Transcript for 320 - Sozin's Comet, Part 3: Into the Inferno
Sozin's Comet, Part 3: Into the Inferno
Written By: Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko
Directed By: Joaquim Dos Santos
Storyboard By: Joaquim Dos Santos, Dean Kelly, Bryan Konietzko, Lauren Montgomery, Seung Hyun Oh, Ethan Spaulding, Johane Matte, Tomihiro Yamaguchi
Animation By: JM Animation Co, Ltd
Transcribers: Icy_Ashford, Psycho Silver

Act I

(The episode opens with an overhead shot from high up as Sozin's Comet streaks over the ground, its red energy destroying the clouds in its path. Cut to a close up of the comet from the front. Cut to a shot of Appa flying in the air. Cut to a closer shot of Zuko and Katara riding on top.)

Katara: Zuko, don't worry, we can take Azula.
Zuko: I'm not worried about her, I'm worried about Aang. What if he doesn't have the guts to take out my Father? What if he loses?
Katara: Aang won't lose. He's gonna come back. He has to.

(Zuko looks forward as the scene fades to a shot of the Fire Nation palace. Cut to a shot of Azula's hair being combed from the back. Cut to a shot of Azula's heel being scrubbed. Cut to a wider shot showing three servant girls grooming Azula, and one other kneeling and holding a bowl of cherries up to her. Azula takes a cherry and begins to chew it. The camera cuts to a close up of her. It then zooms in as a crunching noise is heard and Azula opens her eyes in surprise. Azula spits the pit of the cherry into her palm and shows it to the servant girl serving the cherries.)

Azula: (sternly) What am I holding?
Servant Girl: (quietly) A cherry pit, Princess.
Azula: Correct. And what day is this?
Servant Girl: It is the day of your coronation.
Azula: Yes, it is. So please, tell me why on the most important day of my life you decided to leave a pit in my cherry? (Glares at the pit between her fingers and throws it at the servant girl's head)
Servant Girl: It wasn't a decision. It was just a small mistake.
Azula: Small? Do you realize what could have happened if I hadn't sensed the pit in time? (the other servant girls look to the one with the cherries, worried)
Servant Girl: I supposed you could have... choked?
Azula: Yes. Then you will understand the severity of your crime.
Servant Girl: (bowing her head to the floor) I understand, Princess. Please, forgive me.
Azula: (nonchalant) Oh very well. Since this is a special day, I will show mercy. (the servant smiles, relieved) You are banished. Leave this palace immediately. (the servant stands up and slowly walks backwards off screen, keeping her head down) What are you all looking at? I have two feet that need scrubbing. And make sure you get in between the toes. (holds the foot scrubber up to the camera with her toes) I won't have my first day as Fire Lord marred by poor foot hygiene.

(The scene cuts to a body of water. The camera tilts up to show the eel hound swimming through it with Sokka, Toph, and Suki riding on top. A bright red light is seen on the horizon behind them.)

Suki: It's weird to say, but the comet actually looks beautiful.
Toph: Too bad the Fire Lord is about to use it to destroy the World.

(The camera follows them and zooms out, showing them heading toward land in the distance. The scene fades to a shot of the eel hound reaching shore. The passengers dismount and continue on. Cut to a shot of them climbing up a hill to the edge of a cliff. Cut to an overhead shot of them reaching the top to find Fire Nation airships beginning to take off, with Ozai's giant airship leading.)

Sokka: We're too late! The fleet's already taking off!
Toph: Then we're taking off too. Where's the closest airship?
Sokka: It's right...

(Before Sokka can answer, Toph grabs him and Suki by the back of their shirts and catapults the three of them into the air by bending a pillar of rock up from underneath them. They are flung high into the air, and then slowly fall towards an airship. Sokka and Suki land on the airship's catwalk while catching Toph in the fall.)
Toph: Ugh.

(Cut to a shot of the three of them climbing up a ladder and into the main body of the airship. The camera pulls back and rotates around to the front of the airship fleet. It continues to pull back until it has reached the front of Ozai's ship, rotating around and zooming in on Ozai as he stands on the front platform, wearing his Phoenix King armour and grinning.

The scenes cuts to Dai Li agents walking forward in the Fire Nation throne room, where Azula is seated, surrounded by blue flames. The approach Azula and kneel before her.)

Dai Li Agent: You sent for us, Princess? Is everything alright?
Azula: (irritated) Actually, everything's not alright. Do you know how long it took you to get here?
Dai Li Agent: A... few minutes I guess?
Azula: Five, to be precise. In which time an assassin could have snuck in, done away with me and been on his merry way.
Dai Li Agent: My apologies, Princess.
Azula: Is this how you plan to treat your new Fire Lord? With tardiness and disloyalty?
Dai Li Agent: The Dai Li would never betray you.
Azula: And I'm sure that's just what you told Long Feng before you turned against him and joined me. You're all banished! (the camera quickly zooms out from the Dai Li agents as the look up, shocked)
Dai Li Agent: But...
Azula: (offscreen) Goodbye.

(The lead agent takes one last glare at Azula before getting up and walking away. The other agents follow after.)

Azula: Please send in the next group on your way out.

(Cut to a shot of Azula. The camera zooms in on her as she tilts her head down and glares just before the scene cuts to a wide, overhead shot of the Fire Nation air fleet flying over the ocean. Cut to a close shot of one airship's cabin from the outside, and then cut to a shot of the door leading into the cabin. Sokka and Suki slowly walk towards it and put their backs to the wall next to the door.)

Sokka: Shh.

(Toph walks up to the door and raises her hand to it. Cut to a shot of inside the cabin where three pilots and the captain are standing. They hear a knock from the door, in the same rhythm of 'shave and a haircut.' The camera cuts to a shot of the door from their side. On the last knock, the door is knocked down by Toph kicking it. Immediately after, Toph falls forward on to the fallen door and rolls, using metal bending to cover the metal door all around her body like armour. A fire blast hits Toph, but she is unharmed. Cut to a shot of the captain looking surprised. He punches and sends another fireball at Toph, but she rolls backwards to avoid the attack, and in the same movement kicks her leg into the air, which bends the sheet of metal the captain is standing on up and through the ceiling. One of the firebenders shoots a fire blast at Toph, who shields herself with the metal plates on the floor. Cut to Sokka and Suki as they both dodge to the sides of the door, avoiding the fire blast which has been strengthened by the comet.

Cut back to the inside of the cabin as the flames die down. Toph jumps up from behind her shield and kicks to the side, bending a large metal pipe on the ceiling towards one of the firebenders and pinning him to the wall. She swings her leg to the other side and bends part of the metal floor up at another firebender just as he attacks, which pins him to the other wall. From her back, Toph springs upwards and clings to the ceiling. She begins crawling towards the front of the cabin. The last remaining firebender shoots a fire blast at Toph but misses. Toph jumps down from the ceiling behind the firebender. He swings his arm around to catch Toph with a fiery whip attack, but she blocks his arm with her armour covered arm. Cut to a shot outside the cabin as the firebender's
blocked attack bursts through a window. Back in the cabin, the firebender holds his forearm painfully. Just as he looks back up to Toph, she delivers a straight punch to his face. Sokka and Suki watch as he flies through the door and hits the wall off screen. Cut to a shot of Sokka and Suki peeping into the cabin, the firebender knocked out behind them. They walk into the cabin, which is now mangled due to Toph's metal bending. Toph peels the metal from around her head, then quickly sheds the rest of the makeshift armour off her body.)

Toph: That's how it's done.
Sokka: Good work, Toph. Time to take control of the ship. Take the wheel.
Toph: (sarcastically) That's a great idea! Let the blind girl steer the giant airship.
Sokka: I was talking to Suki.
Toph: That would make a lot more sense.
Suki: (taking the wheel) What are we going to do about the rest of the crew?
Sokka: Take us down closer to the water. I've got an idea.

(Sokka looks around the cabin, and then grabs a speaker connected to a tube.)

Sokka: (clears his throat and begins imitating a captain's voice) Attention crew, this is your Captain speaking. Everyone please report to the bomb bay immediately for hot cakes and... sweet cream. We have a very special birthday to celebrate.

(Cut to the engineers of the airship loading coal into the engines. They stop what they are doing and begin walking off once they hear Sokka's announcement. Cut to a shot of the airship descending towards the water below. Cut to a shot of the airship crew all gathered in the bomb bay. The camera pans right until it comes to an elite firebender and an engineer. The firebender turns to the engineer.)

Elite Firebender #1: Hey. I'm Quin Lee, I work up in communications.
Engineer: Oh hi, I work down in the engine room. It's probably why we've never met before. Big airship, you know?
Elite Firebender #1: Huh.
Engineer: Yep.
Elite Firebender #1: So, do you know whose birthday it is?
Elite Firebender #2: (approaching the firebender and engineer from behind) I can't believe the Captain remembered my birthday! He really does care.

(Immediately after the sentence is finished, the bomb bay doors open and they are dropped into the ocean. Cut to a shot from above of the doors opening below, then a shot from the side of the airship of the crew falling into the water. The firebenders that Toph had taken out can also be seen falling out of the cabin. Cut to the water's level as some of the crew comes up for air.)

Engineer: Happy Birthday.

(Cut to a shot of Ozai's airship from below. The camera pulls back through the broken window of the cabin as Sokka walks toward it, looking up at the other airship with Suki. Cut to a close up of Sokka and zoom in.)

Sokka: Fire Lord Ozai, here we come.

(Cut to a shot of Sokka grabbing the throttle and pushing it forward. Cut to a shot of Ozai. The camera pans right until he is in the center. Cut to commercial.)

Act II

(The show returns to a shot of the Fire Nation royal palace. Cut to a shot of Azula at the throne, lying against one of the pillars that surround it. She looks left just as footsteps are heard. Cut to a shot of Lo and Li walking towards the throne.)

Li: Azula, we heard what happened. Why have you banished all your servants?
Lo: All your Dai Li agents?
Li: And the Imperial firebenders?
Azula: None of them could be trusted. Sooner or later, they all would have betrayed me. Just like Mai and Ty Lee did.
Li & Lo: Azula, we are concerned for you and your well being.
Azula: (glares at Lo and Li) My Father asked you to come here and talk to me, didn't he He thinks I can't handle the responsibility of being Fire Lord. But I will be the greatest leader in Fire Nation history.
Lo: I'm sure you will. But considering everything that has happened today...
Li: Perhaps it's best you postponed your coronation.
Azula: (angrily) What?! Which one of you just said that?

(Lo and Li both point at each other.)

Azula: What a shame. There's only one way to resolve this. You two must duel each other. I order you to fight an Agni Kai.
Lo: But...
Li & Lo: We're not firebenders.
Azula: Alright, fine. (Pointing to Li) Lo, you're banished.(Pointing to Lo) Li, you can stay. (walks off screen)
Li: But I'm Li. So who's banished?

(Lo shrugs at Li. The scene cuts to an overhead shot of Ba Sing Se as Fire Nation tanks roll through the streets towards the main gate. Cut to a shot of the main gate as the tanks line up. The camera tilts up past the inner wall and focuses on three giant stone platforms in the distance, where the members of the Order of the White Lotus have gathered. Cut to a shot of a flag of the Order of the White lotus billowing in the wind. Cut to a shot of Jeong Jeong, Bumi, Pakku, and Piandao from the side, panning right.)

Bumi: Ba Sing Se, the Order of the White Lotus is here.
Pakku: Here to set you free.

(Cut to a shot of Iroh standing in front of the other Order members, tilting up.)

Iroh: Only once every hundred years can a firebender experience this kind of power.

(Iroh inhales deeply through his nose and the scene fades to a shot of Sozin's Comet. The scene fades back to the same shot of Iroh as he exhales, and a ring of flame appears around the group. Iroh continues to breathe deeply, and each time he inhales, the flames grow larger. Cut to a shot above and behind the group. The ring of fire around them continues top grow more intense, pulsing with each of Iroh's breaths. Cut back to the shot of Iroh. He opens his eyes and raises his arms. The camera zooms out as he thrusts his hands forward and gives a battle cry. The flames surrounding him converge into one giant ball of fire. A sound can be heard as the fireball gains energy, just before it is unleashed forward as a massive fire blast. The attack rockets forward and demolished the wall in front of it. Debris flies everywhere, landing amongst the Fire Nation tanks. Cut to the frontal shot of the five old masters. Bumi hops forward and stomps the ground. The three stone platforms the Order members are standing on begin to quickly slide towards Ba Sing Se. Cut to a shot from behind the destroyed section of the wall as fire blasts are shot at the Order members, only to be deflected. Cut to a shot of Iroh deflected the attacks. The old masters all leap off of the stone platform.

Cut to a shot of an alleyway. Pakku jumps up from behind a building and onto its roof. He bends a enormous wave of water over the building and down towards the Fire Nation soldiers below. Cut to a close up of Pakku. The camera tilts up to the peak of the wave as Piandoa leaps over it. Cut to the previous shot as Pakku turns the wave into ice, freezing the soldiers in place. Piandao slides down the frozen wave and slashes the ends of the soldier's spears, followed closely behind by Pakku. As they slide into another street, Pakku unfreezes the water, bends it up in front of him and freezes it again to block an incoming fire blast. The ice barrier is destroyed, and another fire blast is about to hit Pakku when a great wall of fire erupts in front of him, stopping the attack.

The camera quickly tilts up towards Jeong Jeong, the one who created the wall of fire, floating in the air using firebending to create fire jets beneath his feet. Jeong Jeong turns to another street. A line of tanks begin to fire on him, but he stops the attacks with another wall of fire. The camera cuts to a wide shot to show him hovering over a large intersection of streets, with tanks surrounding him. He hovers toward another street and creates another wall of fire to block an attack. Jeong Jeong waves his arms in the air and thrusts them forward, sending the wall of fire down the street and towards the tanks, pushing them back. More tanks begin to fire on him from another street, but Jeong Jeong repeats his last actions, creating a wall of flame and attacking the tanks with it. The tanks can be seen knocked over and in a pile as the wall of fire pushes another tank into the pile.

The scene cuts to Azula standing in front of a large mirror. Cut to a close up of her hair as she pulls it into a top knot. She takes a red ribbon and begins to tie it. She looks up at her reflection and sees that her finger is caught in the knot. Frustrated, she yanks he finger out and grabs a pair of scissors from the table next to her.)

Azula: Alright hair, it's time to face your doom.

(Azula grabs the bangs hanging in front of her face. Cut to a close up of the scissors as she lifts them in the air. Cut to a close up of her bangs as they are cut, then to an overhead shot of the hair falling to Azula's feet. Cut to a shot from behind Azula. Her reflection in the mirror shows her grinning insanely, her hair a mess, but her grin disappears as the camera pans left to show Ursa in the reflection behind Azula.)

Ursa: (off screen) What a shame, you always had such beautiful hair.
Azula: What are you doing here?
Ursa: I didn't want to miss my own daughter's coronation.
Azula: Don't pretend to act proud. I know what you really think of me. You think I'm a monster.
Ursa: I think you're confused. All your life you used fear to control people. Like your friends Mai and Ty Lee.
Azula: But what choice do I have?! Trust is for fools. Fear is the only reliable way. Even you fear me.
Ursa: No. I love you, Azula. I do.

(Cut to a close up of Azula's lip quivering. She lowers her head, tears dripping from her eyes. Cut to a close up of her hand clutching a brush on the table. She suddenly turns around and angrily throws the brush at the reflection of Ursa, shattering the mirror. Cut to an overhead shot of the room. Azula is alone. She falls to her knees and starts to sob.

The scene cuts to a shot of the ground. The camera tilts up to the ocean, then to the approaching Fire Nation fleet of airships. Cut to a shot of Ozai from behind, still standing at the front of his airship. Cut to a shot of Ozai from the front and zoom in as he inhales deeply. He exhales, opens his eyes, and smiles. Cut to a shot of Ozai's airship from above. The other airship's can be seen behind it, and the airship that Sokka, Suki, and Toph took can be seen just beneath it. Cut to a shot of Ozai's airship from Sokka's point of view as he looks through a spyglass.)

Sokka: We're not going to catch up to him in time.
Suki: (sadly) No...

(Cut to a shot of Ozai from above and zoom in as he spreads his arms outward and tilts his head back. The scene fades to a shot of the comet before fading back to a close up of Ozai. He tilts his head back down and smiles sadistically. Ozai raises his arms in the air, then thrusts his palm down towards the ground beneath. A small but incredibly intense flame ignites in front of his hand, growing steadily larger until it finally erupts into an enormous fire blast that ignites the earth below. The camera zooms in on Ozai's face as he swathes the earth in fire. Cut to a shot from behind Ozai. The camera tilts up, past his great stream of fire, towards to horizon. Cut to a shot from behind a tall, stone pillar and tilt up to Aang standing on top of it, facing Ozai's assault. Cut to a closer shot of Aang from behind, and then rotate around to his front. Momo is seated on his shoulder and chirps.)

Aang: Momo, time for you to go.

(Momo leaps off of Aang's shoulder. Aang closes his eyes and breathes deeply. Aang proceeds to perform several spinning kicks, using earthbending to send giant sections of the stone pillar beneath him towards Ozai's ship. The chunks of rock whistle past the side of Ozai's airship, which catches his notice. The last few pieces of rock strike the airship's engine, which causes Ozai to lose balance and cease his attack. Cut to a shot from the side of the airship as smoke drifts from the engine. It loses power and begins to descend. Ozai looks down to see Aang. Aang spins his body around, gathering his energy, and unleashes a huge fire blast at Ozai's ship, striking the finishing blow to its engine.

Aang turns to the side towards the airship and it floats past him, facing Ozai for the first time. Cut to a close up of Ozai, staring at Aang with surprise. Cut to a shot from behind Ozai. Aang can be seen standing on top of a stone pillar in the distance. Cut to a close up of Aang facing Ozai as he lowers his bending stance. Cut to a shot of Ozai and zoom out as Ozai removes his Phoenix King armour and cloak, burning it and leaving his chest bare. Ozai leaps off of the platform he is standing on, using his firebending to fly like a rocket towards Aang. Cut to a wide shot from behind Aang of Ozai's airship crashing into the field of giant stone pillars, and Ozai flying towards Aang. Cut to a shot of Aang, the zoom out until the top of another stone pillar comes into view, which Ozai lands on. Cut to a shot Ozai as the camera tilts up from his feet towards his face, his airship smouldering behind him.

Cut to a shot of the burning airship from Sokka's point of view through a spyglass. Cut to a shot of Suki, Sokka, and Toph inside the airship cabin.)

Suki: What just happened?
Sokka: (excited) It's Aang! He's back!

(Cut to a shot of Aang and zoom in. Cut to commercial.)


(The show returns to a shot of the stone pillars. The camera rises up to the top, where Aang and Ozai are facing each other. Cut to a close up of Aang.)

Ozai: (off screen) After generations of Fire Lords failed to find you, now the Universe delivers you to me as an act of providence.
Aang: Please listen to me. We don't have to fight. You have the power to end it here and stop what you're doing.
Ozai: You are right. I do have the power. I have all the power in the World!

(At the end of Ozai's last line, torrents of fire erupt from Ozai's mouth and hands and the camera zooms out. Cut to a shot of Aang as he enters his battle stance. Cut to a shot of Ozai as the flames die down and looks to Aang. Ozai then jumps, spins in the air, and slams his fist downward, creating a circular wave of flame that spreads toward Aang. Aang jumps over the attack and them slams his hands and feet into the stone pillar below him. He earthbends a piece of the pillar he is holding on to into the air. Aang rotates it around and then kicks the chunk of rock at Ozai, who leaps away using his firebending. In mid air, Ozai propels himself at Aang using a jet of fire underneath his foot. At the same time, Aang jumps towards Ozai, performing a spinning kick and sending a wave of fire at him. Ozai then kicks forward and shoots a fireblast from his foot. The two attacks collide in a fiery explosion. The camera pulls back through the broken window of the airship cabin Sokka, Suki, and Toph are in.)

Sokka: Go, Aang! Airbending slice! (swings his hand down)
Suki: Shouldn't we be helping him?
Sokka: The Fire Lord is Aang's fight. We need to stay focused on stopping that fleet from burning down the Earth Kingdom.
Toph: And how do we do that, Captain Boomerang? I can't see outside of this floating hunk of metal.
Sokka: (smiles as he comes up with an idea and turns around) Airship slice!

(Cut to a shot of Toph and Suki as Suki raises her eyebrow at Sokka. Cut to a shot of the airship they are piloting ascending. Cut to a shot of Sokka at the wheel as he pulls some levers at the helm. Cut to a shot of the airship from outside. It continues to gain altitude. Cut to a shot of Sokka as he spins the wheel to his left. Cut back to the shot of the airship outside as it banks left towards the left end of the airship fleet behind it. Cut to a shot of the airship turning left.

Cut to a shot from the side of the airship fleet of firebenders standing on platforms jutting out towards the front. In unison, they thrust their palms towards the ground and unleash comet powered torrents of flame downward. Cut to a shot from below as the fire blasts hit the earth. Cut to a shot high above the airships. The fire burns the ground below, creating an immense amount of smoke. Cut to a shot of the forest as it is engulfed in flames in an instant. Cut to a shot of the torrents of flame from the side, and then cut to a shot from behind Toph, looking down at the chaos through the cabin's shattered window.)

Toph: Whoa. That's a lot of fire, isn't it?

(Cut to a close up of Toph's face, then cut to a shot of the airship as it fly towards the camera. Cut to a shot of inside the cabin, Sokka at the wheel. He spins it back around as their airship comes to face the side of the airship fleet. He pulls more levers, steadying the ship. Cut to a close up of Sokka pulling a lever down. Cut to a close up of a dial, its needle turning to the maximum. Cut to a shot of the exhaust pipes of the airship as fiery smoke begins to billow out. Cut to a shot of the airship's engine from outside as it begins to rupture and explode. Cut to a close up of Sokka, gritting his teeth in determination.)

Sokka: It's going to be a rough ride. We need to get to the top of this thing, fast.

(Sokka grabs Toph's hand and they run to the exit, Suki following. Sokka and Suki stop at the doorway as Toph continues on.)

Suki: Then what?
Sokka: Watch each other's backs and if we make it that far, I'll let you know.

(Sokka and Suki share a quick kiss before going on. Cut to a shot of the airship as he begins to descend and then proceeds to plough into the other airships, one after the other, causing them to crash. Cut to a shot from above as Toph, Suki, and Sokka climb their way up the ladder to the top of the airship. The floor beneath is demolished just as Sokka grabs the ladder. Cut to a shot of the top of the airship as the three of them climb out through a hatch on top. Sokka grabs Toph's hand and they all begin running to the front of the airship. The camera quickly zooms out to show the airship as it continues to fly through the fleet, slowly destroying itself in the process. Cut to a shot from the side of Sokka, Toph, and Suki. Just as they near the end, part of the front of the airship splits, separating Suki from Sokka and Toph. Cut to a shot of Suki as she reaches out to the others and falls away from the camera. Cut to a shot of Sokka and Toph as their piece of the airship pulls away.)

Sokka: Suki!

(Cut to a shot of the airship from above. The nose of the airship breaks away from the rest of it as it rams into one last enemy airship. Cut to a shot from behind Sokka, reaching out to Suki in front of him. Suki jumps off the crumbling airship and onto another one.)

Suki: I'm okay! Just finish the mission!
Sokka: No...
Toph: Sokka, I think we've gotta...
Sokka & Toph: Jump!

(Cut to a shot of the nose of the airship slamming into the side of an enemy airship. Cut to a shot from below as Sokka and Toph fall downwards. They land on the airship below, stumbling forward. Sokka quickly covers Toph with his body to shield her from the falling debris.

The scene cuts to the ceremonial plaza at the palace where the Fire Lord is coroneted, ducts of waters streaming on both sides of the area. Cut to a shot from the front of Azula kneeling at the top of the plaza steps, wearing the Fire Lord robes and with her armour underneath. Behind her are several fire sages. The leader of the sages holds the Fire Lord diadem above Azula's head.)

Fire Sage: By decree of Phoenix King Ozai, I now crown you Fire Lord...

(The sage pauses as he looks up. Azula turns her head to him.)

Azula: What are you waiting for? Do it!

(Appa is heard growling from off screen and Azula turns her head back around. Cut to a shot of Appa descending and landing in plaza's courtyard. Cut to a shot of Appa from the front. Katara is seated in Appa's saddle and Zuko stands on Appa's back.)

Zuko: Sorry, but you're not going to become Fire Lord today. (jumps off Appa) I am.
Azula: (laughs) You're hilarious.
Katara: (standing beside Zuko) And you're going down.

(The fire sage motions to crown Azula, but she raises her hand, signalling him to stop.)

Azula: Wait. You want to be Fire Lord Fine. Let's settle this. Just you and me, brother. The showdown that was always meant to be. Agni Kai!
Zuko: You're on.

(Katara turns to Zuko, surprised. Cut to a close up of Azula's lips as the curls into a smile. Cut back to Katara and Zuko.)

Katara: What are you doing? She's playing you. She knows she can't take us both so she is trying to separate us.
Zuko: I know. But I can take her this time.
Katara: But even you admitted to your Uncle that you would need help facing Azula.
Zuko: There's something off about her, I can't explain it but she's slipping. And this way, no one else has to get hurt.

(Fade to a shot of the courtyard from the side. The camera pans from Zuko kneeling on the right end to Azula kneeling on the left end. Cut to a shot of Zuko rising and turning around, then cut to a shot of Azula rising. Each can be seen behind the other. Cut to a shot of Azula from the front turning and removing the Fire Lord robes.)

Azula: I'm sorry it has to end this way, brother.
Zuko: (in his stance) No, you're not.

(Azula smiles and assumes a more awkward stance. She then spins and thrusts her palm out, shooting a blast of blue flame at Zuko. Zuko brings his hands up, jumps forward, and brings his arms down in front of him, bending two waves of flame in each hand that come together and shoot forward. Cut to a wide shot from the side as the blue and orange flames collide into a wall of fire. As the flames dissipate, Azula leaps forward on a jet of fire and kicks forward, shooting a blast of fire. She performs three spinning kicks, sending out a wave of fire towards the camera each time.

The scene cuts to an overhead shot of the field of stone pillars. Aang lands on top of one, then leaps away just before blocking and being pushed back by a blast of fire from Ozai. He follows up his attack with a stream of fire from a downward kick. Aang lands on a rock and deflects the attack. Aang lifts a small boulder from the rock and kicks it at Ozai. Ozai dodges the attack and counters by shooting a blast of fire with a kick. Aang leaps to the top of another rock to avoid the fire, and then leaps to the side of a nearby waterfall. Ozai lands on the rock Aang had leaped to and kicks another fire blast at Aang. Aang uses his water bending to re-direct the waterfall at Ozai, extinguishing the fire blast and causing Ozai to jump away. Ozai flies toward Aang and shoots a wide burst of flame at him, but Aang jumps away to the top of the waterfall. Ozai rockets up after Aang, flips forward, and shoots a fire blast from both feet. Aang jumps down the other side of the rocky slope to evade the flames.

As Ozai flies over, Aang lands on a boulder and lifts it into the air as he jumps away again, stopping Ozai for just a moment before he continues to chase after Aang and shoot a stream of fire at him from his fist. Aang spins his body around, creating a small tornado around himself that deflects the fire, and then lands on the side of a rock pillar. Aang slides around to the other side of it as Ozai lands on a rock and shoots another stream of fire. Aang leaps from the side of the pillar to the side of another. He uses his airbending to boost himself back at the first pillar and kicks the entire top half of the stone pillar at Ozai. However, Ozai flies around to the other side and shoots a concentrated ball of fire, catching Aang by surprise.

Aang raises his hand and blocks the attack, the fire flowing past his body. He is pushed back and hits the side of one of the rocks, grunting in pain and falling down to a ledge. Ozai flies at Aang and lands nearby on the same ledge. Aang picks himself up and flattens his back and arms against the rock before pulling away from it and using earthbending to create stone armour around his body. Ozai thrusts both fists at Aang and shoots a strong stream of flame, walking toward Aang and pushes him around the ledge with the attack. Ozai stops and swings his arm at Aang to hit him with a fire blast, but Aang leaps away, shedding the stone armour.

Aang flips backwards in mid air and shoots a blast of wind at Ozai. Ozai jumps to the side to avoid it, and in mid air begins to charge lightning. As he lands on top of a rock, Ozai shoots the lighting at Aang. Aang, clinging to the side of a rock, looks on with fear, but before the lightning hits, he swings his arm around to the side, creating a tornado around his body. He evades the lightning and flies around to the top of the rock. Ozai fires another lightning bolt at Aang, but misses. Ozai chases after Aang and continues to shoot lightning. Aang lifts the top of a rock into the air to shield him then dodges the next bolt. Aang jumps to a rock and rolls forward just as Ozai fires one more lightning bolt at Aang.

With not time to dodge, Aang lifts his finger to the lightning and absorbs it, grimacing in pain. Aang lets the lightning flow through his body and to his other hand. He points at Ozai, who stares back with fear. However, Aang hesitates, and instead of re-directing the lightning at Ozai, he points into the sky and lets the lightning shoot out harmlessly. Aang falls to the ground, exhausted from the strain. Ozai smiles, spins around, and kicks a blast of fire at Aang. Aang quickly raises a stone wall in front of his to block the attack, but the fire blasts through. Aang is blown off the rock and plummets down to the shallow water below. The camera zooms in on his eye as he opens it and realizes what is happening.

Aang tilts himself upright and frantically waves his arms upward. Just as he is about to hit the water, Aang manages to bend the water up so that it catches him and softens the impact. A large wave is created as the water falls down, and Aang is carried with it. Aang stands up and looks upward, and the camera tilts up to show Ozai flying down at him. Cut to a close up of Ozai rocketing forward.

The scene cuts to an overhead shot of the Fire Nation capital within the crater. Enormous blue and orange flames can be seen being flung in the right side of the city. All that can be heard is sombre music and the sound of blasts of fire. Cut to a sot from within the capital. One building is on fire. As a blue fire blast shoots past the camera, another catches on fire. Cut to a shot of Zuko as he punches forwards, releasing a powerful stream of fire. It collides with a stream of blue fire from Azula, and both attacks push against each other for a moment before slipping to one side. Cut to a shot from Zuko's side as he continues his blast of fire while keeping enormous blue flames on his other side at bay, slowly sliding backward. Cut to a close up of his foot as he slides back. Zuko pivots his foot so as to strengthen his stance and keep himself steady. Cut to a shot of Zuko from the front, fire streaming from the end of his fist.

Both Azula and Zuko stop their attacks. Azula looks back at the plaza behind her, which has caught on fire from Zuko's attack. She turns back to Zuko. Angry and scared, she charges forward and leaps upward on a blast of fire, which she swings down at Zuko. Just before the attack hits, Zuko spins his body in a circle and thrusts his palms out to the sides, creating a wall of flame that splits the blue fire in half.

Cut to an overhead shot of the flames dying down, and then cut to a panning left shot from behind Azula, crouching on the ground. Cut to a profile shot of Azula, scared and panting heavily. She grits her teeth and narrows her eyes in determination. Cut to a close up of Zuko's left fist. The camera pulls back and rotates around to Zuko's left as he opens his fist. Zuko punches forward with his other fist, and two immense fireballs are launched at Azula, spiralling and intertwining to create one massive fireball. Cut to a close up of Azula's eyes, wide with fear and tinted orange from the approaching blast. The camera quickly zooms out as Azula dodges to the right on a jet of blue fire, just narrowly avoiding the fireball.

Azula thrusts herself forward while in the air, rocketing over the ground on jets of fire from her hands and feet. Cut to a shot of Azula from the side as she punches forward twice, launching two huge blue fire blasts. Zuko places his hands near the ground and shoots a blast of fire, thrusting himself into the air and avoiding one of Azula's attacks. Zuko spins around in mid air and swings his heel downward, which creates an arc of flame that blocks the second fire blast. As Zuko falls back down, he swings his arms down, creating a blast of fire that destroys a third blue blast of fire.

Cut to a shot of Zuko crouching, his arms extended forward and blue and orange flames surrounding him. Cut to a shot of Azula flying forward over the ground. She banks to the right, avoiding Zuko's last fire blast. Cut to an overhead shot as Azula shoots a blast of fire at Zuko and begins to circle him, followed behind by an enormous trail of blue fire left from the streams of fire propelling her. Zuko defends himself by creating a large sphere of fire around him. He then tries to attack Azula with blasts of fire as she circles him, but she is too fast. Cut to a closer shot of Zuko. He stops shooting fire blasts at Azula, crouches on the ground, and performs several spinning sweep kicks, creating a powerful ring of fire that expands outward. Cut to a shot of Azula flying forward. She tries to stop herself and attempts to block Zuko's attack with a shield of blue fire, but she is too late and it connects.

Azula falls forward and rolls across the ground due to her own momentum, gasping in pain. Azula picks herself up, breathing heavily. Cut to a close up of Azula, hunched over. Her hair has come undone, and she stares at the camera with anger and contempt, baring her teeth.)

Zuko: No lightning, today? What's the matter? Afraid I'll re-direct it?

(Zuko enters a stance and thrusts his palm forward to emphasize his words. Katara runs on screen some distance behind him.)


(Azula proceeds to wave her fingertips around in arcs to generate the lightning, but her motions are far more dramatic and irregular than usual. Cut to a shot of Zuko from the front. He breathes in and out deeply as enters his stance and extends his palms out to receive the lightning. At the same time, the camera pans to the side to show Katara standing behind Zuko. The scenery flickers as Azula's lightning charges. Cut to Azula as she finishes her motions and poises herself. Cut to a close up of Azula's eyes as he glances to her left. Cut to the shot of Zuko and Katara. The camera zooms in and focuses on Katara. Cut back to Azula, still poised to strike. She smirks briefly and then extends her arm and finger tip to the left of Zuko, releasing the lighting at Katara.

The frame rate slows to a crawl as the lightning shoots from Azula's finger. Cut to a close up of Zuko. An expression of shock spreads over his face as he turns to his right. Cut to a shot of Zuko's legs as he runs to the right, trying to get in between Katara and the lightning as it shoots from Azula in the background. Cut to a close up of Katara's face and zoom in on her eyes as they reflect the approaching lightning. Cut to a shot from in front of Katara as Zuko leaps between her and the lightning.)

Zuko: (slow motion) No!

(Zuko extends his finger out and absorbs the lightning mid leap. There is a blinding flash of light before cutting to a from behind Katara as the camera pans left to show Zuko in mid air, absorbing the lightning coming from Azula, electricity surrounding the area. Cut to Katara's front and zooms in on her as she watches with shock. The frame rate speeds back up to normal when we cut to a shot of Zuko hitting the ground, letting the lightning escape from his other arm. Cut to a shot of the top of the crater that holds the Fire Nation capital. The enormous bolt of redirected lightning erupts into the sky above, lighting up the entire crater. Cut to an overhead shot of Zuko lying on the ground, twitching as electricity surges through his body. He groans as he rolls onto his back, holding his chest. Cut to Katara, frightened, as she begins to run towards Zuko.)

Katara: Zuko!

(Cut to a close up of a grimacing Zuko from the side. The clothing around his chest has been burned away by the lightning, and a scar has been left on his skin. Katara can be seen running toward Zuko, but she is stopped by another lightning bolt that strikes the ground between them. Cut to a shot of Azula, hunched over and swaying from side to side. She begins to laugh maniacally, and then she rushes at the camera just before the scene cuts to a shot of Ozai flying downward.

Cut to a shot from the side as Ozai straightens the angle of his flight and rockets over the water below, leaving behind a wake. Cut to a shot of Aang looking scared. He turns away and begins swinging his arms in circles as he uses waterbending to propel himself over the water and towards the shore. Cut to an overhead shot of Aang reaching the shore. Cut to a shot of Aang stumbling forward and falling, with Ozai closing in behind him. Just as Ozai reaches Aang, Aang swings his arms around and earthbends a small, thick sphere of rocks around himself. Ozai hovers just over Aang. He laughs as we cut to a shot of Aang within the cramped space, frightened and bracing himself.)

Ozai: You're weak! Just like the rest of your people. They did not deserve to exist in this world, in my world. Prepare to join them. Prepare to die!

(The camera tilts up and shifts to the exterior of the rock ball as Ozai approaches it. He lifts both arms up and leans back before smashing both fists into the ball, releasing a powerful blast of fire on impact. Cut to Aang inside the rock ball. He closes his eyes as small pebbles fall around him and the stone cocoon shakes, trying to keep it intact. Orange light can be seen between the individual rocks. The camera cuts to an overhead shot of Ozai and the rock ball as the fire of his attack blasts downward and then rises up in a bright orange cloud. Ozai jumps several feet back. Cut to a shot from behind as Ozai lands. Cut to a close up of Ozai rising up to the camera's level. The camera quickly zooms out as Ozai charges forward and thrusts both fists at the camera, releasing a blast of fire just before the screen goes black.)

[End Credits]

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