Voice actor biography for Jessie Flower


Jessie Flower

Birthday: August 18, 1994
Birthplace: Southern Indiana
Website: IMDBPersonal

Biography: Jessie Flower was born August 18,1994 in southern Indiana. She now lives with her mom, her turtle, and a very large collection of stuffed animals in Los Angeles, California.
When Jessie was 4 years old her mom moved to L.A. where Jessie decided she wanted to be in a commercial; and in a commercial she was. In fact, she has been in several commercials including a Barbie commercial, and a Mitsubishi commercial that actually filmed in Japan.
To her credits she adds print work, television guest star roles, student films, and live stage performances. This work includes the Disney Catalog, a Volkswagen New Beatle online advertisement, "General Hospital", "St. Charles Place", "Meet Me In St. Louis" (the role of Tootie), "Annie" (the role of Annie), and "Strong Medicine"; just to name a few.
Jessie's voice, however, has been heard even more than her face has been seen. Her voice over career started with a radio spot, but quickly grew to include movies and television. ADR (Audio Digital Recording) work is one of her specialties as well. For example, her voice can be heard in: "Finding Nemo", "Spider Man 2", "Son of the Mask", "The Bad News Bears", and "Avatar: The Last Airbender". Jessie has done quite a bit of work for Disney. One of her favorite roles so far is Chaca in the animated feature, "Kronk's New Groove." She also gets to voice this role in the Disney series, "The Emperor's New School."
Jessie has a great singing voice, and would someday like to record an album. Although she loves the arts, Jessie aspires to be a heart surgeon when she grows up.
When Jessie is not in the studio, she likes to read, draw, and spend time with her friends. She also enjoys trips back to Indiana to visit her grandparents.