and crashes through the city's entrance, the bridge and finally falling down into the depths outside the city.

Cut to Bumi who is looking down at the disappearing statue as he laughs manically to himself and bites off a piece of green genemite crystal.

Cut back to a frontal shot of present day Bumi with the kids behind him.)

Suki: Wow, you took back your whole city all by yourself.
Bumi: So what about you guys? Did you do anything interesting on the day of the eclipse? (Cut to Sokka and Zuko who look at each other before Zuko turns his head away)
Zuko: Nah.
Sokka: No, not really.

(Cut to Aang thinking deeply with his hands on his head.)

Aang: I need to look deep inside myself.

(He gets into the lotus position and concentrates. Camera slowly zooms in on a meditating Aang. Cut to a sideview of Aang as a blue cloud of smoke comes out from Aang and Avatar Kuruk in Water Tribe gear "solidifies" in front of him.)

Avatar Kuruk: (Cut to a close up of Kuruk) I am Avatar Kuruk. When I was young, (Flashback to a young Kuruk's face) I was always (Camera zooms out to show him surfing the waves with a wooden board) a "go with the flow" kind of Avatar. People seemed to work out their own problems (Cut to the blue sky and camera pans down to an icy landscape) and there was peace and (Camera pans down some more to show Kuruk and Ummi sitting side by side) good times in the World. (Ummi grabs Kuruk's hand and they lean in for a kiss) But then, (Cut to Koh's centipede-like body circling around the Spirit World) I lost the woman I loved to Koh, (Koh's head comes into screen but its eye lid is still closed) the face stealer. (The eye lid opens to show Ummi's face. Cut back to the present day to show a sorrowful Kuruk) It was my fault, if I had been more attentive and more active, I could have saved her. Aang, you must actively shape your own destiny, and (His form slowly diminishes into white smoke like Kyoshi) the destiny of the World.

(The smoke dissipates. Cut back to Aang who brings his hands to his head in despair.

Cut to the inner wall of Ba Sing Se. Camera pans down to show Appa and the group who are still walking. Cut to inside a campsite with sheltered tents everywhere as the walls surrounding it gets bended down to show Bumi with the rest behind him.)

Bumi: Well, here we are. (He walks into camp) Welcome to old people camp. (Cut to Jeong Jeong, Piandao, Zuko and Pakku who walk in while Zuko looks around.)
Zuko: Where... where is he?
Piandao: Your Uncle's in (he points out) there, (Cut to Piandao's point of view as he points to a big sheltered tent at the end of campsite) Prince Zuko.

(Cut to Zuko who stares with disbelief and awkwardness. Cut to a back view of Zuko as he walks towards Iroh's tent. He pauses outside the tent and sits down. Katara walks into screen and stands beside him.)

Katara: Are you okay?
Zuko: No, (turning his head away from Katara) I'm not okay. My Uncle hates me, I know it. (Katara lowers herself to the ground) He loved me and supported me in every way he could and I still turned against him. How can I even face him? (Cut to a sideview of a regretful Zuko with Katara looking on.)
Katara: Zuko, you're sorry for what you did, right?
Zuko: More sorry than I've been about anything in my entire life.
Katara: (raises her shoulders) Then he'll forgive you. (Zuko looks at her) He will.

(Zuko turns his head back towards the tent and thinks for a while before standing up. Cut to the front of the tent as Zuko walks into screen. He pauses and takes a deep breath before pushing the curtains aside and stepping in. Cut to an overhead view of the entrance inside Iroh's tent as Zuko walks in.)

Zuko: Uncle.

(Cut to a close up of Zuko with his eyes closed. A loud snore greets him and he opens his eyes and looks up. Cut to a close up of Iroh sleeping soundly and snoring loudly. Cut to Zuko who smiles with affection and he proceeds to sit down on the mat beside Iroh's sleeping mat.

Cut to an overhead view of the forested area in the ocean as the camera slowly zooms in.)

Aang: (off screen) All these past Avatars, (Cut to a frontal shot of Aang with Momo beside him) they keep telling me I'm gonna have to do it. They don't get it. (Momo stands on Aang's lap and makes some animal noises. Aang turns back to his furry friend.) You're right, maybe an air nomad Avatar would understand where I'm coming from. (Cut to a close up of Momo's puzzled face as it purrs. Cut back to a frontal shot of Aang as Momo jumps to Aang's other side.) I know you can't really talk. Pretending you can just helps me think. (Aang gets into a meditating position. Momo makes some animal sounds and Aang opens his eyes and looks slightly irritated at Momo.) I'm going to pretend I didn't pretend to hear that.

(Cut to a close up of Aang's face. Cut back to frontal shot of Aang as Momo's ears stand up. Another white-blue cloud of smoke comes out from Aang and moves towards the screen. Cut to a slight overhead view of the scene behind Aang's back as the spirit of Yangchen manifests in front of Aang. Momo scurries away frightened.)

Avatar Yangchen: I am Avatar Yangchen, (Cut to a close up sideview of the air nomad Avatar) young airbender.
Aang: (off screen) Avatar Yangchen, the monks always (Cut to a close up of Aang who raises his shoulders and looks at the surrounding trees) taught me that all life is sacred. Even the life of the tiniest spider-fly caught in its own web.
Avatar Yangchen: (Cut to Yangchen who nods in agreement reluctantly) Yes, all life is sacred.
Aang: (Cut to Aang who appears optimistic since someone finally shares his views) I know, I'm (points to self) even a vegetarian. I've always tried to solve my problems by being quick or clever and I've only had to use violence for necessary defence and I've certainly (shakes his head) never used it to take a life.
Avatar Yangchen: (off screen) Avatar Aang, (Cut to an area behind Aang's head as camera pans up to show Yangchen talking to him) I know that you're a gentle spirit and the monks have taught you well. But this isn't about you, (Cut to a close up side view of a Aang in disbelief) this is about the World.
Aang: But the monks taught me that I had to detach myself from the World so my spirit could be free.
Avatar Yangchen: (Camera pans across the sideview of the 2 airbenders) Many great and wise air nomads have detached themselves and achieved spiritual enlightenment but the Avatar (Cut to a frontal shot of Yangchen) can never do it because your sole duty is to the World. Here is my wisdom for you, (Cut to a frontal shot of a shocked Aang) selfless duty (Camera slowly zooms out) calls you to sacrifice your own spiritual needs and do whatever (Camera pauses behind Yangchen's back as she begins to dissipate) it takes to protect the World.

(The smoke clears and Momo peeks its head out from a tree trunk behind Aang as he drops his head. Cut to an overhead view of Aang as Momo crawls into screen.)

Aang: (He looks at Momo) I guess I don't have a choice, Momo. (He looks up towards the sky and Momo ears droop) I have to kill the Fire Lord.

(Cut to commercial break.)


(Scene returns to the next morning to an overhead view of the Order of The White Lotus' campsite. Cut to an overhead view of Iroh's tent as Zuko is still sitting beside a snoring Iroh. He stops snoring and starts to get up. Cut to a frontal shot of Iroh as he yawns and stretches. He turns his head slightly and notices Zuko's presence but he then turns his head back and does not say anything. Cut to Zuko who struggles to control his emotions. Cut to an area behind Iroh's head with his face slightly visible. His eyes are closed. Cut to a frontal shot of Iroh with Zuko visible behind him but his eyes can't be seen as they're above the camera's lens.)

Zuko: Uncle, I know you must have mixed feelings about seeing me. (Cut back to a shot behind Iroh) But I want (Cut to a frontal shot of Zuko with his closed but tears are visibly brimming under both eye lids. His voice cracks slightly) you to know, I'm so (He shakes his head) so sorry, Uncle. (Zuko opens his eyes and looks towards Iroh) I'm so sorry and ashamed of what I did. (tears flow down his cheeks) I don't know (He closes his eyes again and shakes his head) how I can ever make it up to you but (He looks up and Iroh's arm enters the screen and grabs Zuko's sleeve and pulls him off screen) I'll...

(Cut to a sideview shot of the two of them as Iroh pulls Zuko into a comforting hug. Cut to a frontal shot of a crying Uncle who smiles.)

Zuko: (Cut to a frontal shot of Zuko who is still crying) How can you forgive me so easily? I thought you would be furious with me.
Iroh: I was never angry with you. I was sad (He brings a hand up to the back of Zuko's head) because I was afraid you lost your way.
Zuko: (Cut back to a side view shot of the scene) I did lose my way. (Both of them part and Iroh places his hands on Zuko's shoulders)
Iroh: But you found it again. (Zuko raises his head to look at his Uncle. Cut to a frontal shot of a smiling Iroh) And you did it by yourself. And (Switch to a frontal shot of an emotional Zuko) I am so happy you found your way here. (Zuko smiles and Iroh pulls him back into a hug again. Cut to a side view of the two.)
Zuko: It wasn't that hard, Uncle. (Zuko raises his arms and hugs Iroh) You have a pretty strong scent.

(Cut to a squirrel scurrying along a tree branch with sunlight shining through the canopy. Cut to an overhead view of the hexagon to show a sleeping Aang and Momo. White birds fly into screen. Cut to a close up of Aang as he opens his eyes. He yawns and pushes himself off the ground. He looks up ahead slightly startled.)

Aang: Wait, (Switch to Aang's point of view as some mountains at the edge of the sea increase in size) is it just me or are those mountains getting bigger?

(Cut back to Aang as Momo lands on his shoulder with a purr. Aang jumps up off screen. Cut to an overhead shot of the emergent layer. Aang jumps into screen and lands on top of the tallest tree. Momo flies into screen and lands on Aang's shoulder. Cut to a close up of Aang as they look on. Aang turns his head back and camera pans to the left to show some churning currents on the surface of the water behind the forested area.)

Aang: They're not getting larger, they're getting closer. (Aang jumps off screen. Cut to a side shot of Aang hopping across the forest floor with Momo flying closely behind him.) The whole island is moving!

(Cut to an area in the sea beside the forested area. A shadow can be seen under the water directly beneath the forested area. Aang jumps into water. Cut to underwater as Aang dives in. Cut to a branch as Momo lands on it, looking at the water and chittering away. Camera follows Aang swimming deeper down the dark shape in the water. Cut to a frontal shot of Aang as he looks up at the shape. A rumble vibrates in the water and Aang looks down. Cut to a side view of the shape as gargantuan reptilian claw paddles into screen, creating a lot of bubbles. Cut to a transfixed Aang with a swirl of bubble beneath him as he swims up. Cut to the surface of the water as Aang resurfaces with a gasp. He rubs his eyes and Momo flies into screen and lands on a tree trunk near the edge of the water, looking at Aang.)

Aang: (facing the lemur) It's amazing, Momo! (He raises his arms out of the water and opens them to the sides) The biggest animal in the World! (pointing forward) I've got to swim around and find its face.

(He proceeds to swim off screen with a freestyle stroke. Momo flies above the water above his master. Cut to an overhead view of Aang and Momo. Cut to an area behind the forested area as it swims itself closer to the mountains.

Cut to an overhead view of the Order of the White Lotus' camp as the various members are already out of their tents for breakfast.)

Zuko: (off screen) Uncle, you're the only person other than the Avatar (Cut to a sideview of Iroh with Zuko and Toph looking on at him. All of them are eating) who can possibly defeat the Father Lord.
Toph: (points her chopsticks towards Zuko's arm) You mean the Fire Lord.
Zuko: That's what I just said. (Toph resumes eating)
Iroh: Hmm...
Zuko: We need you to come with us.
Iroh: (Cut to a frontal shot of Iroh as he lowers his chopsticks) No, Zuko. It won't turn out well. (Cut to an overhead shot of the group sitting round a small steaming pot in a circle)
Zuko: You can beat him and we'll (turns his head towards his friends) be there to help.
Iroh: (Cut back to a frontal shot of Iroh) Even if I did defeat Ozai, and I don't know that (he raises an eyebrow) I could. It will be the wrong way to end the war. (Switch back to an overhead view of the group) History would see it as just more senseless violence, (Camera slowly zooms in) a brother killing a brother to grab power. The only way for this war to end peacefully is for the Avatar to defeat the Fire Lord.
Zuko: (Cut to an area behind Iroh looking at a thinking Zuko) And then... then would you come and take your rightful place on the throne?
Iroh: (Cut to a frontal shot of Iroh) No. Someone (He turns his head towards his nephew) new must take the throne. An idealist with a pure heart and (Camera slowly zooms in on Zuko) unquestionable honour. It has to be you, (Zuko appears surprised) Prince Zuko.
Zuko: (looking to the side in disbelief) Unquestionable honour? But I've made (raises his shoulders) so many mistakes.
Iroh: (off screen) Yes, you have. (Cut to an area behind Zuko's head looking at Iroh addressing him) You struggled, you suffered but you have always followed your own path, you (Cut to a close up of Zuko) restored your own honour. And only you (the Fire Prince looks down in thought) can restore the honour of the Fire Nation.
Zuko: I'll try, Uncle.
Toph: (Switch to a side view of Toph with Sokka in the background) Well, (Sokka turns towards Toph) what if Aang doesn't come back? (Camera returns back to an overhead shot of the group)
Iroh: Sozin's Comet is arriving and our destinies are upon us. Aang will face the Fire Lord. (Cut to a close up of Iroh) When I was a boy, I had a vision that I would one day take Ba Sing Se. (Camera pans across the various members of the Gaang) Only now do I see that my destiny is to take it back from the Fire Nation so the Earth Kingdom can be free again.
Suki: (Cut to Suki and Katara) That's why you gathered (raises an arm out) the members of the White Lotus.
Iroh: Yes. (Katara turns her head back to Iroh) Zuko, (return back to a close up of Iroh addressing Zuko again) you must return to the Fire Nation so that when the Fire Lord falls, you can assume the throne and restore peace and order. (Cut to a close up of an attentive Zuko) But Azula will be there, waiting (Zuko frowns) for you.
Zuko: (confidently) I can handle Azula.
Iroh: (off screen) Not alone. (Zuko appears startled) You'll need help.
Zuko: You're right. (He looks up) Katara, (Cut to an area behind Zuko looking at Katara as she raises her head up) how would you like to help me put Azula in her place?
Katara: (smiles) It would be my pleasure.
Sokka: (off screen) What (Zuko and Katara turn towards Sokka) about us? (Cut to a sideview of Toph with Sokka in the background) What's (he raises his arms out curiously) our destiny today?
Iroh: (Cut to a frontal shot of Iroh who quirks an eyebrow) What do you think it is?
Sokka: (Cut back to Sokka with his hand on his chin in thought) I think that... even though we don't know where Aang is, we need to do (he slams his left fist into his right palm) everything we can to stop the airship fleet. (Camera pans to the left to show Toph)
Toph: And that means when Aang does face the Fire Lord, we'll be right there if he needs us.

(She smacks both of her fists together. Cut to a smiling Iroh. Cut to the rocky regions in between the walls of Ba Sing Se as Toph and Suki appear unsteadily into screen. They are seated on a saddle mounted onto a green creature. Camera zooms out to show a giant lizard-like creature with Piandao briefing Sokka at the bottom.)

Piandao: Nothing runs faster over land or swims quicker than a giant eel-hound. (Piandao hands Sokka a scroll) The airship base is on a small island just off the EarthKingdom shore. (Sokka unrolls the scroll to show a map ofthe Earth Kingdom) You should be able (Cut to an area behind Piandao's shoulder looking at Sokka) to intercept the fleet within a day's journey. (Sokka lowers the scroll and rolls it back off screen)
Sokka: Thank you, Master.

(Cut to a full view of master and pupil as they bow to each other. Sokka hugs Piandao by the waist to his surprise and Piandao lowers his arm to Sokka's shoulders assuringly. Camera pans to the right to show various Order of the White Lotus members sending off Appa, Zuko and Katara.)

Zuko: So if I'm going to be Fire Lord after the war is over, what are you going to do?
Iroh: (Cut to a slight overhead frontal shot of Iroh) After I re-conquer Ba Sing Se, (he brings out a white lotus tile from his belt) I'm going to re-conquer (he flips the tile into the air like a coin and catches it back) my tea shop and I'm going (he gazes at the tile) to play Pai Sho (he brings the tile closer to his belly) everyday.

(Cut to a smiling Zuko with Katara behind him in the saddle. Both of them look across. Cut to Sokka and Suki who are looking back at them. Sokka nods. Cut to an overhead shot of the eel-hound and Appa with the various members bidding them farewell.)

Katara: (off screen) Goodbye, General Iroh.
Iroh: Goodbye, everyone. (Cut to a frontal shot of Iroh looking up at his nephew) Today, (he closes his eyes and lowers his head) destiny is our friend. (he opens his eyes and looks back up again) I know it.

(Cut to an overhead shot again as the eel-hound turns around and takes off. Appa slams his tail against the ground and flies off. The members can be seen waving goodbye below.

Cut to the unseen reptilian creature still making its way towards the mountains. Cut to a view of the trees on the creature's back as the camera pans down to the water to show Aang swimming into screen. He pauses and takes a deep breath before diving under. Cut to underwater to show intricate patterns on the creature's shell as Aang swims towards the shell, leaving a trail of bubbles behind him

Cut to an overhead view of the circular patterns on the shell as Aang stops in front of the creature's closed eye lid. Aang looks around warily. The eye lid opens behind him and Aang spins around to face the eye. Cut to a frontal shot of a surprised Aang as he gets lifted upwards by the creature's claw. Cut to a close up frontal shot of Aang as he struggles against the water pressure.

Cut to the water's surface as the creature's brownish head emerges followed shortly by his claw with Aang standing on it. Camera zooms out to show an overhead view of the lion turtle which has an overgrowth of trees on his back.)

Aang: A lion turtle. (Cut to an overhead view of Aang as he bows) Maybe you can (Cut to an area behind the lion turtle's claw with its face in the background) help me. Everyone, (the lion turtle blinks) even my own past lives are expecting me to end someone's life. But I don't know if I can do it.
Lion Turtle: (Cut to an area behind Aang's back as the massive lion turtle moves its mouth to speak) The true mind can weather all the lies and illusions without being lost. The true heart (Cut to a frontal shot of a confused Aang) can touch the poison of hatred without being harmed. (Cut to a close up of the lion turtle's eye) Since beginningless time, (Cut to a side view shot as it raises a claw out of the water) darkness thrives in the void, (Cut to a close up side view of Aang as 2 claws touch Aang's forehead and chest) but always yields to purifying light.

(Green light illuminates the whole screen once the lion turtle makes contact with Aang and he widens his eyes with realization. Cut to a sideview of a cliff as the lion turtle's claw comes into screen and brings Aang close to the edge of the cliff. Aang steps off and Momo flies in and lands on Aang's shoulder. Cut to the back view of Aang looking down at the lion turtle.)

Lion Turtle: Wait for him, he will come.

(The lion turtle drops back into the water and Aang bows. Cut to an overhead view of the sea to show the lion turtle slowly backing away from the mountains. Cut back to Aang and Momo as Aang looks at the lemur before jumping off screen.

Cut to night at a volcano. Cut to a frontal shot of Ozai's face in his Phoenix King headgear.)

Ozai: It's time for this World to end in fire and for a new World (Camera zooms out to show the air fleet behind him) to be born from the ashes.

(Cut to the Earth's atmosphere as the white Sozin's comet brushes against it and the whole atmosphere glows red hot while the comet burns a bright orange. Cut to a back view of Ozai looking at the horizon as it slowly turns red. Cut to Aang standing on top of a pillar looking ahead. Cut to the comet as it burns fiercely through its journey across the atmosphere. Cut to a frontal shot of a serious Aang. Camera pans up to show the approaching comet shining brightly from behind some mountains. Fade to white.)

[End Credits]

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